Must play rummy tournaments for Indian Rummy enthusiasts

Indian Rummy tournaments are the most preferred game form by players. Since, they are very rewarding by their nature and also offer a platform for players to demonstrate their skill; it’s loved by experts and novices. It is the reason why most rummy tournaments run to packed houses

To get things clear, Tournaments are the format of rummy, where different players compete for a prizepool. A tournament runs into many rounds (depending on structure) and players do get eliminated in the subsequent rounds all the way to finale with six players in the table. Our multi-table tournaments are extremely popular in the Indian rummy circuit as they come with a tempting prizepool and also a chance to compete against the best in the business

Deccan Rummy offers Free and Cash tournaments in our platform to keep you at the edge of the seat. These tournaments are hosted throughout the day, whatever time you login, you will find a tournament for you to compete and enjoy. Now let’s discuss these tournaments in detail along with popular tournaments in each category.

  1. Free Roll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are those tourneys which cost you nothing to play. You can enter the tables without an entry fee. These come with a fixed prizepool which the winners of the tournament will share. A lot of player start with freeroll tournaments before transitioning into cash rummy games and tournaments. Freeroll tournaments offer you an excellent platform to improve your rummy skills and also get a chance to win money without having to invest any.

Deccan Rummy offers a number of freeroll tournaments throughout the day with real cash prizes, cash bonuses, gold coins, and gift vouchers as giveaways. Tournaments like Giftraffle, GoldQuest, Mega Blast, and Rapid Rustle have consistently attracted people from all walks of the life over several years. So many players have won these tournaments a number of times and moved on to achieve more glory in high-value contests! Freeroll tournaments are the perfect learning curve if you are looking to improve your rummy skills and also to learn what real competition feels like.

  1. Cash Rummy Tournaments

Cash Rummy Tournaments are those tournaments where you will have to pay an entry fee in order to participate. Normally, for a cash rummy tournament the prizepool is determined by the number of participants in the tournaments multiplied by their entry fee. The winners (differs by number for each tournament) share the prizepool. The number of rounds may vary from tournament to tournament.

All the tournaments will begin only when 50% of the seats are occupied. Cash tourneys are a bit more competitive than freeroll as it features players who have a considerable rummy experience under their belt. Nevertheless, even newbies can participate in them provided they are confident with their rummy skills. Deccan Rummy hosts a multiple number of cash rummy tournaments namely Cash Splash, Knight Rider, Twenty Twenty, Hyper 500, and Turbo 250 which see a good turnout.

  1. Special Rummy Tournaments

We know Indian festivals are celebrated with much pomp and fervour. Indian Rummy has always played an integral part during Indian festivals. There has been a syncretic  connection between Indian rummy and festivals. Throughout history, they have various urban legends about rummy being a courthouse game in different empires that have ruled over the Indian subcontinent. It is normal to see families bonding towards each other with a game of rummy after festival celebration and get-togethers.

Now that rummy action has moved online, we’ve left no stones unturned to enjoy the game in its favorite format. At Deccan Rummy, we host tournaments on all major Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Christmas, Pongal, Makarsankranti etc. These tournaments come under special rummy tournaments category and come with a hefty prizepool. Throughout the years, hundreds of players have benefitted in a big way by winning these tournaments. All it takes is a bit of extra effort and better overall control to emerge on top in these tourneys.

Now that you’ve learned about Indian Rummy tournaments, don’t you feel an urge to take part immediately? Just login to Deccan Rummy from your mobile app/laptop and check out the tournaments running and it could be your turn today! See you at the tables! Happy playing!



A Primer on Rummy Tournaments at Deccan Rummy

Ask any rummy player, the best way to experience rummy is to play rummy online tournaments. At Deccan Rummy, we have a diverse set of tournaments for all tournament enthusiasts.

Rummy is a game of skill and what better way to showcase them than by competing with thousands of players and prove your superiority. In return, you can also avail awesome prizes.

No doubt prize makes a lot of difference, but the feel and thrill of competing and being the last man standing are special. It is equivalent to emerging victorious in a hard-fought battle or surviving through rough terrains. It is for this bragging right millions of players register on rummy sites.

Free Rummy Tournaments are exciting for any poker player. From a free entry combined with an awesome pay-out, it’s an irresistible deal for the players. If the thrill of competing and winning against a big pool of players from all walks of life is not compelling enough, the massive winning opportunities would definitely draw players.

Online rummy tournaments are quite different from cash games as you are likely to encounter a diverse set of players. All players compete to win a share from the prize pool. Be it cash or free tournament, the game structure remains the game as progress to the next levels and the final table has 6 players. The players that outplay the 5 opponents win the maximum share from the prize. The rest of the prizes are given to the other player as per the tournament’s distribution structure.

