Top 5 card games to play during this Christmas Holidays

The Christmas season is just about to begin. The countdown to the festival has already begun. We can feel the fervor of the festival in the air. Christmas is a season meant for family get-togethers, parties, exchange of gifts, and love. With Christmas comes a much-needed break from our hectic schedule that involves work, studying, travel, and lots of other activities that stress us out. That also means you can dedicate 100 percent of your time to pursue activities that you like. If you are a card game enthusiast, this is an ideal time for you to engage in some hardcore gaming sessions. After all, you don’t get extended holidays like this very often. Why not make full use of the break and enjoy doing things that have always captured your imagination.

With a bit of luck and the holiday enthusiasm, you can strike big playing card games. Here are some of the popular card games that you can try out.

5 card games for Christmas season


Poker is universally the most played card game. Whether you are playing in a brick and mortar casino or in an online poker site, the fun and excitement are unmatched. Concepts like betting and bluffing involved in the game, really keep the player in the hooks. What makes poker game great is that it retains that quintessential competitive spirit even when you play with low stakes. With the availability of numerous online poker sites and mobile poker apps, playing poker is now available at your fingertips. To complement your gameplay, most poker sites have multiple offers and promotions running at this time of the year. If you are someone who likes to play poker, you should not miss out on these big offers.


It’s a game that we are so used to right from the days’ computers became an indispensable part of our lives. Thanks to the multiple windows versions that have come along carrying this game for free. The game mechanics are simple; you will have to match the suits by flipping the cards. Given the extended break of Christmas, this could be the ideal game for you to entertain yourselves as you are familiar with the rules already.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a traditional Indian card game played in India for several years. The game is India’s own spin on 3 card poker and is similar to 3 card brag, a game that is very popular in the UK. The game’s objective is to have the best 3 card hand and maximize the pot amount. With the scope of bluffing playing a big role, the gameplay is invigorating from start to finish. If you have a penchant for card games, this is the game that you should not miss.


Classic Rummy is a skill-based card game that is increasingly getting popular all over the world. Primarily played in India, the game is purely based on skill, unlike other games where luck plays a role. The objective of the game is to arrange the hand cards into proper sets and sequences. Jokers would assist you in the gameplay to meet the objective sooner. With a multitude of 13 card rummy sites and rummy mobile apps available, players can have some instant fun at no extra effort. Also, this is the time of the year rummy sites lure their customers with some big giveaways. So, if you are a rummy enthusiast, you shouldn’t let go of these spectacular giveaways.


Blackjack is one of the popular card games that are played at casinos around the world. It is basically a card game where the player and the dealer receive 2 cards each.

So, have you made your mind on the card game that you are going to try out during this Christmas season? We guarantee that whatever game you choose from the above list, you are going to be swept off your feet.

Three card games that you can enjoy playing anytime

One of the foremost hobbies of Indians has been playing card games. Be it festivals, family get-togethers or any happy occasions, Indians have made it a custom to play card games. The festivities are incomplete without a healthy dose of card games. Games like Rummy, Teen Patti have been popular Indian card games for generations. Do you remember the rummy parties that were popular once upon a time? Even in this digital age, games like 13 card rummy have not relevance and continues to enthrall us in the form of online rummy.

Like Rummy, there are quite a few card games that have been popular among the Indian audience. Most of us enjoyed these games at some point in our lives. In this post, we shall have a look at 3 popular card games that were popular in the yesteryear. This will certainly stroke a sense of nostalgia within you!

card games

Popular Card games

1. Donkey

Unlike a lot of card games where a limited number of people can only enjoy the game. There are no such restrictions. In this game, except joker, all cards are dealt with players whoever is in the table. The ace card is the highest in this game.

The players who received Ace of spade has to start the game. The other players have to drop a card in the same suit. In the event, they don’t have a card in the same suit which you dropped, they can drop a card from another suit. The player who dropped the highest card in that round has to take all the cards. The game happens over a number of the round until one player ends up with all the cards and he finishes as the donkey.

2. Bluff

Bluff is yet another card game that has been very popular in India for long. There are no jokers in this game. A deck of cards is used and cards are equally distributed among the players. Players can throw up to 4 cards and claim it as a set. If the opponent suspects the claim, he/she can challenge the player to reveal the cards. If the claim turns true, the opponent has to take all the cards accumulated till then. On the other hand, If the claim turns false and the player is exposed, then he/she must take all the cards accumulated. The objective is to get rid of all the cards.

3. 3-2-1

A lot of people confuse this game with Teenpatti. 3-6 Players usually play this game. Every player is given 6 cards. Without having a look at them he/she has to arrange in 3 combinations – 3, 2, 1. Without having a look, you have to take a guess and declare to others as which are the best cards to complete the sequence. The player with the best set wins the game.

There are so many card games other than these, but only a few are favorites though! Why do you think card games are so very popular among the masses? It’s because of its uniqueness. It stimulates our brains and increases our mental ability. The game is super-fun when you play it in a group. The more people you have, the more fun! Aren’t reaching out for that deck that’s been lying on the shelf idly for long?

Six unknown facts about playing cards

Playing cards have always been a great source of entertainment for ages and continues to play a vital role in our entertainment cravings.


