Are you a Fan of Deccan Rummy? Here’s a quiz you must take!

Rummy, the 13 card game is a cultural phenomenon. No other game except Cricket enjoys the kind of popularity and adulation that rummy garners from the Indian gaming audience. Rummy culture of India has been amazing for decades now. The quick gameplay, adrenaline-pumping excitement, the puzzling factor associated with the game, this trifecta of engrossing elements are what that separates classic rummy from other games. Despite the exploding popularity of several action and adventure games worldwide, Indian gamers have a special place in their hearts for rummy. Online Rummy portals like Deccan Rummy plays a big role in keeping up the passion for the game alive. In its quest to optimize the experience for players, Deccan Rummy has been the pioneer in coming up with various offers and promotions. If you are in pursuit of stardom in the rummy world, there’s no better place to start than Deccan Rummy.

Deccan Rummy

Love playing at Deccan Rummy? Let’s test your knowledge on Deccan Rummy with a quiz. Take this quiz and let’s see how many of you get all the questions right!

Deccan Rummy Quiz

1. How much worth is the freerolls in Deccan Rummy?
a. 20 Lakhs
b. 15 Lakhs
c. 10 Lakhs
d. None of the above

2. Our Weekly Leaderboard runs from?
a. Friday to Friday
b. Saturday to Saturday
c. Sunday to Saturday Midnight
d. None of the above

3. How much is the Max Welcome Bonus in our site?
a. Rs. 1500
b. Rs. 5000
c. Rs. 1000
d. Rs. 25000

4. Does Deccan Rummy host special tournaments during Indian Festivals?
a. Yes
b. No

5. Which tournament offers free movie vouchers to players?
a. GiftRaffle Tournament
b. Movie Mania Tournament
c. Mega Blast tournament
d. Knight Rider tournament

6. Which is the fastest Rummy tourney at Deccan Rummy?
a. Midday Minerva
b. Hyper500
c. Turbo 250
d. Rapid Rustle

7. For which tournament, Social Media contests are conducted to give away free tickets?
a. Evening Surprise
b. Late Night thunder
c. Social Sharks
d. Rummy Express

8. Which Tournament at Deccan Rummy has daily satellites?
a. Rummy Express
b. Cash Splash
c. Morning Dangal
d. Zoom

9. How many Rummy variants are available at DeccanRummy?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. One

10. Which contest at Deccan Rummy provides the winners with Smartphones and gadgets?
a. Special Rummy Tournament
b. Weekly Leaderboard
c. Midday Minerva

11. What is the entry criteria for GoldQuest tournament?
a. Rs. 100 Buy-in
b. Rs. 200 Buy-in
c. Open to Players who earn minimum 100 loyalty points within last three days

12. Happy hours offer is available everyday at Deccan Rummy
a. False
b. True

Let us know in the comments section. We will reply with the correct answers.

Six reasons that make playing online rummy exciting

Rummy Online

Rummy is one of the most fascinating card games around. It is one of those card games which has found its way in family, festivals, and any large-scale gathering in the Indian sociocultural environment for generations. Despite the arrival of several high-end games, rummy has not lost an iota of its popularity. The majority of card games like Rummy and Poker have transitioned into the digital world today. The emergence of Rummy Online Sites caused a spurt in the popularity of rummy, thereby bringing players across all walks of lives.

What is that fascinating aspect of rummy that enraptures people all around? Forget win or loss, there are surely some exciting elements in Rummy that enamors people from all walks of life. The game gives you a new experience every time you play. In this post, we attempt to list down things that draws people towards rummy.

1. Rummy Online is a Skill game

The primary reason that people turn towards rummy than other card games is that rummy is a skill game. Contrary to other games where luck plays a major role, in rummy it’s the individual’s skill which will see him throughout the game. Everybody loves challenges and to take control of the situation, rummy game enables you to take complete control of the situations. The cards you pick and drop decide your fortunes in the game.

2. Multiple Game Formats

Prior to the emergence of rummy online, we could afford to play one just version of rummy. No one likes to play the same game for hours together. It’s quite natural to get burnt out after a while. With online rummy came a respite from the burn-out, you can now enjoy multiple versions of rummy (points, pool, and Deals), players can switch to any versions they want.

3. Competitiveness

Every gamer loves challenges. It is in fact the intense competition and challenge to overcome odds, that get the gamer more involved in the game. Rummy Online presents a wide open world full of challenges. Rummy Tournaments, Leader board challenges, and rummy variants foster healthy rivalry between players. The excitement and adrenaline rush upon overcoming odds and winning a tournament is something only players can feel.

4. Huge Rewards

In case you didn’t know no other game offers you that much chances to win real cash as much as rummy. The prospect of monetary benefits adds an extra layer of fun to the game. Rummy players with their skills and expertise can encash them in a big way. Also, the players can take advantage of various offers and promotions that rummy sites come up with. To put it simply, rummy offers you plenty of chances of turning from rags to riches.

5. Socializing

These are times where we are largely restricted indoors because of the ongoing home confinement situation. At these times when curfew is imposed, meeting and socializing with friends is a big No-NO. What else could entertain you more than a rummy online platform, where you get to interact with a lot of gamers without any geographical boundaries and have some fun.

6. Flexible Playing options

One of the biggest advantage of online rummy is its flexible options to play anytime, anywhere. Apart from enjoying the game from rummy portals, you can also download rummy mobile app and get started. In fact, these days with the abundance of smartphones everywhere, most players prefer to play the game from their rummy mobile apps. Don’t bother about the timing as the tables are open 24/7 and you can always find someone to play with anytime.


