Online Rummy | Update Location tracking added

According to the Telangana Gaming (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 which has been issued after modifications in the provisions of the Telangana Gaming Act, 1974, Playing rummy online for cash stands banned in the state. As a law abiding company, Deccan Rummy wholeheartedly respects the decision taken by the court of law and have been rejecting profiles of players from Telangana during KYC verification process. Users are requested to kindly be aware of the fact that playing rummy for cash from Telangana is an offense. We have been informing players about this decision for several months now. We have also been refunding the positive account balance to the players playing from these locations. In-spite of all this we felt there is a necessity to put in place measures to ban illegal access. Hence we have implemented the location tracking feature.

Location Tracking

We have enabled a pop which will help us to identify the players location. This is done to ensure players from the restricted locations do not access our website. Users are requested to click on “Allow Location Access” before playing any game in our site. This facility is implemented to restrict players from the restricted locations to access our websites. Players are requested to allow their location to be accessed by us to ensure transparency. This location tracking is practiced by most online rummy sites now.

As soon as you open the DeccanRummy site, you will get a pop up window. It comes with a message “Will you allow to access your location?” click on allow location access and continue logging in

Open to Newbies across India

New Players can register with us for free. Flash free gaming, fast loading experience, exciting bonus offers and outstanding gaming experience are what you can count on to get. All new registrants in our website are eligible for a 100% Cash bonus up-to Rs. 5000. Also, you are given an opportunity to earn bonus up-to 200% every day in real cash for your deposits through our Instant Deposit Bonus offer. We conduct freeroll tournaments with a prizepool of over Rs. 420000 per month which will give you a genuine chance to win real cash prizes. Our cash tournaments are nominally charged when compared with other sites and comes with a handsome prizepool. Players can also compete in our Festival Special Tournaments that we conduct during festival times.

We also conduct special leaderboard contests on occasions. At present, there is a spectacular leaderboard contest by name “New Year Leaderboard 2018” going on where the players compete for Pattaya Trip and other exciting gadgets. Rummy experts will feel right at home the moment you land in our website. We’ve had people from other rummy sites say that our gaming interface is more suited to playing card games than those sites. We are also brainstorming about a VIP club for rummy pros which we believe will come to fruition in the next couple of months. Looking forward to see rummy enthusiasts join in huge numbers and have a wonderful time!

Banning of Online Rummy in Telangana

Hey Players,

According to the Telangana Gaming (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 that was issued after modifications in the provisions of the Telangana Gaming Act, 1974, online rummy stands banned in the state. As a law abiding company, Deccan Rummy wholeheartedly respects the decision taken by the court of law. And we have been rejecting profiles of players from Telangana during KYC verification process. Users are requested to kindly be aware of the fact that playing rummy card game for cash from Telangana is an offense. We have been informing players about this decision for several months now. We have also refunded the positive account balance to the players playing from these locations.

Location based banning in Telangana/Assam and Odisha is also considering implementing location-based services option on our website. This will make the user impossible to access our websites from the restricted locations. We have forwarded this issue to our technical team and they are working on it currently. Sooner than later, our engineers will resolve the issue thus enforcing a stringent restriction on this issue.

If you are a player from Telangana who has not received his account balance, contact our support team at They will be glad to assist you. Our team needs to perform a compliance check which might be required to allow you to play further

Deccan Rummy along with other prominent rummy sites of the country is challenging the ordinance that has led us to restrict our services in Telangana. We strongly believe 13 card Rummy is a skill game and are determined to fight all the way till the banning is revoked. We request players from the restricted locations to refrain from making any attempts to play in our site.

if you have any queries or doubts, please write to us at or you contact us through our 24/7 chat feature.

Deccan Rummy FAQ

  1. Is it legal to play online rummy at Deccan Rummy?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to play rummy online even for cash at The Supreme Court of India has deemed Rummy as a game of skill and not a game of chance in various rulings. You can check our legality page to know more about it. Except players from Telangana, Odisha and Assam, players from other parts of India can play rummy online at

  1. Is it Safe to make payments at to play cash games? is a completely safe site for online transactions. We have the most secure methods for deposits and withdrawals in our site. All the transactions done here at are secured with 2048-bit SSL, so you can stop worrying about the safety factor. We have been certified by Infysec for fair play. Our Anti-fraud algorithms work effectively in tracking every move of the player and the players suspected of foul play are immediately pulled over.

