Five Easy Hacks to drive away your Midweek Blues

If you thought Monday is the most dreaded day of the week, then you’re mistaken. Studies indicate that employees find the midweek blues the most gruelling of them all. With all the hectic planning, scheduling, meetings, and workloads scheduled for the week, many employees feel the heat.

Moreover, the days appear longer and with no time for entertainment, the pressure gets the better of everyone. Most of us wait for Fridays with bated breath with the hope it will relieve some of the burdens. But unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of time left till Friday. If you find yourself stranded in the middle of the week unable to bear the pressure, here are five easy ways to relax.

What exactly is Midweek?

Any business day between Monday and Friday can be brought under the label of Midweek. Many Employees find Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays more gruelling than that dreaded Monday.

1. Eat that Frog

There’s a saying in the business world about eating frogs. It’s not literally eating a frog! The idea is to complete the most difficult task scheduled for the week as early as possible. Focus on the most important task and allow your full concentration on it to get it done first. It can have a positive impact on the rest of the week. For example, imagine you are into software development, complete the most difficult module in your project on Monday so that you can effectively manage your time on completing other modules as and when you get time. For the rest of the week, you can curb the anxiety and feel satisfied and pleasant.

2. Grab a bite of your favourite snack

Who said partying is only for the weekend? If you’re feeling depressed or overwhelmed, don’t wait until it gets the better off you, pick your phone and order your favourite snack and drink. There’s no problem in the world that your favourite food cannot solve. It will make you feel good about yourself and forget your worries at least for a while. That way, you can find the motivation to pass through the rest of the week with full energy and passion.

3. Indulge in your hobbies

Just like partying, there are no fixed dates to carry out your favourite activities. Indulging in your favourite hobby is the most effective way to release negative energy and feel good about yourself. When you indulge in any activity you like, your body reacts by releasing endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in your brain. Endorphins make you happy, pleasant and feel good about yourself. If you are inclined to play rummy, you can do so easily with a few taps from your smartphone. Numerous studies indicate playing skill games online such as Indian rummy or Chess relieves stress, improves focus, and enhances your overall cognitive ability. Why wait? Just Download rummy mobile app to enjoy rummy on the go along with a chance to win a fortune of prizes.

4. Meditate

Midweek is the time when your mind is preoccupied with a lot of thoughts. Many routine tasks seem like an uphill battle and your mind is wandering for solutions. However, nothing seems to materialize whatever you do. It is when you should relax. The best way to relax would be to meditate. Meditating fills your mind with hope, positivity, removes depressive thoughts. To draw an easy analogy so that everyone can relate, meditating is like pressing the restart button to get rid of all the clutter in your mind. Meditating in the mornings will provide you with sufficient motivation and energy to take forward to the rest of the week.

5. Listen to your music

Nothing heals the soul as much as good music does. Midweek blues often stem from lack of entertainment, that’s when you turn your music system on! Listening to your favourite music is the most effective way to neutralize the negative thoughts from consuming you. The good thing is that you do not have to listen hours together to reap the benefit. Just around 15 minutes of listening to your favourite track would heal your mind and get it back to its best. It’s all about finding the right timing for you to indulge in this mellifluous pastime as and when you can.

Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online by Playing Online Games

We all have so many commitments in life these days that we cannot settle with one source of income. If you are looking for additional ways to earn money online, then you have landed up in the right place. There are so many ways to earn money online, playing online games is one of the easiest ways to earn.

If you are wondering how an activity that we do as a pastime can fetch you money, you couldn’t be any more wronger. Millions of players are already earning money by playing online games online. Though online frauds are an area of concern, there are several legitimate ways to earn money online by playing games.

How to Earn Money Online

There are many games available on the internet that will allow you to earn money. Online rummy is one of those games which pays you well. It is an excellent opportunity for people looking for ways for an additional income.
Millions of players in India have registered themselves in different online rummy platforms and are playing this game of skill to earn money. If you have any doubts, become an online rummy player yourself to find out the answer.

Play in Online Casinos

The easiest way to earn money online is to play in online casinos. Online casinos are an emerging trend in India. Since our regulations do not permit land-based casinos, people are flocking in droves to online casino sites. So many online casino sites have mushroomed in the recent past.

Games like Poker, Blackjack, Russian Roulette are extremely popular in the online casino sphere. Especially poker has become a rage among today’s youth population. Being a skill game, poker is extremely interesting and keeps you hooked with its thrilling format. And not to forget, there’s tonnes of money in poker variants like Texas Holdem and Pot-limit Omaha, both in-game as well as tournament format.

Mastering Poker is not so difficult with so many websites carrying detailed instructions on how to play poker with supportive videos and documents. To win money online in poker, you need a lot of practice. A step-by-step approach in following the rules first and then mastering the poker strategies would take you places in the poker world. On the other hand, games like blackjack and teen Patti depend on the turn of cards you receive, so it’s a gamble!

