Top Tips to Crack rummy tournaments of all kinds

The thought of winning big in a rummy tournament evinces interest in the minds of every rummy player. Rummy tournaments both freeroll and cash are one of the perfect means to showcase your rummy skill. You will get a chance to rub your shoulders against ace rummy players. Though it is challenging, it is not impossible to win. To succeed in any activity after a lot of effort is always sweet, winning a rummy tournament falls in this category.

In order to win rummy tournaments consistently, you have to apply concepts such as your mathematical skills, analytical skills, and your observation skills. It is important to read your opponents and gauge their moves in advance. You need to think one step ahead of your opponents and must use your probability knowledge to guess their moves. If you are well-versed with this particular aspect, you can consider the battle half-won already. Shoot your chances of winning big with these four tips.

Tips to crack rummy tournaments

1. The importance of Pure Sequence

Be it any game or tournament, a pure sequence is mandatory in a rummy game. Without pure sequence, the other sequences or sets you build goes into vain, as you will lose the game by 80 points. Sometimes, in the rush of the tournament, you will be busy building your sequences with jokers. The thought of winning the tournament at any cost clouds your judgment and you start accumulating joker cards to build sequences and sets. Never make these mistakes. While joker cards help you complete the objective quickly, it is not a replacement for a pure sequence. Hence, work on building a pure sequence first.

2. Improve your strategies

Every tournament is different. Situations are not the same always. Some common strategies like discarding high-value cards, taking advantage of jokers cannot work all the time. Rummy is all about playing right to the situation. You should alter your strategies based on the situation. There will be times where you need to trick your opponents, retain high-value cards, and many such tactics. The best way to ensure such tricks work for you is to practice more and more. Tournaments are not for one-trick ponies. Making the right moves at the right time is critical.

3. Patience, Practice, and perseverance

There are multiple rummy variants and to gain expertise in each of them there is no only one way – practice. Master rummy rules and learn how to play rummy online.  Playing free games using practice chips can help you finetune your rummy strategies. Develop strategies that are unique to you and are not cracked by anyone. Not everyone hits the jackpot the first time. You need to persevere a lot to perfect your strategies. As your opponents could be at any skill level that you cannot predetermine, it is always better to prepare at all levels.

4. Self-assured attitude

While there are no alternatives for practice, it is important that you have an optimistic outlook towards the game. The mood and attitude with which you approach this game make a lot of difference. If you are a negative thinker naturally, which most people are, it is paramount that you reinforce those hampering negative thoughts with positive ones. Having a positive outlook is immensely beneficial in a skill game like rummy as it could turn your fortunes around, even if you do not receive an ideal starting hand to your liking. However, by being positive we need you to become smug or cocky, every rummy player must know when to quit the game. No matter, how positive you are, at times, you may need to fold for your own good.

Trying out these four tips would definitely help you in the long run in rummy tournaments. Experience the thrills and spills of rummy in its best format, i.e. rummy tournaments on the best website around, Deccan Rummy.

Beat the Summer heat with Cash Rich Summer Satellite tournament

As the devastative covid 19 wave continues to hit India hard, it’s time for us to stay indoors and protect ourselves and our surroundings following covid appropriate behaviour. The extended lockdowns have shifted our life’s online, from office work to our entertainment needs. No one needs to step a foot outside their homes for entertainment requirements as the internet offers more than a million gaming options.

The gaming ecosystem in India is growing from strength to strength due to the increasing popularity of online games. Online rummy is one of the most popular games during these extended lockdowns. Thanks to the power internet, which made traditional games like Rummy more accessible during these lockdowns.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of online rummy is the earning potential and its role in social engagement. Sites like Deccan Rummy has seen a massive uptake in the number of users during this lockdown. We consider ourselves privileged to have earned their trust in a short duration. What better way to repay than hosting high-value tournaments and offers!

Summer Satellite

Summer Satellite Tournament

Gear for an adventurous rummy ride ahead as we are about to turn this summer on its head with an awesome promotion.

We understand that being confined to homes over a long period, the boredom is excruciating. The sweltering hot weather can make it incredibly uncomfortable too. However, we have to follow the protocols to break the chain of Covid transmission.

Being confined in homes does not mean you have to deprive yourself of fun and thrill. Here’s something exciting to look forward to during these tough time

Beat the Summer Heat and lockdown blues with our second edition of Summer Satellite Series. Running from June 10-12, the multi-level Summer Satellite Series 2021 comes with an mind-blowing prizepool of 1 Lakh.

Being a multi-level tournament, this tournament offers multiple winning opportunities!

