Four ideal scenarios to make use of the Drop option in a rummy game

Rummy is a game of skill which requires you to arrange the 13 cards into proper sequences and/or sets. However, there may be occasions when you will find it hard to fit your 13 cards into the right combination. During such time, people tend to lose their confidence and lose track of the game. It is not a wise move to persist with bad cards, as you may lose the game with high points. Here’s where you need to use the drop option available in online rummy.


However, there is a respite in the form of a drop option. The Drop option in the online rummy game allows you to exit the game at your convenience. A lot of rummy experts use it all the game. This option allows you to exit the game with less load.

First Drop – When you make a drop without making a move, it is considered a First Drop. Then, you will lose 20 points.

Middle Drop – When you make a drop after making the first move or in the middle of the game, it is considered a middle drop for which you lose 40 points.

Three Consecutive Misses – When you miss three continuous moves in the game, it is considered a drop, and then you will lose 40 points.

High-value cards

Face cards such as King, Jack, and Queen are considered high-value cards as they carry 10 points each. Along with the numerical card 10, these cards can cost you big if they remain ungrouped in a set or a sequence.

If you have multiple high-value cards which remain ungrouped, you must discard them at the earliest. An early drop is suggested, if not at least a middle drop which will give you just 40 points.

No Joker

Joker is a trump card in rummy. It acts as a replacement for a missing card in a sequence or a set. In many instances, they come to your rescue in finishing the game. But what happens, if you don’t have any joker neither the printed one nor the wild joker?

If you do not have a joker card on hand, then the time taken to arrive at the right combination would be more. During such instances, one of your opponents may even declare. So, if you do not have sufficient joker cards, ensure you come out at the earliest.

Pure Sequences

A Pure sequence is a lifeline in a rummy game. Without having a pure sequence, your other combinations become invalid. If you are not in a position to make a pure sequence within the first two rounds, it’s wise to go for the middle drop. As the ungrouped cards might add up to take your points more than 40. It is much easier to quit the game and start a new rummy game afresh than struggling for a pure sequence with a bad hand.

Connecting Cards

Even if you built a pure sequence early, there is no guarantee that your opponents won’t declare before you. This is where the connecting cards from 3-8 play a vital role. They can easily be arranged into sets or sequences and also carry fewer points compared to the face cards.

If you do not have connecting cards sufficiently in the same suits, then it’s better to reevaluate your decision to continue in the game.

How Online Rummy serves more than just mere entertainment?

Today, the word entertainment is no longer confined to watching TV, visiting amusement parks, or engaging in adventure activities. Modern technology has enabled entertainment at your fingertips. Now, you have multiple options such as watching OTT content and playing online games from your mobiles in the comfort of your homes.

While these are excellent ways to pass time, have you ever thought what are the benefits of binge-watching? To be honest, you are gaining nothing by watching movies. Thankfully, online games are a different ball game, when it comes to learning and development.

Online rummy has amassed massive popularity in recent years and players from every nook and corner of the country are flocking in droves to enjoy the rummy game. Let’s see what separates online rummy from other sources of entertainment.

Entertainment or even more?

1. Skills

It goes without saying that online rummy is a game of skill. Even the honourable Supreme Court has declared rummy to be a game of skill on numerous occasions.

The objective of the game is to arrange the 13 cards into proper sequences and/or sets with one pure sequence mandatorily.

In order to win a Classic rummy game, players need to have good critical thinking skills, memory, logical thinking, concentration, and sound decision making. All these skills go hand-in-hand in determining the outcome of the game. Even if you are not adept with these skills, you can always improve them with practice.

2. Rewards

One of the biggest draws of 13 Card rummy Online is the prizes it offers. Online rummy offers players a chance to win bundles of cash, gifts, bonuses, and a lot more. Popular Indian rummy portals such as Deccan Rummy offer exciting prizes such as cars, motorbikes, movie vouchers, and a lot more.

However, winning cash rummy games is not so it seems. Since it’s a clash of skills, a lot of players come into the platform with their A+ game, the battle is more competitive and engrossing. For players, who enjoy challenges, it couldn’t be any better than this. Moreover, winning a cash game gives us a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. On top of that, your winnings are immediately transferred to your account.

3. Responsible Gaming

Whenever you’re engaged in an activity that interests you, it’s quite natural to go a bit overboard. It is where our responsible gaming comes into the picture. Deccan Rummy encourages players to follow Responsible Gaming and we have our own set of measures to curb players’ overplaying.

Our platform closely monitors every player’s gaming activity. We have fixed deposit limits for every player and make sure players don’t overspend. Also, we recommend players follow a fixed timing for playing on a daily/weekly basis, at their convenience.

Rummy is an incredible game which offers you plenty of entertainment and fun. It enables you to make use of your skills and knowledge and get rewarded for the same. Don’t delay any further! Download our Rummy Mobile app and get started today!

