Five Online games that transcend language barriers

We know music transcends all language barriers. What becomes a sensational hit in one part of the world essentially captures the imagination of people living in the polar opposite direction. In the present era, we’ve seen so many music albums across different languages become viral. As globalism has shrunk the world, just like music so many other cultural factors are gaining worldwide appreciation and following.

Online gaming has built an ecosystem with an audience from diverse countries and different upbringings. The internet has enabled people to enjoy the online game just like how they enjoy music without having to worry about geographic boundaries. It is amazing as to how a mere understanding of the games’ rules helps people from all walks of life to connect. Without further ado, let’s get to the most five common games which are enjoyed by people all around the globe cutting across all barriers.


Games breaking Language barriers

  1. Online card games

Online card games are one of the most popular segments in online gaming that people from all walks of life enjoy. Usually played with two decks of 52 cards and two printed jokers, grouped into four suits namely Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds. Games are played with an objective to group into matches, elimination, catch and collect. Games like Classic Rummy Online and Texas Holdem poker online are extremely popular all over the world. People from all walks of life play and enjoy these games. Additionally, gamers are provided with various options to win real cash prizes.

  1. Chess

It’s an evergreen game with a rich history. The game is mentally stimulating and would require using your intelligence to prevail. Now enabled by technology, the game is available online. It is a strategy game played between two players over a board consisting of 64 squares arranged in an 8*8 grid format. Every player receives 16 pieces with 8 pawns in one row and two bishops, two rooks, two knights, and a king and a queen. The idea is to make moves to attack the King.

  1. Ludo

Ludo is a board game that people have been playing for ages now. 2-4 Players play the game. The goal of the game is to get all your pawns inside the home space, which is located in the middle of the board. Each player in the game gets 4 tokens. Each player starts from the corner of the board. By rolling the dice, players race their four pieces on the board from start to finish, while trying to avoid being killed or captured by their opponents.

  1. Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports leagues are a rage today among youngsters all over the world. Aside from testing your knowledge in sports, it also provides an opportunity to win real cash prizes. The concept is simple; Create your own playing fantasy team before the start of the match, receive your prizes according to the real performance of the players on the field. Though initially, the league included only Cricket, other sports like Football, Kabbadi and Volleyball gradually found their way into the league. A piece of good knowledge about the game and playing conditions is essential in order to be successful in this game.

  1. Angry Birds

It is perhaps the first game that achieved universal popularity across several continents. The gameplay is pretty simple to understand. Players get a set of adorable birds of different colors at the start of the game. Each bird has a set of traits. The mission is to use the birds to destroy the shelters of pigs. The game has multiple levels and one could literally play for months together.

It’s amazing as to how a simple attacking game could transcend language barriers and promote the feeling of oneness among gamers coming from different walks of life.


India is a hodgepodge of different cultures and ethnicities. What appeals to one set of people need not necessarily appeal to another section of people. Cricket was able to bring a diverse set of people under one common roof. Now it’s the time of online games and they are doing a spectacular job in helping people bond and create a sense of belonging to a community.

How Online games are reducing the generation gap?

Everybody loves to enjoy playing games. Playing games have been one of the most preferred modes of entertainment from time immemorial. With technological advancements, we are now able to enjoy games from the comfort of our living rooms. No longer do people prefer outdoor games as a way of entertainment since the arrival of online games. Various factors have come in as a hindrance to enjoying outdoor and indoor yesteryear games like player availability, time constraints, and space and reduce generation gap.


Games that we enjoyed during our childhood like board games, card games, and business are now available online. These games not only act as a pastime but also as an excellent source of income. Also, these games play a crucial role in unifying different generations by creating a strong gaming community that brings different players under a common platform. Whether you play an adventure game like Clash of Clans or action games like PubG or even strategy games like classic rummy, you are not alone; you are part of a giant community that includes players across all generations.

There are various factors that brought about this unification of generation. In this post, let us delve into various factors that brought about this unification.

How Online games reduce Generation Gap

  1. Easy availability of Smartphone and falling data prices

Not so long so, people who owned PC and internet connection could only enjoy these online games. These were pricey back then so not many could afford that. Understandably, the gaming community was tiny and was made up of an elite audience.  Now after the smartphone revolution, everyone can access these games anytime and from anywhere. With numerous service providers available, the data prices have fallen. This has given a major boost to the online gaming industry. Because of the easy accessibility, online game makers were able to experiment with a different genre of games which could capture the players’ imagination. These games draw audiences across all generations.

  1. No Age Restrictions

Unlike physical games where age comes in as a big factor, in online games, players across all age groups can play against each other. Some real money games like 13 card rummy, however, has age restrictions to keep away minors from participating. However, the majority of games allow players across all age groups to access them. Moreover, most of these games are available for free in Playstore and AppStore, thus giving the players the comfort of accessing the game from their places without having to move a step.

  1. Relieves Stress

We live in a world where stress and anxiety are taking a toll on our bodies. Be it a student, a working professional or a retired person, everyone has their own share of stress. Online games act as a good stress buster and also help the player to orient themselves better. Some of the strategies involved in online games also come in handy in our real lives when a crisis hits our faces. So, naturally, this is one of the important factors that bring people across different generations to this platform

  1. A sense of oneness

Most of the online games create a sense of belonging to a particular community. For example, in a game like rummy online, people are allowed to interact with each other through chat feature that is made available in their platform. This gives the players an opportunity to socialize and over time it manifests into a sense of belonging to a particular community.


