Six common mistakes made by rookies in Rummy Card game

There are so many mistakes made by the rummy card game enthusiasts which cost them the game. Listed below are the few mistakes made by the rookies.

  1. Misunderstanding the rummy card game rules

Rules are the backbone of the rummy card game. If you fail to grasp the rummy rules, you may as well fail to win the game. To play well you need to have a clear understanding of the game which can be gained by memorizing the rules correctly. Rummy game rules are fairly simple. Memorizing it is an easier task. Read up the rules; follow them religiously in every single game and try to improvise as and when.

  1. Lack of attention

The rummy card game requires constant focus and attention. Rookies may not realize the significance of concentration until they start losing. It’s important you remain in complete focus while playing this game. Select a calm and serene place to play the game and ensure you do not multitask while playing.

  1. Not following your opponents’ move

Paying attention to your opponents’ moves is an important thing while you play rummy online on any site. You have to carefully observe the cards they drop, by doing so you can predict their subsequent moves. Also, the cards that they discard can sometimes be useful to complete your sets and /or sequences. The secret mantra of the most successful players in rummy is their observation skills.

  1. Dropping out

The best thing about playing rummy online is that players have an option to drop out of the game anytime they want. In this way, they can reduce their point count. In the case of the first drop, you get 20 points. In the case of a middle drop, you get 40 points. There is no point in hanging in when you have a bad hand. As soon as the cards are dealt, check whether they are playable or not – In the event, they are unplayable, drop out. Smart players know when to drop out of the game. That’s what makes them successful.

  1. Don’t chase losses

As said earlier, winning and losing is part of the rummy card game. It’s important you play the game with a calm mind. If you suffer a loss and keep playing more to avenge it, chances are such that you may have to endure more losses. That’s the reason why most rummy sites have a section called responsible gaming where they talk at length about not pursuing losses. Additionally, there are algorithms integrated into their systems that restrict players’ deposits to ensure they do not overspend on the game.

  1. Overenthusiastic gameplay

Often rookies get carried away by a few wins and proceed to the high-stakes game without having sufficient experience. Turns out most such adventures are disastrous. The problem is that such people don’t have a sufficient understanding of rummy tips so they are heavily prone to make mistakes. Also as you become overzealous, you tend to lose your concentration, which will eventually cause your downfall.


Bring your A+ game in today’s Ganesh Chaturthi Finale

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Ganesh Chaturthi Finale

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No one likes to miss a lucrative opportunity to win big during a festival. Turn this Ganesh Chaturthi tournament finale as your perfect shot at diving into big winnings and stardom. Let this festival occasion be the beginning of everything that is prosperous and inspiring.

Top Tips to Crack rummy tournaments of all kinds

The thought of winning big in a rummy tournament evinces interest in the minds of every rummy player. Rummy tournaments both freeroll and cash are one of the perfect means to showcase your rummy skill. You will get a chance to rub your shoulders against ace rummy players. Though it is challenging, it is not impossible to win. To succeed in any activity after a lot of effort is always sweet, winning a rummy tournament falls in this category.

In order to win rummy tournaments consistently, you have to apply concepts such as your mathematical skills, analytical skills, and your observation skills. It is important to read your opponents and gauge their moves in advance. You need to think one step ahead of your opponents and must use your probability knowledge to guess their moves. If you are well-versed with this particular aspect, you can consider the battle half-won already. Shoot your chances of winning big with these four tips.

Tips to crack rummy tournaments

1. The importance of Pure Sequence

Be it any game or tournament, a pure sequence is mandatory in a rummy game. Without pure sequence, the other sequences or sets you build goes into vain, as you will lose the game by 80 points. Sometimes, in the rush of the tournament, you will be busy building your sequences with jokers. The thought of winning the tournament at any cost clouds your judgment and you start accumulating joker cards to build sequences and sets. Never make these mistakes. While joker cards help you complete the objective quickly, it is not a replacement for a pure sequence. Hence, work on building a pure sequence first.

