6 common myths about card games dispelled

Playing online card games like 13 card rummy and poker are super fun. Not only do you get an engaging gaming session but you would also receive an exceptional opportunity to win big cash prizes. For players who used to find solace in playing real-time games, online games provide a platform with endless opportunities. Just like there are naysayers whom you encounter regularly on every work of yours, you will get the share of unwelcome suggestions formed of ill-informed opinions like “Online Card games are a hoax, a big scam”. These are mainly unfounded opinions passed on largely without any proof. Here, in this article, we dispel a few myths centered around online card games.


1. Online Card gaming sites are manipulated

This is one of the most common tropes on online card games. These probably originate from players who couldn’t learn to hack it. Sour grapes! Just because they lose consistently, they think the whole set up is rigged. If the whole set up is rigged then you wouldn’t see governments issuing a license for rummy online and online poker operators. Also, we have real accounts of players winning various prizes playing card games like poker and rummy all over Youtube. Players can feel free to verify the veracity of the claim.

2. You must be super-talented to win card games

Most of the top card game players are in their thirties or forties, while it’s not rare to see young champions, the journey to stardom in card games like poker or rummy is long and far. These days, the learning process is not very complicated with the internet coming in handy. Players need to slog hours together in order to gain expertise in the game. Nothing happens overnight. It’s one reason why online card games have become so popular.

3. You’ve got to be a math genius

Some movies propounded this wrong theory. We’ve probably seen too many math geniuses create algorithms to amass huge wealth from unassuming opponents. Understand that it’s far fetched – while some expertise in math would be appreciated, you certainly wouldn’t need to be a math savant to crack a game of rummy or poker. The rules of games are so simple that it can even be understood by a novice

4. You suffer big losses

Just like how life is full of ups and downs while playing card games it’s quite possible that you end up with few losses. However, that doesn’t mean your journey will be marred with a heavy string of losses. That’s probably an over-exaggeration by naysayers to prevent people from pursuing the game. Smart players know how to come out of a losing streak and plan things accordingly to come out of the game. According to Poker legend Amarillo Slim “Nobody wins quite continuously if he says he is, he is a liar or simply not a poker player”.

5. Winners live a filthy rich lifestyle

This is probably another movie-inspired stereotype that’s been tagged to poker and rummy players. Successful players know how hard it is to earn money. They did not attain overnight success, it took them years to get there and they do not want to throw all the hard work down the drain by throwing lavish parties inexpensive resorts.

6. Players have special powers

This is almost as ridiculous as the above two. While it’s advised to make out your opponents’ cards as it would be helpful in creating your melds, it doesn’t mean simply that you peek into your opponents’ cards (it’s not possible online though!) or have any special powers to guess your opponent’s combinations.

Hope this article shattered some of the myths that have been propagated without any truth behind it. In a card game, it’s important that you have your rummy skills intact and stay razor-sharp focus in order to prevail in the game.

Skill-based games dominate the Indian gaming scene

Among all the Industries in India, Online gaming industry has been registering an enviable growth rate. The sheer number of online gaming companies that have popped up in the recent past indicates the popularity of online gaming enjoys among the Indian public. The increased adoption of smartphones and reduced data prices have contributed their fair share to the rising popularity of online games. People have turned their attention from arcade and action games to skill-based games and fantasy sports.

skill based games

As India is a country that does not sufficiently have land-based casinos to support its massive population, online casinos have come as a blessing in disguise. Avid gamers who were deprived of the fun of land-based casinos will now be able to enjoy online casino games any time.

Lots of internationally renowned casinos and poker sites have started their operations here. The rules of India are really ambiguous with the term skill having different interpretations in different states. Skill-based card games like Poker, Online rummy are accepted in most of the states barring states like Telangana, Odisha, and Assam, which prohibit games. Because of the rule, most poker and online rummy sites do not offer their services to players residing there.

The opportunity to cash out big at minimal risk is probably the main reason for the immense popularity of online card games.

