Five Mistakes in Rummy that are costing your game

Besides strategy misfires, there are a number of mistakes that could cost you the game while playing rummy online. A rummy player needs to be aware of these mistakes and ensure he does not commit these to avoid defeats. Here is the rundown of the key mistakes that players make which are costing them their game:

Mistakes to avoid while playing rummy

1. Don’t fold so early

While folding is not necessarily a bad thing in rummy, doing so early must be avoided. If you fold your hands early, it gives an early signal to players that you are weak and can easily be defeated. So, better hold your cards for some time even if you have a bad hand and let go of it. Folding takes a matter of a few seconds, but sticking on gives an impression that you have a strong hand and your opponents might even fold to your advantage.

2. Strong current of emotions

If players end up with a good starting hand, which in fact plays a crucial role in the rummy game, then they inadvertently release strong emotions as a manifestation of their excitement. From typing exciting stuff in their chat window to making their moves fastly, many players engage in some playful banter. While it’s good to socialize occasionally, it’s even better to stay zipped which leaves no room for players to gauge you.

3. Avoid Alcohol

People associate classic rummy with the alcoholic beverage rum and believe it’s ok to consume alcohol while playing. Alcohol curbs your ability to think; affects your decision-making ability in a profound way, and gives way to impulsive behaviour. All these combined will wreck your winning chances. If you feel like drinking, don’t play, if feel like playing, don’t drink – as simple as that.

4. Multitasking

Some players aside from playing the rummy game, engage in other activities like playing a game from another mobile or solving a puzzle. While it may sound super cool to multitask, research indicates humans are prone to commit more errors when they multitask. At times, you cannot help when the rummy action is slow due to a lazy player, however, it is important not to take your focus off the game at any time as a slight drift in concentration could cost your game.

5. Playing Aggressively

Indian Rummy is a game meant to be played with patience, perseverance, and focus. You have to keep in mind the consequences of your every move. Playing with aggression clouds your attention to detail, and makes you lose your focus. Do not cave into emotions such as revenge, anger, or frustration as they spoil your chance.

Summing up, there are more than one reasons which could play a spoilsport to your rummy journey. Mistakes are inevitable for any rummy player’s journey. However, the key to success is learning from your mistakes, mastering the rummy tips, and converting your experience into a jolly expedition.

How to Play Indian Rummy Online like a pro?

Indian Rummy is gaining more and more popularity over the year. In fact, after this Covid 19 Pandemic, this game has become even more popular because of people’s inclination towards mobile games. Thanks to technology, people have to beat the lockdown blues by playing rummy games online. It allowed people to connect with each other and also gave them a chance to relieve their stress. There is little to no doubt that this game can be incredibly beneficial for your overwell being and also rewarding in terms of prizes.

Though the rummy game was played for centuries, technology allowed people to enjoy this game from the comfort of their living rooms. The best part about online rummy is that people do not need any accoutrements to enjoy this game. Moreover, they don’t need people around to enjoy this game as they can always find someone online on rummy card game sites.

That being said, it’s time to clear a few myths related to this game. Many people out of their ignorance think poker is a game of luck. They often relate rummy to games like teen Patti where players play and win like a fluke. However, if it was a game of luck, there would be no pros in this game. The courts of India have declared rummy as a game of skill in its many judgments. It is a game that enhances skills and mental abilities.

Now that it is proven that Indian rummy is an exciting game of skill and rewards, let us discuss how to play rummy like a pro. Anyone can stumble upon a rummy site and begin to play but it takes a lot of skill, time, and patience to become a pro in this field.

Tips to Play Indian Rummy like a pro

1. Analyze your hands

When you get your cards, analyze your hands. Do not act upon your impulses and play. First, check the feasibility of playing with your hand cards. There is no harm in dropping out if you receive a very bad hand. Not every time would you receive hands in your favour.

2. Observe your opponents

While it is understandable that you get to see the physical gestures when you play rummy online, there are few hacks for it. Check how long your opponent takes to play his hand. If he really takes a long time or misses out, chances are such that he might be having a bad hand and struggling. During such instances, you can throw a card as a bait to make out his possible melds

3. There is no one common strategy

One thing about this Indian rummy card game is that you cannot pinpoint one particular strategy as the best one. Everything in the game depends on the situation and the cards that you have. At times, bluffing may work in your favour, and at times it may not. Therefore, you cannot randomly utilize a generic strategy. You will have to think deeper and observe the situation correctly to use your strategies

analytical skill

Five easy ways to improve your analytical skills

One of the key skills required to succeed in your life is analytical skills. In today’s fast-paced world, every person working in an organization is expected to think outside the box. Employers expect their employees to be smart, clever and follow a proactive approach while dealing with complex problems. So, when they are hiring candidates for a position, they expect the candidates to have good analytical skills.

