How your sleep impacts your rummy game?

If you want to be consistently successful in rummy, you should be prepared both physically and mentally. It includes following a gruelling routine and having a passionate commitment to the sport. At times, the demanding schedule may have some negative impacts on your life including affecting your sleep. It is important that you do not allow this to happen.

 Smart players know how important rest plays a role. In this article, we will discuss how proper sleep can help you to come up with your best game.

 Take charge of your Sleep Habits

 1. Decision Making

 Rummy is a mind sport. It involves various mental skills such as observation, concentration, and decision making. In order to take correct decisions at the right time, you must be in a sound state of mind. For that, there is no medicine other than having a sufficient amount of sleep. Your brain needs rest to keep it rejuvenated. Feeling fresh will help you make well-informed decisions and make the right moves.

 2. Keep out frustration

 One of the foremost things bothering rummy players is getting frustrated. There is a fair chance, that things do not go out of your way every now and then. During such circumstances, it is quite natural to get frustrated. Being in an agitated state of mind, a lot of players tend to commit mistakes and lose badly. Such frustrations can also happen due to a lack of proper sleep. Sleeping well before playing will keep your mind calm and you can utilize your mental skills in a much better way.

 3. Losing Focus

 If you do not have sufficient sleep, you cannot concentrate properly. It is proven by research that an average adult human must have 7-8  hours of sleep every day to function properly. Sleeping helps in removing toxins from your brain that built up while you are awake. So, getting proper sleep is crucial for consolidating your brain’s power. A slight dip in your concentration could change your fortunes drastically in the game.

Ensure you get proper sleep every day to remain focused while you are playing rummy online.

 4. Memory

 Rummy Players have to consistently learn new strategies in order to put a strong fight. It includes understanding the concepts, reading about new strategies and implementing them in live tables. So for that, it is obvious that your memory power comes into the picture. Your memory power has a direct correlation with your sleeping habits. People suffering from insomnia tend to be absent-minded and have a hard time ingesting concepts and strategies. Getting a good night of sleep will improve your memory power and keep your brain active.

 All these tips may sound pretty simple or basic to you, but they will have a profound impact on your game. Get your sleeping habits in order to bring your best to the table!

How Playing rummy online is the best choice among all gaming activities

Recently, playing online rummy has gained much traction among all online games during this Coronavirus lockdown. The reason behind this is its simplicity and exciting game play. We have grown up playing rummy game the traditional way with a deck of cards all along in our lives. Who can forget the passion, vigor, and love we had for the game? The long rummy sessions we enjoyed during festivals and family gatherings just seem like yesterday. The crux of the matter is that rummy has always been an integral part of our lives. Aside from family gatherings and festivals, there were also several clubs functional in the bygone era, where people could enjoy playing card games.

The rummy clubs in India were inadequate for the sheer number of players all over the country. Online rummy ecosystem came as an avenue for everyone. The online market has grown so much over the past few years. Whether it;s banking, entertainment, or gaming, every single industry has migrated to the digital ecosystem. Rummy was one of the earliest card game to find its place in the online sphere. Because of the easy game play, the game was able to attract so many players since it’s presence online. People play rummy online for relaxation and also to win money.

Naturally amidst a bevy of high-end games with rich graphics and detailed plots, rummy game might seem like an odd choice. However, the players who are into the game for years know the value of playing rummy in a online platform. Playing rummy Online has more than what meets to eye with its incredible range of benefits. Here are a few reasons as to why playing rummy online in web or a mobile app is a good choice.

Playing Rummy Online

Playing rummy online

1. Begin without any worries

When you are starting off in any game, you will obviously be a little wary Seeing players perform actively can be intimidating. But Deccan Rummy’s reader friendly materials on rummy rules and how to play rummy will help the user to begin easily. There are helpful video tutorials which will help you learn the game in a matter of few hours.

2. Multiple Rummy Variant

When you are playing offline rummy, you are obviously going to play the same variant with the same set of players. However, online rummy sites like Deccan Rummy give the players multiple playing options. Whether you are interested to play points rummy, deals rummy, or pool rummy or even tournament, we have you covered. With tables running round the clock live, you will always find a partner to spar with in our platform. Basically, you can play at a time of your convenience.