Whether playing a vital role in casinos in games like poker, bridge, or household card games like classic rummy and Teen Patti, playing cards continues to retain a popular spot in our lives. These days, playing cards are available in multiple versions tailored to meet gamer’s expectations.

Despite enjoying card games for generations, did we care to know about the history behind playing cards? How did a deck of cards obtain this much legacy and following? This blog attempts to showcase some exciting facts behind playing cards that you were probably not aware of before.

Playing cards facts

1. The History

Cards are believed to have their origins in China around the 9th Century. The game was regularly played during the Tang Dynasty. Though there were tales and legends surrounding card games in that era, of late even texts, and manuscripts were discovered that shows how card games were popular during the Tang dynasty. Cards were initially printed in wood, paper, and even in bones. The images imprinted on the decks kept changing with subsequent empires. Card games were also popular in several European countries in the middle ages with historical texts supporting it.

2. 52 cards in a deck

A deck of cards stood for 24, 36, 40, 48, cards respectively at different stages of history. No one knows how 52 cards became a standard for a deck. It probably goes with English and French colonialism throughout the world. The French had 52 cards in a pack as a standard. As French had territories across the globe, 52 cards in a deck soon were standardized.

3. Four suits in a deck

There have been many variations of suits throughout history. Ancient Chinese had suits made up of money – coins, a string of coins, myriads, tens of myriads. Each of the four suits represented different amounts of money.

Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy all had their variation of suits in the middle ages, which didn’t survive. It was the French practice of 4 suits – diamond, hearts, clubs, and spades that survived.

4. Faces represent Monarchs

The vivid images that see on the face cards in your deck are not random illustrations of a king or a queen. They are actual monarchs. The king cards show the faces of the king – Charles, Julius Caesar, Alexander, and David. Judith, Pallas, and Rachel have been popular choices for Queen cards.

5. Ace of Spades

As card games picked up momentum in the European markets, British rulers levied a tax on the cards as it was a source of good revenue. To mark the cards as valid, ace of spades in every deck was stamped with a design. Forging the sign was considered an offense. This practice continued in England till 1960.

6. Casino cards

While we use cards made using paper in our homes, casinos use cards made up of plastic. Cards made up of paper generally become wary after a point as we tend to use it roughly. Plastic cards, on the other hand, are more durable, and also it is increasingly difficult for players to mark more than their paper counterparts.

These are some really good information about playing cards, aren’t they? In case you know any interesting facts about playing cards, do let us know by posting a comment below. Stay tuned to our blog to read interesting articles on card games and online gaming up to date.

6 common myths about card games dispelled

Playing online card games like 13 card rummy and poker are super fun. Not only do you get an engaging gaming session but you would also receive an exceptional opportunity to win big cash prizes. For players who used to find solace in playing real-time games, online games provide a platform with endless opportunities. Just like there are naysayers whom you encounter regularly on every work of yours, you will get the share of unwelcome suggestions formed of ill-informed opinions like “Online Card games are a hoax, a big scam”. These are mainly unfounded opinions passed on largely without any proof. Here, in this article, we dispel a few myths centered around online card games.


1. Online Card gaming sites are manipulated

This is one of the most common tropes on online card games. These probably originate from players who couldn’t learn to hack it. Sour grapes! Just because they lose consistently, they think the whole set up is rigged. If the whole set up is rigged then you wouldn’t see governments issuing a license for rummy online and online poker operators. Also, we have real accounts of players winning various prizes playing card games like poker and rummy all over Youtube. Players can feel free to verify the veracity of the claim.

2. You must be super-talented to win card games

Most of the top card game players are in their thirties or forties, while it’s not rare to see young champions, the journey to stardom in card games like poker or rummy is long and far. These days, the learning process is not very complicated with the internet coming in handy. Players need to slog hours together in order to gain expertise in the game. Nothing happens overnight. It’s one reason why online card games have become so popular.

3. You’ve got to be a math genius

Some movies propounded this wrong theory. We’ve probably seen too many math geniuses create algorithms to amass huge wealth from unassuming opponents. Understand that it’s far fetched – while some expertise in math would be appreciated, you certainly wouldn’t need to be a math savant to crack a game of rummy or poker. The rules of games are so simple that it can even be understood by a novice

4. You suffer big losses

Just like how life is full of ups and downs while playing card games it’s quite possible that you end up with few losses. However, that doesn’t mean your journey will be marred with a heavy string of losses. That’s probably an over-exaggeration by naysayers to prevent people from pursuing the game. Smart players know how to come out of a losing streak and plan things accordingly to come out of the game. According to Poker legend Amarillo Slim “Nobody wins quite continuously if he says he is, he is a liar or simply not a poker player”.

5. Winners live a filthy rich lifestyle

This is probably another movie-inspired stereotype that’s been tagged to poker and rummy players. Successful players know how hard it is to earn money. They did not attain overnight success, it took them years to get there and they do not want to throw all the hard work down the drain by throwing lavish parties inexpensive resorts.

6. Players have special powers

This is almost as ridiculous as the above two. While it’s advised to make out your opponents’ cards as it would be helpful in creating your melds, it doesn’t mean simply that you peek into your opponents’ cards (it’s not possible online though!) or have any special powers to guess your opponent’s combinations.

Hope this article shattered some of the myths that have been propagated without any truth behind it. In a card game, it’s important that you have your rummy skills intact and stay razor-sharp focus in order to prevail in the game.