Five Mistakes in Rummy that are costing your game

Besides strategy misfires, there are a number of mistakes that could cost you the game while playing rummy online. A rummy player needs to be aware of these mistakes and ensure he does not commit these to avoid defeats. Here is the rundown of the key mistakes that players make which are costing them their game:

Mistakes to avoid while playing rummy

1. Don’t fold so early

While folding is not necessarily a bad thing in rummy, doing so early must be avoided. If you fold your hands early, it gives an early signal to players that you are weak and can easily be defeated. So, better hold your cards for some time even if you have a bad hand and let go of it. Folding takes a matter of a few seconds, but sticking on gives an impression that you have a strong hand and your opponents might even fold to your advantage.

2. Strong current of emotions

If players end up with a good starting hand, which in fact plays a crucial role in the rummy game, then they inadvertently release strong emotions as a manifestation of their excitement. From typing exciting stuff in their chat window to making their moves fastly, many players engage in some playful banter. While it’s good to socialize occasionally, it’s even better to stay zipped which leaves no room for players to gauge you.

3. Avoid Alcohol

People associate classic rummy with the alcoholic beverage rum and believe it’s ok to consume alcohol while playing. Alcohol curbs your ability to think; affects your decision-making ability in a profound way, and gives way to impulsive behaviour. All these combined will wreck your winning chances. If you feel like drinking, don’t play, if feel like playing, don’t drink – as simple as that.

4. Multitasking

Some players aside from playing the rummy game, engage in other activities like playing a game from another mobile or solving a puzzle. While it may sound super cool to multitask, research indicates humans are prone to commit more errors when they multitask. At times, you cannot help when the rummy action is slow due to a lazy player, however, it is important not to take your focus off the game at any time as a slight drift in concentration could cost your game.

5. Playing Aggressively

Indian Rummy is a game meant to be played with patience, perseverance, and focus. You have to keep in mind the consequences of your every move. Playing with aggression clouds your attention to detail, and makes you lose your focus. Do not cave into emotions such as revenge, anger, or frustration as they spoil your chance.

Summing up, there are more than one reasons which could play a spoilsport to your rummy journey. Mistakes are inevitable for any rummy player’s journey. However, the key to success is learning from your mistakes, mastering the rummy tips, and converting your experience into a jolly expedition.

Four strategical mistakes while playing rummy

Learning the rules of rummy game is not very complicated, but implementing the right moves at the right time can be quite challenging. There are many mistakes players at all level make that cost them the game eventually. It is important that you get to know about these common mistakes so as to avoid them in the future. So, it is good to know about the five common strategical mistakes players make, to make your rummy journey more smooth.


Four Strategical Mistakes

1. Prematurely Fold

While folding is not really a bad idea and smart players fold at times, it is important to note that folding is at times a sign of weakness. If you fold so very often then it signals to your opponent that you are a weak player. You certainly want to do not give cues to your opponents any time during the game, giving up so often by folding does not augur well for future prospects.

2. Playing at Multiple Tables

It is one of the major mistakes novices make. While multitabling is an exciting way to make quick bucks, without much experience, you may also lose all the money by end. The smartest way is to play one table at a time. Once you consistently start generating profit, you may go for multitable rummy action.

3. Not valuing your hands correctly

It is a known secret that the starting hands play an important role in a rummy game. One of the important aspect of rummy strategies is to analyze your starting hands and base your moves based on that. If you do not know understand your hand properly, you are probably never going to make it big in rummy. Learning how starting hands make a difference to your game is probably a good idea before moving to further rummy strategies.

4. Poor Bankroll Management

We understand not every can have the capacity to pump in unlimited amount of money into the tables. At Deccan Rummy, we also do not want you to overplay at any cost, that’s the reason we have responsible gaming practices to keep a check on the player’s gaming practices. It includes restricting their deposit limits, restricting entry to high-stakes etc. We advise the players to play at the tables that they can afford rather than overplaying and lose everything. Players who do not have control over their bankroll eventually lose their interest in the game.