  1. Is the card distribution done manually?

No, the card distribution is completely automatic and random. We have implemented a good RNG system that ensures a random distribution of cards.

  1. How much I can win in the freeroll tournaments everyday @ DeccanRummy everyday

Deccan Rummy hosts freeroll tournament worth Rs. 14500 every day and we do host several special tourneys for all the Indian festivals with a massive prize pool. You can just walk in and win extraordinary prizes for free.

  1. Why the tournament lasts only for one deal?

We guess you are referring to Rapid rustle tournament. This tournament is for players who are looking for quick rummy action. Each round in the tournament has only one deal and the player with the maximum points wins the game. The rummy action here would be in turbo mode and you will move from one round to another within minutes. The wonderful part about this tournament is the huge prize pool of Rs. 5000 every day.

  1. How can I win cash without spending?

You can try playing our freeroll tourneys. Our freeroll tourneys are worth more than Rs. 4, 30,000 per month. Thousands of players have participated in our tournament and have won huge amounts of cash playing our freeroll tournaments in the past.  You do not have to spend a penny to play our freeroll tournaments.

  1. Are they any loyalty programs available at DeccanRummy?

Yes, we credit loyalty points based on your performances at our cash tables. Additionally, there are 2 loyalty based freeroll tournaments that we host on a daily basis. These two tournaments are open to players who earn a certain number of loyalty points within a span of few days. We can guarantee that you will get a lot of loyalty points as long as you keep playing our cash rummy games.

  1. My practice chips are over. How can I refill it?

Deccan Rummy provides 10000 practice chips for every new player. Once your practice chips count falls below 4000, you can always refill it by clicking the reload button available immediately next to it. Once you click that, your account will be refilled with 10000 practice chips.

  1. Is PAN Card mandatory for playing rummy online?

For withdrawals, yes, players have to enter their PAN details for successful withdrawal processing. Without PAN details we will not be able to process any withdrawals.

  1. I have referred 5 friends to Deccan Rummy. Can you tell me how much bonus amount I can earn and the validity to earn this bonus?

Through Deccan Rummy’s refer-a-friend bonus scheme, a player can unlimited bonus amounts for life. There is no expiry date for this scheme. You will be getting 10% of your friends winning fee to win this bonus amount for life. The moment your friend wins a cash rummy game, you will receive  10% of his winning fee as bonus instantly. Since you’ve referred five friends to DeccanRummy, your chances of unlimited bonus are high.

  1. Can I play rummy online at without downloading any software?

Yes, you can play rummy online at using your web browser. You do not have to download any software to play the game. However, if you wish to download the software or mobile app at any point of time in the future, you can download it for FREE at

  1. Are there any deductions on withdrawals?

No, you can withdraw what you win without any deductions.

  1. I am having issues accessing the account can you give me some solutions?

If you are facing trouble in accessing your account then it must some issues with the forgotten password/username.  Check your internet connection. A stable internet connection is required to access your account. To reset your password follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on Forgot password link below the login page. A popup window will arise.
  2. Enter the email ID with which you registered at Deccan Rummy and click on Submit
  3. Check your email and follow the instructions given in the mail from Deccan Rummy. Click on the link given to reset your password. Enter the new password and click on confirm to change your password.

Playing Rummy Online @

Online Rummy is very much similar to real-world rummy when it comes to the thrill and entertainment factor. However in online rummy, the player can play rummy with rummy enthusiasts across India with real cash which is unlike real rummy where you need to find people to play with. In accordance with the Supreme Court rulings, playing rummy online with stakes is legal since it is a skill-based game. After the ruling, many rummy sites emerged out of nowhere and continue to attract customers. It hardly comes as a surprise given the passion for the game that has its grassroots in India.

Apart from 13 card rummy game, certain sites are also offering 21 cards rummy also which is also getting very popular among the card game enthusiasts in India.  The other reason why people go gaga over online rummy is the extraordinary money-spinning opportunity it gives. DeccanRummy is one such legal online rummy site, offering plenty of perks for its players playing rummy online.

Players registering at DeccanRummy get to play different forms of Indian Rummy games online like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy & Points Rummy. In addition to the exciting rummy games, has earned a name for itself when it comes to hosting some invigorating rummy tournaments out there. We have placed our tournaments at your most comfortable timings so that you play the game when you are free. There are a number of freeroll and cash tournaments that we host which gives the players an awesome opportunity to win real cash prizes. If you are a rookie, you can learn how to play rummy tournaments online by watching the online demo videos tutorials.