SS Satellites 2021June 10 @9 PMJune 10 @3 PMRs.50402Rs. 20000


(35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)

SS Qualifiers 2021June 11 @9 PMJune 11 @3 PMFree ticket or Rs. 100299Rs. 30000


(75 Free Tickets to Qualifier)

SS Finale 2021June 12 @9 PMJune 12 @3 PMFree ticket or Rs. 200250Rs. 50000

It’s your turn to raise the game and make your way through a talented field of competitors to win this presigious tournament! Are you ready?

1 Lakh GTD Independence Day Special Tournament on Aug 15

India’s 74th Independence day is just around the corner. In view of spread of COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations are now a low-key affair with social distancing and other precautionary measures in place.

Aug 15 is the day Indian history wouldn’t ever forget. After being at the receiving end of various oppressors, we freed ourselves from the clutches of colonial oppressor and walked free on this special day. While festivals are numerous, nothing elicits as much joy as Independence day celebrations.


Independence Day Special Tournament on Aug 15

While Independence Day is often associated with parades, marches and speeches, Rummy players always believe the best way to celebrate is to take part in an engaging rummy tournament.
There’s much to look forward to for rummy zealots during this Independence Day. Adding yet another exciting offer to its excite palate, Deccan Rummy has announced its Independence Day special tournament on Aug 15.

Rummy players can celebrate Independence Day in style at Deccan Rummy with a special rummy tournament on Aug 15. Coming with a massive prizepool of Rs. 100000, the tournament will be held on Aug 15 at 9:00 PM. Independence Day Special Tournament. As mentioned, the truest essence of Independence day is being free. Players can play the tournament with a free ticket.

How to Win Free Tickets?

All that you have to do is make a deposit of Rs. 1947 with the bonus code “IND2020” and avail free ticket. The money you deposit will just remain in your wallet with which you can play cash games online and multiply your money. In the meanwhile, you can utilize this free ticket and play this rummy tournament. Alternatively, you can also take part in the tournament with a buy-in of Rs. 250.

We have put together a busy day of tournament action and expect full house in an exciting battle of nerves and wits. If you think you have it in you to take down this tourney, be a part of this action. Earn free tickets now by making a deposit. Release your rummy expertise and walk out with a bundle of cash prizes.

Deccan Rummy is one of the most trusted online rummy websites in India. In our quest to provide the user a edifying gaming experience, we have been continuously launching exciting rummy promotions in our site. Independence Day Special tournament is yet another exciting offer that you cannot afford to miss. With its variety of promotions, Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest rummy destinations. Supercharge your rummy skills and go for the bigger winnings!

50K GTD Social Sharks – A tournament you wouldn’t want to miss

To fill in the void in your entertainment quotient brought about this Pandemic Lockdown, people have turned to online gaming enmasse. Deccan Rummy is constantly upping the ante with a set of exciting tournament and offers from our end.

One of the hallmarks of our site has been the special rummy tournament. Our special tournaments see participation from players at all experience levels. Nothing is more stimulating for a rummy player than a fierce tournament that sees him lock horns against some of the best rummy minds in the country. always welcomes you to join a spectacular online rummy competition this month.


Social Sharks Tournament

Are you ready to swim in the pool full of rummy sharks? If yes, join the Social Shark contest at our Platform this July 28 at 3:30 PM and fish out big prizes from the prizepool of Rs. 50 K.

Social Sharks has been one of the flagship monthly tournament at Deccan Rummy. It is one long standing event that continues to attract a large number of rummy players across the country. Several players from all walks of the life have won the tournament and etched their names in the elite winners club along with pocketing big cash prizes.

Players can get an entry into the contests by two means:

a. Avail Free tickets by answering our Social Media quizzes (Facebook). Visit our Facebook page to know about the contest active for that week. We will pin the post active for that week in our timeline.

b. Play with a buy of Rs. 150

The registration for this Social Sharks rummy tournament begins at July 28 at 2:30 PM. Do not forget to use the free ticket you availed, else it will become void.

With so many events taking place every day, it can be a bit daunting to keep a track of everything. That is the reason we are constantly sending reminders well ahead of the schedule so that you can plan accordingly.  Great structure and substantial prize pool aside, the field size offers you plenty of opportunities to win cash easily. Join this carnival of rummy skills and win exciting cash prizes. Be there polishing your skills and fight hard to prove that you are a rummy shark.

Freerolls, Bonus Offers and a lot!

An action-packed week at Deccan Rummy is just awaiting you and the next few days are going to be exceptionally exciting. The surprises don’t end here! There are a plethora of freerolls, cash tournaments, and surprise offers running throughout the week. Ensure you take advantage of each and everyone of them.

If you do not have a Deccan Rummy account yet; Download mobile rummy app, register for free and get started. Be a part of the action and grab big prizes each time.