How To Deal with disconnection issues while playing rummy Online?

It’s always grating on your nerves when something interrupts while you are indulging in the activity you like. Be it the annoying phone calls while you are playing your favourite game or the pestering salesman barging in giving his sermons about his product while you are watching your favourite program on TV or even your boss who gives some additional tasks on a day where you have planned to leave early. Seriously, these are some of the issues that may look easy to read but it is really grating on the nerves for the person experiencing it.

Similarly, while playing rummy online, the major issue still haunting the customers is the frequent disconnection issues. Sometimes you might experience while discarding/picking up a card, or while at other points of the game. The worst part is the disconnection issue at the time of submitting a show. Unfortunately, the game-saving option isn’t helpful in Online rummy because the game usually takes just a few minutes to complete and the players immediately move to the next game.

DeccanRummy shall be held liable for any disconnection related issues except issues that have to do with our servers. In case of a server outage or any natural disasters or catastrophes, we will duly inform all our customers in advance so as to save their time. Most of the disconnection issues players’ face has something to do their ISP (Internet Service Providers). As a precautionary measure, players can check if the wires and cables are connected properly before beginning their gaming sessions. Players must contact their ISP for any disconnection related issues as they are responsible for it. Players can do some research in identifying the best ISP in their area beforehand so that they don’t end up with some random problematic ISPs.

These days especially as the players prefer to play online rummy mostly on their mobile devices, it is important that the players choose the best mobile service provider in order to play the game. Players must choose a location where their devices get full signal strength, for a flawless gaming experience.

Some Common Tips

Players can follow some of these common tips for great gaming experience

  1. Do not run other software or programs simultaneously while you’re playing the game. The software and programs consume a lot of bandwidth. Hence, you may experience connection related issues
  2. Clear Cache and cookies every time when you’re playing rummy from your browsers.
  3. Play in a system or mobiles whose configuration matches with our recommended configurations.

The above solutions are some of the basic troubleshooting and precautionary measures. will not be responsible if you face disconnection issues other than the scenarios mentioned here.


5 Common Reasons why players lose in Online Rummy

Taking good decisions and choices are the crux of rummy card game online. This is probably the reason why the game is often referred as a game of skill rather a game that relies on luck. Winning in online rummy requires wits, concentration, patience and a little bit of luck. However, the luck factor ends with the initial distribution of cards. Just like every game if there is a winner, there has to be a loser. Highly motivated players learn from their losses & improve their strategies in the future while others do not take much effort to improve and suffer heavy losses. In this article we examine the common reasons why rummy players lose in the game:

Playing with a bad hand

It takes some experience and a lot of intelligence to identify the starting hands. There is no point in playing with a bad hand when it is obvious that you have very little chance of winning. During such instances, it is advised to fold so that you lose with minimal points.

Forgetting the basic rules of Online Rummy

The first objective while playing Rummy is to go for the pure sequence. Without a pure sequence, your other sequences/sets aren’t going to save you from losing with heavy points. Try to make a pure sequence at the earliest.

Poor Strategies

Strategies form the crux of rummy. You must understand how to use the joker card & wild joker to make an impure sequence or a set. At the same time, you must discard high-value cards. Failing to do so would result in a heavy loss.

Playing with stress

Emotional control is very important in online rummy. You can play the game cleanly only when you are with a clear, open mind. When your mind is clogged with stress, you lose your emotional balance and act upon your wild intuitions. On such occasions, there is a high probability of committing blunders that you could have avoided otherwise.


Rummy is not a game where you can afford to be careless. A slight lapse in concentration could turn the game in favour of your opponents. We’ve seen players lose games heavily because of their negligence and callousness towards the rules.

These are some of the reasons why players lose in online rummy. Just like winning, losing is also an inevitable part of rummy. We hope that identifying these problems will help you turn your game around. You can always play online rummy game for free at and win bundles of cash.

Rummy Wiki | Complete Rummy Glossary

Rummy Wiki by DeccanRummy is a glossary that contains all terminologies of the 13 card Rummy game. If you want to be successful in rummy, you must know every concepts of the game thoroughly. This glossary contains all the information that you need to know in a rummy game from start to finish. Once you get a good grasp of the concepts in Rummy, the gaming becomes easier.

Rummy wiki

Rummy Wiki – Basics

Rummy: Rummy is a group of card games where the objective is to match the cards dealt with into proper sets and sequences.

Card Deck or Deck of Card: A card deck is a group of complete playing cards. There are 52 cards in a deck which is the combination of 13 cards for each of the four suites.

