Sobiya1234 ships Christmas Special Rummy Tournament

In the Indian rummy industry, Deccan Rummy is known to host some of the best online rummy tournaments. Known for its high value returns, our tournaments see huge participation from all quarters of India. In addition to the regular freeroll and cash rummy games, we host special rummy tournaments for all Indian festivals which act like crown in the jewel. This special tournament is hosted every once in and it attracts some of the best pros around the rummy circuit. Last night, another edition of our special tournament was contested in our platform – The Christmas Special Rummy Tournament.

Christmas Special Tournament winner

Players waited for this rummy tournament for weeks and it finally kicked off last night at 9:30 PM. Every rummy aspirant want to be a part of this tournament that came with a prizepool of Rs. 50000 with free tickets by depositing Rs. 1000 or with a small buy-in of Rs 200. When you can turn such a small investment to win big prizes, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it? These kinds of special rummy tournaments are a perfect way for an emerging rummy player to rise and shine in the intensely competitive rummy industry. And for the experts, this is the perfect way to solidify their position. With such heavy stakes involved, no rummy enthusiasts would want to miss such an opportunity.

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Reminder: Christmas Special Rummy Tournament on Dec 26

After a busy 11 months, we are just a few days from the next year rolling in and this is the time of the year for us to unwind, relax and pursue things that we love the most. With Christmas just a day away and New Year just a week away, the energy is high and the excitement is nearly off the charts. It’s that time of the year; it’s the season to be marinated in joy! In short, it’s Christmas season! These are times where people are busy shopping, indulging in retreats, pursuing their interests.

While pondering on about the type of gifts you may receive this year, keep in mind that this is the best time in the year to be an online rummy player. To match the vibrant environment, online rummy sites are loaded with various offers and promotions at this time of the year. The tournament action at domestic online rummy sites is power packed. This can be seen from the snowballing prize pool that the tournaments carry at this time of the year.

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