While some are gifted with good analytical skills by birth, others have to cultivate them. You must develop a keen interest and an eye and ear for learning new things. Just like developing any other skills, developing your analytical skills require patience, determination, and perseverance. If you think you are ready to invest time in it, then here are a few tips that can assist you.

How to improve your analytical skills

1. Be observant

The first step to increase your analytical skill is to stay observant. It is important to be aware of it what is happening around you. Whether you are working in a factory or studying in a college, take a stroll and actively engage your mind on what you are seeing. Once you actively engage all your senses, you can achieve perfect mind-body coordination. Strong observation automatically makes your mind responsive and you can effectively apply your mind to all the tasks you’re performing

2. Read Books

Reading is one of tried and tested methods known to increase your mental skills. Reading keeps your mind fresh and active and most importantly, open to learning new things. The important thing is to grasp and understand the ideas the author tried to convey and apply them during circumstances that happen similarly in your real life. Reading not only improves your thinking ability but also helps you to communicate in a better way. Pick that book that has been idly lying on your table for too long.

3. Play Brain Games

If you want to improve your analytical skills, maybe its turn time to play online skill games like sudoku, 13 card rummy, and poker. Card games like rummy and poker are known to improve your logical and analytical skills. Additionally, online card game sites serve as a place to socialize. Games like rummy come with a challenging task that requires you to arrange the 13 cards into proper combinations within a stipulated time period. Playing rummy online trains your brain to think quicker, deeper and also helps you to take correct decisions. Just 30 minutes of playing games like rummy or poker can make a huge difference.

4. Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise is known to improve your analytical skills by a significant margin. Research indicates that engaging in a moderate exercising schedule for a period of six months is known to increase the volume of certain regions in the brain. The type of exercise you follow is entirely dependent on you. There are millions of workout routines available online. Pick the one that is comfortable to you and start practicing from today

5. Learn something new every day

Most people after they graduate and settle in a job, become passive when it comes to learning new tasks. Maybe they are in a shell or too reluctant to learn about new topics. Never pause on learning. No matter how much your earn or what your current designation is, it does not mean you can stop expanding your knowledge. Instead, try to learn some new topics every day. As they say, knowledge is wisdom. There is no dearth of information or topic available online. The more you learn, the more engaged your brain is, and the more knowledge you gain.

How Deccan Rummy platform enhances the rummy playing experience

Deccan Rummy is India’s fastest online platform that has earned the trust of over 5 million players. We have games that attract gaming enthusiasts from all age group and cutting across all social barriers. There are many sites that let you enjoy this game online. Why should you choose Deccan Rummy as your gaming partner? Well, it is because Deccan Rummy offers you promotions, offers, and thrills that no other rummy site or rummy app does! Here are a few ways how Deccan Rummy adds an extra dose of fun to your online rummy experience.

1. Fun and Thrill

Games hosted at Deccan Rummy offer the right mix of fun and thrill. Playing rummy online. To ensure you are not bored playing the same type of games, we have 3 exciting rummy variants – pool rummy, points rummy, and deals rummy. As we are already used to the game, the time spent for learning game is very low. You ought to just yourself to the online sphere.

2. Data Security

We have invested heavily to ensure the safety of our player’s data. We understand the seriousness of fairplay and we have taken every step by installing the best monitoring software that identifies any malpractice. Deccan Rummy is RNG certified which means that card distribution will be completely fair and also brings complete unpredictability to rummy online

Our site is secured with SSL certificate, thereby providing the players complete security over their payments. We advise the players not to share their login details with anyone. All the transactions are processed just like how you transact in any online shopping website.

Our platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways, and common payment methods like credit cards, mobile wallets, and debit cards. Additionally, we ensure you receive your winnings quickly once you place a withdrawal request.

3. Most rewarding Promotions

One of the hallmarks of our site is the exceptional bonus offers . New Players can avail upto Rs. 5000 as the welcome bonus.

To bring more excitement to the lives of the players registered in our site, Deccan Rummy offers special offers and promotions. Deccan Rummy organizes frequent free and paid rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests. Go for a freeroll tournament, if you do not wish to spend on cash games.

Additionally during festivals and special occasions, we organize special rummy online tournaments with guaranteed prizepool and big wins.

4. Multi-device Compatibility

Our 13 card rummy games are accessible in both mobiles and web platform. Regardless of which gadget you use to play the game, you can get a good gaming experience.

If you intend to access rummy card games from your smartphone, you can select our Deccan Rummy mobile app for android and iOS devices. Our rummy app is light on the device and provides a delightful gaming experience. Just open the application and select the rummy game of your choice and start playing.

5. Customer Support

It’s always a pleasure to play in our platform. Our support team works 24/7 through multichannel platform. You can send your queries 24/7 through our support channels (email and chat) and we will respond instantly.

So, visit our website and start playing the game of your choice. Fill your weekends with endless fun and entertainment.