The Evolution of Rummy Card Game in India

Even before the arrival of rummy card game, games with playing cards were incredibly popular in India. Mughal emperors had certain card games  played within the royalty. In due course of time, the practice of playing card games spread to the masses.

Very soon multiple card games emerged in India and it became a part of the lifestyle of millions of Indians. Now, of all the card games, no other game enjoys as much popularity as rummy. Indian rummy game is a regular feature during Indian festivals and other gettogethers.

Origin of Rummy Card game

Rummy game traces back to conquain origin from mexico several centuries ago. As countries started trading, the game spread to several countries and took its own form blending with the local culture and norms.

Indians have also been receptive to games from abroad. Just like other games (cricket), rummy was absorbed into the Indian culture and evolved to become Indian rummy, played with 13 cards. Though, the timeframe of when the game arrived in India is unknown, it is widely believed that Indian rummy came to India during the initial stages of british occupation.

Rummy Card Game

Rummy game in household

No festival celebrations in INdian families end without a session of rummy. The idea behind it is to strengthen family bonds and improve relationships.

Rummy is a great time to spend free time and relax. People can get rid of their stress and anxiety by playing this game regularly. Also, with just 2 people enough to play the game, finding a partner is no big deal. It is the main reason why Indians prefer this game for entertainment as it does not require elaborate arrangements.

Evolution of Online Rummy Game

Now with the improvement of technology, just like activities like paying bills, gaming has also moved online. Even people who had no prior exposure to rummy can now easily learn how to play rummy online.

Sites like Deccan Rummy incentivize players by providing multiple winning opportunities with various tournaments and promotions. As the game is simple to learn and very rewarding, multiple players from all walks of lives register and play in our platform. With multiple rummy variants to choose, you are in for an absolute blast.

If you like to enjoy rummy game on the move, you can perhaps download rummy mobile app for your handheld gadgets and enjoy hardcore gaming experience. As soon as you register and verify your mobile number, you will get practice chips using which you can gain some experience on our practice tables. The more you play, the more are your chances to gain new insights about rummy strategies and increase your chances of winning.

Things you should know before playing rummy card game online

Rummy Card Game is a game of the skill, but there is an element of luck which makes it impossible to win every game that you play. Even rummy experts with their cutting edge strategies find it difficult to win every single game that they play.

These players have gotten to where they are through years of hard work, spending so much time on tables, polishing their strategies constantly. If you have to win, the road to that is filled with thorns which you have to overcome.

The good news is that hard work pays off in a rummy game. The efforts you put currently will reflect in a few years from now.

Rummy Card game is entertaining and fun but the fun doubles if you know the game in-and-out thoroughly. It’s important to get familiar with rummy rules and different styles of play if you want to win more consistently.

Whether you are playing a simple rummy variant or involved in a high voltage rummy tournament or a leaderboard contest, there are a few things that you should know.

Rummy Card Game


The amount of time that you spend in the practice tables will have a great impact on your long term results. Playing practice rummy card game will help you study about the game. Rummy is a card game where you will face different kinds of complex situations every now and then. The knowledge you gain from practice games can be put into optimal use.

Practice is a part of the learning curve. Every successful rummy player have started off with practice tables. The put their accumulated practice experience while playing real money games. There’s no substitute for practice tables.

Avoid Frustration

Frustration is something we all experience while playing a sport. Not every time things go in the way that we desire.

It’s impossible to win every single hand that you play. You will have to go through days where things are not going your way. A major part of a successful rummy strategy is your ability to handle downswings.

At times, there might be scenario where your opponent might play recklessly which may annoy you or stoke your anger. It may be a trash-talking player at the other end or player who plays illogically.

It’s essential to retain our cool. Such kinds of situations are unavoidable while playing rummy card game online. How you react to them is what that matters the month. If you’re playing to their trap, then your whole session could be disastrous.

Rummy Card game Addiction

Playing rummy online should not become an addiction at any point rather it must be a relaxation. It is one thing that you should be wary of every time you begin to play. Make sure that rummy doesn’t interfere in your other personal routine activities. While it’s true that you can earn money online in rummy, do not become obsessed by it. Most Rummy sites follow responsible gaming practice which will keep a tab on your gaming activities. Even otherwise, it’s important that you keep your gaming habits in control. Draft a timing schedule and keep a deposit limit and ensure you religiously follow your schedule all the time.

How the culture of playing rummy morphed from Offline to Online?

Rummy has played a significant role in most of our lives. Growing up, we played the game along with our friends and families. It was the biggest pastime for us during our school and college vacations. Rummy was a regular entertainment during family gatherings and was a great tool for socializing. The game has always been a big part of our culture

Over a period of time a lot of things changed rapidly due to the incursion of technology. The game which played a huge portion of our lives is now available online entertaining us at any time we want. The transition of rummy from an offline game to online game that attracts millions of gamers across the world is truly a phenomenal milestone in the annals of technological achievements.

Was the journey easy? Certainly not! A lot of naysayers scoffed at the idea in the beginnings and did not pay much attention to the game. But with time talk about the amazing aspects of the game spread and there’s clearly been no looking back. In this post, we trace the journey of this amazing transition.


1. Advancement in Technology

Technology has impacted every sphere of our lives even taking the traditional forms of entertainment like card games to the cyber space. The move to take card games into the danger was fraught with danger and was done more as a gamble. Taking the risk paid off in a big time as the game found new audience who weren’t big on card games earlier. Slowly, the practice of playing the game with a physical deck of cards was phased out and replaced with online card gaming.

