Top Tips to Crack rummy tournaments of all kinds

The thought of winning big in a rummy tournament evinces interest in the minds of every rummy player. Rummy tournaments both freeroll and cash are one of the perfect means to showcase your rummy skill. You will get a chance to rub your shoulders against ace rummy players. Though it is challenging, it is not impossible to win. To succeed in any activity after a lot of effort is always sweet, winning a rummy tournament falls in this category.

In order to win rummy tournaments consistently, you have to apply concepts such as your mathematical skills, analytical skills, and your observation skills. It is important to read your opponents and gauge their moves in advance. You need to think one step ahead of your opponents and must use your probability knowledge to guess their moves. If you are well-versed with this particular aspect, you can consider the battle half-won already. Shoot your chances of winning big with these four tips.

Tips to crack rummy tournaments

1. The importance of Pure Sequence

Be it any game or tournament, a pure sequence is mandatory in a rummy game. Without pure sequence, the other sequences or sets you build goes into vain, as you will lose the game by 80 points. Sometimes, in the rush of the tournament, you will be busy building your sequences with jokers. The thought of winning the tournament at any cost clouds your judgment and you start accumulating joker cards to build sequences and sets. Never make these mistakes. While joker cards help you complete the objective quickly, it is not a replacement for a pure sequence. Hence, work on building a pure sequence first.

2. Improve your strategies

Every tournament is different. Situations are not the same always. Some common strategies like discarding high-value cards, taking advantage of jokers cannot work all the time. Rummy is all about playing right to the situation. You should alter your strategies based on the situation. There will be times where you need to trick your opponents, retain high-value cards, and many such tactics. The best way to ensure such tricks work for you is to practice more and more. Tournaments are not for one-trick ponies. Making the right moves at the right time is critical.

3. Patience, Practice, and perseverance

There are multiple rummy variants and to gain expertise in each of them there is no only one way – practice. Master rummy rules and learn how to play rummy online.  Playing free games using practice chips can help you finetune your rummy strategies. Develop strategies that are unique to you and are not cracked by anyone. Not everyone hits the jackpot the first time. You need to persevere a lot to perfect your strategies. As your opponents could be at any skill level that you cannot predetermine, it is always better to prepare at all levels.

4. Self-assured attitude

While there are no alternatives for practice, it is important that you have an optimistic outlook towards the game. The mood and attitude with which you approach this game make a lot of difference. If you are a negative thinker naturally, which most people are, it is paramount that you reinforce those hampering negative thoughts with positive ones. Having a positive outlook is immensely beneficial in a skill game like rummy as it could turn your fortunes around, even if you do not receive an ideal starting hand to your liking. However, by being positive we need you to become smug or cocky, every rummy player must know when to quit the game. No matter, how positive you are, at times, you may need to fold for your own good.

Trying out these four tips would definitely help you in the long run in rummy tournaments. Experience the thrills and spills of rummy in its best format, i.e. rummy tournaments on the best website around, Deccan Rummy.

How to utilize joker card effectively in a rummy game

A typical pack of cards has 52 suit cards and two joker cards (printed joker). The concept of joker card is so much important in a rummy game. A player must understand the fundamental idea behind joker cards. Joker card has uniqueness in both its appearance and usage. The card with joker printed on it is the face joker card. As you master the rummy rules and strategies effectively.

Ever heard of the old adage Don’t judge a book by its cover! Well, in rummy, don’t judge a card’s value by its name or appearance. Joker is so much crucial than what its name suggests.


Joker is a card that players most eagerly await in every game. This card is more helpful in making set/ sequence and is considered an alternative for any card in a set.

History of Joker card 

The concept of joker cards never existed when the game of rummy was developed. The card of joker was brought into the scene during the 1860s. The joker card made its entry through euchre games. The American euchre players decided to have an extra trump card to stimulate the excitement in the game. That’s how Joker cards entered into playing cards. Later in the 19th century, card manufacturers started making joker cards with pictures of a clown on both sides of the card.

A joker card can replace/substitute any card in a set. The card is capable of building sets in a sequence.