Online games have evolved to become wholly immersive: deriving plots from an eclectic mix of ideas, designing nuanced characters whose characteristics evolve with levels and an eye-popping gaming environment that keeps the players glued. These games are specifically designed with the help of psychology consultants to keep the players occupied. Looking at the explosive rate of online gaming, we can assertively state that it’s here to stay for a long period of time and will keep drawing people of all ages into the gaming sphere.

How advertisement plays a vital role in popularizing the rummy game

According to the latest study in the digital advertisement market, the online gaming industry is spending the highest. It’s really astounding games which were played mainly for fun progress into something bigger. Among the online gaming companies, rummy is the maximum contributor.


If you have questions have to how and rummy of all card games, spends the most in the advertisements, then you must check the revenue of the online rummy industry. The online rummy industry is currently estimated at Rs. 2000 crore. It has been growing at an astounding rate of 40% over the past few years. Lots of gamers ventured into the rummy territory within the past few years.

Online Rummy revenue

The revenue of the online rummy industry is expected to hit Rs. 4500 crore by 2021. As smartphones continue to grow in number, it directly impacts the growth of the Online rummy Industry. The easier people get access to smartphones, the more are the chances to snap them into the online rummy territory.

People look up to online games, not just as a hobby anymore. Research indicates the positive effects of playing online games and most importantly, it is rewarding. Of all the games which give the player earning opportunity, the best and the easiest game which gives you a fair chance to win real money is classic rummy. Being a skill game that requires much critical and analytical thinking, the rummy game has won several hearts over the years. With the online rummy ecosystem, the game’s popularity has spiraled to never before levels.

To earn new players, rummy companies have to shell out more in an advertisement. By advertising, we mean spreading awareness about the game, getting people educated about rummy rules and other concepts related to the rummy games. Most companies shell out a significant portion of their revenue to an advertisement.


According to research rummy companies invested over Rs. 500 crores on Marketing and advertisements. Sites like Deccan Rummy are actively promoting their products in social media with paid ads.

The fact that South Indian players dominate the rummy market is well established. Players from Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Karnataka form the bulk of the user base. Companies are focussing mainly on Northern Markets like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, where the awareness of the game is low. The branding exercise in these markets goes from educating the masses about the 13 card rummy games to building a brand name.

Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with Youtube and videos On the OTT platform, are part of. Industry experts predict that there could be a 30-40% rise increase in the spending of these online rummy platforms to increase their market share. Certain companies are also roping in celebrities as their brand ambassadors. As always, giveaways continue to play a major role in competing trying to out beat others in terms of offers.

It’s a win-win situation for a budding rummy player. If you are someone who’s looking to make a fortune playing rummy online, you can’t get a better time than the present time! 

6 things you must follow before starting to play real money online games

One of the main reasons people flock en masse to online gaming sites apart from seeking entertainment is the potential to earn money online. Games like Classic Rummy online, Texas Holdem Poker online have a reputation of being a money-spinner for the players. There are numerous sites offering various card games in the market. Users have to exercise a lot of caution and judgment in selecting the best sites as there are plenty of fake sites as well. It’s good to have a checklist before signing up and starting to deposit in an online gaming site. No matter whether you are playing in a site or a mobile app, there are a checklist of things you have to follow;

1. App Permission

Whenever you are giving permissions for application to function in your phone, make sure you give only necessary permissions required for the functionality of the app. Do not give any unnecessary permissions. Follow it as a thumb rule whenever you are installing any gaming app. Aside from clogging the memory, installing apps from unknown sources could also steal your confidential information.

2. Payment Safety

As you want to play cash games, it is vital that you choose the site with the safest payment system in place. You should be looking for online gaming sites that offer maximum payment methods. Debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and net banking are a must. Usually, all financial transactions will be performed over a secured network that is supported by 128-bit encryption. With SSL all your transactions are secured.

3. The reputation of the website

Obviously you want to play on a website that is renowned for its safety and security. If you are playing in an online rummy or a poker site, check if the site is licensed. Read the reviews available on the internet about the website. There will always be some negative reviews for every website on the internet. But if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative for a particular website, then you must stay away from the site.

4. Level of Competition

Another important factor is the level of competition that you will face in the gaming room. The lower it is, the higher are your chances. However, you cannot get a guarantee that you will competitors at your experience level all the time. At times, you may find weak players and at times the field will be filled with strong players. You should be careful and select the tables where the competition is weak. As you start playing more frequently you will get an idea about it.

5. Promotions and Benefits

One of the best result for the customers because of the fierce competition between the online gaming operators is the huge offers and promotions.
You should explore various offers available on the sites and find the one which is the most profitable to you. For instance, sites like Deccan Rummy offer the highest welcome bonus for rummy players in India.

6. Customer Service

Sometimes you would require assistance while being in a gaming site, that is when you usually contact the support team.

Choose the site which has the best support process. Ideally, good gaming sites have multi-channel support – Chat, Phone, and email. Obviously, the thing you need to check is how trained and capable is the support team. You can get an idea of it by reading the website reviews on neutral sites. If the site responds to criticism and takes steps to resolve a query from a dissatisfied customer, it is safe to assume that the customer support in that site is serious.

Narrowing your search enforcing these criteria would help you whittle away unwanted sites and get to the most reliable sites.