Set: A group of three or four cards of the same rank from different suits. (K, K, K of different suits)

Sequence: 3 or 4 consecutive cards of the same suit is called a sequence (eg: 6♠,7♠, and 8♠ is a sequence)

Joker: A card that is generated randomly at the beginning of the game which can be used as a substitute while forming a set or a sequence is the Joker card or wild card.

Ace: An ace is a playing card. In the game of Rummy, players can use the ace card both as a low card and high card. All the 4 suits (Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, and spades) have an Ace card.

Rank: Cards in all the suites rank up from low to high – Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, Jack, Queen and King.

Points: Numerical cards from 2-10 have their rank value as their points. King, Queen, Jack, and Ace cards carry 10 points each.

Rummy Wiki – Advanced

Shuffling: Shuffling is the process of randomly distributing 13 cards to every player in a table to ensure everyone starts the game on an equal footing.

Dealing: Dealing refers the distribution of 13 cards to each player in a rummy game.

Open Deck: Open deck or Discard Pile is the place where the players discard their cards with its face open. Players can also draw their cards from the open deck.

Closed Deck: After the distribution of 13 cards, one card is kept face up, which is the joker card and the rest of the card are kept face down to form a stock that is known as closed deck or draw pile. Players during their turn can pick the cards from either the closed deck or open deck.

Drawing/Discarding: These are the most important actions in a rummy game. Drawing a card means selecting a card from the open deck/closed deck. After drawing a card hard, you will have 14 cards in your hand and you must drop a card into the open deck to make it 13. This process of discarding a hand card into the open deck is Discarding.

Declare: This is the process where you place the card in the finish slot after completing the objective.

Winner: The player who completes the task of arranging the cards into sets, and/or sequences is the winner of the game. Alternatively, the player who finishes the game with the least score is the winner.


We hope this rummy wiki was helpful in knowing about the complete details about the game. You’re now one inch away from playing rummy online in India’s best rummy site – Register now and start having incredible fun in playing a wide range of rummy games that you will never find anywhere. If you have any clarifications, do not hesitate to reach us by emailing to Keep playing and winning.

5 Tips to select the best gaming site

Wondering how to find the best online gaming site? Don’t know where to head? Confused by the multitude of options? Check the below-mentioned tips that will help to select the best gaming site out in the markets.


Read Reviews Online

It’s always good to read about the site you’re planning to join before joining. For example, if you want to play poker online, there are many sites like or www.cardschatcom posting reviews about poker sites. Usually, expert poker players write these reviews. They take various factors into consideration before assigning a rank to the site. Do read all the reviews before choosing a site. A highly ranked site is often very good in all the parameters. Additionally, they take other factors into consideration like Welcome Bonus, Freeroll tournaments, Offers, and promotions for ranking the site.

Safe & Secure

There are millions of gaming sites in the market offering free games as well as cash games. How can we trust a random site and play cash games? For every 100 genuine gaming sites out in the marker, there are at least 75 fraudulent sites. Many players unknowingly land in these sites and lose their hard earned money.

Genuine Payment Gateways

Players must select sites that have proper payment processing system so that they get their winnings without much delay. For example, when you see a site with too many ads and pop up then you must probably reconsider your selection. A site like has integrated the most secure local payment gateways for safe money deposits and withdrawals.

Good Customer Support

A good gaming site must excel in their customer service aside from their gaming platform. A Good customer service is as important as a good gaming platform for online gaming sites. There are many scenarios in online games that demand external assistance. Players must ensure they are choosing a site that offers a good customer support. While 100% customer satisfaction is practically not possible in every scenario, still it’s better if the site could address queries instantaneously. is one of the premium online rummy sites that are offering excellent customer service.

Find gaming sites with Good Traffic

One of the first things you should look for before signing up in a gaming site is to check the amount of traffic the site gets. For example, if you are about to join rummy site, check the numbers active players there. If you’re interested in tournaments, make sure that there are enough participants to generate worthwhile prizes for the winners, too.

If you follow the steps above, there is a high probability on finding the best gaming site. On the contrary, if you dismiss these issues as something trivial, chances are high that you may end up in a wrong site that may burn a hole in your pockets. Get busy gaming!


