Attention gamers! Deccan Rummy Website Upgraded

Deccan Rummy team is proud to announce that we have revamped our website. The new and improved website comes with an eye-pleasing design suited to gaming. We hope that our users will find the new website extremely user-friendly. The upgraded website will provide a far richer, more visual experience creating better user immersion than the earlier one ad will provide a world-class gaming experience. We have deployed a sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to ensure better user experience in this upgrade. The new Deccan rummy website is all set to create a huge buzz among the online rummy community in India. The website has been in testing mode for some time as we want to ensure the users get a bug free gaming environment.

Deccan Rummy Website

The revamped site comprises of a responsive, mobile friendly design to cater to our ever-growing mobile audience. With the proliferation of online rummy sites, it is paramount that the site grabs the user’s attention. This revamp was entirely possible because of the strenuous efforts by our Development team over the past few months. The revamped Deccan Rummy Website provides a fresh look that is easy to access and provides an easier way to learn about the rummy game and various services available at Deccan Rummy.

Given our proclivity for perfection, we have added multiple website themes (red, blue, green, orange) on our website. The users can simply select and apply the theme they like. The stunning and gorgeous look represents Deccan Rummy’s heavy emphasis on maintaining the aesthetics. The themes we have incorporated resonate heavily with mood and nature of rummy players and would attract newcomers almost instantly. Aside from an aesthetic change, we have incorporated lots of other exciting features with many challenges and rewards for your various achievements.

 Spinning Wheel

This is an exclusive & periodic offer for cash rummy players. As you play a number of cash games, you will get a notification about “Spinning Wheel” Bonus offer. All you have to do is spin the wheel and you will get bonus points credited to your account. In the event you do not use the promotion readily as soon as the notification comes, then no worries! The spinning wheel is saved under Badges which can be found under Deccan Rewards. The spin wheel is only available to players who play cash tables starting from Rs. 10 and higher.

Deccan Rewards

Watch out for this one! At present, we have included a couple of features under Deccan Rewards namely Badges and View Tickets

Badges – Badges are equivalent of a bucket. Players can find their exclusive offers like Spinning wheel here and they can use them whenever they want.

View Tickets – This is an option where you can find tickets given exclusively to you. You can use the ticket as an entry for special ticket tournaments. We will issue tickets for a number of your activities inside our side like Depositing, winning, and sharing our social media posts.

The revamped Deccan Rummy Website will ensure a better gaming experience across various devices, including PC and mobile. Overall, the revamped website is more immersive and presents more information to customers. We hope you enjoy the new site. Feel free to let us know what you think by visiting our contact page.

Debunking some myths about online games

The popularity of the rummy games owes it largely to its simple structure. Although the game is pretty simple to play, it has its share of misconceptions. As with anything so popular, there are many myths associated with online rummy. There are several interesting myths & facts related to online card games. Even though many rummy sites offer free rummy games online these myths and while assumptions continue to hurt the industry. In this article, we are going to bust several myths that have been plaguing online card game community for a while.

free rummy games

1.Myth – All Online Rummy games are driven by sheer luck.

Fact – Online rummy is a unique mishmash of luck and skill. Only the starting hands in a rummy game can be considered as a stroke of luck, the rest of the game depends purely on skills. To be successful in online rummy you need to master the rummy strategies. Even with bad starting hands, skillful players are successful. Luck plays a very minimal part in deciding the outcome.

2.Myth – Rummy Websites offering cash games are fraudulent

Fact –This assumption that most rummy sites are fraud is wrong in the first place. There are many genuine sites that offer secure gaming environment with proven credentials. Users need to verify the authenticity of the site by checking the promotions sections of a rummy website before taking a decision to join. Sites with unbelievable offers and promotions have to be viewed with suspicion. There are many sites offering free rummy games online as well. Play free rummy games and rummy for cash only at Deccan Rummy.

3.Myth – Rummy sites are illegal

Fact – Rummy is not gambling. It is a game that is declared legal by the Supreme Court of India. Gambling, accordingly by the definition of Supreme Court is betting and wagering on games of chances excluding the games which require skills. Rummy is a game largely based on skill so it would not come under the purview of gambling. There had been many judgments in the past in support of our claim. Refer our legality section to know about the legal status of rummy in India.

