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Five easy ways to improve your analytical skills

One of the key skills required to succeed in your life is analytical skills. In today’s fast-paced world, every person working in an organization is expected to think outside the box. Employers expect their employees to be smart, clever and follow a proactive approach while dealing with complex problems. So, when they are hiring candidates for a position, they expect the candidates to have good analytical skills.

While some are gifted with good analytical skills by birth, others have to cultivate them. You must develop a keen interest and an eye and ear for learning new things. Just like developing any other skills, developing your analytical skills require patience, determination, and perseverance. If you think you are ready to invest time in it, then here are a few tips that can assist you.

How to improve your analytical skills

1. Be observant

The first step to increase your analytical skill is to stay observant. It is important to be aware of it what is happening around you. Whether you are working in a factory or studying in a college, take a stroll and actively engage your mind on what you are seeing. Once you actively engage all your senses, you can achieve perfect mind-body coordination. Strong observation automatically makes your mind responsive and you can effectively apply your mind to all the tasks you’re performing

2. Read Books

Reading is one of tried and tested methods known to increase your mental skills. Reading keeps your mind fresh and active and most importantly, open to learning new things. The important thing is to grasp and understand the ideas the author tried to convey and apply them during circumstances that happen similarly in your real life. Reading not only improves your thinking ability but also helps you to communicate in a better way. Pick that book that has been idly lying on your table for too long.

3. Play Brain Games

If you want to improve your analytical skills, maybe its turn time to play online skill games like sudoku, 13 card rummy, and poker. Card games like rummy and poker are known to improve your logical and analytical skills. Additionally, online card game sites serve as a place to socialize. Games like rummy come with a challenging task that requires you to arrange the 13 cards into proper combinations within a stipulated time period. Playing rummy online trains your brain to think quicker, deeper and also helps you to take correct decisions. Just 30 minutes of playing games like rummy or poker can make a huge difference.

4. Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise is known to improve your analytical skills by a significant margin. Research indicates that engaging in a moderate exercising schedule for a period of six months is known to increase the volume of certain regions in the brain. The type of exercise you follow is entirely dependent on you. There are millions of workout routines available online. Pick the one that is comfortable to you and start practicing from today

5. Learn something new every day

Most people after they graduate and settle in a job, become passive when it comes to learning new tasks. Maybe they are in a shell or too reluctant to learn about new topics. Never pause on learning. No matter how much your earn or what your current designation is, it does not mean you can stop expanding your knowledge. Instead, try to learn some new topics every day. As they say, knowledge is wisdom. There is no dearth of information or topic available online. The more you learn, the more engaged your brain is, and the more knowledge you gain.

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Five Hacks to Develop Positive Attitude in Life

Looking at the rosier side of everything at all times is something highly impossible. Our brains are naturally programmed to look at the negative things. However, having a pessimistic outlook can make your lives a living hell.

Having a positive and balanced outlook in life is very important. Staying positive is not a one-day job. You have to constantly reinforce the antithesis of the negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positives.

As said, you can achieve that only through constant work. Developing a positive attitude, helps you tackle any challenges thrown in front of you. Positive approach is not only beneficial for your brains, but also for you health. Here are a few hacks that will help you remain positive in life.

Tips to develop a Positive Attitude

1. Avoid Pessimistic self-talk

The first step to develop a positive attitude is to eliminate negative self-talk. Once you cloud your mind is negative belief, it reflects in your attitude and behavior. Even if success is waiting at your door stop, you will not be in a position to embrace it. It is important to understand that most of negative thoughts that are emanating within us are just our opinions and fears, not facts. Take a moment or two to slow down your negative thoughts. With some efforts you can eliminate negative thoughts and reinforce them with positive ones.

2. Remove Negative people from your environment

The second step to remove negativity is to de-attach yourself from negative people and negative environment. The people who surround us and the environment we occupy plays a vital role in our manifestation of thoughts. Removing such negative influences from your life will help you to come out of the cycle of negativity and build a positive outlook. Find a person with whom you can get solutions for your problems. Avoid hanging out with negative people.

3. Play Online Games

Online Games are mainly played for relaxation and entertainment. Playing online games such as 13 card rummy will enhance your cognitive, analytical, observatory, and memory skills. Additionally, these games gives users an opportunity to win real cash online. Winning any game cheers you up and improves your mood. Keep playing a wide range of games across multiple rummy variants. Competitions are always aplenty at rummy sites like Deccan Rummy. Participate in leaderboard contests and tournaments. Besides the prize money, this way you can channel in more positivity on to your lives.

4. Failures are not end of the road

No scientific inventions have come around in the first attempt. Behind all the luxuries that we are enjoying in the current world lies a thousand failures. It is only after numerous unsuccessful attempts, many of the current inventions we enjoy have arrived. Remember the age old adage “Failures are the stepping stones of success”? So, don’t let the failures stonewall your progress. Keep trying, you can overcome your failures and achieve the thing that you desire with sustained efforts. Also, taking failures in the stride, will also lend you a pragmatic outlook on things.

5. Don’t stress yourselves

Numerous studies indicate youngsters are heavily prone to stress related illness due to sedentary lifestyle and increased work pressure. Burdening yourself with unnecessary stress only makes your life even worse. Engage yourself in some club activity that involves mingling with people across all ages. It will help you get rid of unnecessary stress and worries.

Life is unpredictable, there are fair doses of ups and downs in everyone’s life. Understanding this basic fact will help you lead life in a more practical way. Additionally, the hacks mentioned will help you develop a positive attitude in life. The time taken for each individual may vary. However, you can be guaranteed of a change in your life, if you follow them religiously.