Being a novice in rummy can be tough, but if you do not cave yourself to these mistakes, there is no reason why you can’t progress quickly. Do not allow these mistakes to cost you dearly. Take your game to the next level by mastering rummy strategies to take advantage of rummy hands and earn big winning opportunities.

Here are the 11 mistakes players commit while playing rummy online

Mistakes to avoid at Online Rummy

The game of Rummy is more interesting than any other card game in India. The popularity of the game even after so many centuries since its advent is because it’s skill-based. As a native game, it had little trouble getting accommodated in the online ecosystem. All it takes are a few days to master the game as rummy rules are essentially the bedrock of the game. It’s quite important to have a strong grip in the game if you want to become successful. At the same time, it is important to remember that all it takes is one mistake that could send you crashing out of the game.


When many are finding ways to better their game, you can’t be the one losing games because of silly mistakes. Especially when you are a newcomer to the game, you tend to commit mistakes that are fine, but you can’t continue with the same mistakes again and again for a longer run.

Common Mistakes Rummy Players make

1. Sticking with the Basics

Knowing the rummy rules is the primary requirement to play the game, be it online or offline. When you study the game wrong, entire game slips of hand. If you know the rules very well, it is easy to build on perfect rummy strategies. Memorizing the rules will not help one instead, understand them.

2. Card arrangement

Many of the newcomers fail to arrange cards in the required way. Sometimes you tend to drop the wrong card. Make use of the sort feature available in the online rummy sites to arrange the card in a neat manner.

3. Drop

A player must be matured enough to decide on a play or to drop the game. There isn’t a restriction to a player on dropping a game. Whatever the player you be, rookie or a pro, you need to be sensible while taking this decision. There isn’t any use in playing a bad hand. As soon as the cards are dealt, evaluate whether it’s playable or not.

4. High-value cards

Holding on to the high-value cards will put the player into trouble. Imagine what happens if your opponent finishes the game when you hold these cards. There is always a difference between being smart and taking a risk. Holding high-value cards is always a risky move.

5. Joker card

These are the trump cards in a Rummy card game. Joker cards are something every player wishes to hold. One must be extra careful in using the card effectively in the game. Only when you make a pure sequence, you will get the license to use the joker cards in hand.

6. Pure sequence

Once the cards are dealt, the objective of every player is to form a pure sequence. If one doesn’t own a pure sequence in hand until the end of the game, then all the cards will be added together while calculating points. A pure sequence is considered a savior for players. As mentioned already, only after a pure sequence, a joker card will be validated.

7. Practice

Whatever the game be, you need to practice well before stepping into the higher stages of the game. Online Rummy has the best feature of allowing players to practice until they gain confidence before getting into playing cash games.

8. Declaration

An invalid declaration is something faced by many of the newcomers in Rummy. A player loses the chance of winning a match and adds 80 points to their account. You need to be careful before making a declaration.

The above points are something about the game play of individuals. The below-mentioned points are something about the mental strength of the player.

1. Patience

One of the key points for an individual’s success is patience. A person can never be successful in Rummy being impatient. Patience will make it easy for players to make the right decision during play. Being Calm really helps one everywhere. In Rummy, you need to think about the possibilities of winning a game.

2. Over-confidence

It is really important to be confident while playing Online Rummy. But there is a limit to it; over-confidence can destroy a good player. Many have changed their attitude after losing many. Don’t make yourself into the list; Be cautious before things turn upside down. Confidence is important before playing every game; it is something that motivates you to progress in your game rather than the hunt to earn more.

3. Opponents

The first quality of a rummy player is not to judge opponents so simple and easy. You must observe and calculate every move made by your opponents. You get to play with tougher opponents; there comes the real task for a rummy player. Keep things calm to make it happen at Rummy.