4.Myth – You can make millions by playing online rummy

Fact – While it is true that you can earn playing online rummy there is also a chance that you may lose money. The thumb rule while playing online rummy is you can’t win every game. Aiming to win millions on an online site is unrealistic

5.Myth – Playing Online Rummy is unsafe

Fact – Most of the online rummy sites are safe and secure. They have secured payment gateways enabling the customers to make their payment in multiple forms.

6.Myth – Tipping the dealers

A dealer can’t control what cards a player will get. It is purely based on luck and how skillfully you play with those cards.

These were some myths that were circulated about online Rummy. Hope this article quashed some of it. In spite of the myths surrounding rummy in different forms, the game continues to invade various territories and attract new followers.

If you wish to play free rummy games online or rummy games for cash, you can head straight to Deccan Rummy. Deccan Rummy bestows its players with many unique exciting offers, promotions, and tournaments. In what we call the mother of all rummy promotions, we have recently launched a contest by name “Phuket Gala Loyalty Race” where the winners are taken for a free trip to Phuket to attend Khelo365 VIP Party.

Deccan Rummy provides an outstanding gaming experience to all the users longing for a unique rummy experience. Sign up immediately to avail all the benefits.


Top 5 mobile games of 2016

The mobile gaming industry has evolved to be a gigantic force because of the veritable demand/supply theory. Be it on Android or iOS platform, mobile gamers are pushing the boundaries to provide an exhilarating gaming experience on mobiles.  There is something in mobile games these days that everyone will marvel at. 2016 played host to some of the most exciting mobile games in the history of the gaming industry.  From action games, and brain teasing puzzles to solid strategy games, the games that came out this year exceeded our expectations.

According to a report by Super Data Research, Gaming industry generated $91 billion worldwide in 2016. The mobile game segment was the largest at $41 billion. Gamers across the globe were the real winners of this explosive growth.  This was the year of mobile games that really wowed us.  In this article, we have given some top mobile games of 2016 that created an indelible impact.

Mobile Games

Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is derived from the famous Pokemon characters that originally came as cartoon characters. This game received the best games award for this year because of its immense popularity. The main reason it created quite a stir within the gaming community was because of its influence in bringing together the animated world and the Real Word environment through Augmented Reality. The concept of this game is to find Pokémon characters that are hidden in your real world by moving yourself towards the Pokémon hidden somewhere in your real environment. For example, if you get into the augmented reality landscape of the game you might find the Pokemon at your favorite Restaurant near your home or even near the coffee shop at your office. Google awarded Pokémon GO the title of Best Game 2016.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario run is the latest version of Mario video game. This version is similar to the video game version that many of us used to play in our childhood days. The game was launched for iOS users in Dec 2016. After a 99-day exclusivity period with APPle, the game was launched for Android this year March. The objective of the game is to rescue the abducted Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches. You will have to travel through several plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more to achieve your mission. Unlike the traditional Mario game, you don’t get to control the speed or direction of Mario’s movement, you tap the screen to jump. If you hold after tapping, Mario jumps a little higher. On many layers, the game takes us into a nostalgic trip. If you are one who doesn’t mind playing a game that can be described as a throwback to the bygone era, then this one’s for you.

Mini Metro

Mini metro is a puzzle type game developed by Dinosaur Polo club. This game involves building transit rail networks for a rapidly growing city. Each node is represented in different shapes and colors. The game uses simple geometry to replicate the appearance of modern transit maps. This game has won the best debut game in the12th British Academy games awards and also in the Annual game developers choice awards for the year 2016. If you’re someone who’s interested in building things from the scratch, then do not miss this spectacular game.

The Banner Saga 2

The Banner saga is a sequel to the game “The Banner Saga”. It has been developed by Independent games developer Versus Evil. The game is set in a Norse world, with Vikings, myths, and legends abound.  You will have to marshal the Viking clans to defend the land that is on the brink of collapse. The fight continues with an epic journey towards the human Capital where you will meet your allies and friends those who join hands to bring back the world to balance from its chaos. Your role is to make allies and embark on the journey till you reach the human capital and stop the chaos.

