Top Five Mobile games to Keep your Brain Sharp

If you’re looking to indulge in some fun activity to while away your free time, why not choose something that exercises your brain? Muscles are not the only part in your body that requires a periodic workout, even your brains need regular exercises and flexing.

Numerous studies indicate playing mind-stimulating games keeps your brain agile, active & boosts your long term memory. Though there’s no conclusive research to assert the claim that it may prevent memory-related issues like dementia that people develop in their later part of life, brain training games helps us keep our brain sharper at least in the present.

Playing brain-training games helps us condition our brain to think more rationally, not give in to emotions. Some of the benefits of playing such games are high memory retention, developing abstract thinking, word memory, and undivided attention to tasks. If you have not jumped into this bandwagon, then it’s the right time to do so. Here, we have listed a collection of five brain training games that will sharpen your grey matter.

Exercise your brain with these games

1. Elevate

Elevate has a wonderful collection of over 30 games that boosts cognitive ability and enhances your concentration levels. They also have personalized brain training exercises and a daily workout calendar to keep track of your progress. The striking aspect of this app is its difficulty progression, the sharper you get, the tougher challenges you’d receive. It keeps you motivated to push more!

2. Peak

Developed with the assistance of the world’s leading neurologists and brain study experts, Peak houses more than 40 games including puzzles, brain teasers and concentration games. Known for its slick and user-friendly design, Peak offers a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, Peak offers a “Personal Trainer” who can guide you through the games as you keep progressing. Moreover, the app keeps track of the player’s progress and provides insight into the areas that the player needs to improve.

3. Lumosity

Like Elevate, Lumosity has a stable of over 40 games developed with assistance from the world’s leading Neuropsychologists and researchers. All the games adapt to users’ individual performance and provide a customized workout regimen depending on their schedules. Lumosity’s collection of games is designed to boost intellectual ability, condition your brain to think in a speedy way, and develops problem-solving skills.

4. Sudoku

While it’s not exactly a brain game or concentration-enhancing game, the game still serves its purpose as a mental workout. The game is in the form of a grid with 81 cells, broken up into nine sections. Every section has nine cells inside. The task is to put numbers from one to nine in every section without repeating any row or column. If you consider yourself a fan of the numbers game, you can try this game. There are many free apps offering Sudoku on both Android and iOS platforms.

5. Rummy

Also called Paplu, this 13 card game is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is also spreading its wings to the western world of late giving a tough run to games like Poker and Baccarat. Known to improve memory, enhance cognitive ability, relieve stress, and improve decision making, this game has a cult following in India. There are numerous sites offering 13 card rummy games in several formats. Even more attractive proposition is the chance to win real cash at no cost. If you’re a fan of the game, try downloading the Deccan Rummy Mobile app on Android. It is free, light on your device, loaded with in-class features and is tailored to provide a superior gaming experience.


Features that would make everyone try our rummy app

Since the Corona Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the entertainment quotient of people has largely been restricted online. With the outdoor entertainment industry taking a heavy hit, the biggest benefactor has been the online gaming and entertainment industry. Among those, Online rummy has emerged as a popular source of entertainment these days. Availability of the game in a ready form with rich features has drastically contributed to the rise of online rummy. Just like the phenomenal growth in the number of online rummy sites, the number of rummy apps has increased drastically too.

As nearly everyone owns a smartphone, many players prefer their gaming through mobile apps. You can play cash games and rummy tournaments through our mobile app and win loads of real money in prizes.

Features of Deccan Rummy Mobile

Seamless Gaming Interface

Our mobile app comes with a smooth gaming interface. You will find everything that you need to have a terrific gaming experience. Just get seated at the table and see the feel the magic of playing rummy with live players.

Fast Loading Tables

With nearly zero load time, you can quickly jump into cash rummy tables and tournaments of your choice and have an opportunity to win real cash prizes anytime.

Simple Dashboard

Our user lobby is very simple and self-explanatory that you will not have any kind of trouble navigating through various options. It is not just convenient but also provides tonnes of fun.

No Intrusive Ads

You can enjoy the rummy games and tournaments on our robustly built platform without any distraction. Just focus on the gaming experience without the trouble of intrusive ads or banners.

Exclusive Promotions

Get exclusive access to multiple promotions specific to mobile-app users. With exciting contests such as Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and RFL 2021, it’s the best time to enjoy rummy games on the fly with amazing winning opportunities. Double the cricket with these exciting promotions.

Enjoy Rummy Variants

Enjoy playing multiple rummy variants with real players all over India. We offer multiple rummy variants including Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy and cash/free rummy tournaments. Pick a variant that you want to play and get started.

