Can Playing Rummy Online serve as a full time career option?

The prospect of earning real money has always fascinated drawn millions of players to rummy. Being a family game that was mainly played among elders, the game has evolved to become a sensation among today’s youth. While the game was meant to be played for fun and entertainment, the digitization of the game paved way for the game to be considered as a career option. Thanks to Supreme Court which recognized rummy as a game of skill. In order to play the game effectively, you need to have proper mental dexterity and observation.

The number of players playing rummy cash games have increased astronomically since the lockdown. Mainly, people who are working consider playing rummy with real cash as a source of additional income. The surprising factor is the increase in the number of players who are willing to play rummy with real money as a career option. To consider this as a career option is a big leap, which comes with its own set of challenges. You have to take it seriously like your regular job and get rid of all the distractions.

Tips on Playing rummy as a Career Option

Make A choice

Ask yourself the good question whether you are prepared to go the full length as a professional rummy player? Are you willing to spend hours together playing rummy online? While it’s true that you can earn money online playing rummy, but you must also be prepared for dry spells here and there. Do you have a contingency plan for this? Make a well-informed choice before considering rummy as a career option.

Money Management

Once you decide to go pro, it’s important to have a good understanding about bankroll management. Without proper bankroll management, things could go haywire. Only play with what you can afford, do not play to satiate your ego or avenge your loss. Take liberal advantage of the bonus offers and ensure you do not run out of cash.


Different people have different routine. You may be a early riser or a night owl. Find the ideal time to play rummy without any distractions. Sites like Deccan Rummy have rmmy tables running 24/7, it’s not the question about the availability of the platform, it’s about the timing that you are comfortable with.

Armour yourself

Be it any activity, it’s always good to know in lengths about the in and outs of it. Rummy is no exception. Learning rummy rules and rummy strategies is imperative, especially in the beginning. Practice more, discuss hands on forums, track your progress by playing freerolls and find out how much you have improved. In order to become a successful pro player, you need to spend atleast 50% of the time studying the game.


Playing Rummy for real cash as a career option gives you name, fame, and financial freedom. However, think twice before going pro, do turn pro only when you are confident about your skills. You can always consider playing rummy as a additional source of income, which turns out to be insanely profitable for so many out there.

Where Rummy games online score over other online games?

The advent of internet has caused a huge paradigm in the way we consume entertainment. The games which we enjoyed outdoors are now available in our mobile phones and consoles. It is a common sight these days to see people hooked to online games via their mobile phones. While there are several genres of games available to the users, card games like rummy online are still able to find relevance among the avalanche of games available. Isn’t it curious to know the reason behind the massive popularity the game enjoys among audience? This post details behind the craze for rummy games.

Rummy Games

Popularity of Rummy Games over other games.


Rummy games have a long history in this country. The game is fondly called as the family game as it’s a common game in family circle. Rummy culture in India is old and rich and has been a regular feature during Indian festivals like Diwali, Durga Pooja and other family gatherings. Additionally, the game was a popular game in clubs in major cities. Most of us grew up familiar with the rummy rules. The familiarity and freshness of the game helped in its long survival despite the arrival of a litany of games.

Earning Potential

It is true that most of us play online games for fun and thrill, but when there is a money making potential involved, the game becomes all the more special. Yes! you can earn tons of money playing rummy games online.

Sites like Deccan Rummy ensures that you win big money in rummy games and tournaments. All you need to do is download the rummy app and start playing. There are live players 24/7, 365 a days a year in our platform. You can hit the tables any moment you wish.

As online rummy is legal and the Supreme Court has called it a game of skill, you can just login any time and start earning.

Multiple Variants

Playing the same game can become repetitive after a period of time. Obviously, boredom is going to set in at some point of time. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer multiple rummy variants so that you can easily toggle between them, if you feel bored. Every rummy variant offers huge thrill and assured prize money. Additionally, players can participate in daily, weekly, and monthly special tournaments running in our platform. In tournaments, you get to face challenges, new opponents, and you will have to rework your strategies minute by minute.With huge earning potential all the time, rummy is one game which will never bore you.

Freemium Model

Most online gaming sites follow what is called as Freemium model, where you will have shell out money for upgrades. With online rummy games, you have opportunity to win cash even without any investment. However, if you do wish to add cash, you can do so without any hesitation unlike other gaming sites. Deccan Rummy is 100% secure and safe with safe deposit and withdrawal facilities, and also holds a certification from Infysec for RNG and fair play. You can deposit cash and multiply your chances to win big without any worries.

These reasons should indicate why a large number of gamers choose rummy games online over other games. So, without further ado, head over to Deccan Rummy website and enjoy the tidal wave of fun and winnings now.

Five life lessons that can be learned from playing rummy

Rummy is a game that is heavily reliant on your mental skills. The culture of playing rummy online is embraced by a lot of people all over India as youngsters have a big affinity for skill-based games. You need solid to have critical thinking ability, analytical skills, bankroll management and emotional control in order to emerge successful in the game. Possessing these skills will help you go a long way in rummy. Players tend to acquire these skills as they keep playing. A rummy game is not just a past time or an opportunity to win big bucks, but also will you give you important life lessons. The skills that you develop while playing Rummy seamlessly transfer to your real lives. Here are some of the important skills that you acquire in your real lives while playing online rummy.