Importance of Money ethics in Online Rummy

Be it managing your monthly expenses, planning an outing, or playing a game, setting a budget is very important. It gives an impression that you are a financially shrewd person. Following money ethics properly takes you a long way as a responsible human. Usually, when it comes to recreational activities, we tend to take ethics lightly, and as a result of it, people usually endure losses.

Just like how we follow certain principles, and ethics in real life, the online gaming sphere also has certain rules, regulations, codes of conduct, and principles to follow. By adhering to this, you can have a safe and secure gaming experience and also avail yourself of a chance to win lots of money.

1. Fix a Budget

Is it possible to manage your monthly home expenses without properly framing a budget? Wouldn’t things go really haywire? You don’t want to become a bummer by mismanaging your money, right? The same scene plays out in the online gaming sphere.

When it comes to playing rummy games online, it is better to fix a budget and utilize it according to your convenience. For instance, whenever you play cash games or tournaments with cash, you can invest the money only required by allocating an amount specified for online gaming, weekly or monthly according to your convenience.

2. Set a limit

We at Deccan Rummy strongly believe in providing a safe, secure, and responsible gaming environment for our players. At the same time, we want to ensure players do not go astray when it comes to depositing money. It is the reason why we’ve fixed a deposit limit for every player. This way we are able to keep the player’s gaming habits in check and ensure this recreational activity does not turn into an obsession.

From a personal end, make sure you bring only what you can afford to the table. Ensure you do not burn your pocket or waste too much time playing.

3. Reinvest your money

Reinvesting your gain is pretty common in financial markets. By reinvesting, you can leverage the advantage of capital gain and net a good profit.

Similarly, you can reinvest your winnings in Cash rummy games. For example, we have a lot of freeroll games which come with a good chunk of the prize pool and cost you nothing to play. Instead of withdrawing your winnings, you can use them to reinvest while playing cash games. At times, we may experience a cash crunch, or during situations where you don’t want to shell out more, this money would come in handy.

4. Offers & Promotions

Many Rummy sites reward their users with periodic bonus offers and cashback. Smart Players would take advantage of these bonus offers as soon as they are on to load their accounts with cash.

For Instance, there are monthly, daily, and weekly bonus offers that add value to your deposit. These extras would come in handy as you do not have to think about adding money every time you want to play.


Play Rummy following money ethics religiously. As a platform provider, Deccan Rummy has integrated a lot of features to ensure you have a safe and secure gaming experience. So go ahead, and have a trailblazing gaming experience.

Online Rummy

Tips to spend your money wisely in online rummy

One of the key elements to being successful in our lives is to manage our finances well. Being good with your finances goes beyond making ends meet. The first thing everyone must do after receiving their salary is to plan their monthly finances. Monthly expenses include paying bills, debts etc. You don’t have to be a finance expert to know how to manage your finances. If you are good at basic math skills like addition and subtraction, you can easily do so. This skill is useful when you play online rummy as well.

Because of the busy lifestyle, people hardly have control over their spending. As people splurge on unnecessary stuff, their saving habits take a bad hit. So, it is important to cultivate healthy saving habits. It is applicable to playing rummy online as well. Controlled spending will take you places in the online rummy ecosystem. Here are a few tips that would help you control your spending habits when you play rummy online.

Tips for spending in Online Rummy

1. Fix a Monthly limit

Just like how we plan our monthly budget like allocating an amount for paying bills, purchasing groceries, paying debts, keep an amount separate for online rummy activities. Make sure the amount you spend for playing rummy on a monthly basis does not affect your regular spending. Ensure at no point do you exceed your monthly limit. Just to make sure you don’t overspend, spend enough on practice tables to gain confidence to play cash games.

2. Follow Responsible Gaming

Sites like Deccan Rummy follow responsible gaming to ensure that players do not overspend on tables. Some of the practices include setting a deposit limit, restricting them from playing on occasions where they overplay. We do everything from our end to ensure you get a safe and secure gaming experience. However, players must also take the initiative to have a safe gaming experience. Always, remember the primary objective of playing rummy online is entertainment. Do not let your passion for the game turn into an obsession.

3. Savings

The motto for a successful financial future is to save more than what you spend. Most financial experts stress the need to save for the future to meet life’s needs and demands at a time where you can’t earn. The need to save does not mean you need to eliminate any entertainment activity from your life. Any activity in moderation has immense benefits. As mentioned before, fix a deposit limit every month for playing games like Rummy and never exceed it.

4. Bonus offers

One of the immense benefits of playing rummy online is the great bonus offers and cashback that you will receive for your deposits. Deccan Rummy is an amazing place to start your online rummy journey. Sites like Deccan Rummy have a great selection of bonus offers on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Take advantage of these offers and get more value on your deposits. Download our rummy app now to enjoy rummy games on the move. Have a great gaming session ahead!