Five quick and easy mood boosting activities during this lockdown

We all do certain activities to elevate our mood every now and then. At times it’s inevitable that our mood goes astray because of a few incidents and during times when boredom hits its peak. During such instances, we seek certain activities to recharge our mood. The activities that we do impact our mood and make a difference in us in the longer run. It is important each one of us have few activities to set our moods right every now and then. Living under lockdown for this long can wreck havoc on people’s moods and lead to feelings of depression. Participating in these activities which will lift your moods up and help you become more productive.


Activities to improve your mood

1. Exercising

One of the easiest activity which lightens your mood and helps you recharge yourself is exercising. Whether it’s a round of jogging or lifting weights to your hearts content, exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins in turn produce serotonin which improves your mood. Health experts often advise people to exercise twice in the day as it keeps your mood stable and helps you become more productive in your tasks.

2. Meditation

At times, stress takes a toll out of our body and mind. We are left completely exhausted where we feel like doing nothing. During such instances, meditation will be of immense benefit.
Meditating in a room devoid of any noise will strengthen your mind, relieve your stress, and improves focus. With our busy lifestyle, even a 15 minutes of meditation will be of immense help.

3. Spend time with your loved ones

Spending time with your loved ones would give you equal effects as exercising. Having a chitchat with your friends or relatives would enhance your mood. Who knows? They may even have some solutions for your problems. As and when you get time, do have a chat with him, whether it’s through the phone or a quick chit-chat in the nearby coffee shop, it will be of immense help.

4. Play Online Games

Playing online games is proven to be one of the best mood enhancer in the recent times. Aside from improving your moods, some of these games will even allow you to earn money online.
Indian rummy is one of the amazing card games which allows you to earn money from the comfort of your living rooms. Playing rummy online will sharpen your mind, increase your focus, and boost your memory.

Indian Rummy game is available in both web and mobile platform. You can simply download rummy mobile apps from companies such as Deccan Rummy and start playing on your smartphones. Rummy Mobile apps are compatible in both Android and iOS systems.

5. Listen to Music

Listening to soothing music will calm your nerves and relieve your stress. According to several research, music has always been the evergreen go-to activity for psychological uplifts. Psychologists often remark that their patients get better benefit from music related therapies than medicines.

No matter what genre you like, ensure you listen to your favorite type whenever you get time. It is one of the most effective ways to improve your mood. A cheerful mood oftens help people become creative, energetic, and more remain more focused towards their goals.

The changing scenario of Card Game Online in India

India currently has 560 million internet users. The numbers grew rapidly over the past few years with the penetration of smartphones. The rapid expansion of the internet allowed several internet users to venture into niche domains like Online gaming. As the traditional modes of gaming have taken a beating due to constraints like lack of space and hectic schedules, online gaming industries were able to make huge inroads. According to a report by KPMG, the online gaming industry is projected to hit Rs. 12000 crore mark by 2023 at a staggering CAGR rate of 22.1.

Card Game

Online Card Game Industry

Among the gaming genres which have contributed to this tremendous wave of growth – fantasy games and card games have contributed the most. The card gaming industry is growing at an astounding rate of 40% year. Card game companies apart from being the biggest revenue generator in the gaming sector have also contributed a lot towards employment. A lot of job opportunities are available for budding game creators, game designers, content developers, and marketing professionals in this sector.

There are numerous multiplayer games making waves in this sector, but the most important games that have enchanted the youngsters are rummy online and online poker. Falling under the ambit of online games, online card game sites offering games like rummy and poker have garnered huge popularity and attention among the gamers. This had let to the mushrooming of various online rummy sites which engage their audiences with captivating games and massive giveaways. Supreme Court has firmly declared playing rummy online for stakes is legal as numerous judgement since 1967 have established rummy as a game of skill firmly. This has led to the advent of a number of rummy online sites coming on board and luring customers with exciting giveaways.

