How to host a Diwali Rummy party?

Diwali is just around the corner. It’s by far the grandest Indian festival both in terms of scale as well as enthusiasm. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil. These days, the festival is celebrated across different religions and communities serving as a stellar example of India’s rich diverse culture. The festival symbolizes unity and strength as it is celebrated with everybody – friends, family, and relatives.

On this special day, people venerate Goddess Lakshmi, as she is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity. The mood has kicked in for Diwali, with the excitement up in the air. This is the time of year the atmosphere is overflowing with joy and splendor. Aside from sweets, patakas, and firecrackers, Card game parties are incredibly popular during Diwali.

We’ve heard heaps of stories on Diwali card game parties conducted during the yesteryears. Games like Indian Rummy, Teen Patti, and poker are incredibly popular in the Northern part of our country.

The Diwali celebration is incomplete without the fun and thrill of card games. Of all the card games that are usually played at home, rummy occupies an important position. Why not take the fun and thrill of rummy game to the next level by hosting a Rummy party during this Diwali? Yes, host a Diwali rummy party for your friends and relatives. Let’s explore the ways through which we shall make the Diwali party more groovy;

Diwali Rummy party

1. Date & Timing

The first step is to finalize the date and timing for the party. It’s good to host the party a few days before the festival as most people would want to spend the festival with their family. Ensure you do not conduct the festival during the weekend as most people would be busy with their personal activities. The best day to host a Diwali rummy party is either Thursday or Friday, as it leads to the weekend. The next step is confirming the timing. Ensure it’s a late-night party so that people can head to the place after relaxing some time from their homes.

2. Budget

Fix a budget for your party well in advance keeping in mind the number of guests. Confirm the guests’ availability and then go ahead with the planning.

3. Invitation

A good and impressive invite is a must to make the party huge success. It’s better to use a deck of cards while preparing an invite as it is indicative of what’s in store. Whether you want to send an invite in a physical form or e-form or through communication modes such as WhatsApp, ensure it’s attractive. Replies to the invite would confirm the number of guests attending your party. Make sure to attach a copy of the rummy rules document along with the invitation so that viewers who are not in touch can get a hang of the game.

4. Decoration

Here comes the most important part. It’s very important that the venue of the party is eye-catching. Try to decorate it as much as possible and embellish them so that the guests feel “Its all about rummy”. Get that glassware and tableware with the playing card design.  Ensure you use striking color balloons usually red and black to give the atmosphere resembling a casino. Decorate your table with a card-themed table runner. Purchase sufficient card game related materials like wall hangings and banners to give a realistic feel. Ensure you use dim lights to give the users a feel of a casino. Remember, they are here for a party, so you want to make things as comfy as possible.

5. Food

Now comes the important part of it – the food. A good party is incomplete without good food. It’s always better to serve something light during such parties. Start off with a welcome drink and crispy starters. Appetizers are the savior of such parties. Light snacks like sandwiches, salads, along with a good drink should suffice. Alcoholic beverage is your personal choice. Make something like chips, fried nuts available to your guests throughout the course of the game. Fried foods go along really well in such parties and they are also quite easy to prepare.

6. Gifts

After the party is done, ensure you reward your guests with a small gift that fits your budget. Any Diwali rummy party is incomplete without gifts. It could be anything from a simple photo frame to wall decors. Do not forget to sign off with a thank you note to all the guests who made it all the way for your rummy party.

Following these steps would definitely help you host a successful rummy party. Playing card games has always been a custom during Diwali. Make this Diwali memorable hosting a successful Diwali Rummy party. DO host the party and let us know how it went?

How to take down rummy sharks?

The best rummy players in the table are referred to as Rummy sharks. They are apex predators who capitalize on the slightest opportunity presented in front of them and take down their opponents brutally. It’s not quite easy to progress to the scale to that level as the journey is hard. Only those who are exceptionally gifted and possess virtues like patience, resilience, logical thinking skills get to that level. Rummy Sharks instill fear in the minds of their opponents whenever they hit the table.

You can spot a shark easily on the table. It is quite possible to beat them in their own game and the only way it can be done is by becoming a bigger shark in the table. Curious to know what it takes to become a shark in the table? Read on to know more!

Ways to take down Rummy Sharks

1. Stay Balanced

One of the key traits sharks posses is staying balanced all the time. No matter how hard the starting hands are, they do not lose their cool and they make sure they play it safe. It’s difficult to gauge their hands and their next move. Their in-depth knowledge with regards to rummy rules and rummy strategies in the game means that they know how to handle things like a bluff and they always end up in a good position

2. Adapting to the situations

Rummy sharks are quick to adapt to the situations and use them to their advantage. They are always on their toes and quickly find ways to get an advantage over others. Most of the times they end up doing so.

3. Constant Learning

When they are not playing the game, sharks make it a point to consistently better themselves by studying various materials related to rummy, watching videos and learning new rummy strategies. They constantly try to reinvent themselves with respect to their playing style.

