BigBrother84 Ships Independence Day Tournament

It was a power-packed Sunday evening yesterday as the Independence Day Special tournament went underway on our platform. With a mammoth prize pool of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, the tournament was action-packed right from the start. With more than 500 players in the fray, the action was pulsating with fortunes swinging between a set of players.

BigBrother84 comes out on top

The journey ended with player “bigbrother84” navigating his way to the top to claim the tournament. Congratulations to Bigbrother84 for his spectacular performance which brought him this victory. It was his relentless commitment and passion towards the game which was the main reason behind his victory. Not many boast of such a performance on a grand stage like this. For his stellar efforts, he takes home a solid cut from the prize pool as well as bragging rights for life.

Special congratulations to players “mukeshmk” and “narenthbe” for securing the second and third positions respectively. Narenthbe has been one of the consistent winners in our tournaments. By capturing the top three slots, these three proved that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with! Want to become a rummy shark-like them? It’s simple! Master the rummy rules and stay updated about the latest rummy strategies, you could very well have your payday soon!

It is understandable that not everyone can win prizes in tournaments such as these but by displaying your fierce fighting spirit, you’ve won our hearts. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the players who participated in this tournament and made it a grand success.

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With the festival season ushering in our country, we’ve planned for extraordinary celebrations on our platform. We have a track record of consistently hosting high-value guarantees and lucrative bonus offers on our platform during festivals and special occasions. We have many exciting promotions in the pipeline to celebrate these upcoming festivals in a grand way with massive winning opportunities. And Happy news for Tamil Nadu players as the online rummy is back in Tamil Nadu. You can enjoy the games like you used to in the past!

So, never miss a moment! Stay connected with us for the latest updates about the game and promotions! Good luck, everyone, and keep crushing!

Independence Day

Rush! Free tickets for Independents Tourney are being given away!

The whole nation is excited to celebrate our 75th Independence Day celebrations on August 15. This special day fills us with deep emotions of patriotism. Aside from being an occasion to feel proud, this is also a day for new resolutions and goals. We shall all vow to contribute our best to truly make a Vishwa Guru in every field.

Deccan Rummy is celebrating the Freedom of India in style by giving you an opportunity to win big in our special rummy tournament for Independence Day. We’ve been hosting the Independence Day Special tournament over the past few years and every edition of it has been a resounding success. This edition also promises to be a stunner.

The true spirit of freedom can be enjoyed by indulging in our favorite pastime without any restrictions. In the spirit of this true freedom, join our Independence Day Special Rummy Tournament tournament on Aug 15 @ 9 PM. With a staggering prize pool of 1 Lakh rupees on the cards, the tournament gives you massive winning chances for multiple players.

How to Play Independence Day Tournament

Players can join our Independence day tournament with two options

  1. Free ticket
  2. Buy-in

Free Ticket

Players can obtain free tickets to this tournament by making a deposit of Rs. 1947 with the code IND2021. The free ticket would be instantly credited to their account. The registration for the tournament begins on Aug 15th at 3 PM. Players can use the free tickets once the registration is opened

Alternatively, the players can also play in this tournament with a buy-in of Rs. 250.

While easy structures and hefty prize pools are all guaranteed, the Independence Day tournament stands out for providing a shot at glory and stardom.

Much to the delight of players looking to soak in the fun and thrill of Classic rummy, the option to receive a free ticket is open now. Several players are already claiming their free tickets. Claiming free tickets to play the tournament is much better than going for a buy-in as you can use the deposit amount to play cash games. Moreover, you can avail a bonus offer while making a deposit. There are multiple bonus offers that you can take advantage of. Deposit now to avail free ticket for this awesome tournament.

If you want to know more about the offers on our website currently, please visit our Promotions page. If you have any queries, feel free to mail us at

1 Lakh GTD Independence Day Special Tournament on Aug 15

India’s 74th Independence day is just around the corner. In view of spread of COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations are now a low-key affair with social distancing and other precautionary measures in place.

Aug 15 is the day Indian history wouldn’t ever forget. After being at the receiving end of various oppressors, we freed ourselves from the clutches of colonial oppressor and walked free on this special day. While festivals are numerous, nothing elicits as much joy as Independence day celebrations.


