Five Hacks to Develop Positive Attitude in Life

Looking at the rosier side of everything at all times is something highly impossible. Our brains are naturally programmed to look at the negative things. However, having a pessimistic outlook can make your lives a living hell.

Having a positive and balanced outlook in life is very important. Staying positive is not a one-day job. You have to constantly reinforce the antithesis of the negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positives.

As said, you can achieve that only through constant work. Developing a positive attitude, helps you tackle any challenges thrown in front of you. Positive approach is not only beneficial for your brains, but also for you health. Here are a few hacks that will help you remain positive in life.

Tips to develop a Positive Attitude

1. Avoid Pessimistic self-talk

The first step to develop a positive attitude is to eliminate negative self-talk. Once you cloud your mind is negative belief, it reflects in your attitude and behavior. Even if success is waiting at your door stop, you will not be in a position to embrace it. It is important to understand that most of negative thoughts that are emanating within us are just our opinions and fears, not facts. Take a moment or two to slow down your negative thoughts. With some efforts you can eliminate negative thoughts and reinforce them with positive ones.

2. Remove Negative people from your environment

The second step to remove negativity is to de-attach yourself from negative people and negative environment. The people who surround us and the environment we occupy plays a vital role in our manifestation of thoughts. Removing such negative influences from your life will help you to come out of the cycle of negativity and build a positive outlook. Find a person with whom you can get solutions for your problems. Avoid hanging out with negative people.

3. Play Online Games

Online Games are mainly played for relaxation and entertainment. Playing online games such as 13 card rummy will enhance your cognitive, analytical, observatory, and memory skills. Additionally, these games gives users an opportunity to win real cash online. Winning any game cheers you up and improves your mood. Keep playing a wide range of games across multiple rummy variants. Competitions are always aplenty at rummy sites like Deccan Rummy. Participate in leaderboard contests and tournaments. Besides the prize money, this way you can channel in more positivity on to your lives.

4. Failures are not end of the road

No scientific inventions have come around in the first attempt. Behind all the luxuries that we are enjoying in the current world lies a thousand failures. It is only after numerous unsuccessful attempts, many of the current inventions we enjoy have arrived. Remember the age old adage “Failures are the stepping stones of success”? So, don’t let the failures stonewall your progress. Keep trying, you can overcome your failures and achieve the thing that you desire with sustained efforts. Also, taking failures in the stride, will also lend you a pragmatic outlook on things.

5. Don’t stress yourselves

Numerous studies indicate youngsters are heavily prone to stress related illness due to sedentary lifestyle and increased work pressure. Burdening yourself with unnecessary stress only makes your life even worse. Engage yourself in some club activity that involves mingling with people across all ages. It will help you get rid of unnecessary stress and worries.

Life is unpredictable, there are fair doses of ups and downs in everyone’s life. Understanding this basic fact will help you lead life in a more practical way. Additionally, the hacks mentioned will help you develop a positive attitude in life. The time taken for each individual may vary. However, you can be guaranteed of a change in your life, if you follow them religiously.

Increase your winning chances with these rummy tips

The Best part of playing online Rummy is that it always presents an opportunity to have both fun and earn. According to a research, skills associated with mind such as decision making, problem solving may wane with age or due to staying inactive for long. Hence, it is important to keep sharpen your mind every now and then. Indian Rummy is one of the best options to do that as it offers a fair balance of skill and chance. Once you master the rummy tips, you do not have to worry for that elusive win anymore.

Whenever you play rummy, it is very important to understand that it is skill game and not a game of chance. Being a skill game, it offers plenty of chances to enhance your skills. Whether you are playing for fun or with an intention to earn, these are a few Rummy tips that can help you go a long way.

Rummy Tips

1. Practice makes you perfect

Just like every other aspect of our life, you can get better in rummy by playing persistently. Forget win or loss, you are here to learn. If you are scared of losing money, there is always practice games that cost you nothing but offers equal thrill and fun like cash games. Practice games offer a chance to fix your mistakes and get your skills right. Remember, the more you play, the better you get it. Practice games are a great avenue for learning new rummy tips.

2. Choose the right table

The preference for tables varies with players. Some players may like the adrenaline rush of points rummy, while others prefer slow burners like deals and pool rummy, that takes a while to finish. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer cash games at all stakes for all the three variants with an entry fee as low as Rs. 10. Choose the table that fits your style of gameplay and how much you can bring to the table. Do not be in a rush to go for high-stakes right at the beginning. Just like all other activities, you have to proceed organically.

3. Watch your opponents gameplay

One of the most important trait required to be successful in online rummy is good observation skills. You need to constantly observe the discards and pickups from the open deck. The cards they discard can give you an idea about the sequence they are trying to build. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Hold on to the cards that you think will help your opponents unless you have no other option. Never allow them to take the upper hand by discarding the cards they need.

4. Arrange your cards properly

It’s always good to regroup your cards every now and then, as sometimes you may miss a set or sequence by not properly arranging it. While playing online rummy, you have a option to group your cards with a click. So, ensure you group your cards after every deal so as to not miss out.

5. Use the joker wisely

Jokers are very handy cards which allow you to finish the game quickly. It can act as a replacement card for the missing card in a set or a sequence. Ensure you make full use of them, it’s good to use the joker to complete a set or sequence in higher cards. However, do remember pure sequence is mandatory for winning in rummy. In your desire to finish the game quickly, do not forget the pure sequence where joker card will be of no use.

6. Know when to drop

Contrary to the popular belief, folding earlier does not constitute as a cop-out in rummy. If you receive a bad hand, your chances of a successful declare is less. At that point, it is nearly a waste of time to keep digging in, without any success in the fray. Also, you run the risk of losing by a big margin. Continue only when you feel there is a chance to arrange the cards into proper sets or sequences.

