Loyalty pays in a grand way – Loyalty Cash Bonanza

Nothing is more noble and venerable than loyalty. Deccan Rummy understands this and that’s one of the main reasons we have various offers based on loyalty points. We feel its our duty to return favor for the loyal customers. And we have been doing it for over the year and a half since we launched the website.

Deccan Rummy players have the opportunity to convert their Loyalty Points to Cash and earn a stunning cash bonus up to 50% of the converted amount. This is applicable to every conversion a player does.

The minimum loyalty points required for a conversion is 1000 and it’s converted to cash at the ratio of 10:1. For every 1000 loyalty points you convert, you would get Rs. 100. With this Loyalty Cash Bonanza applied, you can get an additional bonus up to Rs. 50.

Well! This is what we can call a lucrative promotion! Converting loyalty points with an incentive is something you don’t want to miss. Players no longer have to pay money out of their pockets to play cash rummy games. Utilize the bonus amount to play cash games and get closer to the top of the weekly leaderboard to win super-cool prizes. Get that real club experience without stepping foot outside your own home by playing at DeccanRummy. Do you own a smartphone or a tablet? No matter if it’s on Android or iOS, our rummy games download is available for free in both Playstore and APP store.

Loyalty Cash Bonanza

Offer Validity: Feb 1 – Feb 28

This extraordinary bonus offer culminates on Feb 28. All players are requested to make use of the offer at the earliest. As the bonus percentage is decided randomly, players are requested to split their loyalty points and try multiple times.

Eg: Let us assume you have 3500 loyalty points in your account. Instead of redeeming this 3500 in one shit, split it into 3 – Let’s say 1000, 1000, 1500 and redeem it three times. Not only are your chances of winning a big cash bonus is high but you can also play a wide range of cash rummy games.

Three Steps Loyalty Redeem

We’re giving away something extraordinary. If you want a chance to win you’ll do this ‘Three Step” with us and claim your share.
1. Log in to your account
2. Click on Loyalty Points tab under my account
3. Enter the no of points you want to redeem & click redeem

As soon as you convert, you will receive the cash bonus credit automatically. There hasn’t been a better time to convert your loyalty points. Hurry! Convert!

This is an ideal promotion for online grinders who are looking forward to winning big bucks and loads of deposit bonuses this month. Your successful participation is what that motivates us to raise the bar when it comes to offers and promotions. Keep playing and make Deccan Rummy, the ultimate 13 card rummy site. Got a friend or two with whom you wish to play rummy with? If so, feel free to refer and get 10% unlimited and unending bonus for life with our Refer A friend bonus offer.

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Get Grand with our Loyalty Grande and Loyalty Challenge Tourneys

Hey, folks, you must be aware of the ongoing offers and promotions at Deccanrummy.com. In the event you aren’t aware of it, you might want to check them immediately. We have a slew of rummy bonus offers that are going to add value to your deposits. Deccan Rummy wants to ensure playing 13 card rummy games with us is an entertaining and rewarding experience.

If you have the skill, if you have the determination & if you have the hunger to succeed, Deccan Rummy is the right place for you. We have many offers tailored to meet the expectations of our customers. Many customers are immensely benefitting out of them.

Do you know that your loyalty pays off? Yes, it does here at Deccan Rummy. We value your patronage and support by crediting loyalty points to your account. Using the loyalty points, you can participate in a wide range of rummy tournaments and contests. Not to forget the periodic leaderboard contests those come with huge giveaways.

Online rummy tournaments are your one-way ticket to win huge cash prizes in a much lesser time than playing card games for hours together. This is exactly why we encourage our users to participate more in tournaments through our various social media channels. Rummy tournaments prima facie may appear too daunting for beginners. With experience, you can easily master all the rummy strategies and skills required for online rummy tournaments.

We host two exciting tournaments based on Loyalty Points every day – Loyalty Grande and Loyalty Challenge.

Loyalty Grande

  Loyalty Grande

As the game indicates, Loyalty Grande is grand at all levels. We conduct Loyalty Grande every day at 11:30 PM. The registration for this wonderful tournament begins at 8:30 AM. The entry to this tournament is restricted to players who have generated 300 loyalty points within the last 3 days. The prize pool for this tourney is Rs. 400. 36 Players can participate in this tournament and prizes would be given to the top 6 players. Because of the simple nature of the game, this tournament sees many participants. Players should keep a constant tab on their loyalty points. Once they generate 300 loyalty points they must immediately register for this Loyalty Grande tournament. Just like our other tournaments, Loyalty Grande has been structured very easily so that players don’t have to endure any hardships while playing.