The proliferation of smartphone and availability of affordable internet have opened the floodgates for the gaming community. Games like Rummy Online not only entertain the user but also reward them in a big way. The game is much loved for its simple rummy rules and easy gameplay. Why not hop on to the rummy tables in a reliable rummy site like Deccan Rummy and get started? As they say, time is precious. Make use of the free time to your advantage and rake in some big moolahs

How Deccan Rummy leverages technology to give a perfect gaming experience?

Bangalore based Deccan Rummy is claiming to be the fastest rummy site in India.

13 card Rummy, Indian Rummy, Classic Rummy-…these are certain buzzwords that are taking the Indian gaming by storm. Of late, there has been a steady surge in the number of rummy players in the country, thanks to numerous rummy sites that have popped up in the recent past.

Deccan Rummy aims to tap this burgeoning market with its exclusive features and offerings.

Deccan Rummy – The Beginnings

Thamaraikannan, the Operations head of Deccan Rummy reveals: “Around 2015-16, rummy was catching up slowly in the market. Only a few numbers of sites were offering the rummy card game. We realized the potential for the need for a homegrown site”.

The biggest challenge 13 card rummy sites were facing at that time was that earning the trust of the company. People were beginning to if the companies rig the game. Most companies operated on leased software, with that building the trust was a laborious process.

It gave the company enough impetus to work on a home-grown software. The team spent considerable time and resources to build the product. Within a year, we came up with a state-of-the-art rummy software. A brand new rummy site that was built with HTML 5-advanced graphics, when most sites were flash-based was a perfect headstart to kick off the business. Banking on this exclusive feature and several other offers and promotions, the rummy site made rapid strides in the Indian gaming market.

Kenny Goutham further adds “Our task was cut out in front of us, we had a product to develop and make it stand apart in terms of offers and features. Having spent a considerable time into the research of the product, we brought it to live to the customers with a fantastic bonus offer. It was only a matter of time for the site to become popular. Players got a splendid gaming experience and within a few days, the site was becoming popular in the gaming community”.

The product became available to the public in the year 2016 and very soon it’s mobile version – the rummy mobile app is now available to both Android and iOS users.

The ever-expanding gaming ecosystem

Indian gaming ecosystem which has to move slowly at the beginning of the 2010s started moving more bullishly. According to a recent report by KPMG and the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, the online gaming industry in India is likely to generate revenue of ₹12000 crores by the financial year 2023, growing at CAGR of 22%. The whole gaming ecosystem got an uplift with smartphone penetration and extensive internet connectivity.

The introduction of artificial intelligence and concepts like Virtual Reality and Augmented reality into the gaming sphere has excited several gaming fans. The two biggest benefactors of this growth are Indian rummy tournaments and fantasy sports. Both are skill- games that require the user to apply his analytical and cognitive skills to win the game.

Growing a standalone platform requires a lot of investment when it comes to branding, advertising, and marketing. Deccan Rummy has so far managed to carve a niche for itself without support from angel investors.

Deccan Rummy registered this impressive growth within a short period of time by giving the users a bevy of exciting offers and promotions. It keeps continuous player engagement with exciting free rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests with exciting giveaways!

Having built a customer-friendly rummy platform and securing it with Fairplay certification from Infysec and impenetrable RNG algorithm, and with a user base of close to 2 million, things are looking bright for Deccan Rummy.

Deccan Rummy offers the best multiplaying rummy platform

The gaming industry in India has undergone a major paradigm shift in the just concluded decade. From ordinary games, the gamers have en-masse shifted to skill-based games. Technology has brought Skill-based card games like Rummy to the forefront of the gaming front in India. Indian rummy is an adrenaline stoking skill-based card game that has conquian origin. From time immemorial, the game has been popular in India. Lately, sites like Deccan Rummy – India’s fastest rummy website has used technology to leverage the gaming experience.

Deccan Rummy

From the day, the game was available online, its popularity has been spiraling. Though the game is popular throughout India, it is south India where a large number of people play rummy online. The game is widely played throughout the part of South India. As per the All India gaming federation, players from South India form the maximum of rummy players in India. Now the game is getting to Northern zones of the country like Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Already, the game has made inroads into territories of West Bengal with large swaths of players joining in.

Sites like Deccan Rummy are striving to improve the standards of rummy game to come up with a state of the art gaming platform by leveraging technology. Khel Group is a popular gaming company that rummy games and tournaments. They attract gaming enthusiasts from all groups by giving them a stunning platform with multiple rummy variants.

How Deccan Rummy differs from other rummy sites

There are a panoply of benefits that Deccan Rummy gives to its players, and this is what makes the website different from the other sites

  • The site offers bigger bonus offers compared to other sites.
  • From a mammoth welcome bonus of Rs. 5000 to daily deposit bonus to a host of other bonus offers, Deccan Rummy offers a fantastic reward for depositing cash.
  • Players can invite any number of numbers as Deccan Rummy offers lifetime bonus for players who refer their friends

Players can play rummy for free literally. Yes, players can take part in the freeroll tournaments without spending a dime. Deccan Rummy runs freeroll tournament every month to a tune of 20 Lakhs which the players can play.

Deccan Rummy offers several promotions periodically to players to motivate them to play further.

In order to further their interest in the game, they have a weekly leaderboard contest which gives them an option to win exciting gadgets. From smartphones to exciting gadgets, there are a host of prizes up for grabs every week. Leaderboard races are the perfect way for players to show off their rummy skills and promote aggression.

If you are not familiar with the rules of the game, no problems absolutely! Deccan Rummy has extensive materials and videos available on rummy rules and how to play rummy online for the comfort of users.

If you are new to online rummy, Deccan Rummy is the best place to start. It is no secret that rummy players love challenges and competition, Deccan Rummy offers you the perfect fodder.

Why even wait. The clock is ticking and log to Deccan Rummy to start winning big prizes!