Additionally, we host special rummy tournaments for most Indian festivals with huge prize pools. Most of our special tournaments are freeroll as we want our users to celebrate the auspicious occasions without any losses. Also winning a big paycheck on such festivals adds an extra zing to your celebrations, doesn’t it? Watch out for our special tourneys every time when any festival is around the corner. Make sure you do not miss our Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament.

Worried about security and online transactions with us? We’ve got you covered with our State-of-the-art security measures. We have integrated the latest technologies to keep our site immune to any malfeasant activities. Forget to worry about making an online payment; we have four secure payment gateways and a dynamic SSL to make your transactions safe and secure. All you have to do is simply play rummy and leave the rest to us. Refer the most common tips for rummy beginners to get started.

Playing Rummy Online @

Lost money at other online rummy sites? Don’t worry! you can give a try for FREE at You don’t have to pay a penny to earn money online at DeccanRummy. Start playing cash games after you develop some reliability on us.

Unwind! Unshackle! from your stresses with

Playing Rummy online has been a great exercise to unwind ourselves from the stresses of the outside world. Rummy has that knack of relieving the stress and recharging the person to perform again to his fullest potential. Guess what more! playing rummy games online comes with a lot of perks –

  1. Making some extra bucks,
  2. making new friends
  3. exciting gaming sessions
  4. improving key aspects to succeed in life like concentration, patience & resilience are some of the key perks of playing rummy online.

With all the workloads and stress from office, it’s hard to find time for sport offering any relaxation. With a game like online rummy readily accessible at your fingertips, you don’t have to keep foraging for other means to unwind yourself.  Visit – the one stop destination for all your gaming requirements

Due to non-availability of sprawling casinos like Las Vegas, enjoying card games in India has largely been constrained within the online sphere. Most sites offering card games are creating their game rooms with themes that resemble a casino and because of the advanced graphics they use, their gaming platforms are highly engaging. Sites with bad aesthetics are being tossed away as it plays a major role in enhancing the overall gaming. We understand the importance of aesthetics and have made our site very eye-pleasing. is one of the fastest rummy sites available in India that walks the talks & brings an awesome gaming platform to Indian rummy players. helps you to unshackle yourself from the stresses of your personal life with our exciting gaming platform offering rousing 13 card games & tournaments.  Ably supported by our incredible promotions and offer, our portal offers something for every one of you.

High-End graphics with Real time experience

Rummy Games hosted by creates a superb user-immersion into the game via the good accelerated full-display screen HTML5 graphics. Apart from the playability factor, the look and feel of an online rummy site is preeminent for attracting the users. DeccanRummy’s casino themed rummy tables are sure to strike a chord with avid card game enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of slick graphics at rummy websites then DeccanRummy is for you. Come, join and feel the difference of playing in a flash free gaming interface.

Exciting Tournaments and promotions

At, there is always a series of exclusive rummy promotions and special tournaments that have been handpicked and tailored to bring the best value to all our players. Our special tournaments come with exciting prizes like paid trips to exotic locations, expensive gadgets, and gift vouchers. Stride inside to know more about our existing rummy promotions.

Unlimited Free Withdrawal

Most of the sites have some criteria for wagering. Their system would block from you withdrawing if you haven’t satisfied the criteria. We are the only site in India allowing unlimited withdrawals. You can place an infinite number of withdrawals and you’ll get what you win in record time

Secure and Safe gaming at DeccanRummy

It goes without saying that if you’re playing online rummy with real cash, you need a trustworthy site. is the ultimate site when it comes to implementing safety measures. With algorithms detecting frauds instantly, anti-collusion measures and SSL for secure transactions; we have built a strong reputation for being the safest Indian Rummy site.

5 steps that puts you in advantage in a rummy table

Playing online Rummy can be relatively easy, but winning is not as easy as you think. Sometimes you can lose without really knowing how the loss came about. The main reason for this is the callous disregard for the strategies and rummy etiquette. The main elements in regards to being a successful rummy player are having discipline, persistence, and resilience. If you play each game with patience and an open mind, there is no reason why you can’t win it easily. Here are some ways through which you can get an initial advantage in Rummy.