As mentioned, these rummy tips would help you a long way in meeting the objective of the game. Do follow them every single time you play.

How the Rummy game stays relevant at all times?

One of the biggest reasons behind playing social games is to foster bond between people from all walks of life. Rummy game continues to be one of the best ways to bond with people. From major Indian festivals like Diwali and Pongal to even kitty parties, the presence of rummy game has added fun and excitement to the event. Now as festival celebrations have largely toned down and have become a nuclear family affair, playing offline rummy with relatives is no longer happening.

However, online rummy has come as a blessing in disguise to enjoy the game in its truest essence. Being from a social game that was played during festivals, rummy has now become an activity that is part of our daily routines, thanks to the internet. Though several genres of games have propped up in the recent past, online rummy continues to enthrall gamers across all genres. Online Rummy game’s popularity continues to surge as millions of gamers continue to join online rummy platform on a daily basis. However, there are few things in bugging the mind of many rummy players for which we can give some clarifications.

Rummy Game

Rummy Game Online – Relevancy

1. Legal to Play

There are many misconceptions about the game’s legality. Online Rummy is primarily a skill game. Mental skills like observation, decision making, time management, and problem solving play a crucial role in the rummy game. Online rummy enhances your cognitive ability. It can improve your memory, concentration, and lower your stress level and help you think clear. Except for states where where playing rummy online is adjudged as illegal, online rummy can be enjoyed by every one other. As a matter of fact playing online rummy is a very good pastime and people should not considered it as an antisocial activity.

2. Win Money

There are so many games available in the internet which allows you to earn real money. However, it is not easy to win money playing other games as it is in rummy. The odds of winning rummy game is high compared to other card games with element of chance. There are so many platforms to play rummy online. Deccan Rummy is one of the most trusted platform in India. We are regularly hosting high value tournaments which gives the players a chance to win huge fortunes. Just bring your skills to the tables and earn a chance to win a big share from our freeroll tournaments.

3. Safe and Secure

The next things that bothers the players really is safety. What if their personal information and bank information leaks? It is infact due to this fear and news about data breaches happening every now and then, users are skeptical about registering in several websites. We at Deccan Rummy can guarantee data security to each and every player playing in our platform. The security system and encryption technology in our website are impenetrable and As a player, you will find a safe and transparent gaming ecosystem in which each transaction is secure. Every information passing while making a transaction is encrypted for security. Also, our fraud detection algorithms detect any suspicious activities instantly.

All said, rummy continues to be an exciting game with every year. Despite the advent of new games, rummy game has not fizzled or phased out like many other games. It is continuing to grow stronger with each year. Just like any other year, we have lots of tournaments and offers for our users this year too. Download Rummy app now and be a part of ever growing community and enjoy winning awesome prizes!

Time to review your New Year resolutions


Last year was an unforgettable year which changed the millions of people living all over the world. The Coronavirus Pandemic has disrupted our lives in every sphere possible. From the threat of pandemic wrecking havoc to having contained the pandemic with minimal damage, our country has come a long way. It was a challenging year for everyone. It was a year that illustrated that with unity and discipline we can ward off any evil.

Now we’ve successfully overcome those dark days and stepped into 2021. New Year always signifies new beginnings, new opportunities, and brings us hopes. Every year people make resolutions during New Year. Resolutions empower you to try out new activities and to leave out activities that are harming you. Some people want to shed their weight, quit smoking or drinking, develop a chiseled body, may have some goals related to finance or education. . How many of us end up successful in keeping our resolutions intact is infact debatable, but the point is every new activity needs a starting point. As long as resolutions do that, why discourage them? Here are a few new year resolutions that you can possibly take and try to follow:

1. Shed those extra kilos

Being obese is no fun. Obesity paves way to multiple diseases. We are sure you must have heard about the adage “health is wealth”, so it’s an area which you cannot ignore. Following a physical training regime everyday would ensure you lose those extra fat that keeps you lazy most of the time. Check with the people who rave about how drastically their lives changed after they lost their weight. Exercising everyday not helps you stay physically fit but also improves your mental health.

2. Develop a skill

Age is never a restriction to learning. It is just a number. Considering the volatile nature of job market, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the latest technical developments. If not, you run the risk of being left out. You cannot keep persevering with what you have. You need to look out for ways to up-skill whenever and wherever possible. Whatever field you are employed in, make sure you keep a track of latest developments in that field and stay updated.

3. Travel more

Now that the vaccination drive has begun, normalcy is being slowly restored. Travel curfews are being slowly lifted. Make sure you have at least two unexplored location in your travel bucket list. The reason we are advocating travel is that it gives you a new perspective to your lives. Plan your travel well in advance to ensure you do not face last minute hiccups. Ensure you take all the safety measures while travelling.

4. Develop productive hobbies

Do you endlessly watch TV or binge on OTT Platform in your free time? If so, it’s time to search for alternate option as it’s not going to help you much. Merely playing a video game for entertainment would be of no avail. It is the reason why should probably try out cognitively enriching game like Indian rummy. Playing rummy online with is known to enhance your concentration, memory, and analytical skills. Rummy players are found out to have lower anxiety levels. Skills associated with rummy game such as decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving often translates into real lives enriching your skills. You can also use your Rummy Skills to have a crack to win a whole-sum cash prize in no time.

Review your resolutions

Let’s face it, if you are not paying attention to your resolutions regularly, you are going to break it. Thus, a crucial part of meeting your resolutions is to periodically review your progress. At a bare minimum, this should be a monthly review, but the more frequent the better. At times when you fall back, the review should help you get back on track. So, if you have not yet taken your resolutions, it’s not too late. Try these activities right now and notice a marked improvement in your lives in a few days.