Clash Royale

This game is an arena fight between different players from the world using the characters from the creators of Clash of clans. Clash Royale pits players against each other in live multiplayer battles. Simple mistakes can cost you the game. Given the static arena, players have more time to develop tactics and strategies than what was present with the previous version. The objective is the lead the clash royale family to victory. You must knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies in the Arena.

This has been one hell of a year for mobile games. If we had to pick one among this elite list, then we’ve got to give it to Pokemon go. It was so special because it allowed us to carry our childhood dream of strolling our neighbourhood catching Pikachu and other monsters. Let us know in the event you find any other games developed this year that caught your attention in the comments section.

In India, Deccan Rummy created a buzz among the rummy community by launching its mobile counterpart. Now play rummy whenever you feel like by downloading our mobile app for Android/iOS platform for free.

Play Deals Rummy & Earn Loyalty Points

Do you want to try out Indian rummy games for big money? offers the chance of playing online rummy games for real cash. There are a variety of rummy games offered by Deccan Rummy to match your playing style.  Players can choose the game that matches their playing style and start earning.

We request all our new registrants to spend some time to play practice games before moving to cash tables. As you get better at practice games, you can move on to our cash rummy tables with lots of confidence. To make gaming easier, we even give you a 100% free bonus on your first deposit.

Indian Rummy games are known to sharpen your intellect, improve your IQ, and also enrich your wallet. Different rummy variants require different strategies. In this article, we explain in detail about Deals rummy which is considered as one of the most challenging rummy variants.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is a 2 to 6 player Indian rummy game played typically with 1 or more standard deck of cards. Players play with chips for a pre-decided number of deals. The player with the least number of points at the end of all the deals is the winner of the game. After the number of deals has been pre-decided, a fixed number of chips are then distributed to all the players on the table. Deccan Rummy currently offers 2 Player deal and 6 players Deal as two variants in Deals Rummy. At present, only 2 or 6 players can participate in Deals rummy offered by us.

In a 2 Player deals rummy 160 Chips are distributed to each player

In a 6 Player Deals Rummy 480 Chips are distributed to each player

The winner’s amount is calculated as follows;

Winning Amount = Total entry fee of all Players – DeccanRummy fees

Deccan Rummy has a wide range of Deals Rummy games starting from as low as Rs. 5 going up to Rs. 10000. Players who are interested in accumulating loyalty points are advised to play high stakes games. Unlike Points Rummy, the format of Deals rummy allows the players an opportunity to make amends for their mistakes in the previous rounds. Because of this exhilarating proposition, many rummy enthusiasts prefer this variant over points rummy. Deals Rummy can be considered as an equivalent to an ODI in cricket where the pendulum swings alternatively.


Similar to other rummy variants, the objective in Deals rummy game is to arrange the 13 cards dealt into proper sets & sequences

Determining the Winners

  • The winner of each round earns the chips from the losers.
  • The Player who has the maximum number of chips at the end of the deal becomes the winner.

Eg: If 6 players play a game, Player 4 declares and the remaining players have garnered 70, 60, 50, 25, 25 points respectively, then the winner takes (70+60+50+25+25) 230 points.

If there is a tie-breaker, players with equal chip count would play between them to decide a winner.

As our Phuket Gala Loyalty Race is gaining heat, lots of players are looking out for ways to increase their loyalty Points. Playing Deals rummy is an effective way to increase your loyalty points and grab all those wonderful prizes

As far as Rummy promotions are concerned, Deccan Rummy has been the de facto destination. Make use of all our rummy promotions and have a happy playing time. Join our ever growing Online Card games community by creating an account at DeccanRummy. Pick your favourite rummy variant; Join our tables and start playing 13 cards rummy now.


Play Indian Rummy with our Desktop software

Playing rummy has become easy at Deccan Rummy. You have a multitude of options to play Indian Rummy game here at Deccan Rummy – on the web, mobiles, Mobile APPs. Now gear up for an additional way to play this extra ordinary game; we have recently launched our Desktop software that can be used to play rummy games from your PCs (Windows, Mac-OS, and Linux). Deccan Rummy’s rummy download software brings all the excitement of Indian rummy game to your desktop! The software is quick and easy to use.