Independence Day Special Tournament on Aug 15

While Independence Day is often associated with parades, marches and speeches, Rummy players always believe the best way to celebrate is to take part in an engaging rummy tournament.
There’s much to look forward to for rummy zealots during this Independence Day. Adding yet another exciting offer to its excite palate, Deccan Rummy has announced its Independence Day special tournament on Aug 15.

Rummy players can celebrate Independence Day in style at Deccan Rummy with a special rummy tournament on Aug 15. Coming with a massive prizepool of Rs. 100000, the tournament will be held on Aug 15 at 9:00 PM. Independence Day Special Tournament. As mentioned, the truest essence of Independence day is being free. Players can play the tournament with a free ticket.

How to Win Free Tickets?

All that you have to do is make a deposit of Rs. 1947 with the bonus code “IND2020” and avail free ticket. The money you deposit will just remain in your wallet with which you can play cash games online and multiply your money. In the meanwhile, you can utilize this free ticket and play this rummy tournament. Alternatively, you can also take part in the tournament with a buy-in of Rs. 250.

We have put together a busy day of tournament action and expect full house in an exciting battle of nerves and wits. If you think you have it in you to take down this tourney, be a part of this action. Earn free tickets now by making a deposit. Release your rummy expertise and walk out with a bundle of cash prizes.

Deccan Rummy is one of the most trusted online rummy websites in India. In our quest to provide the user a edifying gaming experience, we have been continuously launching exciting rummy promotions in our site. Independence Day Special tournament is yet another exciting offer that you cannot afford to miss. With its variety of promotions, Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest rummy destinations. Supercharge your rummy skills and go for the bigger winnings!

How to prepare yourself while playing a big rummy tournament?

With Independence Day just around the corner, many online rummy sites in India are offering cash-rich rummy tournaments. These are great opportunities for the rummy players to earn massively at limited risk. However, players get a bit jittery and nervous while playing a big rummy tournament. The most inhibiting factor that comes is the mental strength of the players, which can make or break them. Let’s have a look at how your mindset must be before entering a big tournament.

play big rummy tournament

Fear factor

There will be fear within every player playing big rummy tournament. Fear is essential for every player but there are some constraints on that. Both fear and casual play at a greater extent could result in failure and that too by a very silly move in the play. There must be calmness as well as fear within a player. Fear and Calmness must be equally maintained while play.  Calmness makes you think of the best moves possible in the game. The fear makes you to repeatedly check the move that your calmness made you think. Excess fear will definitely be a let-down and will pull you away from your natural style of play.

Self Belief

Every player must have a strong belief in them. They must believe in something called “magic”. Moving forward in the game with a strong belief will turn you a dark horse in the rummy tournament. Many don’t have a belief in playing tournaments with a cash buy-in. Players actually must believe and play in a manner that will save their buy-in amount and also in winning the rummy tournament.

Playing with a strong self-belief and confidence will help you overcome the inner demons of being a failure and will enable to make your moves more assertively. However, the player must ensure that at no point of time does his self-belief or self-confidence manifest itself into arrogance. Being cocky and acting “i-know-it-all” will pull you down.


The quality of the player is tested by the way they treat success and failure. It’s a universal fact that both winning and losing are part of both life and game. Just because a player loses a couple of games while playing rummy, he can’t quit just like that. No one knows what holds up in the future. What if there was a chance to earn the most in the 3rd game? Being patient while playing games like rummy will actually fill in your pocket after some time. Many fail to understand this fact. Just because you lose games continuously doesn’t mean losing is a permanent resident in your rummy journey. Things would change drastically at any time of play.

Too much excitement when you have the most favorable set of cards will actually make many players pumped up but that excitement can cause human errors while playing. It’s important to have control over your emotions and stay level headed throughout the course of the game. Letting your emotions out of control at times of excitement and sorrow will ruin your rummy career.

Independence day Rummy tournament

This Aug 15, come and play The Independence day tournament buy earning a free entry ticket for the tournament by depositing Rs. 1947 or more. You can also enter by paying a buy-in for Rs. 250. Give yourself a chance to win big Rs. 1 Lakh bounty up for grabs!