Importance of Money ethics in Online Rummy

Be it managing your monthly expenses, planning an outing, or playing a game, setting a budget is very important. It gives an impression that you are a financially shrewd person. Following money ethics properly takes you a long way as a responsible human. Usually, when it comes to recreational activities, we tend to take ethics lightly, and as a result of it, people usually endure losses.

Just like how we follow certain principles, and ethics in real life, the online gaming sphere also has certain rules, regulations, codes of conduct, and principles to follow. By adhering to this, you can have a safe and secure gaming experience and also avail yourself of a chance to win lots of money.

1. Fix a Budget

Is it possible to manage your monthly home expenses without properly framing a budget? Wouldn’t things go really haywire? You don’t want to become a bummer by mismanaging your money, right? The same scene plays out in the online gaming sphere.

When it comes to playing rummy games online, it is better to fix a budget and utilize it according to your convenience. For instance, whenever you play cash games or tournaments with cash, you can invest the money only required by allocating an amount specified for online gaming, weekly or monthly according to your convenience.

2. Set a limit

We at Deccan Rummy strongly believe in providing a safe, secure, and responsible gaming environment for our players. At the same time, we want to ensure players do not go astray when it comes to depositing money. It is the reason why we’ve fixed a deposit limit for every player. This way we are able to keep the player’s gaming habits in check and ensure this recreational activity does not turn into an obsession.

From a personal end, make sure you bring only what you can afford to the table. Ensure you do not burn your pocket or waste too much time playing.

3. Reinvest your money

Reinvesting your gain is pretty common in financial markets. By reinvesting, you can leverage the advantage of capital gain and net a good profit.

Similarly, you can reinvest your winnings in Cash rummy games. For example, we have a lot of freeroll games which come with a good chunk of the prize pool and cost you nothing to play. Instead of withdrawing your winnings, you can use them to reinvest while playing cash games. At times, we may experience a cash crunch, or during situations where you don’t want to shell out more, this money would come in handy.

4. Offers & Promotions

Many Rummy sites reward their users with periodic bonus offers and cashback. Smart Players would take advantage of these bonus offers as soon as they are on to load their accounts with cash.

For Instance, there are monthly, daily, and weekly bonus offers that add value to your deposit. These extras would come in handy as you do not have to think about adding money every time you want to play.


Play Rummy following money ethics religiously. As a platform provider, Deccan Rummy has integrated a lot of features to ensure you have a safe and secure gaming experience. So go ahead, and have a trailblazing gaming experience.

How online gaming helps in strengthening the family bond?

A strong family bond is essential for every individual for a successful upbringing, and it also effectively helps in building an active and flourishing society. In today’s hectic lifestyle, people do not find the time much to spend time much with their family, let alone have fun. Given the packed schedule, we are running into every day, most of us yearn for those funny moments that we have enjoyed with our families during the past years. Technology has impacted every sphere of our life and has created a way to relive those magical moments that we’ve been yearning for years. Through online gaming and other means, you can always connect with each other and relive those moments.

Online Gaming for Social Connect

Social Networking

More or less, everyone makes use of Social networking websites. These social media sites give them a platform to showcase their interests and express themselves in ways that they cannot do so in the real world. It also gives them a chance to meet people with similar interests who they cannot find in real life. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are incredibly popular among today’s youngsters. It would be a surprise to observe that games are also increasingly becoming a tool to connect with people unbeknownst before.

The increasing number of online games that operate on a shared platform has given a scope for people to get connected with other gamers, even from different continents. In the event you get nostalgic about the rummy card game that you have played with your relative who is now living in the other part of the world, there’s simply nothing to worry about. You can get connected with him through a common rummy platform from where you both can enjoy the game.

Exercise for the mind

Most of us like games which stimulate our brain. Given the monotonous nature of the jobs we are in, we do get stressed out and don’t spend time on online gaming. Playing online games like Classic rummy online or poker would allow us to break free from stress. Skill-based card games will enable us to keep our minds healthy and active. As these card games have scenarios that keep you at the edge of the seat, you will have to apply your mind regularly to improvise and leverage the cards available.

Games like rummy with their simple rules provide ample challenges with the right balance of fun and thrill. Age is not a matter of concern, as rummy rules are quite simple to grasp. Even if you don’t know how to play rummy, the materials and videos available on various rummy portals will help you understand the rules. If you’re are above 18, you’re all welcome to try out.

Smartphones – the game changer

Ever since the advent of the smartphone, there’s been a revolution of sorts in the gaming field. Online Gaming, which was reserved for the savvy and the affordable, now is available on your mobile phones. Smartphones are now available feature-rich at the most affordable rates. Even the prices for the data packs have been slashed drastically after the advent of companies such as Jio.

Smartphones are no longer a prized possession but are now an indispensable asset. The good news for gamers is that they no longer rely on consoles, PCs, and unique gadgets to enjoy the game. All the games they enjoyed playing on these devices are now available on smartphones and mostly free of cost. Even games that require you to play real money like Indian Rummy are incredibly affordable and allow you to win more than your investment.

