How Deccan Rummy platform enhances the rummy playing experience

Deccan Rummy is India’s fastest online platform that has earned the trust of over 5 million players. We have games that attract gaming enthusiasts from all age group and cutting across all social barriers. There are many sites that let you enjoy this game online. Why should you choose Deccan Rummy as your gaming partner? Well, it is because Deccan Rummy offers you promotions, offers, and thrills that no other rummy site or rummy app does! Here are a few ways how Deccan Rummy adds an extra dose of fun to your online rummy experience.

1. Fun and Thrill

Games hosted at Deccan Rummy offer the right mix of fun and thrill. Playing rummy online. To ensure you are not bored playing the same type of games, we have 3 exciting rummy variants – pool rummy, points rummy, and deals rummy. As we are already used to the game, the time spent for learning game is very low. You ought to just yourself to the online sphere.

2. Data Security

We have invested heavily to ensure the safety of our player’s data. We understand the seriousness of fairplay and we have taken every step by installing the best monitoring software that identifies any malpractice. Deccan Rummy is RNG certified which means that card distribution will be completely fair and also brings complete unpredictability to rummy online

Our site is secured with SSL certificate, thereby providing the players complete security over their payments. We advise the players not to share their login details with anyone. All the transactions are processed just like how you transact in any online shopping website.

Our platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways, and common payment methods like credit cards, mobile wallets, and debit cards. Additionally, we ensure you receive your winnings quickly once you place a withdrawal request.

3. Most rewarding Promotions

One of the hallmarks of our site is the exceptional bonus offers . New Players can avail upto Rs. 5000 as the welcome bonus.

To bring more excitement to the lives of the players registered in our site, Deccan Rummy offers special offers and promotions. Deccan Rummy organizes frequent free and paid rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests. Go for a freeroll tournament, if you do not wish to spend on cash games.

Additionally during festivals and special occasions, we organize special rummy online tournaments with guaranteed prizepool and big wins.

4. Multi-device Compatibility

Our 13 card rummy games are accessible in both mobiles and web platform. Regardless of which gadget you use to play the game, you can get a good gaming experience.

If you intend to access rummy card games from your smartphone, you can select our Deccan Rummy mobile app for android and iOS devices. Our rummy app is light on the device and provides a delightful gaming experience. Just open the application and select the rummy game of your choice and start playing.

5. Customer Support

It’s always a pleasure to play in our platform. Our support team works 24/7 through multichannel platform. You can send your queries 24/7 through our support channels (email and chat) and we will respond instantly.

So, visit our website and start playing the game of your choice. Fill your weekends with endless fun and entertainment.

Play Rummy Online – Tips to Avoid losing money

One of the main reasons people hesitate to play rummy online for cash is the possibility of losing money. While winning every single game that you play is highly not possible, however most people lose money due to mistakes in executing their strategies. By using perfect rummy strategy for that particular game, you can very well extend your winning streak. Here are a few things that you can follow to not lose money playing rummy online.

1. Do not take hurried decisions

We all know online rummy is a time-based game. Every player gets a certain amount of time to make their moves. Making a move within the allotted time comes with experience. However, you have to ensure you do not rush off in your quest to win the game.

The chances of committing a mistake is high when you take decisions with regards to dropping the cards, when you are rushing over in the game. If you have limited time in your hands, do not play cash games, try freeroll where you lose nothing.

2. Do not chase your losses

Most people who lose a few games commit this grave mistake. If you are on a losing spree, it is not a good idea to go after earning what you lost. It may result in further losses thereby denting a huge financial and psychological blow. Take a break from cash tables on such circumstances and introspect what went wrong. Most often than not, it must be a strategic mistake which might have cost you the games. On such occasions, spend time playing practice rummy games.

At Deccan Rummy, you have practice tables for all rummy variants where you can sharpen your skills. By winning a few practice games, you can get back that lost confidence and go stronger in cash games.

3. Rework your strategies

It is no doubt that rummy is a skill game. Sometimes, players get struck with a particular strategy which helped them during a game. Following the same strategy for all games is not a good idea. In rummy, each game is different as the RNG is going to hand over non-repetitive hands and also your opponents are going to be different each game. Therefore, you must ensure you devise your strategies according to the hand you receive. It is where practice games comes to your rescue again. It is highly impossible to be a one-trick pony in a diverse game like rummy.

4. Stick to Rules

One of the basic requirements to be successful in rummy is to have a proper understanding of rummy rules. Without a clear knowledge about the rummy rules, it is highly impossible to win in rummy.

As cash rummy tables are extremely competitive, a slight mistake could cost your game. So, we suggest you to get familiar with how to play rummy, rummy tips and strategies from our vast collection of rummy related resources.

5. Play Rummy Online – Check your internet connection

Since you are playing with live players in a rummy platform over an internet connection, it is important to have a stable internet connection. Imagine a situation, where you are one move away from the victory and your internet disconnects? How hard that can be?

A lot of people on the brink of victory lose games due to internet connectivity issues. So, the next time you decide to play rummy online, ensure your internet connection is stable. While playing with mobile data from your rummy app is what many people do, but, given the frequent disruptions in connections that are possible with mobile internet, we would advise you to play rummy from app with your mobile connected to a WiFi when playing high stake games, perched on a seat without having to move.