Attention gamers! Deccan Rummy Website Upgraded

Deccan Rummy team is proud to announce that we have revamped our website. The new and improved website comes with an eye-pleasing design suited to gaming. We hope that our users will find the new website extremely user-friendly. The upgraded website will provide a far richer, more visual experience creating better user immersion than the earlier one ad will provide a world-class gaming experience. We have deployed a sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to ensure better user experience in this upgrade. The new Deccan rummy website is all set to create a huge buzz among the online rummy community in India. The website has been in testing mode for some time as we want to ensure the users get a bug free gaming environment.

Deccan Rummy Website

The revamped site comprises of a responsive, mobile friendly design to cater to our ever-growing mobile audience. With the proliferation of online rummy sites, it is paramount that the site grabs the user’s attention. This revamp was entirely possible because of the strenuous efforts by our Development team over the past few months. The revamped Deccan Rummy Website provides a fresh look that is easy to access and provides an easier way to learn about the rummy game and various services available at Deccan Rummy.

Given our proclivity for perfection, we have added multiple website themes (red, blue, green, orange) on our website. The users can simply select and apply the theme they like. The stunning and gorgeous look represents Deccan Rummy’s heavy emphasis on maintaining the aesthetics. The themes we have incorporated resonate heavily with mood and nature of rummy players and would attract newcomers almost instantly. Aside from an aesthetic change, we have incorporated lots of other exciting features with many challenges and rewards for your various achievements.

 Spinning Wheel

This is an exclusive & periodic offer for cash rummy players. As you play a number of cash games, you will get a notification about “Spinning Wheel” Bonus offer. All you have to do is spin the wheel and you will get bonus points credited to your account. In the event you do not use the promotion readily as soon as the notification comes, then no worries! The spinning wheel is saved under Badges which can be found under Deccan Rewards. The spin wheel is only available to players who play cash tables starting from Rs. 10 and higher.

Deccan Rewards

Watch out for this one! At present, we have included a couple of features under Deccan Rewards namely Badges and View Tickets

Badges – Badges are equivalent of a bucket. Players can find their exclusive offers like Spinning wheel here and they can use them whenever they want.

View Tickets – This is an option where you can find tickets given exclusively to you. You can use the ticket as an entry for special ticket tournaments. We will issue tickets for a number of your activities inside our side like Depositing, winning, and sharing our social media posts.

The revamped Deccan Rummy Website will ensure a better gaming experience across various devices, including PC and mobile. Overall, the revamped website is more immersive and presents more information to customers. We hope you enjoy the new site. Feel free to let us know what you think by visiting our contact page.

How Cartoon Characters would’ve played Rummy

It’s always a pleasant experience to reminisce about the cartoons that defined our childhood. Back in the ‘90s, these cartoon characters left a big impact on the kids when they were growing up. If you’re a television buff, you could not have missed watching epic cartoon characters like Tarzan, Jungle Book, and Heman in action. As we did not have the luxury of watching multiple channels back then, most of us would have definitely watched some of the above-mentioned cartoons. They were low on budget but rich in content. We know online rummy enjoys a similar cult status like the cartoons of the yesteryear. What if some of our childhood heroes venture into the arena of online Rummy?



Tarzan is fondly remembered as the king of Apes. He is the guy who can swing across trees, jump from the cliff into the sea and fight any animal in the jungle fiercely. How would Tarzan fare in online rummy?

Tarzan is known for his agility, speed, endurance, heightened sense and ability to learn new things. Taking these factors into consideration;

1).Tarzan’s remarkable agility and speed would come to his rescue while playing online rummy. He would play the game with a panache.

2).Tarzan’s remarkable tracking sense would be definitely come in handy while analyzing the opponents’ cards and making the moves accordingly to win the game.

3).Tarzan’s never-say-die attitude would make sure he crawls out of any difficult situation while playing online rummy. This exceptional trait would set him apart from the rest as he would bounce back from any setbacks.



He-man character defined machismo at its best. He-man is the alter ego of Prince Adam. Often we would have seen He-Man battle his arch-nemesis Skeletor and the forces of evil to bring peace to the world. He-Man was characterized as possessing super-speed, great acrobatic skills, and an extraordinary strength. Calm by nature, he would retort to combat only as a last resort. Should he venture into online rummy, he is going to appear calm in the beginning and bring his skillsets to the table at a crucial time. All he needs in the table is an opponent similar to Skeletor in order to bring the best out of him. Any Skeletor’s out there?



This iconic character put spinach into the mainstream. Popeye character is considered as a precursor to the modern day superheroes. The popularity of Popeye show helped boost spinach sales. Popeye is a sailor with a bulging arms, rough voice, and squint eyes with an ever-present pipe in his mouth. He gains superhuman strength once he ingests spinach. Rummy is a delicate game that needs a lot of energy and time. Adversity brings the best out of Popeye especially when challenged by the likes of Bluto and his aliases. Online Rummy being a competitive space would always bring the best out of Popeye. In addition to it, a can of spinach would always do wonders for Popeye while playing online rummy.



