50K Holi Special Rummy Tourney @ DeccanRummy

Holi is a quintessential Indian festival that is celebrated all over India with huge joy and enthusiasm. It’s one of the festivals which people celebrate forgetting the barriers like caste, creed, and religion. The vibrancy of multiple colors splattered all over the places reflects the diversity of our country. The color not only fills the surroundings but also our hearts bring in positivity and helps us to bond with other people forgetting all the resentments. This festival also denotes celebration due to good harvests and land fertility. People host Holi Special parties blare Bollywood songs in high volume and dance to the beats of it. Aside from color riot, people exchange sweets and pleasantries on this special day.

Holi Special

Holi Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy adds more grandeur to the already vibrant festival with our Holi Special Tournament. The Holi Special Tournament on Deccan Rummy is scheduled on March 10 @ 9 PM. A whopping Rs. 50K is available as the prize pool and the tournament is open to 905 players all over India. Make a minimum deposit of Rs 500 using “HOLI2020” and get the free ticket to enter the tourney. Alternatively, the players can play with a buy-in of Rs. 200.

Roll up your sleeves with several rummy tricks as there’s a lump sum to be taken away. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran with plenty of experience, you will find the tournament entertaining. As our special tournaments fill out quickly, we advise our players to register as soon as the registration opens at 3 PM. Deccan Rummy aims to double the joy of the festival of colors for players with this tournament. Furthermore, as the spring seasons begin, it would be a great moment to start with a win. If you’re to make this Holi splendid, join our Holi Tournament and collect the goodies.
Deccan Rummy has pulled out some stunners in the past and there couldn’t have a better start to the rummy harvest reason.

Terms and Conditions

The Tournament will commence after 50% seats are open
Players indulging in any kind of malpractice will be duly banned.
All standard terms and conditions are applicable

Meghanimx ships Holi Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy is constantly looking at ways to cater to the rummy players all across India. Festivals are always made double enjoyable here at Deccan Rummy with our Special Tournaments. We have an excellent track record of hosting grand events during Indian festivals which draws the best players from the Indian rummy circuit. Being aware of the buzz around the Indian festivals, Deccan Rummy has always upped the guarantees for the special tournaments.

In keeping up with our custom of hosting big rummy tournaments during the festival, we announced a Special Tournament for Holi with a prize pool of Rs. 50000 GTD. What better way for a rummy player to celebrate the festival of colors than winning a majestic tournament? Holi and Rummy have a lot in common. The joy and vibrancy of both are unmatched. Right from the day, we announced the tournament, a lot of rummy enthusiasts started collecting their free tickets.


Holi Special Tournament

Last Night saw the Holi Special Tournament 50K GTD played out at Deccan Rummy. The action started at 9 PM. The event drew a digital footfall of 678 players which was close to being a full house, with each aiming to win the big prize. Just like all the special tournaments, the action was power packed and solid. The battlefield was fierce with rummy players at all experience levels joining the hunt to win big prizes. Players with a proven track record were gunning ahead of the others in each round. Just when we thought one of them is going to win the rummy tournament, out of the blue, a new player “meghanimx” pulled out all tricks in her bag and managed to clinch the top prize.

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Come out in flying colors in our Holi Special Tournament on Mar 21

Holi, the festival of colors is just a week away. The festival is referred to as the most vibrant Indian festival because of the joy and fervor with which it is celebrated. If you are visiting any streets of North India during this season, it’s best advised to carry with you a set of additional clothes. During Holi season, people crowd on the street and splash brilliantly colored dyes on anyone that’s passing by.

The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. In the midst of the coloring spree, consumed are some mouth-watering delicacies like gujiyas, malpuas and puran polis. Though it’s primarily a Hindu festival, with the sheer diversity and culture our country has, people from other religions have also embraced the festival and are partaking in the festivities. Truth said the joy and verve of Holi are unmatched when compared to other festivals.

Holi Special Tournament

Holi Special Tournament

To celebrate Holi in a grand fashion, Deccan Rummy is hosting a Holi Special tournament on Mar 21 at 9 PM. Last year, we added more grandeur to your Holi celebrations with our Holi Special tournament. That tournament saw participation from a broad range of players from all walks of life and was a massive success. This year, too look out for that extra joy and splendor with this awesome tournament.

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