Top Tips to Crack rummy tournaments of all kinds

The thought of winning big in a rummy tournament evinces interest in the minds of every rummy player. Rummy tournaments both freeroll and cash are one of the perfect means to showcase your rummy skill. You will get a chance to rub your shoulders against ace rummy players. Though it is challenging, it is not impossible to win. To succeed in any activity after a lot of effort is always sweet, winning a rummy tournament falls in this category.

In order to win rummy tournaments consistently, you have to apply concepts such as your mathematical skills, analytical skills, and your observation skills. It is important to read your opponents and gauge their moves in advance. You need to think one step ahead of your opponents and must use your probability knowledge to guess their moves. If you are well-versed with this particular aspect, you can consider the battle half-won already. Shoot your chances of winning big with these four tips.

Tips to crack rummy tournaments

1. The importance of Pure Sequence

Be it any game or tournament, a pure sequence is mandatory in a rummy game. Without pure sequence, the other sequences or sets you build goes into vain, as you will lose the game by 80 points. Sometimes, in the rush of the tournament, you will be busy building your sequences with jokers. The thought of winning the tournament at any cost clouds your judgment and you start accumulating joker cards to build sequences and sets. Never make these mistakes. While joker cards help you complete the objective quickly, it is not a replacement for a pure sequence. Hence, work on building a pure sequence first.

2. Improve your strategies

Every tournament is different. Situations are not the same always. Some common strategies like discarding high-value cards, taking advantage of jokers cannot work all the time. Rummy is all about playing right to the situation. You should alter your strategies based on the situation. There will be times where you need to trick your opponents, retain high-value cards, and many such tactics. The best way to ensure such tricks work for you is to practice more and more. Tournaments are not for one-trick ponies. Making the right moves at the right time is critical.

3. Patience, Practice, and perseverance

There are multiple rummy variants and to gain expertise in each of them there is no only one way – practice. Master rummy rules and learn how to play rummy online.  Playing free games using practice chips can help you finetune your rummy strategies. Develop strategies that are unique to you and are not cracked by anyone. Not everyone hits the jackpot the first time. You need to persevere a lot to perfect your strategies. As your opponents could be at any skill level that you cannot predetermine, it is always better to prepare at all levels.

4. Self-assured attitude

While there are no alternatives for practice, it is important that you have an optimistic outlook towards the game. The mood and attitude with which you approach this game make a lot of difference. If you are a negative thinker naturally, which most people are, it is paramount that you reinforce those hampering negative thoughts with positive ones. Having a positive outlook is immensely beneficial in a skill game like rummy as it could turn your fortunes around, even if you do not receive an ideal starting hand to your liking. However, by being positive we need you to become smug or cocky, every rummy player must know when to quit the game. No matter, how positive you are, at times, you may need to fold for your own good.

Trying out these four tips would definitely help you in the long run in rummy tournaments. Experience the thrills and spills of rummy in its best format, i.e. rummy tournaments on the best website around, Deccan Rummy.

Fly high with Turbo 250 and Hyper 250 Cash tournaments

India’s leading online rummy site, Deccan Rummy, is known for providing a superb and edifying gaming experience for players. Known as the leaders of innovation, Deccan Rummy has always surprised its users with endearing Rummy offers and promotions. When you associate with a big brand like Deccan Rummy, you are obviously in for a great rummy time. Lined up with an array of big promotions, Deccan Rummy makes it straight to your heart.


2020 is going to be a landmark year for rummy players at Deccan Rummy as we have an impressive array of tournaments lined up for you. No matter which level you are in, you will find something appealing in our site. In our constant quest to meet the players’ expectations, we are launching a series of cash rummy tournaments for our users. The idea is to allow poker players to get in on some crazy rummy action and win huge real cash prizes

  1. Turbo250 Tournament
  2. Hyper500 Tournament

Turbo250 Tournament

If fast rummy action is what you prefer, then this is the tournament for you. Turbo 250 tournament will be conducted every Thursday & Saturday at 8 PM. The prize pool of Turbo 250 is Rs. 16200. Players can play the tournament at a buy-in of Rs. 250. Turbo250 offers a good chance for the players aiming to win real cash. The registration for the tournament begins 24 hours before the tourney commences, which means the registration will be open every Wednesday and Friday at 8 PM and would remain open for 24 hours till the tournament starts. With the tournament conducted two days a week, you can expect plenty of action.