2. Improve your strategies

Every tournament is different. Situations are not the same always. Some common strategies like discarding high-value cards, taking advantage of jokers cannot work all the time. Rummy is all about playing right to the situation. You should alter your strategies based on the situation. There will be times where you need to trick your opponents, retain high-value cards, and many such tactics. The best way to ensure such tricks work for you is to practice more and more. Tournaments are not for one-trick ponies. Making the right moves at the right time is critical.

3. Patience, Practice, and perseverance

There are multiple rummy variants and to gain expertise in each of them there is no only one way – practice. Master rummy rules and learn how to play rummy online.  Playing free games using practice chips can help you finetune your rummy strategies. Develop strategies that are unique to you and are not cracked by anyone. Not everyone hits the jackpot the first time. You need to persevere a lot to perfect your strategies. As your opponents could be at any skill level that you cannot predetermine, it is always better to prepare at all levels.

4. Self-assured attitude

While there are no alternatives for practice, it is important that you have an optimistic outlook towards the game. The mood and attitude with which you approach this game make a lot of difference. If you are a negative thinker naturally, which most people are, it is paramount that you reinforce those hampering negative thoughts with positive ones. Having a positive outlook is immensely beneficial in a skill game like rummy as it could turn your fortunes around, even if you do not receive an ideal starting hand to your liking. However, by being positive we need you to become smug or cocky, every rummy player must know when to quit the game. No matter, how positive you are, at times, you may need to fold for your own good.

Trying out these four tips would definitely help you in the long run in rummy tournaments. Experience the thrills and spills of rummy in its best format, i.e. rummy tournaments on the best website around, Deccan Rummy.

Play Rummy Online – Tips to Avoid losing money

One of the main reasons people hesitate to play rummy online for cash is the possibility of losing money. While winning every single game that you play is highly not possible, however most people lose money due to mistakes in executing their strategies. By using perfect rummy strategy for that particular game, you can very well extend your winning streak. Here are a few things that you can follow to not lose money playing rummy online.

1. Do not take hurried decisions

We all know online rummy is a time-based game. Every player gets a certain amount of time to make their moves. Making a move within the allotted time comes with experience. However, you have to ensure you do not rush off in your quest to win the game.

The chances of committing a mistake is high when you take decisions with regards to dropping the cards, when you are rushing over in the game. If you have limited time in your hands, do not play cash games, try freeroll where you lose nothing.

2. Do not chase your losses

Most people who lose a few games commit this grave mistake. If you are on a losing spree, it is not a good idea to go after earning what you lost. It may result in further losses thereby denting a huge financial and psychological blow. Take a break from cash tables on such circumstances and introspect what went wrong. Most often than not, it must be a strategic mistake which might have cost you the games. On such occasions, spend time playing practice rummy games.

At Deccan Rummy, you have practice tables for all rummy variants where you can sharpen your skills. By winning a few practice games, you can get back that lost confidence and go stronger in cash games.

3. Rework your strategies

It is no doubt that rummy is a skill game. Sometimes, players get struck with a particular strategy which helped them during a game. Following the same strategy for all games is not a good idea. In rummy, each game is different as the RNG is going to hand over non-repetitive hands and also your opponents are going to be different each game. Therefore, you must ensure you devise your strategies according to the hand you receive. It is where practice games comes to your rescue again. It is highly impossible to be a one-trick pony in a diverse game like rummy.

4. Stick to Rules

One of the basic requirements to be successful in rummy is to have a proper understanding of rummy rules. Without a clear knowledge about the rummy rules, it is highly impossible to win in rummy.

As cash rummy tables are extremely competitive, a slight mistake could cost your game. So, we suggest you to get familiar with how to play rummy, rummy tips and strategies from our vast collection of rummy related resources.

5. Play Rummy Online – Check your internet connection

Since you are playing with live players in a rummy platform over an internet connection, it is important to have a stable internet connection. Imagine a situation, where you are one move away from the victory and your internet disconnects? How hard that can be?

A lot of people on the brink of victory lose games due to internet connectivity issues. So, the next time you decide to play rummy online, ensure your internet connection is stable. While playing with mobile data from your rummy app is what many people do, but, given the frequent disruptions in connections that are possible with mobile internet, we would advise you to play rummy from app with your mobile connected to a WiFi when playing high stake games, perched on a seat without having to move.