Rummy Card Game Online

The ever growing number of players is indication of the massive popularity the rummy card game attained. Perceived as a mind sport, a lot of youngsters actively enthusiastically participate in the game. Another exciting factor, youngsters turn to online rummy and poker is the monetary benefits associated with it. Rummy apps like Deccan Rummy offer players plenty of opportunities to win real cash and other exciting prizes like paid vacations, smartphones and gift vouchers.

Card game Sites like Deccan Rummy have procured the faith of the players by providing them a fair and clean gaming platform. Deccan Rummy offers skill-based rummy games with a special focus on fair play. Their machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms prevent any kind of malpractice in the platform and allows player to play and win without any strings attached.

One of the wonderful things about rummy online is the sharp increase in the number of female players.Ensuring the best practices and encryption techniques along with security, the deposits and withdrawals at the site can be done hassle free and player information is absolutely safe all time. Also, they are constantly looking to improve their value offerings by keeping up pace with the latest developments and innovations.

Brimming with nearly 3 million players, the site is a perfect foil for those who seek fun and wish to earn during their free time. The site has recently announced a series of tournaments and offers during these Coronavirus lockdown times.


Contrary to the popular perception that online gaming is a man’s playing ground, card games like rummy and poker have leveled the playing field as the player’s skill is what matters most, thereby eliminating gender disparity. Women poker players like Muskan Sethi and Nikita Luther have achieved international popularity with their card gaming skills. With the rapid increase in the number of players during this period, the industry is all set to flourish further. As India is largest country in terms of youth population and second largest country in terms of number of internet users, online card gaming sites can count on even better days in the future.

Three ways to enjoy card games during this quarantine

These are days where we are struck indoors with nothing much to do because of the nationwide lockdown to fight Corona Pandemic. At this time, it’s important to follow all the safety protocols advocated by the government including social distancing, Staying at home, and staying clean.

Remaining at home for a long period can become frustrating as we are used to busy lifestyle these days. It can really test our patience and temper. So, if this self-isolation/quarantine period has you feeling like you’re in a lock up, there are always a few activities which will help you overcome this. We’ve discussed in lengths about the activities that you can follow during this quarantine period in our earlier blog posts.

Gaming is one of those engaging activity that you can indulge to kill time. As we’re all physically distancing ourselves from one another right now, there’s little chance to enjoy outdoor games like Volleyball, Football, and Cricket. We’ve have to think of options that entertain us while we stay put at home.

One of the most easiest way to overcome frustration and build patience during these tough days is to play card games. People for generations have played cards for entertainment and to kill boredom.

We’ve grown up on a staple of card games like rummy, bluff, ass etc. Perhaps it’s time to relive those nostalgic memories now when you have ample amount of free time.

We’ve worked out some easy solutions for you to play card games from the comfort of your living rooms. No matter what game you play, what level you are in, these games will pull you out of the rug and gives some space to feel better about yourself. Without further ado, let us list out a few card games that you can start playing immediately.

Card Games

How to enjoy card games at Home during this lockdown?

1. Play card games like Rummy with your family

2. Play rummy online in a website

3. Download Rummy Mobile app and start playing.

1. Play Card games with Family

It may not be the best time in your life from the standpoint of profession but it is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family which you were always longing for. Most of us would own a deck of cards in our homes. It’s something that’s omnipresent as an essential in every homes. At these times of social isolation where we find ourselves largely restricted with our family inside our homes, card games can be a great pastime. Card games like rummy, bluff, and Ass are an ideal way to spend time with the family. With so many of us spending time indoors now, it’s the perfect idea for some intense card game action. However, the negative aspect of playing with physical cards is that you may not find enough number of people to enjoy the game.

2. Play rummy online in a website

If you simply want to play card games online, you can easily do so online, as there are plenty of websites offering card games like rummy, poker, and Teen Patti. Now with fantasy sports not being an option as live games are cancelled throughout the world, an increasing number of players are turning their attention towards Online card games like rummy and poker.