Rummy player

5 Steps to be successful Rummy Player

Table selection

A quick way to win big bucks is to play high stakes tables. However, for a beginner it may be a tall order, such players can start off with the low stakes. After signing up with a 13 card rummy site, check the timings of heavy traffic and other factors like entry fee and prize money for each table. This will help you locate the best table where you can play rummy to your heart’s content.


Life is all about adapting to changes. If you read the biographies of successful people, you would realize their success lies in their adaptability. The reason Indian cricket is often super successful in home conditions and crumble like nine-pins when playing overseas is that of their failure in adapting to foreign conditions. Team India has been carrying an ignominious reputation as bad tourists now for years. Rummy is a dynamic game where things change from good to bad and vice versa in a moment – you will have to adapt to these changes.  A smart player adapts to the changes very quickly. Wouldn’t you want to become one?

Don’t let your ego hurt you

Rummy isn’t a card game to fulfill your ego. Always remember, you might be having an occasional bad day here and there. There’s no point in throwing a fit on those occasions and chasing your losses. A smart rummy player gracefully accepts his defeat and focuses on improving his rummy strategies. Leave your ego behind yourself and come to the tables.

Passive aggression

As the old saying goes, all good things to those that wait, so waiting for the right opportunity to strike is very important in shaping you as a successful player. However, it doesn’t mean you must stay docile all the way; this is where you need to display your smartness. Passive aggression is something you must exhibit always to keep your opponents at bay. Passive aggression is the indirect expression of hostility. In a rummy table, you can procrastinate during your move; throw some non-sequitur flippant remarks in the chat window to get on to the nerves of your opponents.  Remember, all these will put you into an advantage if you do it during the right moments. However, do not overdo it as you may become predictable.

Take Losses Lightly

At the end of the day, rummy is, after all, a very unpredictable game. Some days you win; some days you lose! The Rummy player who is able to control his emotions, rein in brilliance all the time will often emerge as the successful player. You do not have a plan for losses but learn to take them sportively.

If you follow these things mentioned above, there is a bright chance that you put yourself in advantage the next time you hit our tables. Till then, happy playing!

Attention gamers! Deccan Rummy Website Upgraded

Deccan Rummy team is proud to announce that we have revamped our website. The new and improved website comes with an eye-pleasing design suited to gaming. We hope that our users will find the new website extremely user-friendly. The upgraded website will provide a far richer, more visual experience creating better user immersion than the earlier one ad will provide a world-class gaming experience. We have deployed a sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to ensure better user experience in this upgrade. The new Deccan rummy website is all set to create a huge buzz among the online rummy community in India. The website has been in testing mode for some time as we want to ensure the users get a bug free gaming environment.

Deccan Rummy Website

The revamped site comprises of a responsive, mobile friendly design to cater to our ever-growing mobile audience. With the proliferation of online rummy sites, it is paramount that the site grabs the user’s attention. This revamp was entirely possible because of the strenuous efforts by our Development team over the past few months. The revamped Deccan Rummy Website provides a fresh look that is easy to access and provides an easier way to learn about the rummy game and various services available at Deccan Rummy.

Given our proclivity for perfection, we have added multiple website themes (red, blue, green, orange) on our website. The users can simply select and apply the theme they like. The stunning and gorgeous look represents Deccan Rummy’s heavy emphasis on maintaining the aesthetics. The themes we have incorporated resonate heavily with mood and nature of rummy players and would attract newcomers almost instantly. Aside from an aesthetic change, we have incorporated lots of other exciting features with many challenges and rewards for your various achievements.

 Spinning Wheel

This is an exclusive & periodic offer for cash rummy players. As you play a number of cash games, you will get a notification about “Spinning Wheel” Bonus offer. All you have to do is spin the wheel and you will get bonus points credited to your account. In the event you do not use the promotion readily as soon as the notification comes, then no worries! The spinning wheel is saved under Badges which can be found under Deccan Rewards. The spin wheel is only available to players who play cash tables starting from Rs. 10 and higher.

Deccan Rewards

Watch out for this one! At present, we have included a couple of features under Deccan Rewards namely Badges and View Tickets

Badges – Badges are equivalent of a bucket. Players can find their exclusive offers like Spinning wheel here and they can use them whenever they want.

View Tickets – This is an option where you can find tickets given exclusively to you. You can use the ticket as an entry for special ticket tournaments. We will issue tickets for a number of your activities inside our side like Depositing, winning, and sharing our social media posts.

