Add more sheen to your rummy gaming with Nifty November

The downpour has started already; this is what people were waiting for. There is something else that people were waiting for. Yes, Deccan Rummy’s monthly promotion. It’s here in the form of Nifty November. Even the monsoon may fail, but you can always count on us to come up with promotions to your delight.

Deccan Rummy’s monthly bonus promotions have been of an impeccable benefit to our patrons. With Nifty November, you get another shot to boost your bankroll. At the global level, November has many reasons to celebrate the month. In India, it’s November Nifty out to enthrall all the Rummy Players.

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Offers like this boost confidence in Indian rummy game players to play more at Deccan Rummy. Actually, players at our hub are much profitable than any other sites in the market. We make every aspect of 13 card Rummy more special. These hot deals stimulate the ambiance among players to push more.

The name seems to be familiar to many people. Nifty in Indian Economy is different from this promotion. People can make and lose money at Nifty in economy, whereas Nifty at Deccan Rummy is going to return people with profits.

Nifty November

November Nifty is making players enjoy a bonus of 20%, with a maximum benefit of Rs 1000. Deposit with code <NOV2019> and enjoy playing Rummy with a better wallet balance. This promotion runs from November 1 to November 30 and can be used only once. Make it quick! The bonus value gets instantly added to your profile.

How to avail the Nifty November Bonus?

  1. Open
  2. Login using your username and password.
  3. In your lobby, click “Add Cash.”
  4. Enter the amount you wish to add.
  5. Use <NOV> to avail the special offer.
  6. Players will receive the bonus credit instantly after the successful deposit.

This is the best time to enjoy different variants of rummy games. When you get a maximum of Rs 1000, why is a genuine rummy player going to miss it?

Make this November the perfect month for playing Online Rummy with Nifty November offer!

Awesome August Offer – Get Rs. 1000 Bonus!

If you are at Deccan Rummy for some time, then you must know that we are second to none when it comes to enthralling the users with exciting offers and promotions.  Whenever you think of a gaming platform that stays ahead of its time, then you cannot discount Deccan Rummy from it. Keeping the tradition alive, here is the best way to grab some of the hottest bonus offers for the month.

As we head into the month of August after several months of battering heat, we are all set to embrace some nice weather ahead. In tune with the pleasant weather, we have a pleasant offer for you.



Get more bang for your bucks with our Awesome August bonus offer. Get 20% Bonus up to Rs. 1000 for one of your deposits made this month. Use the code “FREEDOM73” while making a deposit and get the bonus amount instantly credited into your account. Yes, you heard it right! This is an exciting offer for the viewers to get hooked up right at our site!

The tantalizing bonus offer is available throughout the month and a player can make use of it once and boost their bankroll.

With the exciting bonus credit, dive into the spectacular world of exciting rummy games and tournaments. The monthly bonus offer has always been one of the permanent features of Deccan Rummy. Thousands of player avail these offers and have been benefitting immensely from it.

With offers and promotions being bread and butter of an online rummy site, DeccanRummy is leaving no stones unturned to ensure that players get the best of the lot.

Players will be having fun at every turn at Deccan Rummy thanks to the brilliant selection of games under all rummy variants and series of rummy tournaments.

So what are you waiting for? Avail this bonus offer and dive into the exciting world of online card games right now!

Gear up for Happy Hours every day

Playing online rummy is the current gaming trend in India. Rummy is more familiar among the people of our country. It does carry a sub-continental flavor in it. Gamers are open to a lot of online rummy websites. They want a game with a combination of trust, real-time experience, worthy rewards, and some fantasy offers.

Happy Hours

With all these features in it, Deccan Rummy has been the most preferred online rummy gaming. Deccan Rummy is one of the most popular rummy sites in India. The players feel that this website is most trustful than others in the market.

We from Deccan rummy, make sure that our gaming interface is smooth and offers a seamless gaming experience. To ensure the same, we are available for their help 24*7. Money transactions have been made simple. This ensures hassle-free deposit and withdrawal methods for the users.

Different gameplay themes and game design almost give the same real-life game experience. Deccan rummy updates players with frequent tournaments, both paid and free rummy tournaments. Winning these tournaments will give you an option to get huge rewards like car, bike, mobile phones, and cash bonuses.

Happy Hours

Merry Monday29th JulyGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500MMJ22Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Thrilling Tuesday30th JulyGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500TRILJ23Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Wow Wednesday31st JulyGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500WOWJ24Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Turbo Thursday1st AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500TURBOJ25Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Fantastic Friday2nd AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500FANJ26Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Sizzling Saturday3rd AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500SIZZJ27Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Super Sunday4th AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500SUPERJ28Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM

When it comes to bonus offers, Deccan rummy is a step ahead of our peers. These bonus offers are available every month, every week, and every day. Yes, we indeed give offers every day.

Who doesn’t like Happy Hours! Be it restaurants, bars or shopping, happy hours are a rage! Customers wouldn’t want to miss out on great deals announced during Happy Hours! Guess what? The Happy Hours are finally here at!

Now get bonuses on your deposits during the specified time with bonus codes. Use these codes, start playing cash rummy games during happy hours, feel happy, play happy, and get rewarded hugely!

Deccan Bonus Bounty – Refill your account with bundles of cash

Love playing rummy online for real money? Head over to Deccan Rummy to avail an awesome cash bonus of 10% up to Rs. 500 on your deposit amount as a part of our Deccan Bonus Bounty contest. The bonus amount allows you to play cash rummy game online or tournaments of your choice and you would also be eligible for the leaderboard contests that are running over at Deccan Rummy. So, grab the deal and use your rummy skills to multiply your prize money.

The instant bonus offer from Deccan Rummy is only applicable for real money players at the site. If you are a free rummy online player, this is the right time to transform yourself into a cash rummy online player.

Deccan Rummy is synonymous with various offers and promotions. There are umpteen numbers of rummy bonus offers and promotions running already on our site. The aim is to provide maximum entertainment to the users. As a user, you must take advantage of these exceptional offers and promotions to make your bankroll stronger.

With so many promotions coming along with the cricket season, these are times money falls like nine pins. Buckle up and make the most out of these phenomenal offers.

Deccan Bonus Bounty

How to take advantage of Deccan Bonus Bounty Offer?

As you might be aware that Deccan Bonus Bounty is a weekly bonus offer where the opportunities galore for the users to get more on their deposits. All you need is a Deccan Rummy account and should have verified KYC so that you can deposit without any hassle.

If you have a Deccan Rummy account, log in and deposit with the code “XTRABOUNCE” and once you successfully complete the deposit, 10% Bonus amounting to your deposit amount would be instantly credited. You can use this bonus amount to play with the rummy strategy and multiply your cash. The bonus code is valid from June 17 – 23. So, the sooner the user avails, the better it is for them. Known for our fast withdrawal options, players can multiply their winnings and withdraw the cash anytime they wish.

Multiple accounts are banned at Deccan Rummy. Players who create multiple accounts to take advantage of this Deccan Bonus Bounty bonus offer will be banned and also the funds in their account shall remain locked for the violation.

Please do let us know how much you enjoyed the bonus offer here at Deccan Rummy by posting a comment below. Also, do let us know about the offers and promotions that you wish to see here. Subscribe to our blog to know about the latest happenings in the Indian rummy community. Have a fantastic time enjoying the game you love the most!