Refer A Friend and earn for life

Refer A FRiend

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap.’

If you want happiness for a day — go fishing.

You want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.

If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” says a Chinese Proverb

“Share the joy of playing rummy and bring happiness to your loved ones,” says Deccan Rummy

Sharing the joy of happiness is the best quality can ever possess. Deccan Rummy is proud to consistently exceed user expectation with our splendid offers. Every player can earn more than what they really think, in numerous ways!

Here’s one such phenomenal deal – Refer a Friend!

Deccan rummy facilitates you to earn throughout your lifetime for spreading the essence of playing rummy online at Deccan Rummy.

Be a spark in making new Deccan Rummy stars. Let your friends be one among the stars who have reached great heights in online rummy. Get paid every time your referral plays at Deccan Rummy, 10% of the match fee paid by your referral to Deccan rummy will be rewarded to you. The most important note is that this offer does not have any validity period.

How Refer a friend works?

The step by step process to refer a friend and to avail the bonus for referring is as follows:

Step 1: Login to Deccan Rummy & Click on Refer & Earn.

Step 2: Select Invite your Friend -> “webmail Share.” Enter the mail addresses of people you wish to refer. Click on the send button. You can also import your contacts from Gmail.

Step 3: You can also invite people through social media platforms by using the “social share” option. Share the unique code links through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Step 4: Also make sure to inform your referral to start the journey only with the referral link. Only when they register through the link, your invitation to your referral will be taken into account by Deccan Rummy.

Step5: After registration, your referral must play cash rummy games to generate bonus to your account.

Step6: To know about your referral details, click ‘Referral Details.’ The details regarding the points generated through a referral scheme.

Step7: Referral points get generated at a conversion rate of 10:1 (1000 Referral points = Rs 100)

Make sure to know certain constraints in this referral system:

  1. Your referral must be 18+ of age.
  2. The person mustn’t be residing in any of the restricted territories of the country.
  3. You can refer only to known contacts, and no spam will be accepted.
  4. This whole scheme of referring and earn will be valid only when registering through the referral link.
  5. Deccan rummy will validate all the referral details with a third party.
  6. The third-party will follow its terms and conditions.

Refer your friend and get paid massively!

Looking for an extra online rummy bonus to boost your bankroll? Why not take advantage of our refer-a-friend scheme? This bonus will allow you to get rewarded simply for recommending our site to your friends. Yes, you do not have to deposit, no need to painstakingly grind for hours together.

Here at Deccan Rummy, our top priority is to ensure you have a great time playing rummy online and when you recommend us to your friends we want to show our gratitude!

So, for every friend you introduce to Deccan Rummy, both you and your friend will get rewarded in a great way!

Refer-a-friend schemes are one way of getting a decent bonus which is often bigger and better than bonuses you get from normal promotions. At Deccan Rummy, refer a friend offer is incredibly special.  All you’ve got to do is refer a few friends and bring them here to Deccan Rummy. Trust us, the bonus you receive is never-ending. Yes, you would not receive a better bonus deal anywhere.

Are you enjoying yourself at Deccan Rummy and do you wish to share the fun of playing 13 card rummy game to your friends? You can certainly do that without much hassle.

Refer a Friend

How Refer a Friend Works?

  • Download Deccan Rummy Mobile app free now
  • Verify your mobile Number and get Rs. 25 Instantly
  • Login to your account
  • Tap the menu button at the top left end and navigate to Bring A friend section
  • Share your Unique Referral code with your friends using WhatsApp, Facebook, or through other forms like email.
  • Your account will be credited with extra Rs. 25

It’s not over yet! By inviting your friends to Deccan Rummy you can win unlimited bonus for life. Sounds unbelievable? At Deccan Rummy, we are striving to make the impossible as possible always. Bring a friend to Deccan Rummy and get 10% of the fees to Deccan Rummy as Bonus for life. There’s no cap on the bonus amount!

Says Dwivedi94 “I have referred 5 of my friends to Deccan Rummy and I’m receiving a bonus since then. It’s really exciting to win bonus just by referring. Not only do I get a bonus but also have some solid company for gaming”.

With exciting rummy promotions put up this world cup, not only could you win some for yourself but you can make your friends win some exceptional prizes as well. As with the good old adage “Sharing is caring” why not share the joy of what you gain here with your friends and get rewarded for the game.