Wild cards

 In a rummy game apart from the printed joker, you have another card serving a similar purpose. It is called wild joker. The card is selected randomly at the beginning of every game and is used as a wild card. A wild card joker may be used as a substitute for a missing card in a set or a sequence. If a card is chosen joker, then all cards with the same value from different suits are considered joker. For example, if 4 of the spade is chosen joker then 4 from club, diamond and heart suits are considered joker.

These multiple joker cards come as a good aid for the players to reach their objective. If a joker card turns to be the joker, then Ace of all the suits turn out to be the joker for the game.

However, the pure sequence is mandatory for a successful declare.

Best usage of Joker cards

Using joker cards is more vital for a player to finish the game. Use the following points to play the joker card.

  1. Use jokers between face cards (A, K, Q, and J) as a first preference.
  2. Arrange your joker cards with other cards after getting the pure sequence as it is mandatory
  3. Check the wild joker and proceed to play the game.
  4. Get rid of the adjacent cards to the joker card to use the joker effectively.

Indian Rummy is all about how you handle your cards to win the game. The inclusion of joker cards in rummy has enhanced victory for many players of the game. Be one among the many who use jokers effectively to better their game. Use joker cards and win the game like a King. Download rummy now and try out different rummy strategies to use the joker card effectively.

5 signs of a bad hand in Rummy

Bad hand

Winning a rummy game primarily depends on two factors – the cards you receive and how good your rummy strategies are. One of the critical aspects of rummy strategies is your ability to predict if your opponent is having a bad hand. If you are good at predicting your opponent’s hand, there’s an excellent chance to refine your rummy strategies according to the situation. It is easy in an offline rummy game as your opponents are in front of you giving enough giveaways like face reaction etc.

However, online rummy game is a different breed altogether. Here, you don’t get to see your opponents directly, and in all probability, they might be living in an entirely different geographical location from you. How can you know if your opponent has a bad hand? As you don’t have a way to see his face, the best you can do is observe his game play. As you follow his game-play, you get enough clues that would be enough to seal the game. Hard to believe? Here are the five ways through which you can get to know if your opponent has a bad hand.

Five moves that indicate if your opponent is having a bad hand

1. Bluffing

If Your opponent is a seasoned veteran, he will not give up that easily. The most stimulating element associated with rummy is bluffing. Bluffing is one of the most effective tricks in a card game. Rummy pros often bluff their way to win. If your ordinarily calm and calculative opponent, suddenly plays a loose and fast game blowing hot and cold, then there is a chance he is bluffing. It’s not that easy to identify bluffing as your opponent remains unseen. The best way is to have a firm grip over your hand.

2. Discarding High-value cards

If your opponent keeps dropping high cards (A, J, Q, and K), then it is evident that he is trying to reduce the point load. If the player has a winning hand, he won’t keep discarding high-value cards continuously. Some players might do it as a bluff. However, in most cases, you can be confident that your opponent has a bad hand.

3. Discarding Low-Value cards

Discarding high-value cards reduce the point load but what if a player discards low-value cards? Yes! There are many instances where players will keep discarding low-value cards. It’s a trap; your opponent does that to unsettle you. As you become jittery, you become prone to commit mistakes which your opponent capitalize brilliantly. Make sure if your opponent discards low-value cards more than once in a game, it means they might be having a bad hand, and he/she is probably setting up bait.

4. Picking up middle-value cards

If your opponent is picking up lots of middle-value cards (5, 6), then it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have a right hand and is trying to make up for it by trying to meld a sequence with mid-value cards. A mid-value card can combine with both low and high-value cards. There lies its advantage.

5. Picking up from the open deck

If your opponent has a good hand, he would more likely pick his cards from the closed deck. If he picks up cards from the open deck, it means his desired cards are with his opponents. Instead of folding if the player picks up continuously from the open deck then it’s clear that he’s struggling with a bad hand. In this case, as a player, you need to be extra careful with your discards as they might grab it the moment you drop.


Getting a bad hand is not so uncommon in online rummy; professional players know the difference between a playable and unplayable distinction. Smart players know the distinction and can turn even a bad hand into something useful. The trick here is to stay alert all the time and put your rummy tricks into use productively.