Indian Rummy


Deccan Rummy offers an authentic rummy experience with a sophisticated design, along with stunning features that draws competition and breeds expertise. You can simply download our Deccan Rummy software and install it in your PCs and start playing.

How to Install Deccan Rummy?

Select your file from our downloads page and click the preferred icon based on your PCs under “Download for your Desktop” and follow the instructions as mentioned below

Step 1 – Download the Deccan Rummy File

Download the Deccan Rummy setup file and save it on your system or run the setup which will guide you through the installation process

Step 2 – Install Deccan Rummy file

Follow the instructions as mentioned in the Deccan Rummy installation wizard to complete the installation

Step 3 – Complete the installation

Deccan Rummy is installed on your system. You can access Deccan Rummy software from your program list or desktop shortcut. Log in to your account and start playing rummy games for free and cash.

Play free Pool/deals/points rummy now! It takes just few seconds to install this software!

Extraordinary Features

  • You can choose any game from the multitude of games available in our website
  • Add cash to your account and start playing cash rummy games
  • Compete with real players all over India & win real cash prizes
  • Play live multiplayer rummy games with real players.
  • Secured with 2048-bit SSL encryption
  • Built with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that prevents game crash
  • Saves the waiting time for tables
Specification Tech Requirements
OS Windows 7 & above
Processor Intel Dual Core or Core 2 Duo
Screen Resolution 1024*768
RAM Min – 512 MB
Internet Min – 256 Kbps
Diskspace Max – 100 MB
Browser Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, IE 8 and above

A solid uninterrupted high-speed internet connection is recommended for a seamless gaming experience.  Download now and start playing on your PC. Our games are also available in a wide range of other platforms, so join us and explore the fun & thrill of playing Indian rummy.



Learn to Play Indian Rummy without Jokers

Indian Rummy is a card game often played with two or more decks, in which the players try to form sets and sequences of cards. One or more standard deck comprising 52 cards is used in the game. Two printed jokers are used in addition to it. 13 cards are dealt to each player. The objective of the game is to meld all the 13 cards into proper sets or sequences.

Most of us in India are used to playing the rummy game with joker cards. These wild cards come as a jackpot during the course of a rummy game as it allows the player to complete their sets/sequences. However, the true test for a rummy player is to win without jokers in the game. Rummy experts do not need the assistance of joker cards to complete the meld as they rely more on their skills to complete the game than an external assistance like Joker.

Indian Rummy

Let’s get this straight; a joker card makes playing Indian rummy easy. As we have reiterated before, Indian rummy is a game of skill and in order to test the real skills of playing rummy. In order to gain expertise in rummy one must learn to play the game even without a joker. It might appear easier said than done but it is possible.

The thumb rule to succeed without joker is to keep a close tab on the cards discarded/picked by your opponent. You must be on your toes all the time while playing the Game. You should be adept in doing quick calculations and must predict the cards that may be useful to your opponent.

Count your Points

You should be aware that all cards carry a certain number of points.

  • J (Jack) – 10 points
  • Q (Queen) – 10 points
  • K (King) – 10 points
  • A (Ace) – 10 points
  • All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value for ex. 7 carries 7 points and 3 carries 3 points.
  • The jokers carry zero points.

Points play a very vital role in online rummy. If your starting hands are bad, it is advised to abort the game as you run the risk of losing with high points if you don’t. If you drop the game initially with a bad starting hand, you will lose only with 20 points. You can also drop out in the middle of the game when you’re finding it difficult to make melds; middle drop will cause you to lose with 40 points. Dropping the game is completely players’ call. You can read our article on the types of starting hands in our blog.

Learn to Play without Joker

Professional rummy players can easily predict the sets/run their opponents are trying to build. If their opponent is picking more from the open deck then it is evident that you’re dropping the card required by him. Professional rummy players would pick their cards mostly from the closed deck and play with it. They would pick a card from the open deck only when they are on the verge of completing the objective. Once you’re used to picking cards from the closed deck and completing the game, you can easily play the game even without joker card.