The popularity of skill-based games

Indians have a reputation for being penny-pinching when it comes to investing in kinds of stuff like games. The advent of online card games like rummy, poker changed the landscape of the Indian gaming scene completely. Though the games can be downloaded for free under free to play (FTP) model, there is an option of in-app purchase which helps the players to make purchases inside the app. A lot of card gamers start off playing free card games and move on to games involving cash.


One of the main reasons for the online gaming segment to create huge inroads into the Indian industry is the proliferation of smartphones. The current number of Smartphone users is estimated at 543 million and the numbers are all set to hit staggering amounts in the forthcoming years as more and more smartphone makers have arrived in the Indian market. Players can now get on-the-go experience.

Whether it’s a movie or a quick card game like rummy, users primarily use their mobile devices to play the game. The increased smartphone usage means that users primarily seek entertainment in their hand-held devices. Users need to rely on consoles, TVs for entertainment; a single mobile app can fulfill all their entertainment requirements. Online rummy and poker gaming companies successfully harnessed this demand and have come up by coming up with mobile apps for gaming.

Number of gamers

Mobile gaming certainly plays a big role in the smartphone usage of the common man. An average gamer spends 4-5 hours a week playing their favorite game. On the other hand, an avid gamer is more likely to spend close 15 hours a week in their favorite game. From 2016-18, the number of game downloads from PlayStore and AppStore have doubled. Contrary to the popular perception that online gaming is a man’s’ territory, lots of females are jumping into the online gaming bandwagon.


Given the Indians penchant for skill-based games and the rate at which they are joining the platform, online card games like 13 Card Indian Rummy and Poker are set to grow by 50% to 100%. According to a report by KPMG and Google, the online rummy industry’s revenue is set to touch $1 Billion overtaking some of the well-known industries. The options available to the users these days are basically endless. The industry will continue to become a bulwark giving stiff competition to other industries.

6 reasons for the everlasting appeal of Card gaming

Card Gaming has been around for several centuries. Though the origin of card games is debatable, there is a consensus among card gaming audience that it has its roots in the far east. From the far east, the game came to the west through trade and the game has been entirely refurbished in tune with the western customs. It was around the 14th century French solidified the card game with the 52 decks and classifying the cards into four suits with 13 cards each – Spade, Hearts, Diamond, and Clubs.

Though various cultures in the world continue to follow their method of classification, this practice of using 52 card deck for card gaming is universal today. In most of the card games which are popular today like 13 card Rummy, Poker, and others, a standard 52 deck is used for playing. For centuries now, family, friends, and acquaintances have convened around bars, homes, clubs, and even while traveling for a quick card game or two.

The appeal of Card gaming

Despite the technological revolution that brought many adventurous, over-the-top and flamboyant games right at our living desk, the craziness for card games has not mellowed down. The old game which comes close to card games is the board games, and they continue to have a dedicated section of the audience. But card games outscore board games on several parameters. Card gaming is often viewed as a symbol of masculinity. Let’s delve into some of the reasons why card gaming continues to remain popular:

1. Portability

Rather than having to carry around a game board everywhere, card games are very much portable. In board games, the chances of missing pieces are very high. Whereas playing cards are very much compact, they can fit right into your pocket or any small space which you can afford. It is because of this reason card games were historically preferred by sailors, seafarers, adventurers of all kinds, and even soldiers. They can quickly be snuck in some part of your vehicles.

2. Speed

Board games often require a lengthy set-up process, and the game can be quite long. Because of this, it is tough to play the game at times where we do not find sufficient time. Also, taking a break while playing board games can make the game confusing whereas, in the case of card games, you need minimal set-up and the play time is very low when compared to board games. You also get a natural break at the end of the deal/round.

  1. Adaptability

One of the primary reasons card gaming was able to thrive to this day was it was easily adaptable with time. As mentioned, different cultures had different ways of playing card games, and in most cases, it was passed on through word-of-mouth than through any other means. With time, the game accommodated a lot of external influence through contact with outside culture and kept evolving. The fact that card games had such a smooth transitioning into the online sphere should indicate how easily adaptable and informal it had been. Had it been so rigid and formal like so many old games, it would have met a similar end.