Refer A Friend

Most gaming sites allow the players an option to refer their friends. Most of us love to associate with our group, and these sites have given you a platform to play with our friends and relatives. The pleasure of playing with our loved ones is unmatched, and it also helps in strengthening the bond. Online gaming sites like Deccan Rummy give the viewers an option to refer their friends and family and also earn in a big way for life.

The rummy game enhances camaraderie and warmth and helps in creating a tight bond. Specific rummy sites likewise offer an option of the private table where you can create your schedule, decide the table money, and share the password with your relatives.

Five Common Misconceptions about Online Gaming

There are various misconceptions about online gaming which are mere conjectures that do not have any empirical validity to support. These myths have been detrimental to the aspirations of the average gamer largely. Let us dispel some of the myths about online games.

  1. Online Gaming is toxic for the mind

This is an unfounded opinion that is being passed upon as a fact without evidence and is sadly being believed by many. Contrary to popular perception, online games are shown to have improved memory skills, increase concentration levels, and beat stress big time. People playing skill games like rummy and poker have reported an increase in their attention span and concentration levels. You can see the widespread reach of these skill games with keywords like how to play rummy and how to play poker popping up in search suggestions.

  1. Expensive & Waste of money

Online games are available in different formats. This myth was propagated based on the price of consoles (PlayStation & Xbox). Online games are no longer just about consoles. The mobile gaming market has grown by leaps and bounds. Mobile sceptics were proven wrong when mechanics from PC and console were successfully recreated in the mobile arena. Most of the mobile app games are free to download and if you want to have additional features like armaments to aid your gaming, you can make in-app purchases which are relatively cheap when compared to console gaming.

  1. The age group of gamers

It is widely thought that online gaming is an arena reserved just for youngsters. With numerous games available with features that could appeal to all age groups, an increasing number of elders are foraging into this territory.

  1. It’s a man’s territory

Oops! This is the biggest myth of them all. There is a widespread misconception that online gamers are exclusively for men. That may have been the case a decade back. Now in an era where women have gotten equal representation after decades of clamouring, women have an astounding presence in the online gaming world. Another myth is that women gamers largely play pink-themed games, which is not really the truth. A significant proportion of them are playing action games like PubG, and skill games like classic rummy and Poker online.

  1. You cannot win real cash prizes

This is yet another widely unsubstantiated statement without any evidence. One cursory look around the internet would reveal how many players have benefitted out from playing online games. Aside from cash prizes and bonus offers, sites like Deccan Rummy give the opportunity for the players to win prizes like smartphones, cars, all-expense-paid trips, and gift vouchers. It is because of these enticing prizes, lots of players take up online gaming seriously.

What youngsters expect in a online gaming platform

Today’s younger generation relies a lot on technology for their lifestyle choices. Aside from the lifestyle choices, even for fun quotient youngsters rely a lot on technology. The growing number of online games is a testament to how much it is popular among youngsters. As much as the popularity of the games increases, the expectation of gamer’s also increases. Games that are able to upgrade to suit themselves to the taste of the audience last longer. Games that are stale often get the boot. Gaming companies deploy various algorithms and programs to observe player behavior and incorporate changes based on the findings. In this post, we will look at some of the traits of today’s’ young gamer’s.

youngsters online rummy games

 Youngsters expectation from an online gaming platform

1. Tall expectations

It’s hard to appease today’s youngsters as they are exposed to a variety of activities on the internet. To keep them hooked on a particular activity is a herculean challenge. Youngsters these days need constant mental stimulation and love games which can push them to think out of the box.

Indian Rummy is the one the game that requires a fair amount of mental skills to succeed. In fact, the rummy game is a true test of a person’s mental abilities. Despite the arrival of so many strategy games, the Classic rummy game has a special place in the heart of Indians. Its longevity is impressive considering the constantly raising expectation.

2. Engaging content

While graphics are paramount for a game as it lends a facelift to the game, ultimately, it is the content that determines the fate of the game. If the plot of the game is interesting, it will strike a chord with the audience even at the expense of ordinary graphics. On the other hand, even a graphically rich game loses gas if the plot is engaging enough for today’s youngsters. If you are a game developer, you must work on highly engaging plots to keep the audience engaged.

3. Personalized support

It is important for gaming companies to keep in touch constantly with their users. Youngsters these days expect swift responses for their queries else they prefer to change the game/ gaming company. Most gaming companies have a dedicated customer care unit to support their customers. Online rummy sites like Deccan Rummy are known for their 24/7 customer support other than their flawless gaming platform.

4. Rewards

Apart from the excellent plot, good customer support, today’s youngsters expect to be rewarded for their efforts. Rewards help a long way in solidifying a relationship. Sites like Deccan Rummy have understood this and are constantly providing their customers with excellent bonus offers and leader board contests. These bonus codes are an ideal way to increase your bankroll at a minimal expense.