4 tips for Online Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports and Online betting are buzzwords these days. So many sports enthusiasts are on it. Next to skill games like rummy online, fantasy sports have occupied an important place in the books of online gamers.

Fantasy sports and sports betting are a fun and simple way to win big money and have your share of fun. However, it’s important we approach it in the right way. If you indulge in betting without having sound knowledge about the game or tricks involved, you may end up losing a lot of money

When you learn the process thoroughly, you will know how to approach it in the right away. Once you approach it as a sport, you may well start winning some money online. Here are some basic tips which should get you moving.

1. Set achievable goals

It’s certainly possible that you win some amount during your initial days of betting or while your fantasy league performs. However, the knowledge about the game should be preeminent before that. While it might sound exciting to finish at the top right at the beginning, players must understand that it’s a slippery slope. In fact, a lot of players who get carried away by initial successes set unbelievable targets for themselves only flattering to deceive in a short while from there. It’s important you set a goal that is achievable and work towards it one step at a time. Do not try to steamroll! It doesn’t happen that way in the online betting industry.

2. Learn basics thoroughly – Fantasy Sportss

Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting are fun and exciting. But for the fun and excitement to remain the same, you must be strong in the basics. Do some research about betting, odds. Wagering as it would increase your chances of winning. Learning the basics would help you approach betting in a more pragmatic way and very soon you will become a force to reckon with.

3. Play with a budget

Whether it’s fantasy sport or an exciting skill game like 13 card rummy online or poker, the most important tip is learning how to manage your bankroll. Now that you have learned something about the game and fixed achievable goals, the next step would be how much you bring into the table. There’s a good old saying in the gambling world that always play with what you can afford to lose. Though it appears a bit of a drag in today’s times, the idea behind the saying is that you do not overspend or overindulge in the game. Fix a limit be it whether you play daily, weekly or monthly, and do not exceed it at any cost.

4. Play in reputed sites

These are times where fantasy sports are filling up the internet gaming ecosystem completely. A lot of gaming enthusiasts have turned their heads towards fantasy and betting sites as they provide the users with a fantastic opportunity to win big. To cater to the players’ demands, a lot of gaming sites have propped up. Before you sign up with a site, check for their authenticity by reading the reviews online to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. Ensure the site you have selected has enforced sufficient safety measures for the online transaction.


We are sure you might have had some idea about betting and fantasy sports. Once you are comfortable with the basics, it’s probably not a bad idea to register in multiple sites to boost your chances of winning. By the way, it allows you to compare various odds and also get access to various bonus and rewards. Play prudently, wins would follow!

Online Rummy dominates skill gaming market

It has been discussed in length about the legality of online rummy in India. The main question plaguing the minds of its detractors for years is whether online rummy is a game of skill or luck. If luck were a main factor in determining the outcome of the game, then each game and tournament will have a different winner. Nobody has the lady luck dancing in their favor always!

Online Rummy

Online Rummy – Game of Skill or Chance

The truth is online rummy is purely a game of skill where luck or element of chance plays a very minimal role. The problem, however, is this minimal role has been exaggerated way beyond its reach to paint a negative picture that rummy game is luck oriented. It is because the game is heavily reliant on skills, the honorable Supreme Court of India has declared online rummy as legal. It’s not a crime to play rummy online for cash. Of course, certain states have stringent gaming laws that prohibit online rummy (Telangana, Assam, Odisha).

However, efforts are on from the rummy operators in these zones to seek validity for the game citing the Supreme Court judgment and a widespread consensus among the gaming enthusiasts that rummy is a game of skill. So, if you are someone who loves the rummy game in its physical form, you can ignore preposterous, ill-informed opinions about online rummy and get on the online zone. We can trust, you will be in for a pleasant surprise with the level of competition and the astounding rewards that are up for grabs.  The huge popularity of Online rummy beggars the questions, what’s in a rummy game that makes it more attractive than the multitude of card games that are available in the market?

Huge Popularity – real or made-up?

If you look at the set up behind online rummy, then you will begin to understand the craze for online rummy.

First of all rummy game has been part and parcel of the Indian milieu for centuries. It’s certainly not a foreign game which is enjoying a run here. Think of games such as Pokemon go, PubG, clash of clans and so many games. The problem with those games apart from being foreign in origin is that the novelty factor wears off quickly. These games enjoy a  grand run during their heydays but once the novelty dries off, people get disillusioned with the game and scout for the next entertaining game. Whereas rummy is a game that is deeply rooted in Indian culture and has been played across various generations. It is because it is quintessentially an Indian game, the novelty and freshness of the game have remained despite the incursion of several card games like poker from the west.

