What do Millennials expect in a online game?

Millennials have been the target audience for game developers and creators for quite someday. As they form a major percentage of the gaming audience, most of the games developed today incorporate elements that appeal to the interests. With the rapid surge in smartphone users, the gaming action has entirely shifted from consoles to smartphones. Players expect the games to be accessible anytime. It is probably another reason why companies have been coming up with myriad gaming options in Android and iOS platforms.

Sensing the popularity of the gaming apps, even traditional games which have been played offline for ages have been digitalized and are now available online. Indian Rummy, which was one of the games that are popular among the boomer generation has now captured the imagination of millennials and even GenZ. The thrilling contests and tournaments combined with the rewarding promotions that online rummy sites come up with have caught the eyes of the youngsters. That said, there are many other expectations of the Millennials that every game developer must be aware of.

Checklist for Millennial Gamers

1. Mental Stimulation

Most millennials expect games to stimulate their mind and create an adrenaline rush. Game developers have to keep this in mind and have to incorporate elements that keep them hooked. Games such as PubG, Fortnite, and other battle royale games, made a strong impact on this generation as they got all these boxes ticking.

2. Socializing

Aside from thrill and fun, most gamers these days expect interactive features to communicate with their fellow gamers. People always look for ways to socialize these days as physical interactions have largely reduced. So, playing games with socializing features gives them a sense of being part of a community. Studies indicate that relationship formed via social interactions remains strong.

3. Localized content

It’s just not about technical features anymore. Even if you incorporate the latest technology to create a powerful gaming interface, it is important to keep in mind the demographics and culture of your target audience. Games such as online rummy have attained huge popularity as the game is deeply connected with the psyche of every Indian. So, game developers have to make conscious efforts to provide localized content.

4. Customized gaming experience

Most millennials expect features that are tailor-made and give them a personalized gaming experience. Social Media use has become so pervasive today. It takes a few minutes for companies to know your personal preferences and tastes based on your browsing habits. Companies deploy marketing agencies to identify customer behavior to give them a personalized gaming experience. Companies should also make effort to stay connected with their gaming audience through regular interactions such as launching quiz contests and tournaments.

5. Rewards

Last but certainly not least, millennials want the games to be exciting as well rewarding. Since they invest a lot of time and energy in games, they want to ensure their efforts are well-appreciated. Taking this into account, online rummy sites offer enticing rewards to their players.

9 Important Tips to follow Responsible Gaming

Online Games can be enjoyed only when you follow responsible gaming practices. Overdoing anything kills the fun and it may be even prove counterproductive affecting your daily lives.

In Online Rummy, it is important to follow responsible gaming. Though most genuine sites follow responsible gaming practices, players have to take an initiative themselves and follow it religiously. Rummy when played in moderate levels can benefit you financially as well as cognitively. Here are a few tips to become a responsible rummy player.

Follow Responsible Gaming

1. 18 Years and Above

Play only if you are 18 years and above. If not, do not play cash games. As a company, we follow stringent KYC procedures, so we don’t approve gamers below 18 years of age. However, as a player, ensure do not share your login credentials with minors under any circumstances.

2. Restricted Locations

Playing rummy for cash is restricted in certain states. Do not try to access the games from such restricted locations as it is punishable by law.

3. Set a Limit

As a company, we have fixed deposit and withdrawal limits for players as per their experience. However, as a player, you should bring only what you can afford to the table. If you want to increase your deposit limit, do mail us, we will approve if we consider the request genuine after analyzing game history. Allocate a Budget for your gaming activities on a monthly basis. Ensure you do not cross it under any circumstances.

4. Unfair Gaming Practices

Our fraud detection algorithm and security system detects any unfair gaming practices instantly as soon as they are attempted. We have enforced them to ensure enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Just because of the actions of few rogue elements, the rest of the gamers should not have their fun spoiled. Do not try to fool us, fraudsters will be caught red-handed!

5. Set a time everyday

Your gaming activities should not intervene your normal life. We recommend you set a specific time to play rummy online. Login during only the time yoú’ve fixed for online gaming. Play in set limit is always advisable.

6. Watch out for addiction

Remember you’re spending money, investing time and energy into playing. Though money is involved, the game should be enjoyed mainly as a fun activity. A fun activity should not be allowed to manifest into a form of addiction. Though, we take every measures to prevent players from overplaying, players themselves should have control over their gaming habits. Ensure, your gaming does not affect your routine life.

7. Do not share your credentials

Do not share any confidential details like your login details to anyone else in Social media. Never allow anyone else to play in your login. From password to security question, every data is sensitive and only you should have access to it.

8. Progress organically

You cannot master the game within a day or two. It takes a certain time to master the rummy rules and rummy strategies. Start with practice games, gain sufficient experience and proceed to cash games.

9. Be realistic

Winning every game one plays is not possible. Winning in rummy depends on various factors such as your starting hands, your skill level and quality of opponents. Learn to take wins and losses in the stride.

To get the maximum output of any activity, follow them only at a recommended level. Do not exceed the recommended level at any circumstances.  There are lots of gains from a rummy game. However, it is essential to follow responsible gaming to reap the full benefits from the game. Just make sure, you follow these responsible gaming practices every time you decide to play.