Loyalty Challenge

Deccan Rummy conducts Loyalty Challenge every day at 7:30 PM. The registration for this tourney begins at 4:30 PM every day. Players who have generated 500 loyalty points in the last 3 days are eligible to participate in this tournament. The prize pool for this tourney is Rs. 400 and 36 Players can participate. Top 6 players are given cash prizes in this awesome tournament. Generate the required loyalty points and set our tables on fire with your skills in this fantastic loyalty challenge tourney. So, where can we expect to see you – Loyalty Grande or Loyalty Challenge?

We can assure you a fabulous gaming experience in these tournaments as you are going to rub shoulders with some of our prolific rummy players. In order to improve your rummy skills, read our article about effective rummy strategies immediately. You can try playing these awesome Loyalty Grande and Loyalty Challenge tournaments from your mobiles for a rich gaming experience. Get the best 13 card rummy game download by downloading our Deccan Rummy mobile for FREE.

Do let us know of any suggestions or feedback about this tournament. You can comment your views below or can mail us at support@deccanrummy.com

Last 3 days of Phuket Gala Promotion

We are going to draw the curtains on our Phuket gala contest shortly. As there are just 3 days remaining for this loyalty race to end, we expect our players to come out firing on all cylinders. The response to this promotion was huge considering our popularity in the social media circles. The loyalty race has been very exciting right from the beginning and we are sure it’s going to end in a special way.

Our Rummy Players’ commitment and the passion with which they participated in the promotion deserve special appreciation. After a long battle that went for over 50 days, we are now at the brink of its closure. Though we can’t deny it feels a little sad to watch this contest coming to a close, we are very excited about the Phuket trip which gives us a chance to hang out with our dear players.


In this long-drawn-out contest, we’ve have seen a lot of changes in the leaderboard all the way. Because of the long duration, the contest allowed lots of people to join days after the contest went on the roll. Many players have been displaced from the positions because of the heavy competition this contest spurred. As to the top 3, it seems like they have firmly established their positions and aren’t going to be displaced any sooner. It’s going to be very difficult to displace them from their positions as the time is running out.

Lead the leader board – Phuket Gala

As to the others, the contest is still wide open and there are many other prizes up for grabs. They can compete for the other exciting prizes like iPhones, iPod, Gift Vouchers & cash prizes. Players from position 4 to 15 must be very careful to retain their position. Do not allow any sense of complacency to set in over the next 3 days as you might be bettered by the person next to you in the leaderboard anytime. Remain vigilant on it & play more cash games and keep striving to improve your rankings. Players can check their current standings by clicking on the leaderboard option on our home page.

Upon seeing the leader board, we still think the players in the position 15-20 have a fair chance to sneak into it. All they have to do is to play more cash games (preferably high stakes) so that they earn the required loyalty points to displace the players above them.

At this time, we can’t wait for the contest to end and find out the top 15 of our Phuket Gala leader board. Keep going, friends! Always remember, Deccan Rummy is the best destination for Rummy Promotions.Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.


Phuket gala race – Lead our Loyalty Leaderboard

If you love playing rummy, then make sure you get involved with our Phuketgala Loyalty Race. The race is presently going great guns and an epic battle vying for the top 15 slots is unfolding. We noticed that many new players have joined the hunt for the breathtaking prizes in this contest. As we are just two weeks away from the end, it’s time players step up the ante and go for the kill. The reason we insist on playing more cash games is that only by playing you can pile up loyalty points. Our Loyalty Leaderboard is updated every minute based on the loyalty points, so customers are really getting into the groove in increasing their loyalty points.

The first three players on our Loyalty leaderboard are going to be taken to an astounding Phuket Trip. Ever dared to imagine you’re going to spend a summer vacation in one of the most decorated tourist destinations in the world? And to top it all you have a chance to shake a leg with ravishingly beautiful girls at the lively Khelo365 VIP Party. The party is reserved for VIPs and that’s exactly what you become once you win our loyalty race.

The winners would get to be a part of this amazing carnival which would be an eclectic mix of rollicking fun & entertainment. Renowned event organizers in Thailand are going to host this fantastic feast so we can guarantee you unlimited fun. It’s this wow factor that seems to motivate many players to leapfrog others in the leaderboard. We are aggressively framing our team for the preparations for this mind-blowing event and we’re working hard every minute to make it a grand success. You can think about the things to do in Phuket while we are busy making arrangements for this grand trip. Apart from the Phuket trip, extravagant prizes like iPhones, iPod Touch, Cash Awards & Gift Vouchers are also going to be given.

