Five Mobile apps everyone must have in their mobile phones

Apps are an absolute necessity in today’s fast-changing environment. A lot of activities could be carried out easily by a tap in your app. Our mobile phones are no longer a mere device for communication like it used to be. As mobile phones have become an indispensable force in life, apps installed in it can keep us organized. Many businesses have embraced the app culture as it is the cheapest and most effective method to reach customers.

The dynamics of many industries have been altered drastically after the advent of mobile apps.
However, our phones can only take so much apps. Installing a lot of apps could clog the memory spaces and slow your phones down heavily. It’s essential that we only install the necessary apps.


It sounds like a good idea, isn’t it? After all, we do not use every app frequently. We might not have used a few apps for months. It’s just a waste of memory and consumes your data in auto-updating. We always have a few apps that we use frequently and uninstall needless apps. In this article, let us look at some of the five essential apps that everyone must have in their mobile phones.

Digital Payment solution

Ever since the demonetization move in the country, the landscape and dynamics of financial transactions have changed completely. No longer would we have to take fat wallets teeming with notes whenever we go out for purchase. A simple mobile app would suffice to make payments. Your phone acts as a bank. Installing one among the numerous payment apps would enable you to make a payment on the go. Numerous wallets are available, which you can set up in your mobile phones just by linking it to your bank, and the payment can be made by scanning the QR Code. You can also use BHIM UPI or UPIs by your own bank to make payments.

E-shopping apps

E-shopping has revolutionized the concept of shopping in India. No longer would have to go to stop by every day to buy groceries or any items. Technology has enabled you to buy from the place where you are. E-shopping apps have a vast range of items stacked up. From groceries and daily needs to apparel and cosmetics, they have a broad collection of every item. You can select the list of items you want to buy from their catalogue, and they will get it delivered right at your doorstep. The delivery services have improved drastically over the past few years. E-shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are extremely popular among mobile users of all ages.

Messaging and Social Media Apps

The world is now very small because of the technological innovations that we have. Relationships are not like what they used to be as everyone is busy. At this juncture, Messaging apps like WhatsApp allows us to communicate effectively with our friends, relatives, and acquaintances whenever we want. Social Media apps help us to connect and make new friends. In fact, if you are good at making podcasts or videos, you can become a Social Media Influencer. A lot of brands use these Social Media influencers to promote their products.

Video Streaming Apps

With the advantage of low data prices, cheap smartphones with improved graphics, watching videos on smartphones are no longer a hassle. Many video streaming platforms have emerged, captivating the audience. Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube premium have engaging content keeping the audience hooked. Video Streaming sites have overtaken traditional TV entertainment.

Gaming Apps

If you are a gaming enthusiast who is looking for some fun, then you should probably have a couple of games permanently in your mobiles. Games like classic rummy and Poker are extremely popular among today’s youngsters. Deccan Rummy Mobile app is one of the most downloaded rummy apps under the games category. You can play for free and for cash as well. Millions of players play rummy online every day. Download now and experience the fun for yourself.