Sites like India’s fastest online Rummy platform Deccan Rummy have seen a remarkable spike in the number of registrations. “The number of users increased by atleast 40%” according to the Marketing head from Deccan Rummy. The company is giving a big welcome bonus to all the new registrants with which they can earn upto Rs. 5000. Additionally, there are plenty of bonus offers available for the new players.
Deccan Rummy’s platform hosts multiple rummy variants and has multiple rummy tables at different stakes active throughout the day.

3. Download Rummy Mobile app

If you are someone who enjoys playing card games like rummy on your mobile, then you must download rummy mobile app. No matter whether your device is android run or iOS run, you can find a rummy app compatible for your app. You can always get started with rummy rules and how to play rummy with the help of extensive materials and videos available in most rummy sites.

Unlike other complex games which require high-end graphics and a large space, rummy mobile apps occupy just a fraction of your memory space. With the stark increase in online rummy portals across India, no longer would you need to scout for pals. Just type rummy mobile app in your playstore or Appstore, you can find plenty of options there. While you are out entertaining yourself with millions of gamers across different geographic locations, you also get some real money making opportunities. If you’re onboard with this activities, pick one of them and make this lockdown period entertaining.

Five reasons that reaffirm rummy card game is a skill game

Don’t we all love card games in our country? We have grown up playing several card games throughout our lives. Just like the other essential items, a deck of card has always been there in every Indian family.Of all the card games, none comes close to rummy in terms of excitement and fun. We might as well played different card games, but we don’t get that adrenaline rush as when playing rummy, is it not? Playing rummy card game has been more like a culture in India. Rummy finds its way in every major festivals and family gatherings. It’s not unusual to see people enjoy this 13 card game when they travel in public transports like train.

Now that rummy card game is available online, it has expanded its reach further by eliminating the hassles associated with the offline version. Despite the massive popularity of rummy games all along, certain critics of the game still come up with this “chance”factor dismissing the game as luck-based game. In this post, we will dispel the myth that rummy is a game of chance by coming up with five factors which reaffirm our stance that rummy is primarily a skill game.

Card Game

1. Skill based card game

Rummy is a game that relies on skills more than chance. Players need to have sharp mathematical skills to understand the probability of cards and their sequences. Also, they need to have sharp observation and deducing skills in order to stay in contention throughout the game. The element of chance ends with the fall of initial cards of which the player has no control over. Players need to have sharp concentration and good grasp of how to play rummy online and must be adept at devising strategies instinctively.

2. Nature of game

In the earlier days when the game was played with physical deck of cards, a case could be made for unfair shuffling and malpractice as it was done physically with players. However, in online rummy, most rummy sites have incorporated RNG which ensures random shuffling all the time without any favoritism. So, every player starts the game on the same ground.

3. A card game that is legal to play

Supreme Court of India has declared Rummy to be a skill based card game in multiple judgments. The court observed rummy requires a certain of intellectual expertise and mental skills unlike other chance-based card games. Most rummy sites follow all the protocols to keep player information in safe in accordance with the laws and operate legally. It is perhaps the most intriguing card game online that is available

4. Good Memory

In a rummy game, a player should have good memory skills. It comes vital in remembering the fall of cards, the cards his/her opponents pick or drop can give an idea about the sequences that they are trying to build. Having a good memory will help the player deduce the sequence and he/she can formulate a strategy based on that.

5. No Luck involved

This is the biggest myth of them all. Many naysayers of the game dismiss it crudely as a game of luck. This is infarct the biggest shame considering the element of luck virtually plays no role in the outcome of the game. True that starting hands can help. But it’s important to recall that it’s random. A player can get no guarantee that he will receive an equally good starting hand two straight times as the shuffling is completely automated. There are many players who have won the game despite starting with a bad hand. If you have played the game you can perhaps understand that luck plays a very little role in the outcome of the game. The game is all about enriching your skills, which you can do so by more practicing.


Rummy is certainly not a card game of luck as many deem. Mastering the rummy rules, learning more rummy strategies are the only way through which you can achieve success in the game.