Life Lessons from Rummy

  1. You take better control

In a rummy game, you do not have any control over the cards that are dealt with you. Luck favors us sometimes but in most cases, it’s the randomness that plays a major role. In such cases, you play with whatever cards that you have and make an effort to win. Over a period of time after playing, you prepare yourself even for the worst-case scenario. This skill is seamlessly transferred to your real-life while facing any kinds of setbacks or obstacles. You know how to handle it effectively as you are in complete control. You think twice before making a decision. Once you’ve taken a decision, there is no looking back.

  1. Emotional Control

It’s pretty important to have emotional control while playing rummy online. If you are swayed by emotions, then your chances of win diminish. It’s important not to fly high during your winning streak, nor chase losses out of anger in search of a victory when you are in a losing streak. Just like any other sport, wins and losses are part of rummy. Being patient, you get that badly needed calmness to think about getting over the setbacks. Rummy is certainly not a sport where “draw” is an option. As you get used to wins and losses, you would not know how to deal with victories and setbacks in your real life.

  1. Attentiveness

Rummy requires your utmost attention all the time. You cannot afford to relax or get distracted anyway, as it would most certainly affect your concentration and might result in a loss. As a player, you need to keep track of your opponents’ moves so that you do not voluntarily drop cards required by them. You would be able to achieve your dreams in life only when you remain focussed without any distractions.

  1. Learning from Mistakes

Playing Rummy Online can be the perfect way to learn from your mistakes as the game offers multiple chances to reform yourselves. With the assistance of volumes of documents on Rummy Rules, Rummy tips, and videos, you can get an opportunity to indulge in some self-improvement exercise. When chips are down in your real life, you do not get bogged down, you learn to fight with whatever resource that comes to your aid.

  1. Bankroll Management

A good rummy player knows how much to invest in a game. He nerves make an investment that bites his hand. He is prudent about the money and never splurges. If you learn the art of effective bankroll management while playing rummy, it will come to your rescue in real-life situations as well.

If played properly, rummy can be more than just a game. It teaches you skills and discipline which allows you to be successful in life. What are you waiting for? Start playing online rummy now and score big wins! Your time is now!

4 easy part-time jobs with which you can earn handsomely

Who doesn’t need more cash in their life? Not every person is born with a silver spoon, we find it hard to make ends meet. To exacerbate the situation, employments these days are not secure. We keep hearing news about organizational restructuring quite often resulting in a ceasing of employment. With growing debts and expenses, it is quite difficult to manage. We all need a steady flow of regular income to make ends meet.

Part-time jobs are frequently more charming than office occupations. This is on the grounds that in part-time jobs, we by and large do things we love. Some of the jobs of which you can do from the comfort of your home– all you need is a PC or cell phone and a web association. Look at this rundown of best part-time jobs that pays us handsomely

Mobile Gaming

Since the time cell phones and data became affordable, mobile gaming becomes a significant method to earn part-time income. An incredible method to do this is by means of online rummy on sites Deccan Rummy or the Rummy Mobile app on your android or iOS devices. You can master the rummy rules and rummy tips quite easily with the help of extensive materials made available on the site. As you start playing practice games, you can notice an improvement in your game. Regardless of whether you are interested in deposit or not, the rummy platform offers you a great scope for earning. Games like Poker online are also pretty popular among today’s youngsters as it offers incredible earning potential


A lot of organizations outsource some of their jobs which they cannot do in-house. Keeping the working costs low and abstaining from hiring too some full-time are some of the reasons. A ton of work is available in freelancing. If you are good at writing, you can probably search for freelancing content writing jobs which are available in plenty., These employment options allow you to work in your flexible timing and also pays handsomely. Sites like Upwork, are good ways to start.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you someone who has numerous followers in Social Media? Do you have a YouTube channel where you get an enormous number of perspectives on unique substance? Do you run a blog that gets good traffic?
In the event you tick any of the boxes above, you can make a slick additional pay by monetizing your blog or channel through affiliate marketing. Brands are continually searching for channels with a great deal of traffic pertinent to their items. Just influence your audience to buy any of these products with posts or blogs. Consequently, for each deal made, the brand will pay you.

Online selling

Are there any items lying around in your home that you don’t use much? Think about what, you can bring in cash online by auctioning off these things on online commercial sites like OLX or Quickr.
In the event you know any manufacturer who produces items at a relatively low price, you can sell them in the sites mentioned above. Not only that would give upshot to that particular brand but you can also get paid handsomely.,

These are just a few ways to make a decent income. There are many other ways such as online tutoring, brand influencing that will fetch you a lot more money. We would recommend you to choose something where you can excel at and you must also be prudent not to invest much in the beginning. Earning money from home is easier than what you think it is!