The Evolution of Rummy Card Game in India

Even before the arrival of rummy card game, games with playing cards were incredibly popular in India. Mughal emperors had certain card games  played within the royalty. In due course of time, the practice of playing card games spread to the masses.

Very soon multiple card games emerged in India and it became a part of the lifestyle of millions of Indians. Now, of all the card games, no other game enjoys as much popularity as rummy. Indian rummy game is a regular feature during Indian festivals and other gettogethers.

Origin of Rummy Card game

Rummy game traces back to conquain origin from mexico several centuries ago. As countries started trading, the game spread to several countries and took its own form blending with the local culture and norms.

Indians have also been receptive to games from abroad. Just like other games (cricket), rummy was absorbed into the Indian culture and evolved to become Indian rummy, played with 13 cards. Though, the timeframe of when the game arrived in India is unknown, it is widely believed that Indian rummy came to India during the initial stages of british occupation.

Rummy Card Game

Rummy game in household

No festival celebrations in INdian families end without a session of rummy. The idea behind it is to strengthen family bonds and improve relationships.

Rummy is a great time to spend free time and relax. People can get rid of their stress and anxiety by playing this game regularly. Also, with just 2 people enough to play the game, finding a partner is no big deal. It is the main reason why Indians prefer this game for entertainment as it does not require elaborate arrangements.

Evolution of Online Rummy Game

Now with the improvement of technology, just like activities like paying bills, gaming has also moved online. Even people who had no prior exposure to rummy can now easily learn how to play rummy online.

Sites like Deccan Rummy incentivize players by providing multiple winning opportunities with various tournaments and promotions. As the game is simple to learn and very rewarding, multiple players from all walks of lives register and play in our platform. With multiple rummy variants to choose, you are in for an absolute blast.

If you like to enjoy rummy game on the move, you can perhaps download rummy mobile app for your handheld gadgets and enjoy hardcore gaming experience. As soon as you register and verify your mobile number, you will get practice chips using which you can gain some experience on our practice tables. The more you play, the more are your chances to gain new insights about rummy strategies and increase your chances of winning.

Five Hacks to Develop Positive Attitude in Life

Looking at the rosier side of everything at all times is something highly impossible. Our brains are naturally programmed to look at the negative things. However, having a pessimistic outlook can make your lives a living hell.

Having a positive and balanced outlook in life is very important. Staying positive is not a one-day job. You have to constantly reinforce the antithesis of the negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positives.

As said, you can achieve that only through constant work. Developing a positive attitude, helps you tackle any challenges thrown in front of you. Positive approach is not only beneficial for your brains, but also for you health. Here are a few hacks that will help you remain positive in life.

Tips to develop a Positive Attitude

1. Avoid Pessimistic self-talk

The first step to develop a positive attitude is to eliminate negative self-talk. Once you cloud your mind is negative belief, it reflects in your attitude and behavior. Even if success is waiting at your door stop, you will not be in a position to embrace it. It is important to understand that most of negative thoughts that are emanating within us are just our opinions and fears, not facts. Take a moment or two to slow down your negative thoughts. With some efforts you can eliminate negative thoughts and reinforce them with positive ones.

2. Remove Negative people from your environment

The second step to remove negativity is to de-attach yourself from negative people and negative environment. The people who surround us and the environment we occupy plays a vital role in our manifestation of thoughts. Removing such negative influences from your life will help you to come out of the cycle of negativity and build a positive outlook. Find a person with whom you can get solutions for your problems. Avoid hanging out with negative people.

3. Play Online Games

Online Games are mainly played for relaxation and entertainment. Playing online games such as 13 card rummy will enhance your cognitive, analytical, observatory, and memory skills. Additionally, these games gives users an opportunity to win real cash online. Winning any game cheers you up and improves your mood. Keep playing a wide range of games across multiple rummy variants. Competitions are always aplenty at rummy sites like Deccan Rummy. Participate in leaderboard contests and tournaments. Besides the prize money, this way you can channel in more positivity on to your lives.

4. Failures are not end of the road

No scientific inventions have come around in the first attempt. Behind all the luxuries that we are enjoying in the current world lies a thousand failures. It is only after numerous unsuccessful attempts, many of the current inventions we enjoy have arrived. Remember the age old adage “Failures are the stepping stones of success”? So, don’t let the failures stonewall your progress. Keep trying, you can overcome your failures and achieve the thing that you desire with sustained efforts. Also, taking failures in the stride, will also lend you a pragmatic outlook on things.

5. Don’t stress yourselves

Numerous studies indicate youngsters are heavily prone to stress related illness due to sedentary lifestyle and increased work pressure. Burdening yourself with unnecessary stress only makes your life even worse. Engage yourself in some club activity that involves mingling with people across all ages. It will help you get rid of unnecessary stress and worries.

Life is unpredictable, there are fair doses of ups and downs in everyone’s life. Understanding this basic fact will help you lead life in a more practical way. Additionally, the hacks mentioned will help you develop a positive attitude in life. The time taken for each individual may vary. However, you can be guaranteed of a change in your life, if you follow them religiously.