Indians love playing Real money games from their Smartphones

From being a device meant for communication, Smartphones have grown to become a primary source of entertainment. While social media and live streaming apps occupy a portion of this, the real deal is the online games. According to a study, Indian mobile users spend more time on mobile games than video-streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. The popularity of mobile gaming in India owes a lot to our massive youth population. Youngsters do not hesitate to experiment with different games and formats as they keep track of the technological advancements and are very internet savvy.

According to the Mobile marketing association’s report, three out of every four mobile users play mobile games in a day. The country is home to nearly one-tenth of global gamers. With over 250 million players, India has progressed to become one of the world’s prolific gaming markets. The study states users prefer to play mobile games from 7 PM till midnight. By 2020, the Indian gaming market will hit $1.1 Billion, and a new 628 million gamers will be on board. It’s a field day for gaming startups as the gaming market is replenished with various business opportunities.

One of the essential segments in the mobile gaming market is real money games. Games that require making purchases either in the form of buy-in or in-app purchases can be classified under real money games.

You must be living in an alternative universe if you have not heard about the two games which have created a storm in the global gaming community – Fortnite and PubG. Both these games are battle royale themed games and have set the benchmark high when it comes to game mechanics and graphics. The popularity owes a lot to the fact that players can connect with players across the world and can also do voice chat. The game has impacted people’s lives so much that there is a PUBG themed restaurant opened recently and there was a couple who shot their pre-wedding video with PubG theme.

Indian Rummy

Many of us like to play real money games like Indian Rummy, Poker, and also fantasy games like Dream11. With players like MS Dhoni endorsing dream 11 and with IPL and World Cup around, no wonder the craze for Dream11 has touched astronomical levels. At present, about 50 million Indian gamers are involved in fantasy leagues hosted by Dream 11 and many other players.

The real money game gives us maximum entertainment at minimal investment and also provides us with a chance to establish a social connection and adds more thrill to your gaming experience. In the physical world, we are restricted by various factors like player availability and infrastructure, whereas the online sphere eliminates these constraints and gives us more free space. Real money games like 13 card rummy are legal in India and players can enjoy them from the comfort of their couches at home. Despite the craziness for Dream 11 and other fantasy sports, the rating for rummy hasn’t dropped a bit. You can gauge the popularity of online rummy merely by typing “rummy” in the search box and see the jaw-dropping number of results related to rummy games online.

Players can access the incredibly popular rummy game both in the web version and mobile rummy version. Both the variants are trendy among rummy enthusiasts as they offer exciting gameplay. Additionally, Indian rummy sites keep the audience on hooks with hotshot promotions and exciting rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests with huge giveaways. People who do not mind spending a small amount are in for a real treat with huge rewards up for grabs.

Even the cheapest Smartphone comes with features that can run quality games these days. As Smartphones continue to increase and data prices continue to fall, more and more gamers will get online and access real money games. It would be a challenge for game development companies as the expectation and demands of players keep changing every day.


How Rummy helps to bond with people of different age groups

Rummy is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. In India, the game has a history of being played for several centuries. It’s hard to think of any festivals or gatherings without a game of rummy. It’s a game that’s close to the hearts of many people over the years. The game is enjoyed by players across different strata of society. People believe playing rummy helps build a strong bond and improves camaraderie. Here are the few ways which Classic rummy game can bring across people of all ages and build a strong bond.


  1. Rummy Club – Multiple age group

Rummy clubs are a good way for the people to congregate and play rummy. Card game clubs were in existence in the previous generations. Thousands of players frequent the club to enjoy card games they loved. Rummy clubs can also function as the medium to spread the message that rummy is a skill game. From the legal age of 18, players spanning across several groups can enjoy the game. Rummy clubs would go a long way in fostering social interaction among card gamers.

  1. Online Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy has been a revelation among Indian gamers. Now everyone with an inclination towards card games can get on to the rummy platform and enjoy a card game. There are a number of rummy sites and rummy mobile apps which connect players from different geographic locations.