Secondly, the rules of the games are pretty simple. Even a novice can pick up rummy rules quickly in a matter of day or two. And there are many sites available in the market, which has extensive tutorials on rummy rules and how to play rummy, thereby making the learning process simple. A player who is already knowledgeable in rummy just needs to spend a day or two in getting accustomed to the online set-up and master rummy strategies.

Finally, online Rummy is lucrative compared to other games. From a humongous welcome bonus to rummy tournaments running throughout the day to a wide range of rummy games and rummy variants available under all stakes, the opportunity to win big are aplenty. The prize money these days is nothing when compared to other games. The risk is minimal when compared to other games.

Highly Competitive Online Rummy Industry

The amount of competition around from the many online rummy sites means it is the players market as operators are chasing players with enticing offers. Because of the heavy competition, the prizes have gone insanely up.

Other card games may be more popular across several countries, still, they have to do a lot of catch-up when it comes to competing with rummy. In terms of reach and popularity, they will always be a younger sibling to rummy.

When deciding to play rummy online, it’s important to look at various parameters. From a players point of view, he/she might want to opt a site with a huge welcome bonus, high-guarantee tournaments, and safe deposit and withdrawal methods.

Deccan Rummy – ultimate rummy destination

Your search for the best rummy site ends with Deccan Rummy. Having been in the industry for more than 3 years and having a host of offers and promotions, Deccan Rummy has been the leading choice of rummy game enthusiasts for some time. Our platform is built with nicely accelerated HTML5 advanced graphics thereby giving us the tag of being the fastest rummy site. We’ve been hitting sweet spots with our periodic offers for Indian festivals and other carnivals like big cricket tournaments and big movie releases. Players are signing up in droves to have a piece of our multi-player, multi-table gaming environment.

Register for free to have a piece of the cake while it’s hot! We are waiting for you in our tables with unbelievable offers! Come and join the fun!

How did Indian Rummy become as popular as it is today?

Development is a process and it takes years sometimes even decades. Every game that we are playing now had a history of being played differently and has evolved to its present form. This evolution is often caused by the influence of an external force and also in tune with socio-cultural changes. Just like all card games, Indian rummy too has interesting theories of its origins.

History of Indian Rummy

There are many theories associated with the origin of Indian rummy with a different source indicating different locations all around the world and it is very difficult to ascertain the exact location. Based on the popular theories floating around on the internet, we can narrow down a few connections which might be close

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Women’s rise in the world of online gaming

According to an old adage “Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess – it’s the queen that protects the king”. Couldn’t have said any better! The role women play in raising families and building a society is probably hard to describe with simple words.

It’s #InternationalWomensDay today and it is celebrated in over 100 countries across the world. Many Rallies, parades, conferences, get-togethers, meeting, cultural performances are conducted through out the world to celebrate the accomplishment of men in several fields. This observation keeps us in reminder how important gender equality is.

Women have achieved so many landmark feats in different fields. Gaming Industry is no longer an insurmountable field for women. Once considered as men’s territory, the tide has turned. These days so many women players have come to the forte and made their presence felt with some performances.

We keep hearing about women delivering impressive performances in registering tournaments like WSOP. Some women are so skilled in gaming that they have started being brand ambassadors of the company.

Women in Online Gaming

Statistics reveal that 45% of the gamers are females and 46% of the gamers who invest on Real Money games are women. Women players are regularly featuring in MMOs and MMORPGs.

Amidst their busy and hectic daily lives, women turn to online games for relaxation and stress relief. 60% of the women feel online games improve their mood. Efforts are on to create more games that lure women gamers.

The Indian mobile gaming market’s worth is projected to hit $1.1 billion by 2020. For a lot of people it’s a part of their daily lives – 40% of men and 35% of women play mobile games everyday.

With more women involved in game development, more diverse women characters included in games, women involved in hosting game channels, efforts are made to bring a lot of women into the world of online gaming. Of late a lot of games with female lead characters have sprung up – Mirror’s edge, catalyst and Dishonored 2 being notable mentions.

Women in the rummy community

There is no gender bias in the field of online rummy. Deccan Rummy welcomes women across all groups in our platform. In fact, a lot of women players have been successful in our online rummy games and rummy tournaments online. A lot of women players are consistently winning our GoldQuest and Giftraffle free rummy online tourney. Even in the leaderboard contests, they are putting in a spirited performances.

Says Kenny Goutham, Chief of Operations of DeccanRummy.com, “We extend our heartiest wishes to all the extraordinary women out there on this monumental occasion. We are well aware of the struggles women have put up with to achieve this position and salute their efforts all along. Considering the limitations they have in visiting casinos, we provide with them an excellent platform to enjoy the game with a casino feel and vibe. A lot of women players are already there in our fold and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our base”.

Deccan Rummy wishes all women out there a happy #InternationalwomensDay