2. Hectic Lifestyle & and its impact on culture

One of the main reasons for this transition has been the increasingly hectic lifestyle of people and drastic change in our culture. Like the fact, people’s busy lifestyle meant that they no longer have the common time to enjoy the game they loved once. With the hectic lifestyle, relative gathering has reduced drastically, and festivals have largely become family affairs. Hence, the rummy suddenly found no place that it once enjoyed. Online Rummy sites rightfully put the game back into limelight and now it’s a front-runner.

3. Rapid penetration of smartphones

If you observes these days most players enjoy rummy card game using their mobile phones. The rapid penetration of smartphones have simplified a lot of our tasks. From banking to shopping to entertainment, you can access everything from the comfort of your living rooms. As everybody gets access to the internet through the increasing availability of smartphones and cheap data packs, it facilitated users to try out online card games such as rummy.

4. Increasing number of Rummy Online sites

Slowly and steadily as the game found favor among the gaming audience, the number of sites offering 13 card rummy games went up. The astonishing number of online rummy sites flooding the market and packed with huge volumes of players is a testament to how popular online rummy is among the gaming audience. The robust platform of rummy online sites loaded with attractive features attracted players from all parts of the world. Additionally, the gaming audience are enchanted with numerous bonus offers and guaranteed prize money tournaments.

5. Chance to test your skills

Everyone loves challenges. Nothing gives us an adrenaline rush more than an hard fought victory. Rummy is a mind game which requires your complete focus and requires a certain amount of intelligence. Unlike other card games where luck plays a huge role, in rummy, it’s the skills that dominate the outcome. With online rummy, you get a chance to rub shoulders against players across the whole country. Everyone wants to be one step above the other. Perhaps, rummy satiates their desire for dominance with their skills, which may explain the game’s huge popularity. Additionally, playing rummy helps you to reduce your stress and increase your attention span.

Summing up

The culture of playing rummy card games received a boost after it’s sojourn into the cyber space. People look at the game as a means for skill development and earning money online. With the help of growing technology, rummy online sites are coming up with numerous features to make the gaming experience more engrossing. The fact that rummy remains a front-runner despite the arrival of numerous games should indicate that it’s popularity is not going to wane anytime soon.

5 reasons that prove rummy card game is a skill game

Card games like rummy has never ceased to captivate the gamers all along. Rummy Card game has a rich history in India and continues to enthrall the gamers across different age groups despite the arrival of more graphic rich games. Even to this day, it’s not surprising to watch people play rummy during their spare time or festivals or even when they travel. With the advancement in internet and technology, several industries have changed drastically from head to toe. Rummy game too is now available online.

The game which we enjoyed with family and friends largely is now available at a much grander stage. With online rummy, you can feud against gamers from a different geographic location putting your skills on the line. Talking about skills, skeptics of the game give a different spin to the game that it’s a game based on chance, downplaying the skill part intentionally. If it’s not a skill game, you could see the same bunch of winners who are strangely categorized as “lucky” win the game again and again. Here are four concrete evidences which back our claim that rummy card game is largely a skill game.

Rummy Card game

1. Mathematical and Analytical skills

Rummy is a game which requires some amount of critical and analytical thinking. People who are blessed with such skills often end up winning more often. In a 13 card rummy game, the theory of probability comes to use so often.

a.) For example, if you have a 7 and 9 of hearts, chances are that you may get a 8 of hearts to complete a sequence. It’s worth waiting for that 8. But if you have 5 and King of spades, it’s rather waste holding both the cards as the probability of making a sequence is very low.

b.) If you receive too may black cards, it is safe to assume that your opponents are probably holding a large number of red cards.

c.) If you receive a large number of even numbered cards, your opponents are likely to hold odd-numbered cards. This is where your mathematical skills comes into play.

2. Observational skills

While playing a online rummy card game, you are constantly gathering information and formulating a strategy based on observing your opponent’s moves. In the event you do not observe your opponent’s moves, chances are heavy that he might declare earlier as he’s been observing your moves all along.

3. Memory Skills

In a rummy card game, you need to remember the fall of cards and the cards your opponents pick from the open deck. For that you need to possess a good memory power and concentration. Failure to concentrate means you are handing over the victory on a silver platter to your opponents.

4. Emotional control

It goes without saying that the strategies you use are likely to determine the outcome in the game. However, rummy game tests few other abilities of yours – Patience, Perseverance, crisis management, and decision making. A good rummy player essentially possesses all these skills and has better emotional control. People running wild on emotions are likely to lose the game as they get the better of your skills.

5. Playing rummy card game against Good and Bad players

Any game that involves luck, there is no question of good or bad players. Any player without skills could win those luck based games easily. In rummy, the demarcation between good and bad players are evident. There’s a difference between playing a beginner and a well-experienced player. The decisions you take in the midst of the game makes a lot of difference to the outcome. We can all agree if making decisions are involved then obviously the game should be a skill game.


It is evident that rummy card game is not a game of luck or chance as several people feel. It’s a game hugely reliant on your skills. The good news is that you do not have to be a born brilliant person to master this game. As with the age old adage practice makes a man perfect, rummy games are also easy to master provided you practice them with a dedication.