3. Rewards and Benefits

One of the strongest reasons to choose rummy online is the huge rewards that are out for grabs. From incredible range of daily/monthly/weekly bonus offers to high voltage tournaments to action packed leaderboard contests, you get plenty of offers to win big in online rummy. The best part is that you do not have to deposit much to get started. Plenty of players start winning cash initially from free tournaments and then progress to high stake cash games. Additionally, playing rummy online can be incredibly beneficial as a stress buster during these tough days.

If these are reasons not suffice to get you started, we don’t know what will. Be sure never to miss an easy money making opportunity again. Download our rummy app, Register at Deccan Rummy, Just log in and go for glory!

Experiences that are as thrilling as playing rummy online

Few activities give the thrilling experience of playing rummy. Online Rummy takes the rummy playing experience up high several notches than the traditional method of playing rummy with physical deck of cards.

The whole environment in online rummy sites is dynamic and is constantly buzzing with activities. The pinnacle of enjoying rummy is participating in a online rummy tournament, which gives you an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best minds of the sport. Think about the adrenaline gushing, hair-rising and heart-stopping moments that come during the closing stages of a rummy tournament. Can any modern game offer such heart-pounding moments?

It is the combination of all these factors which lend an advantage to rummy, despite the pervasive reach of high-end technology games like PubG. Who would have thought such a simple multiplayer card game online could prevail amidst the tidal wave of new games with superior technology hitting the market everyday. The thrill and fun of a win in a rummy game is probably unmatched. Keep aside the monetary benefits associated with the game, rummy still offers a gratifying experience for players.

In this post we shall probably look at a few other activities which give us thrilling moments as much as when we play rummy online in any sites. If you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking your next big thrill, these are certain activities that should be on your bucket list.

1. Watching a T20 match

The game of cricket has evolved from a five day test match to a one-day international (with a total of 100 overs) to Twenty-20, a short match where each side gets just 20 overs apiece. In today’s fast-paced world, no individual has the time to devote a whole day for watching cricket action. A typical T20 game lasts just for about 3 hours, which is roughly as much as watching an Indian movie.

The game presents an excellent alternative to catch some cricket action during the evenings after work. The action is fast, exciting and not to forget the heart-pounding finishes. Think about the recently concluded India vs New Zealand series, where the Indian team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. The popularity of this format has sparked a series of T20 league championships all over the world. The T20 format has fueled some spark into the game which was considered too boring for its long duration.

2. Watching a thrilling movie

Most movie buffs like the thriller genre. The plot is thick and multilayered, there’s action, intrigue, mystery and everything a movie buff love. Think about the times we’ve screamed when a suspense has been unfurled in a total shocking and unexpected fashion in the movie. We do go through some anxious moments when the protagonist pieces together the evidences to solve the jigsaw puzzle. Movies in this thriller/mystery genres impresses as it glues us to the plot and we invariably get into the shoes of the protagonist in deducing the mystery.

3. Going on an adventure trip

Are you a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie who gets his/her kicks by going on an adventure? Bungee Jumping from the mountains should be on your radar. Another activity that should give you butterflies in the stomach should be Skydiving. Usually done from an airplane or an you jump out with a parachute on your back. The fall just lasts between 40 seconds and a minute but that’s long enough memory to carry for your rest of your lives. Life is all about discovering the unknown. Doing these activities could give you a new perspective about life.

4. Enjoy outdoor games

Thrills are more enjoyable when shared, and your thrill is amplified by multitudes if you can get people with similar tastes to join you. Nothing beats the good-old ground games which gets you some sun and some fun. Whether it’s the game of a football or a basketball, playing the game with a circle of friends is an immensely gratifying experience. We do enjoy watching the blood, sweat, and tears involved in those games in television. Why not relive those moments in your real life?

These are some activities that are most certain to infuse some thrilling moments in your lives. Do let us know of any other activities that you consider as thrilling as these in the comments section below.