Loyalty Leaderboard

We are updating our Loyalty leaderboard every minute based on their loyalty points. As the contest ends on Apr 23, expect a lot of changes in the leader board. Players at the top must not get complacent or sloppy at any point of time till Apr 23.

Loyalty Leaderboard

Deccan Rummy is currently hosting heaps of rummy promotions. Take a look at our promotions section of our website. We offer everything you would expect as a rummy player – sign up bonus, First Deposit Bonus up to Rs. 5000, Instant deposit bonus up to 200% and a smorgasbord of free roll & cash rummy tournaments. For now, this Phuketgala remains as the jewel in the crown. As a customer, your priority must to be grab hold of this wonderful opportunity & derive the maximum out of it. Get rewarded for all of your play at Deccan Rummy!

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Tips for High Stakes Rummy Games Online

Now with Phuketgala contest going in full swing, you must be planning to go for high stakes online rummy games to increase your loyalty points. Are you worried whether you are trained well enough to play high stakes rummy games online? Are you aware that you must have a solid bankroll to play such games? If you are planning to become a high stakes rummy player, it’s time to equip yourself with the skills, experience and a solid budget. You must shell out a lot of time on practice games, improving your rummy skills before venturing into the world of high stakes rummy.

High stakes Rummy

In this article, we are presenting to you a few tips that can enable you to become a high stakes rummy player.

Know your standings

In order to be a long run winning player, you need to first understand where you stand as a rummy player. It includes various parameters like your experience, how much you’ve wagered in rummy games, your limitations while playing rummy online. It is very important to do this exercise before you make your decision to play high-stakes rummy games.

Avoid Overconfidence

Many players win the first few games when they start playing high stakes rummy games and get over-confident. Because of the over-confidence, they exceed their bankroll fixed for playing rummy and would eventually lose them. Therefore, it is important you remain with a level head despite victories and keep continuously improving your skills & strategies.

Be Shrewd

Rummy players must be thinking like a mathematician. While you are playing high-stakes games, you just cannot rely on luck; you need to act shrewdly with your moves that require a lot of calculation. So, it is imperative you keep refining your rummy skills & strategies.

Study your Opponents

It is exigent of a rummy player to keep observing and studying his opponents. By studying we mean observing their habits, playing style and game strategy as it helps you to alter your playing style. Furthermore, there are only a select bunch of players playing high stakes cash games so chances are such that you may face them on several occasions. The reason we insist on studying your opponents can be best explained with this example – If your opponent picks lots of cards from the open deck, it is safe to assume that your opponent is quite close to winning the game.

Know when to Drop

This is probably the most important online rummy strategy of all. You need to analyse the odds of winning with each passing hands. If you’ve got very bad starting hands, it is best advised to fold as you would lose with just 20 points. You need to constantly analyse the odds of winning while playing and drop immediately when things get out of your way.

Play with confidence

Many players in high stakes tables will be competent cash rummy game players. Confidence holds the key to succeed in high stakes rummy games. Players who are pessimistic and cynical have very little chance to win. Shed your pessimism & Play with a lot of confidence. Surround yourself with things and people that give you positive vibes to boost your mood.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

Our Phuketgala Loyalty Race is firing up. We’re witnessing an epic battle between our players to secure a place in the loyalty board and win the much-coveted prizes. Playing high stakes cash rummy games would you to increase your loyalty points tally and leapfrog your competitors. As there are a couple of weeks more for the contest to end, we can expect many changes in our current leader board. Do you want to see your name up there on that board? Grab a seat in our rummy tables and start playing now!. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

Play Pool Rummy & Increase your loyalty points

Indian Rummy is an interesting game if you have a company to play with. However, what if you are all alone and there is a craving inside you to play rummy? That’s where online rummy comes into the picture. Online sites give an excellent opportunity to play rummy anytime. Given that there are no restrictions like in the physical game like player availability; players have latched on the rummy sites big time.

There are many websites offering free online rummy games. A simple google search on ‘Free Rummy games online’ will give you a list of all online rummy sites available. There are many rummy sites that allow you to play free rummy games online or rummy for cash. Players can choose what they want to play for.