Rummy tournaments are a great way for rummy enthusiasts to connect. Coming with an alluring prize pool, these rummy tournaments are intensely competitive and promote healthy rivalry. The online sphere eliminates the traditional age barriers so that people of all ages get to interact with each other and form a lasting friendship. Online rummy offers you multiple variants (Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy) to play. If you are bored at one variant, you can always choose the other.

  1. Rummy Kitty Parties

Women always love partying and it’s no surprise that they mix partying with gaming. Rummy kitty parties are extremely popular in the circles of women rummy players. Such parties are an interesting mixture of rummy, songs, and dance. Such parties also allow the game to known to unknown players. It is also a great way to break the age and social barriers as women from all walks of life participate and enjoy the game.

  1. Host rummy quiz

Quizzes are always a great way for knowledge sharing. People love to learn more about a game other than its rules, such as history and interesting facts associated with it. These facts make up for an interesting quiz material. A challenging rummy quiz helps you gain knowledge about the unexplored facets of rummy and it might also enable you to build a strong bond. As the game existed over a long period of time, it is obvious that it carries many interesting facts. You can even reward the winners with some exciting prizes. The prospect of winning cash prizes will keep them interested if not the quiz itself.

  1. Read Rummy Tutorials

Rummy is like an ocean. What you’ve surfed is only a tiny part of it, these are large swaths of unexplored territory. The sky is the limit as far as learning goes. We at Deccan Rummy have an impeccable collection of materials on rummy including rummy tips and strategies, which will help you in a long way. We have you covered if you intend to learn through videos. There are multiple videos on how to play rummy and rummy rules which will help you. Switch on the videos and polish your rummy skills to rattle your opponents.

As you get to know the intricacies involved in the game completely, your performance would obviously increase. Not only would you be in a position to win every game but you also have a chance to inspire others to take up the game. Join the game now and see what cards have in store for you!

7 warm-up routines for Indian rummy players

Do you love to play rummy online? Have you ever had a bad day in your online rummy career? Aren’t their days where you think you might have made a better move in hindsight quite often? If your answer is yes, then you need to follow a proper warm-up routine to streamline your fledgling Indian rummy career. It’s quite obvious that we cannot function at our 100% best all the time.

While occasional defeats are inevitable given the nature of the game, however, you can mitigate losses if you have picked the knack of playing a consistent game. A good warm-up routine would help you play rummy with more confidence. Here are some basic step rummy warm-up routines that will help you in your rummy career.

Indian Rummy Warm-up Routine

1. Rummy game demands complete focus and concentration. Ensure you isolate yourself from the hustles and bustles of your daily life and stay away from distractions. If possible hang a do not disturb sign in front of your room so that no one disturbs you.

2. Switch off the television, audio sets, and mobile phones while playing. These gadgets easily capture your attention thereby disturbing your focus in the game.

3. It’s important to stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water alongside so that you do not have to go out for water. Staying hydrated helps your mind function better.

4. Sign out of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that you do not get carried away by its notifications.

5. Keep your mind fresh an hour before the game by meditating or doing yoga. As the game warrants patience and focus, it’s important to keep our minds in a stable state.

6. Ensure you refresh materials relevant to rummy like rummy rules, rummy tips, and types of gameplay. There are tons of materials on rummy that are available online which are easily accessible.

7. Avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks while playing the game as they tend to affect your concentration. It’s crucial to reenergize the body and mind with healthy food and exercise.

Ensure you follow these seven warm-up routines every time before you play Indian rummy online. You will see the best results in a few days! With so many exciting rummy promotions lined up, you would need to conserve a lot of energy for better performance. Follow this routine religiously and bring your A-game to our tables every time.

Refer A Friend and earn for life

Refer A FRiend

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How Refer a friend works?

The step by step process to refer a friend and to avail the bonus for referring is as follows:

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Make sure to know certain constraints in this referral system:

  1. Your referral must be 18+ of age.
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  5. Deccan rummy will validate all the referral details with a third party.
  6. The third-party will follow its terms and conditions.