How to Play Indian Rummy Online like a pro?

Indian Rummy is gaining more and more popularity over the year. In fact, after this Covid 19 Pandemic, this game has become even more popular because of people’s inclination towards mobile games. Thanks to technology, people have to beat the lockdown blues by playing rummy games online. It allowed people to connect with each other and also gave them a chance to relieve their stress. There is little to no doubt that this game can be incredibly beneficial for your overwell being and also rewarding in terms of prizes.

Though the rummy game was played for centuries, technology allowed people to enjoy this game from the comfort of their living rooms. The best part about online rummy is that people do not need any accoutrements to enjoy this game. Moreover, they don’t need people around to enjoy this game as they can always find someone online on rummy card game sites.

That being said, it’s time to clear a few myths related to this game. Many people out of their ignorance think poker is a game of luck. They often relate rummy to games like teen Patti where players play and win like a fluke. However, if it was a game of luck, there would be no pros in this game. The courts of India have declared rummy as a game of skill in its many judgments. It is a game that enhances skills and mental abilities.

Now that it is proven that Indian rummy is an exciting game of skill and rewards, let us discuss how to play rummy like a pro. Anyone can stumble upon a rummy site and begin to play but it takes a lot of skill, time, and patience to become a pro in this field.

Tips to Play Indian Rummy like a pro

1. Analyze your hands

When you get your cards, analyze your hands. Do not act upon your impulses and play. First, check the feasibility of playing with your hand cards. There is no harm in dropping out if you receive a very bad hand. Not every time would you receive hands in your favour.

2. Observe your opponents

While it is understandable that you get to see the physical gestures when you play rummy online, there are few hacks for it. Check how long your opponent takes to play his hand. If he really takes a long time or misses out, chances are such that he might be having a bad hand and struggling. During such instances, you can throw a card as a bait to make out his possible melds

3. There is no one common strategy

One thing about this Indian rummy card game is that you cannot pinpoint one particular strategy as the best one. Everything in the game depends on the situation and the cards that you have. At times, bluffing may work in your favour, and at times it may not. Therefore, you cannot randomly utilize a generic strategy. You will have to think deeper and observe the situation correctly to use your strategies

What is the easiest way to play rummy card game online?

Rummy is the coolest card game to play with friends and family. This game is all about forming a valid hand with the least points. The best way to enjoy Indian rummy these days is to play the game online. Playing offline version is so passé. Indian rummy is a 13 card game that is played throughout India. It is also referred to as Paplu. It is a draw and discards game that has been the favourite among Indian audiences for generations. Thought to have roots in India, the game’s s popularity is now on a big surge post digitization of all card games.

Rummy is a game that offers a lot of fun and entertainment. Rummy is a skill-based card game. So, once you start playing and get used to the game, your chances of winning increase. As you enhance your skills with practice winnings could follow soon. In order to win more consistently, you have to grasp the rummy rules and master how to play rummy games online.

The transition of the traditional 13 card rummy game to an online platform has made it possible for card game enthusiasts to enjoy the game any time they wish. Platforms like Deccan Rummy are always abuzz with the presence of rummy players across different parts of our country. You can simply register in our portal for free. All you need is a mobile number and a valid email ID to play this wonderful card game on our platform. Now, we will see how to play the game on our platform.

Steps to Play Rummy Card Game at Deccan Rummy

⦁ Players are seated around at a table. 13 Cards are distributed to each player and the toss determines which player will be making his first move

⦁ Players can sort the cards using the auto-sort feature

⦁ The player during his turn either picks the card from the open deck or closed deck to build his sets and sequences

⦁ The above turns continue till a player declares meeting the objective of melding his 13 cards

⦁ The player who met the objective must keep the final discard in the finish slot and click on declare. If the submit is valid he wins the game else he loses

Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online by Playing Online Games

We all have so many commitments in life these days that we cannot settle with one source of income. If you are looking for additional ways to earn money online, then you have landed up in the right place. There are so many ways to earn money online, playing online games is one of the easiest ways to earn.

If you are wondering how an activity that we do as a pastime can fetch you money, you couldn’t be any more wronger. Millions of players are already earning money by playing online games online. Though online frauds are an area of concern, there are several legitimate ways to earn money online by playing games.

How to Earn Money Online

There are many games available on the internet that will allow you to earn money. Online rummy is one of those games which pays you well. It is an excellent opportunity for people looking for ways for an additional income.
Millions of players in India have registered themselves in different online rummy platforms and are playing this game of skill to earn money. If you have any doubts, become an online rummy player yourself to find out the answer.

