Three reasons not to miss practice games before heading to cash tables

Indian Rummy is game that’s popularity is steadily increasing over the years. It’s the game that has its roots in India for several generations. The game is part of our cultural sphere and has been a regular during Indian festivals. Remember the good old days where we enjoyed the rummy game with our friends and family. Today millions of people all over the country can enjoy the game in a common shared platform. We can enjoy the game from the comforts of our living rooms. With hundreds of games and tournaments to choose from, rummy enthusiasts are having a field day.
However, it is important to get a good hang of the game before jumping into cash games. And for that most rummy online sites have given us options to play practice games from the comfort of our homes.

All popular Rummy variants are available in rummy sites like Deccan Rummy. The best part is, you can create your rummy account for free. All you need to do is choose your user ID, password, and create your account by confirming your email and Password. Here we give you three reasons to highlight the importance of playing practice games.


Why Practice is a must

1. Familiar with the environment

If you are new to Rummy, practice tables using will help you to learn the game without taking significant financial risks. Even if you know how to play rummy game and have experience in real money games, it helps you get familiar with the platform and the software in use. Most online rummy sites have a fixed time limit for making the moves. Playing online rummy helps you adept with the pace of the platform.

2. Polish the skills

Along with getting used to the platform, you will also need to acquire the required skills to succeed in the game. Playing rummy on practice platform give you insight about different rummy strategies that you need to excel in online rummy. They also provide the chance for players to check their rummy skills as they pit you against a better class of opponent. You can learn the ins and outs of popular rummy variants.

3. Quality of Players

Playing rummy practice games on a website will help you deduce the quality of the opponents in the website. You would get to know what level your competitors are in by playing practice rummy games online. It will be very helpful when you move to the cash tables later. Practice always make you perfect. The more you practice, it’s always for the better. Most cash rummy game players often start with practice rummy games and freeroll rummy tournaments before hitting the cash tables. You will also get an idea about the responsible gaming practices as you spend some time in the practice tables.

The past few years have seen exponential growth of card games online, especially games like rummy and poker. With so much time available now because of the coronavirus lockdown, it’s probably a great idea to get a good hang of the game now. As you move into practice rummy tables, you can probably a get good idea about the game and also hone your rummy skills in the meanwhile.

Benefits of playing free rummy practice games online

Rummy is one of the most entertaining and exciting games. In recent times the game has grown in popularity in the gaming world. Thanks to the explosive growth of technology, the game is now available online and is readily available to anyone. The game has a rich history and legacy attached to it. The online version of the game is completely seamless, available to every player 24*7. The game is 100% legal and secure. The outcome of the game is entirely based on your mental ability. Practicing and playing the game not just Improves the thinking capacity of a person but also earns them good money.


Earning money in online rummy is the primary reason behind many players choosing to play the game. It might sound so much easy but it takes time and a lot of effort to reach up to that level. The more you practice; the better is your game. In the earlier post, we have discussed a few warm-up routines to follow for rummy players. In continuation of that, this post talks about how practice games help them,

Practice Games

To start this remarkable journey ahead, register with Deccan Rummy. Verify your mobile number and avail Rs 25 sign up bonus instantly. Play practice games in our portal and get used to the online rummy gaming atmosphere. Practice games are handy in enhancing your rummy skills and finetuning your rummy strategies. Get used to the different variants of 13 card online Rummy games. We present you with points, deals, and pool rummy games online. Play your game as per your preference and make yourself more comfortable stepping into cash rummy games. Not just practice games; you can also play free rummy tournaments to win huge cash rewards.

 Advantages of playing practice game-

Players can play independently without having to worry about making an investment. These practice matches are available for every player anytime. There isn’t any registration required for playing practice games. Deccan Rummy is giving you 10000 chips to make you play practice games. As you exhaust the practice chips, you can refill them again. Once you start getting your groove in the game, your gameplay will become better and confident.

Best platform for online rummy-

So, you are good at rummy? what next? You need the right platform to showcase it and prove it to the rest of the world, isn’t it? Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest destinations to play rummy online. We have leveraged technology to give people an amazing experience. The much-revered rummy game which was restricted to our living rooms is now available online under different variants.

Backed by a strong technical and support team, Deccan Rummy is available both on the web as well as mobile platforms. Your search for the best rummy site ends at Deccan Rummy. So, if you are ready to make it big in the online rummy world, start off with practice games at Deccan Rummy. You will be amazed by your transformation within a few weeks of your gameplay.