How many of us remember the Phantom, the skintight costumed crime-fighter who sent shivers down the spines of the notorious criminals in the town? Unlike other superheroes, he has no superhuman powers, relying only on his wits, physical strength, and a proven ability to fight crime. He would make it as a strong rummy player who relies only on skill. Given his enviable physical strength and tactics, one would believe he has the hallmarks of being a rummy champion. If I were a rummy player, I would be reluctant to go after Phantom.


Aladdin & Genie

Aladdin is one of the iconic cartoon characters of the bygone era. Known for his mischievous and tricky nature, Aladdin gave us many episodes where he uses his brains to get out of precarious situations. Aladdin’s biggest strength is his lamp. Once he scratches the lamp it releases a Genie which comes to his aid. Aladdin would be successful in online rummy mainly because of any of the reasons mentioned below;

  • Genie will be off much use to spy on the opponents to ensure Aladdin scampers across to a win
  • Aladdin’s monkey Abu will come into aid.
  • Aladdin is a skilled thief. He has a bag of tricks to surprise his opponents

Hope this article helped you reminisce about the characters that you were fond of, from the days of your childhood. Should this article kindle any interest in you to play rummy, there is always Deccan Rummy for your company. Deccan Rummy is the fastest Indian Rummy site available. Deccan Rummy has state-of-the-art rummy software to make your rummy playing experience a fantastic one. With our software and mobile APP, playing rummy becomes very easy.


Avengers in Online Rummy

We have always grown up watching superheroes films/cartoons/comics. These superhero characters have enchanted us, captured our imaginations big time and have left us craving for more. From The Incredible to The Avengers, there’s something here for every superhero-loving kid, tween, and teen. We’ve grown up watching them; we’ve idolized them and we sometimes wanted to emulate them. The reason why superhero films have a big market these days are because it brought to live on-screen our childhood fantasies of a being a normal person granted incredible power to stand up for the people and defend our territories from aliens. These superhero films have evolved into one of the biggest and most popular known franchises that practically dominate Hollywood.

Similar to the superheroes franchise, Indian Rummy game has captured the imaginations of millions of player all over India. The steady rise of online rummy sites over such a short span proves it. From adolescents to senior citizens, the rummy game has several followers from all walks of lives. In this article, we are trying to establish parallels between popular superheroes and popular types of rummy players.

1.Iron Man = Assiduous Players

Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Iron man is the alter-ego of business magnate Tony Stark. Iron Man possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength, toughness and an array of weapons. Similarly, assiduous rummy players are very watchful about their moves and possess an array of strengths to be successful in the rummy game. Just like Iron Man used his enhanced healing factor to save his life even after being critically injured, assiduous rummy players have remarkable inner strength to beat the odds and win


2.Captain America = Resilient Rummy Players

Though Captain America does not have any superhuman powers, he compensates it with his remarkable strength, endurance, agility, speed. His reflexes and healing power are almost at the zenith of the human potential. Resilient rummy players are those rummy players who are not bogged down by defeats. In spite of enduring defeats, those players never stop their pursuit. Though they are not experts of the rummy game, they make up for it with their resilience and big heart


3.Hulk = Aggressive Players

The Hulk is one of the important characters in Avengers that is known for its incredible level of superhuman physical ability. The hulk is often enraged and draws his strength from the rage. Anger fuels him, the angrier he gets the more powerful he becomes. Just like Hulk bringing in the much-needed aggression in the Avengers stable, certain rummy players bring in a lot of aggression in a rummy table. Such players are indispensable in a game of rummy. You need to be prepared to encounter such players whenever you play rummy. They ruthlessly prey on the gullible players. They display their aggression openly by spamming the chat messages with frivolous, non-sequitur messages – other times they spam the chat with angry messages. Surprisingly, they win quite a few tourneys too.


4.Black Widow – Manipulative Player

One of the world’s greatest spies, the Black widow is trained martial arts expert and has significant espionage training. She is an expert tactician and has led Avengers and Shield on occasions. Just like she is an expert at disguising, certain rummy players are very manipulative. They deceive you very skilfully without giving away the slightest element of doubt. You begin losing the games inadvertently if you do not realize their trickery.