  1. Balance of Chance and Skill

Card gaming pundit David Parlett remarked that card gaming is unique because it’s not entirely chance based like dice games nor highly cerebral like chess, it is a unique combination of skill and chance which adds thrill to this game. No matter whether you play rummy online or a poker game like Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, it is this unique combination of chance and skill which plays a  vital role in the game.

  1. Social Connection

Card games facilitate social interaction. When you want to say something you can say it. Especially when the gamers are men, jokes, burns, and insults fly throughout the game and thus a sense of camaraderie is established. Other adrenaline-pumping activities like hunting or trekking require your utmost attention and care, whereas card games give you that luxury of bonding with fellow gamers. The conversational gambits, hand gestures, hard talk and euphoria and flamboyance exhibited at the time of winning are all what which lends an edge to card games over other games.

  1. Element of Mystery

Unlike board games where you get to know the game status then and there with the roll of the dice, in card games, there is an element of mystery throughout the game. You get to see nothing more than the back of cards your opponents are holding. You do not know who’s going to win until the winner declares himself. The mystery is unraveled all of a sudden, and in most cases, the unexpected one wins. It could be better summed up as a paradox situation. It is because of this enigma card games continue to better board games and remains as a favorite amusement.

5 Popular Card games in India

Card Games are one of the popular forms of indoor entertainment preferred all around the world. In India, card games hold a special place in the hearts of our people. In fact, it’s not unusual to see a pack of cards among every Indian family. We have heard tales of card game parties conducted during Diwali and other grand festival of similar kind.

Unlike other games card games doesn’t require any special indoctrination or school of learning, they are passed within family circles for generations.

Because of its thrilling nature, the game is much enjoyed within a group of friends. Also, they serve as a great companion while travelling long distances. How many times we have seen people relax playing card games while travelling in train. Though there are many card games that are extremely popular within Indian card game community, we will pick out the most important among them and how they have impacted the gaming landscape post digitization.

1. Teen Patti

One of the popular card games around, Teen Patti is now available to play online in many sites. All the players get three cards in the table. Then dealer arranges two sets of three cards in the middle with two cards face down and one card with its face open in each set called game. The two cards that are open are assigned as joker.  Players who hold the highest rank combination win. Players have an option to bid between the game.

It’s the betting that adds more intrigue to the game.

2. Satte pe Satta

It’s an interesting card game that has been played in India for ages. The person who holds 7  of hearts starts the game. The player sitting next to him can only play if he has 6 or 8 of hearts else he has to pass. However, if the player has 7 of any suit other than hearts, then he has to play the game. As the game progresses, all the suits will be completed. Since it’s a strategy game, blocking the others cards is only way to win

3. Bluff

It’s yet another card game that is incredibly popular among youngsters. Typically two decks are used in a game. All the cards are equally distributed to players around the table. The game starts by a player throwing upto 4 cards at a time and claiming them to be a set. If any player suspects the genuinity of the  cards, he/she can make the player who challenged to show their cards. If the cards are genuinely a set, then the player who called the bluff out must acquire the cards from his opponent. However, if it is found that the player has made a false claim, then the player who bluffed must pick the cards from his/her opponents. At the end of the game, the player with no cards win the game.

4. Poker

Though the game originated in the US, it is gaining traction among the Indian audience. There are various sites offering Poker card games in India. Poker winners are decided by combination of playing cards the hold. The player with the best hand ranking cards wins the game. Betting and calling play a very integral role in this game. Two common variants among poker that are extremely popular are Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Now with the advent of technology, the game is available to play online. And numerous online poker sites have surfaced thus giving the gaming enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to choose from..

5. Rummy

Indian Rummy or Paplu is an extremely popular game that has the honor of being the card game that was developed to its full form in India. The rules of the game are pretty simple and straightforward. 13 cards are dealt to each player and the players have to arrange them in proper sets and sequence. Typically 2 decks of cards are used, 2-6 players play the game. Post digitization, the game is now available online. There are a myriad of sites now available offering online rummy game with various offers and rummy promotion. Player flock together in droves because of the enticing opportunity to win real cash prizes.