Hot Deals! Bring out the Best and Win Big!

Despite the presence of hundred other sites, to play rummy online, Deccan Rummy remains the No 1 choice for gamers at all level for our hot deals and offers. Deccan Rummy offers you perks, offers and thrills that no other website can offer! We are here to fill your life with fun and excitement with our mind-boggling games and offers.

What’s life without challenges? In fact, life without goals or challenges would be prosaic. Rummy junkies known for their love of thrill love double dose of challenges everyday. Knowing rummy lover’s penchant for challenges, we have a set of contests called HOT Deals that will surely push yourself hard.

The IPL might have been suspended, but the rummy action is only getting more Hot at Deccan Rummy with our exciting Hot Deals! Brush your skills as you need them in plenty to prevail in these ongoing Hot deals.

Hot Deals

Hot Deals

1. Beat the Clock – Players need to play a number of cash rummy games on designated tables during the time the offer is active. Players who complete the said objective will receive a surprise bonus.

2. Cash for Ace – Declare with a set of Aces and win a certain percentage of bonus from the winning amount.

3. Winnings Challenge -Win a designated amount on designated tables and earn a flat bonus.

4. Super Sixers or Kings Court – Declare with a finish card of 6 or King and get a certain designated percentage of bonus on the winning amount.

We run these promotions one each everyday in a random manner. You view what’s it for today under promotions in the upcoming section. The Hot deals has all the makings to beat your lockdown blues and take the heat several notches higher!

With awesome winning chances, this HOT Deals are unmissable for every rummy player. Bring out your best rummy skill and get rewarded in a big way!

Finish with 8 of diamonds and win an exciting bonus!

Deccan Rummy is a destination that is meant for people who consider themselves as the Proof online rummy. Whether you want some hardcore rummy action or want to avail exceptional rummy promotions, our website has everything to offer, a rummy lover would expect. Deccan Rummy is famous for a lot of things and daily rummy promotions are just one of them. If you have been playing online rummy in our platform for some time, chances are that you might have already won some prizes.

Eight of Diamonds

At Deccan Rummy, we see to it that we always bring the best online rummy promotions for both new and experienced players. We want our players to ensure they benefit the maximum from our promotions and also at the same time we don’t want to make it complex. That’s the reason most of our promotions are pretty simple and straightforward.

We have brought some promotions in the past that will not only test your skills but will also make you come up with a unique strategy to ensure you avail the promotions. In the same vein, we have stitched together an exciting promotion that you can avail just for tomorrow and the day after.

Finish with 8 of Diamonds

Want to spice up your rummy action with an exciting promotion? Here’s the one for you. Finish the game with 8 of diamonds and get a surprising reward.

Date: Nov 21-22

Time: Nov 21, 3:00PM – Nov 22, 12:00PM

Prize: 10% Booster Bonus on the winning amount.

How does the offer work?

In order for a successful declare, after you complete melding the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences as per the objective, you have to discard a card in the finish slot and declare as per the rules. Our system will verify your melds and then will announce you as the winner. In this promotion, the finishing card has to be 8 of diamonds. Just ensure you build melds properly and use 8♢ as the finishing card while declaring. Apart from your winning amount, you will get an additional 10% booster bonus on what you win.

Eg: Make sure you meld like A♥-2♥-3♥-4♥| 5♢-6♢-7♢ | 5♦-5♠-5♣ | J♠-J♦-J♣, after creating this set, make sure you have 8♢ as the last card. Plan your game accordingly.

So, mark the dates, enjoy yourself on our tables, finish with eight of diamonds and grab the winning amount!

If you have got a suggestion or feedback on Deccan Rummy or on the gameplay and promotions, we are always ears to hear from you. Please mail us at, we will get back to you at the earliest.

Bolster your rummy game with these exciting offers this November

Deccan Bonus Bounty Diwali
Deccan Bonus Bounty Diwali

If you’re looking for an online rummy site that is literally bursting with the best rummy card games – then look no further than Deccan Rummy. Our websites feature a range of rummy variants and tournaments that even the fussiest of players will love our selection of games. Our vast range of games can be accessed through the web, mobile and tabs thus making us multi-platform compatible.

November Tornado
November Tornado Bonus Offer


Since our inception in the year 2016, our main goal has been to set the highest standards for our product and service. Till date, we are holding to our high standards in providing a flawless gaming experience to our users.
Our website uses state-of-the-art advanced graphics, RNG, Fraud prevention algorithms to power our games, and this ensures players have access to high-quality, fast-paced, action-packed rummy tables. Once you land in our website, we can guarantee you will never have a dull moment.

We always value our customers and one will quickly realize that everything about Deccan Rummy is oriented around customer satisfaction. This has helped us a great deal in catapulting us to be one of the most respected and trustworthy platforms in the online rummy business.

Deccan Rummy is packed full of exciting bonuses and promotions which the players can take advantage of. From a colossal welcome bonus of Rs. 5000 to free cash rummy tournaments worth more than 20 Lakhs to periodic bonus offers and special tournaments, we are consistently providing our players an opportunity to make a profit.

In the following post, we’re going to be taking a look at a couple of exciting bonus offers that are available this month.

1. November Tornado

Every month, we have a tradition of hosting exciting bonus offers for all our players. This monthly bonus offer allows the player the luxury of earning more on their deposits thus strengthening their bankroll.

With November Tornado, players can avail 20% bonus up to Rs. 1000 on one of their deposits. Players must use the bonus code “NOV20” while making a deposit. The bonus amount in bonus points will be instantly credited after the successful completion of the purchase. Avail this exceptional bonus and add some extra dazzle to your rummy sessions.

2. Deccan Bonus Bounty Offer


Deccan Bonus Bounty is yet another stunning offer that has been a permanent feature in our list of promotions. Hosted on a weekly basis, this offer is availed by thousands of players.

Get 15% booster Bonus up to Rs. 750 for one of the deposits made from Nov 1-8. Use the bonus code “DIWALI” while making a deposit. Come and avail this bonus offer and start earning big bucks.

How to avail these bonuses?

1. Login to Deccan Rummy
2. Click on Add cash
3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on the code “NOV20” or “”DIWALI”. Once you click on the bonus code, it will be posted automatically in the Bonus code box.
4. Players can use only one of the two codes given at a time.
5. Click on Apply
6. Select the payment gateway and complete your purchase.
7. After the successful completion of the purchase, the players will receive the bonus amount instantly.

These are some exciting promotions that are available current that lend more zing to your rummy game. Most importantly, they embolden your bankroll and allow you the luxury to play more cash rummy games. Why not make the most of it right away? Opportunities don’t knock your doors every day. Smarten up and avail these wonderful bonus offers before its gone!