Emotions you come across while playing online games


Sports bring a lot of emotions. It is an undeniable fact. How many times we have seen athletes shed joy of tears while winning against all odds or display agony and despair when they lose a hard fought game. Sports and emotions are inexplicably intertwined. Everyone who is into sports might have experienced such kinds of emotions. As the outdoor events have largely reduced, players are restricted to feed their cravings for gaming by playing online games. Similar to other sports, online games also involve several kinds of emotions.

From progressing to the higher stage to winning a games against all odds gives us a lots of goosebumps moments. The odds of prevailing in a tough multiplayer online games is low. And when one does the unthinkable in beating all odds to win such games, the euphoria of such win stays long. After all, who doesn’t like an underdog win? Most online multiplayer games like Classic rummy more or less sees a David vs Goliath battle, as players at all skills levels compete thereby leaving no stones unturned in resembling a war. You can simply Download rummy mobile for android and play rummy online on the move. In this post, we shall discuss a range of emotions players feel while playing online games.

Emotions while playing online games

1. Confidence

The first step to winning a game is developing confidence. Nobody gets to win in the first attempt in a game. We need sufficient amount of time to get used to the rules, platform, and various game mechanics. It takes a lot of effort and practice to master the rules of the game. Once, you go through that process, you will get a “come what we may succeed” attitude. It is very important to have full confidence and sense of self-assurance to progress further

2. Control

Once you have a good grip of the game, you can play the game more freely. Since you know the rules and you know the kind of opposition you are going to face, you will have a better control over the game. In a game like rummy where you cannot win every other game that you play, you know the necessity to exercise caution and control. There are occasions where you cannot win where folding is better than persisting. Once player gets to know the ins and outs of the game, he/she will have better control over his emotions.

3. Gratification

There are many occasions where you lose to a particular players. It hurts our ego to lose this much against a particular person. We cannot keep playing with the rage as the results might prove to be disastrous. At the same time, we need to something to assuage our hurt ego. In that case, working on your strengths and identifying your opponent’s weakness helps big time. Once you successfully find a way to overcome that particular opponent who has been defeating you, we can see the intense sense of gratification overflowing within us.

4. Joy and Exhilaration

Once thing we all gamers play for is for the final win. The path to victory is not without thorns. You will have to overcome various hurdles and pit stops on the way to go all the way. Being the most awaited time since we start playing the game, the victory moment gives us intense joy and exhilaration. We all crave for such moments. Don’t we?

5. Accomplishment

We all have a goal in mind. When playing skill games like online rummy, it may be a certain sum that we would want to win or rank as the top player among our peers. Some games like Indian Rummy online benefit us monetarily. We are actively pursuing that goal every time we play. Once we hit that target, there is a sense of accomplishment which only you can feel. When you know all our time and efforts have borne fruit, it’s not too much to feel proud of our accomplishments.

We are sure that every player playing online games have undergone these kinds of emotions one time or the other. Let us know what kind of emotions you’ve gone through in the comments.

Improve your chances of winning in online rummy with these tips

Indian Rummy is a card game that is widely played among Indians. The history of the game in India goes over several centuries. The gaming industry has undergone a rapid transition with the rapid penetration of internet. Thanks to the emergence of ISPs like Jio, there are many people even from the rural India, who are able to get into the internet. Just like every other sector, gaming has migrated online and has emerged as a strong ecosystem. Rummy too underwent digital transformation like many other games and now is available as online rummy.

Unlike the offline gaming, players can play the game anywhere, anytime. Many gaming companies like Deccan Games have made the game more reward-some. The game is legal to play in India. There are many who consider it more than just a hobby. There is fun, entertainment and above them, you have a chance to win real money. All it requires is knowledge about the game and good strategy to outplay your opponents and win real cash.

Just create an account in Deccan Rummy and then add money using any of our multiple payment methods. Get to choose from the range of rummy variants, tournaments, and leaderboard contests to win big money. Following are the list of skills that will improve your chances to win more consistently in online rummy.

Improve your chances of Winning in Online Rummy

1. Knowledge

Rummy isn’t about tossing and picking up cards. As with any game, rummy has rules that you need to religiously follow. Ensure you have a thorough knowledge of rummy rules before you start playing.

In-depth knowledge on Rummy is essential to be successful in the game. Play a few practice games to test your knowledge and skill before you wager your money on cash games. There is no substitute for learning and practice.

2. Strategy

Strategy is an important factor to win consistently in online rummy. Rummy being a skill game, needs your complete focus and attention. You must ensure that your gameplay is not predictable to your opponents. The best way to set your game is to start your career with the practice games. These free games will allow you, play with freedom and get used to various rummy tips and strategies.

3. Decision making

Your decision taken at every step of the game is very crucial. You have to exercise caution and forethought every time before dropping or picking a card. At times, it’s better to drop right at the beginning if the starting hands seem like you do not have a chance.

4. Select the right table

Indian Rummy has different variations. The most popular variations offered by websites are the Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. While Points rummy is suited for people who require fast gameplay, the other two variants are for players who like to slog it out. Every player has different requirements and aspirations. Select the table where you are more likely to succeed.

5. Take advantage of the offers

While cash games are where the real thrill of rummy is found, it does not mean you need to pay every time you play. There are numerous bonus offers available at sites like Deccan Rummy. You should take advantage of every bonus offer from joining bonuses to various kinds of bonuses depending on special occasions to bolster your account. This will ensure your account is always loaded with cash.