Try playing an Indian rummy game without joker card and let us know how it was to play the game without it. Fortunately, the rummy card games hosted at are played with a joker. If you wish to try out online rummy games for free, do not hesitate to sign up with us. Once you sign up, we will credit your user account with Rs. 25 as a token of appreciation. Happy Playing!

Online Rummy – Rummy Quiz

We’ve reiterated many times in this blog that online rummy is a simple game. All that takes to win the game of rummy are some few tips & tricks that can be acquired by practice. Once you acquire the requisite rummy skills, you can then start playing rummy for cash. In this article, we have given a set of questions related to rummy. If you’re well endowed with rummy rules then you can easily answer them. Answers to these questions might help you to analyze where you stand in online rummy and then you can plan your strategies accordingly.

1.If you’re getting J ♥ K ♥ 10 ♥ 8 ♥ as your hand cards and if you’re getting 9 ♥ as the doled out one, what card would you drop to make a pure sequence?





2.Below-mentioned are some scenarios where you drop out of the rummy game after the starting hand cards are dealt. Arrange them in an order of most-to-least scenario where you are likely to quit the game.

a.Dream Hand – A dream hand is when you have 2 pure sequences with 1 or more sets and more than one joker

b.Average Hand – An opening hand with only a pure sequence and with no jokers can be considered as Average Hand

c.Bad Hand – A bad hand is a combination of cards with no jokers or sequences

d.Good Hand – A good hand consists of one pure sequence with one or more jokers

3.After being dealt hand cards, John has J♥, K♥ (all he needs is Q♥ to make a pure sequence) and the rest are unrelated cards with 10 ♠ being the highest. Now he is in a conundrum about which card he shall drop? Help him out.




4.How would rank the cards when suit ranking is applied?





5.When you are using 2 decks or more, can 9 ♠ 9 ♠ 9 ♥be considered as a valid set?



6.Identify the impure sequence?

a.6♠ 7♣ 8♠



1. K♥ (as 8 ♥9 ♥10 ♥ J ♥ is a pure sequence)

2.C, B, D, A

3.10 ♠ (as all the cards are unrelated)

4.D, A, C B


6.6♠ 7♣ 8♠

If you’ve gotten all the answers right, then you are a rummy expert. You must see yourself win a couple of tournaments in the near future in the event you haven’t won it already. On the other hand if you’ve answered less than 3 questions right, it is time to read the rummy rules and how to play rummy once more and spend more time in our practice tables.


Press Release for Phuket Gala Contest

Phuket Gala

After the hugely successful New Year tourney, Deccan Rummy is announcing a brand new promotion by name “Phuket Gala”. This promotion commences from Mar 5 and ends on Apr 23. The tournament is based on Loyalty points where the top 15 players are going to be rewarded with astonishing prizes. The players who secure the first 3 places will be taken for a trip to Phuket in Thailand, a place that is known for its vibrant & gorgeous beaches. These players would be given entry to the Khelo365 VIP Party that promises amazing fun and entertainment. A luxurious cruise, a yacht party, an open beach party, night club extravaganzas are some of the fun the winners are going to witness. Lots of other fabulous prizes like iPhones, e-shopping gift vouchers, movie vouchers and cash awards are also in the offering.

Tournament Name– Phuket Gala Loyalty Race

Date-March 5- Apr 23

Journey Date to Phuket-Apr 27 to May 1

Other Prizes– iPhones, gift vouchers and cash awards.

The offer is open to all. Players need to play more cash games especially high stakes cash games to earn more loyalty points. Players can register for free on Deccan Rummy and add cash to their account from the various credit cards, debit card and netbanking options and start playing cash games.

Thamaraikannan, the head of Operations of Deccan Rummy said, We had been contemplating about changing the prizes for our tournaments sometime as we wanted to drift away from the cliché of giving away cash prizes everytime”.  He added “We shortlisted Phuket as it offers a more genuine Thai experience compared to other places in Thailand. Phuket offers the right blend of native thainess with luxury. We are sure our winners are going to be astounded by the sumptuous settings made for their comfort during their stay. We are also giving away luxurious gift items like iPhones, Gift vouchers and cash awards”

Deccan Rummy team is super excited about this Phukel Gala and wishes all the very best to its Rummy Players.  This is a great opportunity for the rummy enthusiasts to win this huge bonanza from Deccan Rummy. Grab this amazing opportunity, double your entertainment, and end up visiting a trip of your life time.

