Recent Trends of Mobile gaming in India

Did you know India is one of the top 5 countries known for gaming in the world? India has over 250 game development companies with a worth over $890 million. In the future, it is estimated that India’s gaming industry would be worth $1.1 billion by 2020 with the number of gamers estimated at over 628 million.

Over the years the gaming industry in India has seen a phenomenal shift in the realm of the entertainment industry with the increased penetration of mobiles and availability of safe digital payment infrastructure.  Also as the classical case of cause and effect, the budding gaming industry has opened a sea of opportunities for youngsters who were on the lookout for alternate career options.  Mobile gaming is on the rise astronomically over the past few years


Enthusiasm for mobile gaming among youngsters

The gaming industry is on the uprising since the day it was made available in mobiles. The more access to the public, the more the gaming industry gets popular. Evidently, smartphones have reached the highest popularity becoming a basic necessity in day-to-day life. Smartphones have made the world so small, feeding us everything we want over at the tap on the screen. At the moment we have around 530million smartphone users in India.

The resounding numbers had a big impact on game developers and they started to invest massively on mobile gaming, creating new games and bringing the existing games to Android and iOS. This explains the massive popularity games like “PUBG”, “Fortnite battle royale”, online rummy, online poker enjoys among the youngsters. These games which were once available only in desktop and console versions and were confined within a small circle are now available in the mobile app.

The exponential rise in the number of games as India is in the process of becoming a hub of creating games instead of being mere as a consumer. The increase largely owes because of the availability of localized content, content that appealed to the masses. It is quite easy to grasp the rummy rules as they are simple. You can get started on the go with rummy mobile apps.

Role of Smartphones

Smartphones have an increase in the number of casual gamers and hardcore gamers. Players begin playing the game in their Smartphones and then shift to platforms like PC and console to try the game’s advanced format. India is also moving towards an age where there is gender parity among gamers. Despite men representing the majority of gamers in India, women have steadily climbed the numbers to close the gap.

There’s no question that there’s more interest in gaming than there has ever been. According to a survey, 40% of men and 35% of men are playing mobile games five days a week at least. The games are not meant only for the teens anymore, India has players from the age group of 6-55 playing in different and various genres. Players these days don’t just play a game for entertainment anymore, they discuss the winning strategy, put up their reviews about the game in social media.

Indians Now Pay for Games

The next question that arises is how willing are the Indian gamers willing to spend on games as Indians have the reputation of being close-fisted when it comes to spending on entertainment.

The mobile gaming industry continues to trend rapidly in India, genres like casual Games, action games have made huge inroads in both revenue and graphics increasing the number of users and their average gaming time in a day. Gone are the days where games were played for time pass and fun. Today, it is not just a part of life but it has become a profession in which people have chosen to chase their dreams. The strategy games have increased by a staggering 170% compared to what it was; this is where gamers play the game for real cash mostly.

Games like PUbG have shattered that myth. According to a survey by quartz, 80% of their respondents were making in-app purchases in PUBG among whom 71% were spending between Rs. (0-350). Owing to the massive popularity of the game, PUBG mobiles recently conducted an exclusive tournament for their Indian players in the name “PUBG mobile INDIA SERIES 2019” with a prize pool of 1crore. Also, in games like classic rummy and online poker, players do not mind depositing cash as they have a good chance of doubling them.

Artificial Intelligence

PC is the second most used platform for gaming after the mobile gaming platform in a ratio of 23:59 percentage. The technology never stops evolving, virtual reality and augmented reality has made a benchmark in the gaming industry which is expected to become popular soon. The influx of artificial intelligence has given the developers a multitude of options; they are now able to create assets for gaming, from plot to animations, quickly and very affordably.  At the click of a button, a developer can find a fleet of 100 different variants thus empowering them with multiple options.

The mobile gaming industry continues to grow exponentially in India, with casual games leading the pack. Many genres of these games have seen a substantial increase in the number of downloads, revenue from in-app purchases, and it’s all adding up to the fast-growing businesses.

Four latest trends in mobile gaming

Mobile game development is the buzzword these days. Mobile games have evolved so much that it’s giving traditional modes of entertainment industries like Television, radio, and movies, a run for their money. People consider spending quality time on mobile gaming more intriguing than the other means. The other aspect, apart from the entertainment, is the earning opportunity, mobile games offer. It adds a dash of excitement and fun.


Uncountable numbers of games are available in PlayStore and AppStore. As the number of smartphone user increases day by day, so are the numbers of mobile games. The growth and evolution of mobile gaming have been explosive over the past few years. Thanks to the technological revolution in the telecom field, mobile gaming is now bigger than PC and console combined. It wouldn’t have happened if not the reduction in the price of smartphones and internet charges. So many trends continue to shape up this industry, here let’s have a look at the recent trends in this industry.

  1. Massively multiplayer online mobile game

A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) refers to games which allow a large number of players to participate over an internet connection simultaneously. Games like Pubg, Fortnite, and Pokemon Go are some of the MMOG games which became massively popular over the years. The explosive growth in MMOGs has prompted several gamers to build their games in MMOG mode.

2. VR and AR games

Virtual reality and augmented reality are having a really huge scope in the mobile gaming industry. VR is an artificial, computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment. In addition to the real environment, we will be given additional information. Augmented reality is more suited for smaller screens.VR./AR provide us an immersive gaming experience and are changing the face of mobile gaming.

3. Live events

The tremendous success of PubG and Fortnite throughout the world paved the way for conducting live events throughout the world conducting various tournaments. With the popularity of MMOG games at an all-time peak, we can continue to expect many other live events for famous games throughout the world.

4. Localized content

Over the years, many yesteryear games made a comeback. Traditional card games like Rummy, Teen Patti, which were popular before the advent of the internet are now available online. The major attraction towards these games is the intriguing gameplay and phenomenal prize money. For places like India, games with story plots that involve localized content are important. 

Many of them fall under the category of strategy genre and follow single-mechanic gameplay. The latest wave of these games sees tremendous volumes of downloads in both play store and Appstore. Overall mobile gaming over the next few years will continue to iterate on these trends.