5.Loki – Cheats

Loki is one of the important characters of Avengers series. The character’s name can trace its origins to the Norse mythology. Though normally portrayed as an antagonist, he sometimes takes the role of antihero. Loki possesses magical powers and has the ability to transform his shape at will into those of other creatures. Generally known for his treacherous and tricky nature, he is fondly referred as the God of Mischief. Unfortunately rummy too has its share of trouble makers. There are certain players who come to the table just to disrupt the proceedings. They endlessly spam the chat, try to cheat the players & do things to annoy the other players. At Deccan Rummy, we have deployed anti-collusion & anti-fraud measures to keep such players at bay.


We hope this article kindled the interest in the much-adored Superheroes franchise. Needless to say, the legacy of superhero movies will continue to grow just like the legacy of rummy. Get the pleasure of an absorbing gaming experience by creating a free account at Deccan Rummy. Play rummy games for free/cash & set the tables on fire with your competing skills.  Happy Playing!


Top 5 mobile games of 2016

The mobile gaming industry has evolved to be a gigantic force because of the veritable demand/supply theory. Be it on Android or iOS platform, mobile gamers are pushing the boundaries to provide an exhilarating gaming experience on mobiles.  There is something in mobile games these days that everyone will marvel at. 2016 played host to some of the most exciting mobile games in the history of the gaming industry.  From action games, and brain teasing puzzles to solid strategy games, the games that came out this year exceeded our expectations.

According to a report by Super Data Research, Gaming industry generated $91 billion worldwide in 2016. The mobile game segment was the largest at $41 billion. Gamers across the globe were the real winners of this explosive growth.  This was the year of mobile games that really wowed us.  In this article, we have given some top mobile games of 2016 that created an indelible impact.

Mobile Games

Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is derived from the famous Pokemon characters that originally came as cartoon characters. This game received the best games award for this year because of its immense popularity. The main reason it created quite a stir within the gaming community was because of its influence in bringing together the animated world and the Real Word environment through Augmented Reality. The concept of this game is to find Pokémon characters that are hidden in your real world by moving yourself towards the Pokémon hidden somewhere in your real environment. For example, if you get into the augmented reality landscape of the game you might find the Pokemon at your favorite Restaurant near your home or even near the coffee shop at your office. Google awarded Pokémon GO the title of Best Game 2016.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario run is the latest version of Mario video game. This version is similar to the video game version that many of us used to play in our childhood days. The game was launched for iOS users in Dec 2016. After a 99-day exclusivity period with APPle, the game was launched for Android this year March. The objective of the game is to rescue the abducted Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches. You will have to travel through several plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more to achieve your mission. Unlike the traditional Mario game, you don’t get to control the speed or direction of Mario’s movement, you tap the screen to jump. If you hold after tapping, Mario jumps a little higher. On many layers, the game takes us into a nostalgic trip. If you are one who doesn’t mind playing a game that can be described as a throwback to the bygone era, then this one’s for you.

Mini Metro

Mini metro is a puzzle type game developed by Dinosaur Polo club. This game involves building transit rail networks for a rapidly growing city. Each node is represented in different shapes and colors. The game uses simple geometry to replicate the appearance of modern transit maps. This game has won the best debut game in the12th British Academy games awards and also in the Annual game developers choice awards for the year 2016. If you’re someone who’s interested in building things from the scratch, then do not miss this spectacular game.

The Banner Saga 2

The Banner saga is a sequel to the game “The Banner Saga”. It has been developed by Independent games developer Versus Evil. The game is set in a Norse world, with Vikings, myths, and legends abound.  You will have to marshal the Viking clans to defend the land that is on the brink of collapse. The fight continues with an epic journey towards the human Capital where you will meet your allies and friends those who join hands to bring back the world to balance from its chaos. Your role is to make allies and embark on the journey till you reach the human capital and stop the chaos.

Clash Royale

This game is an arena fight between different players from the world using the characters from the creators of Clash of clans. Clash Royale pits players against each other in live multiplayer battles. Simple mistakes can cost you the game. Given the static arena, players have more time to develop tactics and strategies than what was present with the previous version. The objective is the lead the clash royale family to victory. You must knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies in the Arena.

This has been one hell of a year for mobile games. If we had to pick one among this elite list, then we’ve got to give it to Pokemon go. It was so special because it allowed us to carry our childhood dream of strolling our neighbourhood catching Pikachu and other monsters. Let us know in the event you find any other games developed this year that caught your attention in the comments section.