Play in Online Casinos

The easiest way to earn money online is to play in online casinos. Online casinos are an emerging trend in India. Since our regulations do not permit land-based casinos, people are flocking in droves to online casino sites. So many online casino sites have mushroomed in the recent past.

Games like Poker, Blackjack, Russian Roulette are extremely popular in the online casino sphere. Especially poker has become a rage among today’s youth population. Being a skill game, poker is extremely interesting and keeps you hooked with its thrilling format. And not to forget, there’s tonnes of money in poker variants like Texas Holdem and Pot-limit Omaha, both in-game as well as tournament format.

Mastering Poker is not so difficult with so many websites carrying detailed instructions on how to play poker with supportive videos and documents. To win money online in poker, you need a lot of practice. A step-by-step approach in following the rules first and then mastering the poker strategies would take you places in the poker world. On the other hand, games like blackjack and teen Patti depend on the turn of cards you receive, so it’s a gamble!

Play Rummy Online

Rummy is one of the most popular games in India with a rich history. People have a history of enjoying this card game during festivals and get-togethers. There are people who enjoy this game while they commute long hours to their office in trains and buses. Playing rummy online is the easiest answer to your question of how to earn money online easily.

You can simply download Deccan Rummy mobile app on your mobile devices. Our mobile app is available both on Android and iOS platforms. The app is loaded with staggering features and lovely graphics giving you a casino look-and-feel. Moreover, you can access multiple rummy variants and tournaments exclusively with great deals when you are playing through our mobile app. Features like instant withdrawal, quick loading rummy tables, cross-platform compatibility and 24/7 multichannel customer support separate us from the rest

Fundamentals of rummy game everyone must know

Rummy also known as the 13 card game is a popular game across the Indian subcontinent. The game is considered as a brain booster and in order to play the game, players must have good mental skills. Before knowing how to play rummy game and its variants, you should have a strong understanding of rummy basics. Continue reading to know more about the rummy basics to attain mastery in rummy rules.

Indian Rummy Game Basics

It is played generally with 2-6 players with 1 or 2 standard decks of cards

Every pack of cards contains 52 cards that include a set of four suits – Diamond, Clubs, Hearts, and Spades and two printed jokers in addition

Generally, two or three deck of cards are used to play a rummy game within a circle of friends

Rummy Game objective

The main objective of a rummy player is to form sequence and sets (if required) using the 13 cards dealt. For a successful declare, two sequences are a must out of which one must be a pure sequence.

Rummy terminology

Ranks & Suits

There are four different suits in a card deck, including heart, diamond, spade and clubs. The value of the card is called the rank of the card. King, Queen, and Jack are called Face cards. Cards from ranks 2 to 10 are called numbered cards. Ace card can be used as both high and low ranked card.

Joker cards

Joker cards are of two types – wild and printed joker. It is used as a substitute for the missing cards in a sequence or a set. Wild joker is a random card drawn at the beginning of the game. All the suits of that value are also the wildcard joker. For example, if 8♠is the selected card, then 8 of ♦, ♣, and ♥ are all wildcard jokers for that game.


A random card is dealt to each player at the beginning of the game. The player who gets the highest card starts the game.


According to the 13 card Rummy rules, every player in table is 13 cards, and the remaining cards with their face closed forms the closed deck.

Draw and Discard

Each player during their turn has to draw and discard a card. The discarded card forms the open deck.

Sets and Sequences

Sequence – Three or more set of consecutive cards belonging to the same suit is said to be a sequence. For a successful declare, a player should have two sequences at least out of which one should be a pure sequence

Pure sequence – A sequence without a joker eg:  A, 2, 3 of spades or A, K, Q, J of hearts

Impure sequence – Sequence built with a joker eg: A ♣, 2 ♣, PJ is an example of impure sequence

Set – Three or more cards of the same rank but different suits forms a set


It is the amount of cash that a player has to pay to play in a cash rummy table.


Numerical cards – Face value for the cards from 2 to 9 of all suits eg: 6 of any suit gives 6 points

Face cards – J,Q, and K each carry 10 points

Jokers (both types) carry 0 points

A player’s maximum score in rummy is 80 which means that’s the maximum points he/she can get in a game.


After having the sequences and set in hand as per the rummy rules, the player has to submit the left out card to finish the game. This part of the rummy game is called a declaration. The validation system checks your melds and if it passes the validation system, you win the game and prize money that comes with it.


These are the standard rummy rules followed across Indian subcontinent. Master the rules first, keep playing practice games to improve your rummy strategy and big wins would follow very soon. Happy Playing! See you at our tables soon!