About Deccan is an India based online gaming website, which provides the players a platform to play online 13 cards Indian rummy game. Within a span of a year since their launch, they have made a name for themselves with their safe and secure gaming environment. Here players can participate in different variants and win handsome rewards in tournaments. You can register at Deccan Rummy for free and play on their website or you can download Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for your android/iOS devices for free and access all the rummy games.


Become a VIP by Joining our Phuket Gala

Deccan Rummy promotions have permeated across India connecting with people from the most diverse walks of life. Here’s the biggest deal of them all. This offer is just going knock it out of the park. ARE YOU READY? In what we can call the mother of all promotions, Deccan Rummy is here to amaze you with an exotic foreign trip that you are going to cherish for a long time. Yes, we are going to take you to a stunning location in Thailand that is known for its beaches & lovely women – Phuket. Often referred to as the Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island.  Do you know to shake a leg when in parties? If not, learn them as you’re to learn what is the true definition of fun at our Khelo365 VIP Party is. Yes, you become a VIP if you finish in the top 3 of our leaderboard.

Leader Board

This extravagant trip comes as the prize for Deccan Rummy’s Phuket Gala contest that also promises other prizes such as iPhones & cash awards.

Enter for a chance to win an once-in-a-lifetime trip to this exotic location. Marvel at tropical paradise beaches & capture every beautiful moment of it using the flashy iPhone that we are going to present once you reach Phuket. Expect an array of mind-blowing things to keep you occupied – from the Luxurious cruise on a yacht, yacht party, open beach party, night clubs, you name it we have it for you. You can further explore the gorgeous spas, restaurants, vintage items shop and busy markets. With the renowned Thai hospitality and a team that is working behind to make yourself feel comfortable, we are sure you’re going to a splendid time.

We have our wonderful team making all the required arrangements to make this trip memorable for you. Just grab a drink and enjoy the serene beaches of Phuket; we will take care of the rest. You do not have to pay a single penny for your food, drinks & accommodation. As you are our VIP, you are going to get treated in the most magnanimous way. Forget all your worries and start thinking about the crazy types of fun and activities you can have at Phuket. This is going to be one heck of an event and surely the one you don’t want to miss!

Tournament Name: Phuket Gala

Starting Date: Mar 5

Ending Date:  Apr 23

Journey Date: Apr 27-May 1

How to play?

This offer is all about leading the loyalty board. Our loyalty leaderboard is updated every Wednesday at 2 PM. It is updated based on the loyalty points secured by our users. Players who generate more loyalty points lead the board.

Loyalty points are the points that are awarded based on the number of cash games you play with DeccanRummy. Play as many cash games you can on our website and accumulate maximum loyalty points. Players who play cash games that have higher stakes will garner more loyalty points. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

How to check your Loyalty Points

Once you login to your account, please follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Click on My accounts Tab
  2. Under My Accounts Tab, Click on the drop down in the right end and select Loyalty Points option
  3. The Total Loyalty points indicate the number of Loyalty points generated

Loyalty Leader Board

You can check your position in the loyalty leader board by clicking on Leader Board tab after logging into your account. Our Loyalty leaderboard can be also viewed by clicking here. The first 15 players in the list are eligible for prizes in this promotion.

Tips & Trick

The more cash games you play, the more you have a chance to rake up loyalty points. Playing games with high stakes generate more loyalty points. Keep watching our Loyalty leader board continuously to keep a track of your progress. Avoid slack at any cost and keep going strong for the next 50 days.

We can sense the rush inside you to hit our tables. Just less than 24 hours to go for this awesome promotion to kick off. Plan your budget for the next two months; set aside a good chunk of money to play cash rummy games and we are sure your name will feature on the Loyalty leader board if you display the attitude and commitment.

