Online gaming industry in India – a veritable goldmine

Since the digital revolution, one of the key positives Indians earned was access to online gaming. Prior to the era, the gaming was mainly restricted within the elitist section of the society who had the money and resource to access those games. Players accessed these games through consoles and gaming accessories. Some of the games that were popular among the gaming audience in this segment were call of duty, FIFA, Counter Strike, and DOTA. Since the rapid penetration of internet, online gaming fever caught steam among the Indian gaming audience.

The booming Social media opened the flood gates for many game developers. The huge success of games like candy crush, pet acquarium, cityville, restaurant city, farmville are certain games that were some of the games that were hugely popular in Facebook. The games captured the imagination of millions of gamers and it’s reach was so massive that it broke all the established barriers with regards to gaming like age, gender, location etc. The next stage of online gaming is the mobile games that are so popular today.

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