Emotions you come across while playing online games


Sports bring a lot of emotions. It is an undeniable fact. How many times we have seen athletes shed joy of tears while winning against all odds or display agony and despair when they lose a hard fought game. Sports and emotions are inexplicably intertwined. Everyone who is into sports might have experienced such kinds of emotions. As the outdoor events have largely reduced, players are restricted to feed their cravings for gaming by playing online games. Similar to other sports, online games also involve several kinds of emotions.

From progressing to the higher stage to winning a games against all odds gives us a lots of goosebumps moments. The odds of prevailing in a tough multiplayer online games is low. And when one does the unthinkable in beating all odds to win such games, the euphoria of such win stays long. After all, who doesn’t like an underdog win? Most online multiplayer games like Classic rummy more or less sees a David vs Goliath battle, as players at all skills levels compete thereby leaving no stones unturned in resembling a war. You can simply Download rummy mobile for android and play rummy online on the move. In this post, we shall discuss a range of emotions players feel while playing online games.

Emotions while playing online games

1. Confidence

The first step to winning a game is developing confidence. Nobody gets to win in the first attempt in a game. We need sufficient amount of time to get used to the rules, platform, and various game mechanics. It takes a lot of effort and practice to master the rules of the game. Once, you go through that process, you will get a “come what we may succeed” attitude. It is very important to have full confidence and sense of self-assurance to progress further

2. Control

Once you have a good grip of the game, you can play the game more freely. Since you know the rules and you know the kind of opposition you are going to face, you will have a better control over the game. In a game like rummy where you cannot win every other game that you play, you know the necessity to exercise caution and control. There are occasions where you cannot win where folding is better than persisting. Once player gets to know the ins and outs of the game, he/she will have better control over his emotions.

3. Gratification

There are many occasions where you lose to a particular players. It hurts our ego to lose this much against a particular person. We cannot keep playing with the rage as the results might prove to be disastrous. At the same time, we need to something to assuage our hurt ego. In that case, working on your strengths and identifying your opponent’s weakness helps big time. Once you successfully find a way to overcome that particular opponent who has been defeating you, we can see the intense sense of gratification overflowing within us.

4. Joy and Exhilaration

Once thing we all gamers play for is for the final win. The path to victory is not without thorns. You will have to overcome various hurdles and pit stops on the way to go all the way. Being the most awaited time since we start playing the game, the victory moment gives us intense joy and exhilaration. We all crave for such moments. Don’t we?

5. Accomplishment

We all have a goal in mind. When playing skill games like online rummy, it may be a certain sum that we would want to win or rank as the top player among our peers. Some games like Indian Rummy online benefit us monetarily. We are actively pursuing that goal every time we play. Once we hit that target, there is a sense of accomplishment which only you can feel. When you know all our time and efforts have borne fruit, it’s not too much to feel proud of our accomplishments.

We are sure that every player playing online games have undergone these kinds of emotions one time or the other. Let us know what kind of emotions you’ve gone through in the comments.

Where Rummy games online score over other online games?

The advent of internet has caused a huge paradigm in the way we consume entertainment. The games which we enjoyed outdoors are now available in our mobile phones and consoles. It is a common sight these days to see people hooked to online games via their mobile phones. While there are several genres of games available to the users, card games like rummy online are still able to find relevance among the avalanche of games available. Isn’t it curious to know the reason behind the massive popularity the game enjoys among audience? This post details behind the craze for rummy games.

Rummy Games

Popularity of Rummy Games over other games.


Rummy games have a long history in this country. The game is fondly called as the family game as it’s a common game in family circle. Rummy culture in India is old and rich and has been a regular feature during Indian festivals like Diwali, Durga Pooja and other family gatherings. Additionally, the game was a popular game in clubs in major cities. Most of us grew up familiar with the rummy rules. The familiarity and freshness of the game helped in its long survival despite the arrival of a litany of games.

Earning Potential

It is true that most of us play online games for fun and thrill, but when there is a money making potential involved, the game becomes all the more special. Yes! you can earn tons of money playing rummy games online.

Sites like Deccan Rummy ensures that you win big money in rummy games and tournaments. All you need to do is download the rummy app and start playing. There are live players 24/7, 365 a days a year in our platform. You can hit the tables any moment you wish.

As online rummy is legal and the Supreme Court has called it a game of skill, you can just login any time and start earning.

Multiple Variants

Playing the same game can become repetitive after a period of time. Obviously, boredom is going to set in at some point of time. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer multiple rummy variants so that you can easily toggle between them, if you feel bored. Every rummy variant offers huge thrill and assured prize money. Additionally, players can participate in daily, weekly, and monthly special tournaments running in our platform. In tournaments, you get to face challenges, new opponents, and you will have to rework your strategies minute by minute.With huge earning potential all the time, rummy is one game which will never bore you.

Freemium Model

Most online gaming sites follow what is called as Freemium model, where you will have shell out money for upgrades. With online rummy games, you have opportunity to win cash even without any investment. However, if you do wish to add cash, you can do so without any hesitation unlike other gaming sites. Deccan Rummy is 100% secure and safe with safe deposit and withdrawal facilities, and also holds a certification from Infysec for RNG and fair play. You can deposit cash and multiply your chances to win big without any worries.

These reasons should indicate why a large number of gamers choose rummy games online over other games. So, without further ado, head over to Deccan Rummy website and enjoy the tidal wave of fun and winnings now.