The popularity of the Indian Rummy games has soared in the recent days because of its multiple variants. The craziness for the variants of Indian Rummy games is due to its flexibility that allows the play for as much time as they can. In this article, we are going to deal with an exciting rummy variant that provides a satiating rummy experience.

Pool Rummy

Play Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is one of the stirring rummy variants where players play a fixed entry fee which forms the prize pool. Deccan Rummy currently offers 2 variants of Pool Rummy

  • 101 Points
  • 201 Points


Just like other rummy variants, the objective of the game is to meld the 13 hand cards into proper sets/sequences. Two to six players can play pool rummy. Two or more deck of cards would be used

How to play Pool Rummy?

These are Games in which the upper limit (101/201) for the points is preset at the beginning. The player who reaches 101 and 201 points in the relevant variants will get eliminated from the game whereas the player with minimum points is declared the winner.  Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to participate in this game. Unlike deals rummy, where you get to play with a fixed number of deals, there are no restrictions in Pool rummy. The game goes on till a winner emerges.

How are the winners determined?

101 points pool Players will be eliminated once they reach or exceed the maximum limit of 101 defined in this case. The player with the lowest score at the end of all games will be declared a winner.

Eg: If a player loses with 60 points at the end of first round, his points are carried over. The player then starts Round 2 with 60 points in hand; if the same player loses again with 45 points, his score now becomes (60+ 45 = 105), which his greater than 101, so the player gets eliminated.

201 points pools Players are eliminated when they reach or exceed the maximum limit defined (201 points this case).

Eg: If a player loses with 70, 90, 50 points respectively in successive rounds then his resultant score would be 210 (70+90+50) which is greater than 201, so he gets eliminated.


Winning amount is calculated as follows Winning Amount = Total entry fee of all Players – DeccanRummy fee Eg: If 6 players participate with an entry fee of 500, Amount earned by winner = (3000 – Our service charge)

Pool Rummy can be boring for players who prefer quick gaming sessions. Just like Test cricket that is preferred by purists, pool rummy is very attractive just to the purists of the rummy game. Similar to test match cricket where a team has a chance to win even though it fared poorly in the first innings, pool rummy provides multiple opportunities to make up for the mistakes in the earlier rounds.

Players might be aware of the ongoing Phuket Gala Loyalty race, where the top 3 players on the leaderboard will get to be a part of Khelo365 VIP Party in Phuket. Players can check their position by clicking on the leaderboard tab in our home page. This is not the final list as the contest runs till Apr 23. We expect a lot of changes as more and more players are leapfrogging in the leaderboard every day. Playing pool rummy is one of the best ways to climb up in our leaderboard. We host plenty of high stakes pool rummy games ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10000. Our high stakes games are available in multiplayer formats: we have 2 players, 3, players, 4 players and 6 players table. If you are a rummy player looking for a way to increase your loyalty points, then you must choose to play high stakes pool rummy games. Not only will you increase your loyalty points, you will get an amazing gaming experience. Deccan Rummy houses some of the adroit minds in rummy with us, so you will encounter a fierce battle in our rummy tables. If you have not yet joined the loyalty race, join now and set the contest on fire!.Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.


5 Rummy strategies

As our Phuket Gala promotion is heating up, we see lots of players actively playing cash games to increase their loyalty points. Who wants to miss this stunning promotion with prizes such as Phuket Trip, iPhones, Cash awards and gift vouchers? Loyalty points can be earned by playing more cash games. As mentioned in the previous article, playing high stakes points rummy games is one of the easiest ways to pile up loyalty points.

Points rummy being the fastest rummy variant can still be tough. High stakes games involve a lot of money, so it is important you play the game cautiously. If you want to build a bankroll and increase your loyalty points, you need to perfect your cash game strategy. In this article, we are giving you a leg up on some of the rummy strategies to be followed while playing hi-stake cash games.

Rummy Player

1.Starting Hand

It is imperative as a rummy player to gain an early advantage in every game you play. Based on the moves based on their starting hands, you can guess the cards your opponents are holding. You can read about the different types of starting hands in rummy for your reference. If the opponent is picking up a card that you have dropped, chances are such that he is using the card to make a set/sequence. Refrain from dropping any card close to it in the future.

2.Identify your opponents

Every rummy player has a unique quality, i.e., every rummy player has a different style of playing rummy. It is their playing style that decides their chances in a rummy game. As a professional rummy player, it is vital that you know the type of players you’re dealing with. Based on our observation we have classified rummy players into 4 categories – Aggressive, Manipulative, vigilant and Light hearted. In every rummy game, you may run across these 4 types of players. You can read our article on how to deal with different types of rummy players to know more.

