Top Five Mobile games to Keep your Brain Sharp

If you’re looking to indulge in some fun activity to while away your free time, why not choose something that exercises your brain? Muscles are not the only part in your body that requires a periodic workout, even your brains need regular exercises and flexing.

Numerous studies indicate playing mind-stimulating games keeps your brain agile, active & boosts your long term memory. Though there’s no conclusive research to assert the claim that it may prevent memory-related issues like dementia that people develop in their later part of life, brain training games helps us keep our brain sharper at least in the present.

Playing brain-training games helps us condition our brain to think more rationally, not give in to emotions. Some of the benefits of playing such games are high memory retention, developing abstract thinking, word memory, and undivided attention to tasks. If you have not jumped into this bandwagon, then it’s the right time to do so. Here, we have listed a collection of five brain training games that will sharpen your grey matter.

Exercise your brain with these games

1. Elevate

Elevate has a wonderful collection of over 30 games that boosts cognitive ability and enhances your concentration levels. They also have personalized brain training exercises and a daily workout calendar to keep track of your progress. The striking aspect of this app is its difficulty progression, the sharper you get, the tougher challenges you’d receive. It keeps you motivated to push more!

2. Peak

Developed with the assistance of the world’s leading neurologists and brain study experts, Peak houses more than 40 games including puzzles, brain teasers and concentration games. Known for its slick and user-friendly design, Peak offers a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, Peak offers a “Personal Trainer” who can guide you through the games as you keep progressing. Moreover, the app keeps track of the player’s progress and provides insight into the areas that the player needs to improve.

3. Lumosity

Like Elevate, Lumosity has a stable of over 40 games developed with assistance from the world’s leading Neuropsychologists and researchers. All the games adapt to users’ individual performance and provide a customized workout regimen depending on their schedules. Lumosity’s collection of games is designed to boost intellectual ability, condition your brain to think in a speedy way, and develops problem-solving skills.

4. Sudoku

While it’s not exactly a brain game or concentration-enhancing game, the game still serves its purpose as a mental workout. The game is in the form of a grid with 81 cells, broken up into nine sections. Every section has nine cells inside. The task is to put numbers from one to nine in every section without repeating any row or column. If you consider yourself a fan of the numbers game, you can try this game. There are many free apps offering Sudoku on both Android and iOS platforms.

5. Rummy

Also called Paplu, this 13 card game is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is also spreading its wings to the western world of late giving a tough run to games like Poker and Baccarat. Known to improve memory, enhance cognitive ability, relieve stress, and improve decision making, this game has a cult following in India. There are numerous sites offering 13 card rummy games in several formats. Even more attractive proposition is the chance to win real cash at no cost. If you’re a fan of the game, try downloading the Deccan Rummy Mobile app on Android. It is free, light on your device, loaded with in-class features and is tailored to provide a superior gaming experience.

Play Rummy

What is the best way to play rummy online for cash?

Isn’t it astonishing to note an activity which we can do for fun and to earn some money also helps us beat stress? Before, you think of it as a far-fetched dream, we’d break the beans for you! Yes, we are talking about playing online rummy. Many people play rummy online thinking of it as a strange secondary way of income. But the real truth is that if you’re good at the game, it serves more than that.

However, before you decide to play rummy game online for cash, you must have thorough knowledge about certain things related to the game so that you can have a hassle-free gaming experience.

Choosing the Right Platform

Many people have this million-dollar question. Which platform do I choose to play rummy? Should I play rummy on the web or download a rummy app? It all boils down to your own choice. However, since, most things happen on mobile these days, we’d suggest to play rummy using a rummy app. Instead of having to open the browser again and again and reenter your login credentials, you can simply tap the rummy app and get into the groove.

The internet is flooded with hundreds of thousands of rummy apps and sites. Unfortunately, not all of it is trustworthy. The best way to enjoy the game is by choosing a safe rummy app. Since cash transactions are a part of the game, make sure you for an app that is safe and secure. Over the years, the Deccan Rummy app has earned the reputation of being the safest rummy app in the business. Deccan Rummy app uses a secure payment gateway and keeps your bank details completely encrypted.


In India, playing rummy for cash is legal. Supreme Court in its landmark ruling in 1967 has declared games like rummy where skills outweigh chance does not come under the ambit of gambling.

Just make sure the website or app you select is licensed and has all the necessary certifications like RNG and Fairplay from internationally renowned agencies. On that aspect, the Deccan Rummy app scores over other apps in the market with its completeness in this safety features regard. Moreover, the app is built with intuitive graphics and gives you a real casino vibe while playing.

Play Rummy on Practice Tables

The best thing to do before playing this game online is to practice sufficiently and hone your skills. Deccan Rummy gives you 10000 free chips with a refill option which you can use to play different variants of rummy games and tournaments.

The process to win cash starts with obtaining mastery over rummy rules and rummy strategies which practice can give you easily. Without sufficient practice, you may end up losing money and you might feel discouraged not to continue.

Now that you have knowledge about what to do to have a wonderful gaming experience, go ahead and download rummy app for free. We promise that you will have a memorable experience.

Striking Features of Deccan Rummy Mobile App

Rummy has been at the forefront of the online gaming space in India for sometime. Having been a popular game already even before the advent of the internet, it did not have much problem to reach the masses after digitization of traditional gaming in websites and mobile app.

Being a popular choice among skill games available in India, Rummy is a draw-and-discard game where the objective is to create sets and sequences with the 13 cards dealt with. As a skill game, it requires cognitive skills such as memory power, proactive thinking, and calculative approach.