Safe and Secure

Our Platform is 100% Safe and Secure and also RNG Certified. Our platform is certified by InfySec for Fairplay. Our payment gateways are secured with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures complete security for your payments.

So, do not wait any further, download our features rich free rummy app and get started!

Online Rummy

Tips to spend your money wisely in online rummy

One of the key elements to being successful in our lives is to manage our finances well. Being good with your finances goes beyond making ends meet. The first thing everyone must do after receiving their salary is to plan their monthly finances. Monthly expenses include paying bills, debts etc. You don’t have to be a finance expert to know how to manage your finances. If you are good at basic math skills like addition and subtraction, you can easily do so. This skill is useful when you play online rummy as well.

Because of the busy lifestyle, people hardly have control over their spending. As people splurge on unnecessary stuff, their saving habits take a bad hit. So, it is important to cultivate healthy saving habits. It is applicable to playing rummy online as well. Controlled spending will take you places in the online rummy ecosystem. Here are a few tips that would help you control your spending habits when you play rummy online.

Tips for spending in Online Rummy

1. Fix a Monthly limit

Just like how we plan our monthly budget like allocating an amount for paying bills, purchasing groceries, paying debts, keep an amount separate for online rummy activities. Make sure the amount you spend for playing rummy on a monthly basis does not affect your regular spending. Ensure at no point do you exceed your monthly limit. Just to make sure you don’t overspend, spend enough on practice tables to gain confidence to play cash games.

2. Follow Responsible Gaming

Sites like Deccan Rummy follow responsible gaming to ensure that players do not overspend on tables. Some of the practices include setting a deposit limit, restricting them from playing on occasions where they overplay. We do everything from our end to ensure you get a safe and secure gaming experience. However, players must also take the initiative to have a safe gaming experience. Always, remember the primary objective of playing rummy online is entertainment. Do not let your passion for the game turn into an obsession.

3. Savings

The motto for a successful financial future is to save more than what you spend. Most financial experts stress the need to save for the future to meet life’s needs and demands at a time where you can’t earn. The need to save does not mean you need to eliminate any entertainment activity from your life. Any activity in moderation has immense benefits. As mentioned before, fix a deposit limit every month for playing games like Rummy and never exceed it.

4. Bonus offers

One of the immense benefits of playing rummy online is the great bonus offers and cashback that you will receive for your deposits. Deccan Rummy is an amazing place to start your online rummy journey. Sites like Deccan Rummy have a great selection of bonus offers on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Take advantage of these offers and get more value on your deposits. Download our rummy app now to enjoy rummy games on the move. Have a great gaming session ahead!

Working From Home? Here are apps to assist you

Working from home? These are extraordinary times where we are largely confined to our homes. Now most of us are working from home online. Working from home is a new experience for most of us. While new COVID-19 cases to ravage the country, the best way to avoid the covid contraction, is stay home and follow clean hygiene habits.

While the regular way of working would take some time to resume, it is time to make the most of work from home option effectively. We’ve given a few recommendations which will help you with work from home option.

Effective Apps for Working From Home

1. Scheduling Apps

It is natural to go wayward with our schedule during these times. Apps can help you organize things like scheduling a meeting to trips. Luckily today’s Androids ecosystem has apps that helps in organizing different areas of your life. Apps like Todoist, Trello, and Google Assistant can help you organizing things.

2. Team Communication apps

Communicating with your team members is very important while working from home. Effective communication helps you keep in touch with your team mates and ensure workflow does not get affected. While nothing can compensate the physical interaction, apps like slack, zoom, and hangouts have reputation of ensuring great communication.

3. Gaming Apps

Online games have emerged as the leading entertainment option during this lockdown. In India, app games like Ludo king, online rummy, and poker have topped the charts in terms of downloads. India is the fifth largest gaming market in the world and more than 40% of population are expected to be playing games from their mobile apps. With games like PubG which revolutionized gaming industry banned, the attention has turned towards skill games like Rummy.

The availability of rummy apps on both Android and iOS make it easy convenient to play it on the go. Additionally, you also have a chance to some super cool prizes playing games like Classic rummy and poker online.

4. Exercise apps

It is important we maintain good physical health during these tough times. Because of the stress of being confined at home, many people are bound to overeat. Poor eating habits combined with not exercising results in lots of health complications. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a workout regime to keep you physically fit. Research indicates there is direct correlation between your physical and mental health. So make a move to shed those extra kilos you’ve put in during these lockdowns.

To help you, there are apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Runtastic available that can help you maintain a good exercise routine. However, you need consistency and discipline in sticking to the routine to reap the full benefits of these apps.