Deccan Rummy has been one of the most popular online rummy sites due to our mind-blowing offers & bonuses and our massive range of Rummy games and rummy tournaments. Our offers have struck a chord with our customers and made us a household name. You would be thrilled to note that there is an amazing team working behind the scenes to make your game play at Deccan Rummy an enjoyable affair. Come, Conquer and Celebrate!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Top 15 Players with the most Loyalty points are eligible for the prizes in this promotion
  2. In case the winner doesn’t wish to travel or doesn’t have a valid passport we will not refund the trip cost. The winner will receive the other prizes he won, except the trip.
  3. Only the winners are allowed to travel, he/she cannot nominate a person instead of him to travel.
  4. You must have a valid passport for at least 6 months from April 1st that should have at least 3 pages free in it for the stamping.
  5. If you wish to travel with your family, you need to let us know so that we can make arrangements for it. The additional expenses for your family have to be borne by you.
  6. reserves the right to make changes in the trip schedule
  7. reserves the right to post images of the winner and prize amount in our Social Media profiles for marketing purposes.
  8. The offer is subject to the sole discretion of management at, management has the right to withdraw the offer anytime without prior notice
  9. Any player found trying to misuse this offer by creating multiple accounts etc will have to forfeit the prize and could also be barred from playing on the site.
  10. Entry into the offer will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions
  11. com’s decision in respect to all the matters associated with this offer will be final and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained in the future.
  12. All terms and conditions of Deccan Rummy is applicable
  13. Employees of Deccan rummy are not allowed to participate in this promotion
  14. Standard Deccan Rummy Terms and Conditions apply


5 Traits of Professional Rummy Players

Indian Rummy is a popular card game based on the draw and discard of cards. Contrary to the popular myth that it is based on luck, it is a game of skill. You can win the game only when you learn the skills to perfection. Many rummy players from the most diverse walks of life have taken a real liking to the game and are making big impact in the rummy world. Rummy is all about skills; it is all about how effectively you manage your cards to form the required runs & sets. On paper, it might appear simple but the game has its share of intricacies. You need to be really on your toes all the time to create an impact. Below mentioned are some of the traits of successful rummy players at Deccan Rummy for your reference.

Comes with a plan

Rummy is all about planning & execution. Successful rummy players have mastered this art and they often hit the table with a plan. Planning in this context refers to his preparedness to handle any challenges he may encounter during the game. Rummy players do not hesitate to fold if things do not go the way they planned. By planning, we also mean the budget, a rummy player allocates for a rummy session.

Equipped with strategies

As we have mentioned before, you might not get a good or ideal hand every time while playing online rummy. You must prepare your game strategies even for a bad hand. Strategy varies for each type of starting hands. A good player chooses the right strategy based on his hand cards. You can read about the most common rummy tips and strategies employed by successful rummy players in our blog.

In control with his bankroll

Discounting the lack of skill, the main reason a rummy player goes broke is due to poor bankroll management. A wise rummy player is always in control over his budget. The crux of the issue is only using the money that you can afford to lose while playing online rummy. If you are using the funds that are required elsewhere, chances are that you always play the game with a fear of losing funds.  This hits your confidence and the chances of losing become high. It is advised to set a limit while playing online rummy.

Observes carefully & quits at the right time

Good observation skills are the hallmark of a professional rummy player. You might be able to devise strategies required for a particular game only after observing the moves by your opponents. Wild and random moves without observing would doom your chances in the rummy game. Professional rummy players know when to wrap their sessions. Even though they are on a winning streak, they know when to call it quits. Professional rummy players are not money-grubbers they consciously avoid avarice from consuming them.

Optimistic & Resilient

Rummy players remain optimistic at all circumstances. Unfortunately, you can’t win each game while playing rummy. The outcome of the game depends on several factors like starting hands, hand cards doled out in every deal etc. It is important to remain optimistic on all occasions & stand undeterred by losses. Rummy players who are resilient can rise up even when they are burnt to ashes in a rummy game.

These are some of the common traits of a professional rummy player. Every rummy player needs to possess these traits in ample doses. Once you get to their level, you can give a real run for their money. Always remember, the path to excellence is always going to be riddled with obstacles, the key to success is to display total commitment. How committed are you with the rummy game?

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