3.Keep an eye on your Bankroll

While it’s true that high stakes games fetch more loyalty points, but there is an element of risk involved in it. Chances are that you may lose a huge chunk of money. We advise our rummy players to fix a bankroll while playing cash rummy games. Do not exceed the limit at any cost.  At Deccan Rummy, we have high stakes games starting from

4.Play with confidence

Many players in high stakes tables will be competent cash game players. Confidence holds the key to succeed in high stakes rummy games. If you’re a reluctant drifter on to cash games chances are such that you may lose. We can even discount inexperience as a factor that keeps players down as lots of rummy novices make it big. But players who are pessimistic have very little chance.

5.Post Game Analysis

Playing in a challenging cash rummy game can be good or bad for your bankroll. But a key part of playing online rummy that you are always in control of is the post-game analysis. You have the option to analyze where you went wrong and what moves met with success at the rummy table. We strongly recommend a post-match analysis by all our users as it is an imminent part of rummy learning curve.

Good luck at the tables and see you soon at the rollicking Khelo365 VIP party!

Join our PhuketGala Loyalty Race

Now gear up for a breathtaking rummy promotion, we are giving you a shot to earn a Free trip to an exotic location that you’re going to relish for rest of the life. In what comes as the promotion of the season, we are conducting a loyalty race by name Phuket gala.  The winners of this loyalty race would be taken to Phuket. Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, with a beguiling landscape and gorgeous beaches. Deccan Rummy provides you this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Phuket and get a free entry to a ravishing VIP Party by participating in our Phuket Gala Loyalty Race. This Phuket Gala loyalty race also promises other prizes such as iPhones & cash awards.

Loyalty Race

Now you may think what is so exciting and mind-blowing in Phuket? Why do you need to visit Phuket once at least in your life?

Phuket is an exotic island in the southern provinces of Thailand with picturesque beaches. Are the beaches the only fun you’re gonna see at Phuket? Nope, you’re going to get much more than that. You will be getting a free entry to Khelo365 VIP Party, which is going to rock Phuket. The party is reserved for VIPs and that’s exactly what you become once you win our loyalty race. The activity in Phuket Town is nearly around the clock bustling with energy. Famous for its raunchy nightlife, the town goes into a freak-out mode with girls, alcoholic beverages, and music that tear the roof down. To put in a nutshell, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at night in Phuket. We understand 4 days is too small a time to explore a gorgeous place like Phuket but our team is extensively working to make this trip memorable by taking you to exotic locations that you’ve never seen before. Gear up for a lot of fun activities and start thinking about the way you can add more spice to this trip. Our hard-working team is currently involved making all the arrangements. We’ve appointed a vibrant consigliere who’s gonna chaperone all your requirements. All you need to do is prepare yourself for this extraordinary fun you can get at our Khelo365 VIP Party. The moment you board the flight to Thailand from Chennai, you can keep aside all your worries and go ready to go unhinged. Gear up for the ultimate fun in beaches; relax in luxurious spas, gobble up the free flowing hard beverages; enjoy adventurous yacht rides and much more.

The other prizes in this delightful promotion are iPhones, E-Shopping Gift Vouchers, and cash awards. We guess it’s more than what you were expecting. It’s the start of a new era for Deccan Rummy. We hope you’ll join this blitzkrieg and make it memorable.

Whether you are a person looking for the best deal or someone who’s looking for a simple way to boost your bankroll, we bring our players the best rummy promotions in the business. Every month we surprise our players with lots of alluring offers and promotions. Our mission is to take the online rummy game to every nook and cranny of India and we have been emphatically successful so far in that. To maintain a deeper connect with our customers we periodically update monthly offers & promotions based on your requirements and the current trend. Join us and have fun unlimited playing rummy & boost your bankroll.

How to win this trip

To win this awesome trip, you need to lead the loyalty leaderboard. In order to lead, you need to earn more loyalty points. Play more cash rummy games to earn high loyalty points.

How to check your Loyalty Points

Once you login to your account, please follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Click on My accounts Tab
  2. Under My Accounts Tab, Click on the drop down in the right end and select Loyalty Points option
  3. The Total Loyalty points indicate the number of Loyalty points generated

Loyalty Leader Board

You can check your position in the loyalty leaderboard by clicking on Leader Board tab after logging into your account. Our Loyalty leaderboard can be also viewed by clicking here. The first 15 players are eligible for prizes in this promotion.