The revamped Deccan Rummy Website will ensure a better gaming experience across various devices, including PC and mobile. Overall, the revamped website is more immersive and presents more information to customers. We hope you enjoy the new site. Feel free to let us know what you think by visiting our contact page.

Ways to Play Cash Rummy Games

One of the most scintillating aspects of online rummy is cash rummy games. Deccan Rummy is the perfect place to play cash rummy effortlessly.

Deccan Rummy has wide range of cash rummy games in all the 3 rummy variants starting from as low as 0.8 going up to Rs. 10000. We have an excellent tutorial which helps you to learn the game completely. Once you register with us you can play our practice game that allows you to get familiarized with the game.

Cash Rummy Games

Are you hesitant to make a deposit at Deccan Rummy? Forget about it! We have deployed the most secured payment gateways that allow you to make deposits without any worries. At present, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro Debit and Credit Cards issued by Indian Banks. We also accept Net Banking from various Indian Banks and a few Cash Cards. In the similar vein, you can withdraw your winning amounts easily at a much faster time compared to other rummy sites. Play Real cash rummy Games with the best Prizes on our Rummy Tables. In this article, we shall discuss some easy ways to play and win cash rummy games.

1.Learn the strategy

Skills are the most important prerequisite to be successful in online rummy. At Deccan Rummy, we have several materials that help you to get acquainted with the game. We always suggest our new registrants to start playing in our practice tables and then move to cash rummy games. Try out a Deccan Rummy practice game now and as you get better in the game you can move to our Cash Rummy Tables. In the meanwhile, you can check our articles on Rummy tips & strategies to know how to outclass your opponents easily.

2.Choose your games wisely

We have a wide range of cash games available in our site. However, players need to pick the game based on their bankroll. We always advise our players to follow responsible gaming that includes playing to your bankroll and not exceeding it at any cost. Deccan Rummy has earned the tag of being one of the best in this area of online cash games, so we try to keep it up by having our games available 24/7 & easily manageable. Check out the Online Rummy games we offer, and start making money right away at Deccan Rummy. Alternatively, they can play our freeroll tournaments that have rich cash prizes and use the winning amount to play cash games.

3.Check our promotions

To facilitate players play cash rummy games, we credit the players account with Rs. 25 once they successfully complete the registration. Players can use this welcome bonus to play low stakes games to build their bankroll. Additionally, we have a promotion called Deposit and Reload bonus in which the first deposit by the players will fetch them 100 % bonus with the bonus amount capped at Rs. 5000. Players can use this excellent promotion to deposit a big amount and earn the same as the bonus so that their account is stacked up with cash. Kickstart your entertaining journey into the rummy world by depositing cash and reap rich rewards.

4.Remain Patient

One of the key factors to attain success in Rummy is to remain patient. You do not become a billionaire the day you start a business; you will have to strive hard to become one. Rummy is similar to a business in the sense that you will have to strive hard to earn your place in the rummy world. Cash rummy could tire you and even make you feel like quitting the game altogether. The key to overcoming stress in such circumstances is to remain patient and avoid common mistakes made by many rummy players.

These are some of the ways to be successful in online cash rummy games. We would be glad if this article spurred to head over to our cash rummy tables. If you find this article interesting, do not forget to share, like on Facebook using the facebook button given below. If you have any further queries feel free to contact us at or through our 24/7 chat feature. Keep rocking our rummy paradise!


Phuket gala race – Lead our Loyalty Leaderboard

If you love playing rummy, then make sure you get involved with our Phuketgala Loyalty Race. The race is presently going great guns and an epic battle vying for the top 15 slots is unfolding. We noticed that many new players have joined the hunt for the breathtaking prizes in this contest. As we are just two weeks away from the end, it’s time players step up the ante and go for the kill. The reason we insist on playing more cash games is that only by playing you can pile up loyalty points. Our Loyalty Leaderboard is updated every minute based on the loyalty points, so customers are really getting into the groove in increasing their loyalty points.

The first three players on our Loyalty leaderboard are going to be taken to an astounding Phuket Trip. Ever dared to imagine you’re going to spend a summer vacation in one of the most decorated tourist destinations in the world? And to top it all you have a chance to shake a leg with ravishingly beautiful girls at the lively Khelo365 VIP Party. The party is reserved for VIPs and that’s exactly what you become once you win our loyalty race.