In India, Deccan Rummy created a buzz among the rummy community by launching its mobile counterpart. Now play rummy whenever you feel like by downloading our mobile app for Android/iOS platform for free.

Play Indian Rummy with our Desktop software

Playing rummy has become easy at Deccan Rummy. You have a multitude of options to play Indian Rummy game here at Deccan Rummy – on the web, mobiles, Mobile APPs. Now gear up for an additional way to play this extra ordinary game; we have recently launched our Desktop software that can be used to play rummy games from your PCs (Windows, Mac-OS, and Linux). Deccan Rummy’s rummy download software brings all the excitement of Indian rummy game to your desktop! The software is quick and easy to use.

Indian Rummy


Deccan Rummy offers an authentic rummy experience with a sophisticated design, along with stunning features that draws competition and breeds expertise. You can simply download our Deccan Rummy software and install it in your PCs and start playing.

How to Install Deccan Rummy?

Select your file from our downloads page and click the preferred icon based on your PCs under “Download for your Desktop” and follow the instructions as mentioned below

Step 1 – Download the Deccan Rummy File

Download the Deccan Rummy setup file and save it on your system or run the setup which will guide you through the installation process

Step 2 – Install Deccan Rummy file

Follow the instructions as mentioned in the Deccan Rummy installation wizard to complete the installation

Step 3 – Complete the installation

Deccan Rummy is installed on your system. You can access Deccan Rummy software from your program list or desktop shortcut. Log in to your account and start playing rummy games for free and cash.

Play free Pool/deals/points rummy now! It takes just few seconds to install this software!

Extraordinary Features

  • You can choose any game from the multitude of games available in our website
  • Add cash to your account and start playing cash rummy games
  • Compete with real players all over India & win real cash prizes
  • Play live multiplayer rummy games with real players.
  • Secured with 2048-bit SSL encryption
  • Built with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that prevents game crash
  • Saves the waiting time for tables
Specification Tech Requirements
OS Windows 7 & above
Processor Intel Dual Core or Core 2 Duo
Screen Resolution 1024*768
RAM Min – 512 MB
Internet Min – 256 Kbps
Diskspace Max – 100 MB
Browser Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, IE 8 and above

A solid uninterrupted high-speed internet connection is recommended for a seamless gaming experience.  Download now and start playing on your PC. Our games are also available in a wide range of other platforms, so join us and explore the fun & thrill of playing Indian rummy.



Online Rummy – Rummy Quiz

We’ve reiterated many times in this blog that online rummy is a simple game. All that takes to win the game of rummy are some few tips & tricks that can be acquired by practice. Once you acquire the requisite rummy skills, you can then start playing rummy for cash. In this article, we have given a set of questions related to rummy. If you’re well endowed with rummy rules then you can easily answer them. Answers to these questions might help you to analyze where you stand in online rummy and then you can plan your strategies accordingly.

1.If you’re getting J ♥ K ♥ 10 ♥ 8 ♥ as your hand cards and if you’re getting 9 ♥ as the doled out one, what card would you drop to make a pure sequence?





2.Below-mentioned are some scenarios where you drop out of the rummy game after the starting hand cards are dealt. Arrange them in an order of most-to-least scenario where you are likely to quit the game.

a.Dream Hand – A dream hand is when you have 2 pure sequences with 1 or more sets and more than one joker

b.Average Hand – An opening hand with only a pure sequence and with no jokers can be considered as Average Hand

c.Bad Hand – A bad hand is a combination of cards with no jokers or sequences

d.Good Hand – A good hand consists of one pure sequence with one or more jokers

3.After being dealt hand cards, John has J♥, K♥ (all he needs is Q♥ to make a pure sequence) and the rest are unrelated cards with 10 ♠ being the highest. Now he is in a conundrum about which card he shall drop? Help him out.




4.How would rank the cards when suit ranking is applied?





5.When you are using 2 decks or more, can 9 ♠ 9 ♠ 9 ♥be considered as a valid set?



6.Identify the impure sequence?

a.6♠ 7♣ 8♠



1. K♥ (as 8 ♥9 ♥10 ♥ J ♥ is a pure sequence)

2.C, B, D, A

3.10 ♠ (as all the cards are unrelated)

4.D, A, C B


6.6♠ 7♣ 8♠

If you’ve gotten all the answers right, then you are a rummy expert. You must see yourself win a couple of tournaments in the near future in the event you haven’t won it already. On the other hand if you’ve answered less than 3 questions right, it is time to read the rummy rules and how to play rummy once more and spend more time in our practice tables.


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