Games for Children which can turn into a profession

Childhood is the most beloved stage of our lives. It is the time where we do not have much worries about the future and live for the present. Incidentally, it is also the time where we give maximum time for entertainment. It is a familiar sight to see children play all through the day. Playing at Childhood plays an integral development in shaping the kids future as they teach them game spirit, toughness, and competitive spirit. The surprising thing is many of these childhood games that kids play can also serve as their lifetime professions. Some of the games which can serve as a profession are given below.

Games for Children

1. Card Games

Card games are played ubiquitously across all age groups in India. Especially children love playing card games like Ace, Rummy, Bridge, etc. Moreover, card games like Indian Rummy is played in family circles during festivals like Diwali and other family get-together. Now the games which we enjoyed during our childhood is available online and playing it for stakes is legal. Card games involve mental skills like concentration, mental dexterity, and adroitness. Moreover, they offer an avenue to earn big if you get your skills right. Several players have chosen to play online card games like Rummy and Poker for a living these days. Online Rummy sites offer several lucrative promotions and contests regularly giving players a chance to pocket big prizes.

2. Cricket

Cricket is more or less a religion in India. For a population of 1.3 billion, the game runs in the nerves and veins of every single person in India. Chances are that everyone of us have played it at some point of our lives. For a country that venerates cricket and cricketers, there are plenty of opportunities to make cricket as a career option. Now with so many franchise cricket and domestic competitions running across the year, there’s a good chance to strike it rich if you choose cricket as an option. Moreover, there are plenty of coaching centers available these days that can develop the kid’s skill. However, as the game is highly competitive, your kids need to be a standout performer if they want to make it big.

3. Chess

Board Games like Chess have a rich history and legacy in India. Despite the abundance of high graphics RPG games, there’s an audience for mind based skill games like chess and rummy. Growing up, we all have been fascinated by it. Playing chess improves our focus, thinking skills, decision making, and also a forecast about life in general. Most schools conduct coaching classes for games like Chess and there are also many tutors available offline that can improve your kids’ game skills. Also, there are many online sites and apps offering the chess game. Mastering chess is a tough ask. It needs a lot of patience and practice. If you dig it hard, it would be worth your time.

4. Badminton

Badminton is another common game which has always captured our imagination right from our childhood. Being a good physical exercise that involves jumping, moving, lunging, the game improves your child’s physical development and makes you stronger. Similar to Cricket, there are many sports academies offering badminton coaching which will help you reach pro level. With multiple leagues and competition running across with rich prize money, badminton also serves as a lucrative career option.

5. Football

One of the game that has a global appeal is Football. It is fast moving game with a lot of variety. Players have to run, jump, quickly change direction, constantly focus on opportunities to score a goal. Playing the game along with its drills such as running, exercises, warm-ups would improve your kids physical health and boost strength, speed, and stamina. As the game involves close communication with your peers, your children can also learn to function within a group. Football as a sport is picking up steam in India, there are so many tournaments and leagues being conducted. So, if you are good at it, there’s a good chance to make a career out of it.