Make sure you follow all the tips to win more consistently. These tips will help you to improve your chances of winning more money. Play rummy online wisely!

How to deal with Face cards in a 13 card rummy game?

Rummy is the king among card games. Despite the prevalence of several other card games in India, rummy enjoys a unparalleled popularity among the masses. Whether it was the offline version that was enjoyed by people in person or the online version, where you can play with an opponent at a remote location, the game is entertaining and incredibly rewarding.

With the arrival of online rummy, millions of gamers all around India play Indian rummy online, a popular variant of rummy with each other. The game which by itself is enjoyable adds a dash of excitement with the cash factor. If you play the game skillfully, you can win huge amounts of money unlike games where luck plays the factor. It is perhaps for this reasons as to why so many people prefer online rummy compared to other card games.

If you want to win consistently in rummy, you should be familiar with the rummy rules and rummy strategies. This is an exercise in that process as we are about to mention the use of face cards and how they should be handled in a rummy game.

Face Cards

A standard deck has 52 cards in addition to two printed joker cards. The cards that have faces embedded on them are referred to as face cards. The king, queen and jack considered as face cards. Each of these cards carry 10 points and are considered as high-value cards. Though joker card too has a face embedded to it, since it has no value of its own, we shall deal with the other three cards.

In the modern deck there are 12 face cards. Four cards of King, Queen, and Jack respectively in four suites, namely, spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. King is considered as the highest card in virtually all games. Whereas the Ace card is considered as the highest in rummy. However, ace card can combine with both high value and low value cards.

The King card traces its roots to France, where the images of kings represented the importance of French Monarchy.

How to deal with Face cards

Discard when unpaired

As mentioned, face cards are high-value cards which may cause you to lose by a heavy margin, if they are not bound in a set or a sequence. If your opponents declare the game, then you are losing by a heavy margin. In order to avoid that precarious scenario, it’s better to discard high-value cards as the game progresses, if they do not fit in a set or sequence. Retaining such cards with the hope that they will eventually be a part of sequence and/or a set is not such a bright idea.

Retain when pairs

Though it does not have much utility, at times when they pair in a run or a set, it can contribute to your victory. You can use these combinations to advance your moves. For example, a jack, queen, king, and ace of spades is a good sequence. Similarly, if you have three queen cards from three different suits, you can use it as a set. There is no need to disturb this set just for the sake of discarding high value cards.

Combination with Joker

If the printed joker or wild joker is available which can combine with your existing high-value cards, do not let go of this opportunity. For example, if you have two king cards belonging to spade and clubs respectively, if you find a printed joker or a wild joker, you can combine the two kings and the joker respectively to form a set. However, do remember such combinations may be helpful only when you have a pure sequence in hand. Without making a pure run in a 13 card rummy game, no matter what combination you have you will end up losing heavily with 80 points.


Now that you’ve learned about the utility of face cards, take steps to ensure that you use the face cards prudently. Do not discard the face card just for the heck of it, analyze the situation and the cards in hands. If they are part of a set or a sequence, do not disturb them. On other occasions, simply discard them as they could prove to be a liability.

Five inspirational quotes from Chanakya for rummy players

Chanakya was an illustrious Indian thinker, philosopher, and an economist. He is recognized for his groundbreaking work Arthashastra which encompasses wide variety of topics like Politics, management, and political science. He is considered as the trailblazer of political science in India.

Chanakya played an imminent role in the establishment of Mauryan empire in India and is known for his valuable inputs to one of the greatest Indian emperor ever, Chandragupta Maurya. While he was no warrior, his brain was his biggest weapon. His views on Politics, life, business administration, friendship, truth are considered invaluable and is still relevant to this day.

As we all know Rummy game is a game of skills, players need sharp mental abilities to pull it off. People successful in a 13 card rummy game didn’t make it in a day or two. It took them years to polish their skills and attain their positions. Here are a few Chanakya quotes every rummy player can relate to.


Chanakya Quotes

1. No one can defeat a powerful mind

In a game of skill like rummy, a powerful mind is an imperative asset. Players with a weak or an unstable mind never make it big in the rummy world. It takes a lot of mental skills like patience, resolution, and commitment to emerge successful in rummy.

2. Learn from the mistakes of others….. you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves.

Not a single individual is unflawed. Everyone commits mistakes. The saying learn from other’s mistakes, is as useful as learning from your mistakes. One of the most important traits in rummy is observing your opponents. As you observe your opponents, you are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Once you notice their weakness, you should hit them where it hurts and also ensure you don’t fall victim to it as well.

3. As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it

Fear breaks your confidence. It shatters your resolve and doesn’t allow you to focus, be it any activity. In any sports, playing with a brave heart is pretty important. Ensure you drive out fear or any kinds of hesitation right at the start.

4. Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous

At times, you may find certain rummy tournaments with a lot of rummy sharks around. It might be too overwhelming for you in the field with their presence. On such occasions, it’s important not to panic . Ensure you play confidently and use your strengths and punch above your weight.

5. There is no austerity equal to a balanced mind, and there is no happiness equal to contentment; there is no disease like covetousness, and no virtue like mercy.

As always, be contented with your winnings. Indian Rummy is a sport where winning is not possible every time. At times, stay contended with what you have. If we allow avarice to consume us, the end result would be a disaster. Ensure you stay level headed and follow rules to the hilt all the times. It’s the reason, we have enforced practices like responsible gaming so that players gaming habits do not impact their personal lives.