A lot of players these days are playing online games from their mobiles. So it is evident that mobiles devices are the future platform for gaming. Rummy games which were initially made available through websites and softwares, are now available as easy to install mobile apps. Open playstore or AppStore, there are loads of rummy apps available.

Deccam Rummy Mobile is one of the most downloaded rummy apps in Playstore. With over 5 million users, we are one of the leading players in the Indian rummy segments. Unlike other apps, our mobile is not hard on your device and does not occupy much space. You can download the app for free and enjoy having an immersive gaming experience. Talking about mobile apps, here are the striking features of Deccan Rummy Mobile app that seperates it from numerous other apps available in the market.

Deccan Rummy Mobile App Features

1. Seamless Gaming Interface

The user friendly gaming interface makes this app suitable for gamers at all level. Deccan Rummy mobile app offers seamless rummy experience with its faster gameplay and unique features. This app enable users to play all rummy variants and tournaments from anywhere and at any time. Compete with real time players and enjoy a immersive gaming experience.

2. Safe and Secure

One of the major concerns of the rummy players is the safety feature offered by the game provider. But you don’t have to worry; our platform is trusted by more than 5 million players. Our app is encrypted end-to-end and SSL secured. All the personal information that you enter is safe and completely confidential. You do not have to worry about data breaches and leakage, thanks to stringent security procedures in place. We deploy hi-tech tools which detects any unfair gaming practices. Therefore, there is virtually no chance for any kinds of malpractices.

3. Notification and Updates

You will receive notification and updates about any new changes in the site. All you have to opt in to receive announcements from our end to get real time updates. Furthermore, you will receive notifications for any new tournaments or offers that we update instantly.

4. Casino Experience

Most of us would like to visit a casino at some point of lives. Unfortunately, we do not have much access to it in India. We worked to create a virtual casino experience. Also, the simple, intuitive touch interface of our mobile app makes rummy gaming more lively.

If you’ve not yet downloaded and joined the growing rummy community, now is the time! Don’t delay any further! Download our Free Rummy app for Android and enjoy a magical gaming experience.

How smartphones impact every activity in our lives?


India had 502.2 million smartphone users as of 2020. Nearly 77% of our population uses smartphones. Smartphones have made so many of our tasks simple in our life. With smartphones, the bulk of Indian population are now able to use the internet . It has become an indispensable part in our modern life. We are all attached to our smartphones. It is no wonder, we look at our smartphones right when we get up and it’s the last thing we look at before going to bed.

Despite the negative stigma associated with smartphones, it’s important we do not ignore smartphones’ obvious impact in making our life comfortable. Smartphones have aided us in different tasks in our life thereby reducing significant amount of time. In this post, we shall look at a few areas in our life, where smartphones have brought about a huge change.

Impacts of Smartphones

1. Banking

Some decades back, banking means standing in long queues, filling up chalans for depositing and withdrawing. Smartphones completely changed the banking industry. Every bank has a dedicated mobile app for the customers for their banking operations. With just a few taps, you can now transfer funds, check account balance, and apply for a loan, or a credit card. Now that banking representatives are coming to our offices and living spaces, you don’t have to step into the branch after opening an account. Every task can be performed with a banking app.

2. Connections

Smartphones make it easy to connect with your family and friends. With our busy schedule, we do not have much times to meet them in person. However, through facilities like texting, video calling, or through social media applications like Facebook, we can reach out to people wherever they are. Maintaining relationship has become simple. You can even make new friends through various social apps.
For a professional, he/she can constantly keep tab on the job market, economy, and updates regarding their profession through apps such as LinkedIn.

3. Entertainment

Smartphones have complete changed the way people consume entertainment. No longer would you need to set alarms on your clock or reminders to watch your favorite show on Television. Every type of media content can be viewed online through smartphones. Music, Movies, dramas, sports, or concert, you name it, it is available in smartphones. There are umpteen number of OTT platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot star) streaming video content all over the world. Anytime you feel like needing a break on a busy day, you can immerse yourself into the labyrinth of video contents available.

4. Gaming

Just like the entertainment industry, much of the gaming activity happens online. No longer do people have the time to indulge in their favorite games with their busy and hectic schedule. For example in the previous era, a game like Indian rummy could only be played gathering at least four members to join you. With the advent of smartphones, you can just enjoy your favorite card game in a few taps by simply downloading a mobile app. Moreover, several rummy sites like Deccan Rummy have special rewards for the customers who play with their mobile rummy app.

5. Ticket Booking and Travel

Imagine standing in a packed queue braving heat and pungent body odors to buy tickets for your favorite movie. Those days have passed by, isn’t it? We have all gone through it and were never happy with it. Now with so many ticketing apps available, you can spare yourself from the agony of buying tickets that way. You can book the seat of your choice and even order the food combos from your living rooms before entering the theater.
Similarly, the travel industry has seen a big bloom, thanks to the countless number of travel apps which made your travel process hassle free. You can book your bus/train/flight tickets with a few taps from your smartphones. You have plenty of choices to book your accommodation. In short, you can pre-plan your trips effectively with just a few clicks.

6. Ordering Food Online

Eating out has become so passe. From getting started from your homes to taking other aspects into consideration like travelling and seat availability in your favorite restaurant, everything is an ordeal. With the advent of food delivery apps, you can now order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant with a few clicks, and it will be delivered to you in a much shorter time interval. Additionally, the users get access to lots of special offers and discounts from these food delivery apps.


When used in right moderation, smartphones can actually make a person’s life extremely comfortable. A flurry of activities can be performed easily with the assistance of smartphones. However, the caveat is here is to not allow smartphones take control of your lives rather than you having control over it.