Play Rummy Online

Rummy is one of the most popular games in India with a rich history. People have a history of enjoying this card game during festivals and get-togethers. There are people who enjoy this game while they commute long hours to their office in trains and buses. Playing rummy online is the easiest answer to your question of how to earn money online easily.

You can simply download Deccan Rummy mobile app on your mobile devices. Our mobile app is available both on Android and iOS platforms. The app is loaded with staggering features and lovely graphics giving you a casino look-and-feel. Moreover, you can access multiple rummy variants and tournaments exclusively with great deals when you are playing through our mobile app. Features like instant withdrawal, quick loading rummy tables, cross-platform compatibility and 24/7 multichannel customer support separate us from the rest

Three Ways to play rummy to your hearts content

We’ve grown up with a staple of games like rummy, ass, teen patti and so many other card games. Maybe it’s an ideal opportunity to remember those nostalgic recollections now when you have abundant time in your hands. Games like rummy are most enjoyed during these tough times with social distancing nearly becoming the norm. We’ve got you covered with multiple ways to play rummy from your homes. Check this out to know more.

1. Play Rummy with Family

It may not be the best time in your life from the outlook of professional point but it is a chance to invest quality time with your family that you have been yearning for years. Most of us would possess a deck of cards in our homes. In these seasons of social isolation where we wind up confined in our homes with our family, games can bring us peace and relieve us from stress and anxiety. Skill Games like Rummy will surely enamor us during these tough days. With such a significant number of us confined inside now, it’s great if we could spend quality time playing card games with our family.

2. Play Rummy online in a site

If you want to play rummy on the web, you can without much of a fuss in web, as there are a number of portals offering games like rummy, poker, and Teen Patti. Presently card games like poker, rummy along with fantasy sports are ruling the skill games segment.

Unlike fantasy sports where the outcome is determined by the performance of the players you selected, in games like rummy you take the charge. It is through your skills that you are going to prevail in card games like rummy. You can get started easily by registering in a site like Deccan Rummy. You can start by reading tutorials on rummy rules, and by watching videos on how to play rummy online. Start off by playing practice rummy games which costs you nothing. Once you enhance your skills then you can go for cash games.

3. Download Rummy Mobile Application

In the event that you are somebody who prefers playing games on mobiles, you download rummy mobile app. Regardless of whether your gadget is android run or iOS run, you can find a perfect rummy app for it.

Unlike complex games which require huge space and advanced graphics, Rummy apps require only a small amount of your memory space. With the huge increase of online online card gamers across India, no longer would you have to scout for buddies. Simply type rummy online in your playstore or Appstore, you can discover a lot of options there. While you are out entertaining with a host of players across the country, you can get plenty of options to reward yourself.

No matter which app you download, ensure you follow responsible gaming practices and have a safe gaming experience.

Make use of your Freetime playing these free android Games

We use your smartphones for a variety of purposes like sending texts, maintaining our social media accounts, and to binge on streaming platforms. Gaming is one of the most performed activity with smartphones these days. With the explosive growth of a wide array of technologies, gaming which was thought to be possible only with consoles and other gadgets is now available on your handheld android and iOS devices.

As the majority of us use android phones, this article will focus on free games for Android Devices. There are tons of gaming apps available in PlaYstore in many models – free to play, fremium, and paid. While each have their own set of advantages, we are now going to focus on Free Games for your android devices.

When you ask for recommendations for free android games, you are probably going to get the same set of games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, PubG, and Subway Surfers. While they are undoubtedly great games, there are other games outthere equally engrossing that does not enjoy the spotlight these have. Here, we present to you a set of free android games that you should download now and start playing.


Five Free Android Games You Can Try

1. Dragon Quest Tact

It is a freemium game where you collect monsters, build teams to fight the bad guys. The unorthodox characters and the anime graphics add to the fun. DRAGON QUEST TACT will provide you an immersive gaming experience in a fantastic world filled with fantasy, monsters, and magic.

2. Gangs Town Story

It’s an exciting game like GTA 5 with complex missions. From stealing cars and defying the cops to conquering neighborhoods and building a criminal empire, this game is enthralling every moment. The best part about this game is you can play this even without an internet connection. The game provides you multiple tools to become a gangster with hundreds of guns and vehicles. Get to live a life of a scarface!

3. Stranger Things 3

If You’d loved Stranger Things 2 in Netflix, this is the game that you should go in. It is one of the seriously underrated android games at the moment. It lets you play at favorite and exciting locations like Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab and other exciting areas. The game will give you an engrossing experience of exploration and puzzle solving.

4. Tape it Up!

This game lets you work in the factory that ships a bunch of items and all you need to do is to ensure the packages are tapped well. Though you need not tap all time, at times you may lose coin if your packages go untapped.

5. Online Rummy

Enjoy a range of rummy games and Tournaments on Deccan Rummy Mobile and have a chance to win real cash. Known for its intuitive graphics, seamless interface and high speed, Deccan Rummy app offers a immersive gaming experience. Download our rummy app for free and get the world class rummy experience on your mobile anytime, anywhere.