The winners would get to be a part of this amazing carnival which would be an eclectic mix of rollicking fun & entertainment. Renowned event organizers in Thailand are going to host this fantastic feast so we can guarantee you unlimited fun. It’s this wow factor that seems to motivate many players to leapfrog others in the leaderboard. We are aggressively framing our team for the preparations for this mind-blowing event and we’re working hard every minute to make it a grand success. You can think about the things to do in Phuket while we are busy making arrangements for this grand trip. Apart from the Phuket trip, extravagant prizes like iPhones, iPod Touch, Cash Awards & Gift Vouchers are also going to be given.

Loyalty Leaderboard

We are updating our Loyalty leaderboard every minute based on their loyalty points. As the contest ends on Apr 23, expect a lot of changes in the leader board. Players at the top must not get complacent or sloppy at any point of time till Apr 23.

Loyalty Leaderboard

Deccan Rummy is currently hosting heaps of rummy promotions. Take a look at our promotions section of our website. We offer everything you would expect as a rummy player – sign up bonus, First Deposit Bonus up to Rs. 5000, Instant deposit bonus up to 200% and a smorgasbord of free roll & cash rummy tournaments. For now, this Phuketgala remains as the jewel in the crown. As a customer, your priority must to be grab hold of this wonderful opportunity & derive the maximum out of it. Get rewarded for all of your play at Deccan Rummy!

If you find this article interesting, do not forget to share, like this using the social media buttons given below. If you have any queries about this promotion, feel free to contact us at


Appeal of 13 cards Indian Rummy Game

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the appeal of Indian Rummy games and its widespread reach? While it is true that 13 cards Indian rummy provides incredible fun, there are other games that provide equal fun if not more. It warrants a thorough examination to discover the truth about rummy game’s universal popularity.

Upon thorough examination and discovery, it is found that 13 cards Indian rummy games are extremely popular because of two factors that could leave you startled. One is the game’s simplicity and other is it can be complex at the same time. How can a game be simple and complex at the same time? There lies the beauty of this extraordinary game. Indian Rummy is an amalgamation of several rummy variants of the bygone eras. What we call modern rummy today has evolved to its present form after several changes.

In this article we try to dissect the factors in Rummy that are simple and complex so as to make things clear.

Indian Rummy – It’s so Simple

There are so many rummy sites available these days for you to play free rummy online. You need to pick the most reliable rummy and register. Registration process is really simple. All you need is a valid Email ID and you are good to go.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience

Easy rules – 13 cards Indian rummy online remains the most preferred rummy game because of its simple game play. The main objective of the game is to arrange the 13 cards dealt to you by creating melds which can either be set (three or four cards of the same rank) or runs (three or more cards of the same suit in a sequence). The player who melds a minimum of two sequences with at least one pure sequence (without the Joker) is the winner.

Fewer chances for Fraud – Unlike other card games where cheating could swing the fortunes, online rummy game has fewer chances of a fraud occurring. You will have to complete the task of arranging the 13 cards into proper runs and sets and you will have to declare before winning. Many rummy sites have effectively enforced anti-collusion and anti-fraud measures so as to prevent any cheating in the game.

It’s fun and rewarding. When you join our rummy site you can always find somebody to play with any time without even moving from your place. In addition to this, add the appealing aesthetics of the rummy tables along with realistic sound effects and the opportunity to chat with your fellow players makes the game more alluring.

Complexities in 13 Cards Indian Rummy 

Rummy Strategies – Strategy plays a very important role to be successful in rummy game. Planning your moves, observing your opponents game play, calculating probabilities to arrive at a winning combination are some of the key skills that you need to acquire in a rummy game.

Analysing your opponents – While playing online rummy games, you need to follow every move of your opponents to get an idea about the melds he’s trying to make. You need to formulate your strategies based on the moves by your opponents.

Quitting- There are certain instances while playing rummy where quitting from the game is more prudent than persisting. Knowing when to quit is an art in rummy that you can learn only when you gain enough experience.

Wagering Money – Investing money on rummy online is no big deal. There are many players who lose money without the faintest knowledge about bankroll management. As online rummy is a tempting game, it’s vital to learn how to manage your bankroll.

Indian rummy games are there for generations with the love for this game being passed on from one generation to the next. We expect the legacy of rummy to be carried on to next generations as well. Some things never change!

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