Hyper 500 tournaments

If high-rollers are your thing in rummy, then this is the tournament that you shouldn’t miss. Hyper 500 is hosted every Friday, and Sunday at 8 PM. Hyper500 guarantees a prize pool of Rs. 32400. To enter the tournament, the player has to pay a buy-in of Rs. 500. Hyper 500 tourney will be a delight for players who are looking for affordable buy-in. The INR 50 buy-in allows players at all levels to come and take a shot at the mammoth prize pool on offer. No more do you need to shell out big money to grab a prize pool.

Deccan Rummy has produced many champions through their flagship events in the past, and these two tournaments are impressive additions to the list. These events are guaranteed to witness massive participation from rummy pros, casual gamers, rookies, and even new ones. With the ROI proving to be hugely beneficial, anyone who should have anything about the game should step in as the chances of a win are very high.

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Hop on to our Rummy Express & Win from 4 Lakhs!

With a host of high quality guaranteed rummy tournaments and lucrative promotional offers hosted all through the year avid rummy aficionado, Deccan Rummy, India’s leading online rummy site has earned the tag of being the loved rummy site among the Indian gaming audience. Ensuring our loyal rummy base is fully satisfied, we offer our loyal customers countless opportunities to win big bucks and rake in big moolahs throughout the year. Aside from providing a superior gaming experience, we delight the customer with superior customer service. It comes as no surprise to see the customers flock in droves to our gaming platform for some intriguing gaming action and an opportunity to earn a life-changing sum of money.

One of the huge attractions besides the seamless gaming interface has been our rummy tournaments which see participation from brilliant minds all over the country. Our rummy games and tournaments are leagues apart from the rest both in terms of the prize pool as well as quality. We’ve just decided to up the ante with yet another stunning offering in the tournament section.

Rummy Express

Rummy Express

Gear up for an exciting rummy ride with our brand new rummy tournament called Rummy express. Coming with a collective prize pool of Rs. 4 Lakhs, the rummy express tournament promises to be an exciting ride for the rummy enthusiasts as the name suggests.

Our Rummy players have been requesting for a bigger tournament with satellites for some time. This tournament comes to fulfill their longtime wish.

There’s no better word for a rummy player than high value. High value is the cornerstone of the Rummy Express tournament.

True to its name, rummy express promises to be an exciting ride. Players who played the tournament in the limited time since its launch have been raving about the exciting format. The multi-level rummy tournament at extremely low buy-in allows every player an opportunity to win big cash prizes online.

Want to know how to reach the final to grab the prize? Follow the hierarchy given below!

Express Satellites

Play our Express Satellites every day at a low buy-in of Rs. 20 for a prize pool of Rs. 3240. Satellites will be conducted 5 times a day at 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM. In addition to the prizes, 30 tickets to Express Qualifiers will be issued in this round.

Express Qualifiers

Play our Express Qualifiers every day at a nominal buy-in of Rs. 50 for a prize pool of Rs.    4860. Qualifiers will be conducted 3 times a day at 12:30 PM, 4:30 PM, and 8:30 PM. In addition to the prizes, 36 tickets for the final will be issued to the winners.

Express Final

Don’t want to take the long route to the final? No problem! Take part in the final with a nominal buy-in of Rs. 100 and fight for the prize pool of Rs. 6480 each day. Players who won the free tickets through qualifiers can play this tournament free of cost.

Imagine getting close to a payout of INR 4 lakhs a month at an extremely low investment! It’s a windfall prize pool! Well, this is a reality now with our latest offering in Rummy Express, an express ride that is thoroughly enjoyable and hugely beneficial!

So if you want to win big, gear up for this tournament and login to your Deccan Rummy account to register for this rummy express series! This is one opportunity you definitely should not miss out on.

Reminder: Christmas Special Rummy Tournament on Dec 26

After a busy 11 months, we are just a few days from the next year rolling in and this is the time of the year for us to unwind, relax and pursue things that we love the most. With Christmas just a day away and New Year just a week away, the energy is high and the excitement is nearly off the charts. It’s that time of the year; it’s the season to be marinated in joy! In short, it’s Christmas season! These are times where people are busy shopping, indulging in retreats, pursuing their interests.

While pondering on about the type of gifts you may receive this year, keep in mind that this is the best time in the year to be an online rummy player. To match the vibrant environment, online rummy sites are loaded with various offers and promotions at this time of the year. The tournament action at domestic online rummy sites is power packed. This can be seen from the snowballing prize pool that the tournaments carry at this time of the year.

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