4. Logical thinking

What separates sharks from the fishes is their ability to think logically. Unlike fishes who give away to their emotions, sharks always think logically and ensure they stay ahead of the race at all times

5. Pick the table that suits your playing style

To beat a shark you will have to be on your toes all the time. One of the important trait players need to possess is attention to detail. Evaluate the table and spot the weakest player in the table. Pounce on the weakest player at the first opportunity you get and rake in profits.

Think you can upgrade yourself to the level of Rummy Shark? It is certainly possible provided you stick to your guns and looks for ways to win all the time!  These are times where various rummy promotions galore at Deccan Rummy. As with the old adage “Make Hay while the sun shines”, do not miss these fantastic opportunities to go for big wins!

The evolution of Online Rummy in India

Early Days of Online Rummy

Just like most online games the history of online rummy had a very inconsequential beginning. Despite the offline version of the game popular in India for several decades, initially, not many took notice of the online rummy game that much.


Back when there was a rumor that there’s an unlimited potential for online games with technology pitching in, rummy game tapped the potential of the technology and grew along.

The journey was not smooth as one would expect. Just like all the budding businesses, online gaming too underwent a stream of hiccups and the road was filled with potholes and many bumps.

Hardly new businesses or industries survive as long as a decade these days with heavy competition all along, let alone poker. Surviving through the diving lows, climbing highs, to where it is, the journey of online rummy has been remarkable.

First Online Rummy Game

It would be fun to talk about the origin of a game in history. However, it is difficult to mark a particular date in the calendar as the development of rummy was done by various players across the globe. Let’s not forget earlier windows version carried a game like Solitaire and other card games throughout the evolution of PC.

The online version of the rummy game started getting popular around the early 2000s and since then it underwent various transformation all along to settle to its present form. Since then several players joined the fray and started developing their own rummy platforms for the rummy players in India.

Rummy in India

Rummy in India has traditionally been associated with fun and frolic. People usually play Rummy online with their families and friends. The 13 Card game is being played during Diwali for years. The game has been used as a symbol for socialization. Additionally, the game was also played in clubs between card game enthusiasts with stakes involved.

Rummy in the Present Context

The rummy game has taken a giant leap. The advent of technology in India has paved the way for players across a diverse area to join the rummy platforms. There are many destinations where people can play their favorite Rummy game at any time and from anywhere. With the popularity of game reaching its pinnacle, thousands of players can join these rummy sites at any moment. Also, the evolution of technology ensured that the rummy game gave room to several spin-offs and variants. Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool rummy are some of the popular rummy variants and to keep the entertainment quotient high, tournaments are being organized periodically with a high prize pool to keep the players’ interest soaring. Now with thousands of free rummy app download which are available to download for free. Players can polish their skills by reading materials on how to play rummy and rummy tips.

Growth of Online Rummy in India

Online Rummy in India has grown from strength to strength. The smartphone revolution has ensured everybody has the means to get access to the internet. Gone are the days, where you will have to wait for hours together to join a table. Technology has scaled immensely and has now enabled you to join any table at any moment you wish. With technologies like VR, AR and AI gaining more and more momentum, the rummy game will just keep getting better with phenomenal features.

How to learn rummy fast and free?

Rummy is a fantastic game and you need to train yourself a lot before you can actually pursue it as a career. Get acclimatized to the game by studying the rules of the game and its various variants if you haven’t started yet.  If possible, get a pack of cards and try to play rummy game to get a hang of the game. As you play the game, you will feel a bond towards the game.

Once you realize that this is your forte, you can start playing the game.  However, do not get overwhelmed by the online version of the game as things may appear a lot different than the offline version. Adapt to the settings by playing constantly. There are also tons of videos, podcasts, and resources available online that will help you learn the game quickly. In this article, we briefly discuss the ways through which you can learn rummy online fast and free.


Videos on how to play rummy are one of the popular ways to learn the game, but ensure that you learn step by step following a hierarchy. Advance to next set of skills once you have good knowledge of hand reading. Be choosy, if you want to watch videos on rummy tips, ensure you select the best website that gives you extensive knowledge on the game.


There is a huge collection of materials available on rummy. From web materials to books to blog posts by various experts, there are plenty of articles on rummy which will help you learn the game completely.  Unfortunately, there is no substitute for reading. Every rummy player takes to reading to polish their game. Also, read materials on bankroll management, how to control emotions in a rummy table and how to take a tilt.


Forums are a great way to share knowledge with your fellow rummy players. You can gather valuable information from your fellow rummy players about various rummy strategies and have them share discuss information about gameplay. However, the pitfalls of forums are you have to withstand trolling.

Play Rummy

Once you gain sufficient knowledge, you can hit the felt. Most of the sites offer 100 % joining bonus. At Deccan Rummy, you can use the special initial deposit bonus code WELCOME to earn a 100% bonus to Rs. 5000 There is no substitute for playing rummy online. At the end of the day, what matters the most is how much skill you bring to the table to thwart your opponents from winning.

Once you follow these steps, you would have a strong grip over rummy rules and can play the game assertively on any table.