How Fairplay measures at Deccan Rummy ensure a flawless gaming experience


Rummy is a globally accepted card game with the tag of being a “skill game”. A player must have sufficient loads of Rummy skills to excel at the table. The game is played across all age group gamers. People have started to play the card game in the online platform hence the necessity for real gaming service without any flaw has become mandatory. Deccan Rummy has its own set of policies with regards to maintaining fairplay in our tables.

These policies termed as fairplay ensure the authenticity of the gaming service of Deccan Rummy. Violations of the fairplay policies means that the individual has acted against the interests of the gamers. By signing up with the site, the particular individual automatically agrees to have accepted the Fair play terms of the site.

Fairplay Measures

Fraud Detection Algorithms

At Deccan Rummy, we have a special team which is constantly monitoring the fraudulent activities in the platform. Any player indulging in any kinds of frauds like chips dumping would be instantly detected and be banned from the platform.

Anti Collusion Feature

Collusion is an act of intentionally colluding with a player leaving other players at a disadvantage. Our fraud detection system notices players involving in collusion immediately raising a red flag. We would then ban the players from accessing our services and also have the right to withhold their funds.

Transaction Safety

Since most of cash transaction happen and you provide your personal and banking information, we understand the necessity of keeping your personal information safe. We use for advanced SSL which is used for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a browser – so as to ensure the information passes safely.

Anti Bots

Bots equipped with AI can be used by some players to get unfair advantage in online rummy. In fact, a lot of accusations have been leveled against rummy sites in general of using bots. At Deccan Rummy, we strongly adhere to the ethics of the game and do not let players down at any circumstances. So, we do not allow bots in any capacity to interfere in the game.

Have a real a fantastic gaming experience interacting with live human players and outsmart them with your skills.