Free Rummy Tournaments

There are life-changing amounts of money available in both free and cash rummy tournaments. Deccan Rummy offers up to 20 Lakhs per month in our freeroll. Players can join these tournaments at no cost and avail of massive winning opportunities. For the detailed list of freeroll tournaments that are available on our platform, you can check the tournament section. You can find freerolls hosted throughout the day. Pick a time comfortable time of your choice and what tourneys you can play. Nobody wins tournaments for the first time. It is only through constant practise you can perfect your craft and improve your winning chances. Cash tourneys on the other hand require a small buy-in to play. We understand that every player would want to have a go at the prize pool. That is why the buy-in for these tourneys has been kept at a reasonable price.

Our tournaments are open to players at all levels. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran looking to compete with the best in the business, our platform welcomes you with both hands.

Come, play and get a winning chance – it’s that simple!

Rummy Tournaments – Calling Card for Rummy Enthusiasts

Indian Rummy, a card game of skills is one of the most played games in India. The journey of 13 card rummy game from offline to online has been incredible. Today, millions of players from all walks of life are enjoying the card games in various online rummy sites.With the availability of multiple rummy variants and rummy tournaments, players are spoilt for choice and can enjoy a game anytime they wish.

Now that rummy games are available to play through a rummy mobile app, you can take the game along with you wherever you move. Today, playing games from mobiles is the norm and what better game than rummy that is exciting as well as offers a chance to win big fortunes?

Rummy Tournaments

Rummy Tournament – A healthy dose of fun and competition

Rummy tournaments are one of the most preferred option to enjoy the game as they double the excitement and also presents an opportunity to win big with a small investment. As the stakes are high, the field is tough and you get to rub shoulders with the best in business.

Rummy tournaments are a calling card for all rummy enthusiasts to display their skills and grab their slice of the prize money. While the bumper cash prizes entice a few, the thrill of competition for others, but those who participate in these tournaments are in for an exciting time!

The unique thing about the tournaments is the multiple cash rewards that are up for grabs. Normally, when you play a cash game, you end up with two results – either you win or lose. Which essentially means you win more than what you invest or you lose what you brought. But in tournaments, since multiple prizes are up for grabs, even if you couldn’t win the tournament, you have the chance to take back what you’ve invested and some more. So, aside from the thrill factor, the chance of earning is much higher in rummy tournaments.

Join Deccan Rummy Tournaments

Deccan Rummy is one of the most rewarding rummy platform when it comes to offering tournaments with BIG VALUE! We have been consistently upping the ante with a lot of special tournaments and offers apart from the regular set of tournaments.

Deccan Rummy has both cash and freeroll tournaments. Cash tournaments are those tournaments that you play by paying a small-buyin whereas free tournaments are those that you can play without investing a dime. Deccan Rummy has the reputation of being the site with the largest number of freeroll tournaments in terms of money value. With more than 20 Lakhs up for grabs in our freerolls every month, there’s a great chance to win some record prize amount! Come, play rummy online and have your slice!

If you know how to play cards rights in a highly competitive gaming ecosystem, our platform is the one you should be heading towards.

Staying indoors for long seems like you’re trapped in a cocoon. It’s time to unwind with some exciting rummy action. Playing rummy tournaments on our site could set the tone for it.

Fly high with Turbo 250 and Hyper 250 Cash tournaments

India’s leading online rummy site, Deccan Rummy, is known for providing a superb and edifying gaming experience for players. Known as the leaders of innovation, Deccan Rummy has always surprised its users with endearing Rummy offers and promotions. When you associate with a big brand like Deccan Rummy, you are obviously in for a great rummy time. Lined up with an array of big promotions, Deccan Rummy makes it straight to your heart.


2020 is going to be a landmark year for rummy players at Deccan Rummy as we have an impressive array of tournaments lined up for you. No matter which level you are in, you will find something appealing in our site. In our constant quest to meet the players’ expectations, we are launching a series of cash rummy tournaments for our users. The idea is to allow poker players to get in on some crazy rummy action and win huge real cash prizes

  1. Turbo250 Tournament
  2. Hyper500 Tournament

Turbo250 Tournament

If fast rummy action is what you prefer, then this is the tournament for you. Turbo 250 tournament will be conducted every Thursday & Saturday at 8 PM. The prize pool of Turbo 250 is Rs. 16200. Players can play the tournament at a buy-in of Rs. 250. Turbo250 offers a good chance for the players aiming to win real cash. The registration for the tournament begins 24 hours before the tourney commences, which means the registration will be open every Wednesday and Friday at 8 PM and would remain open for 24 hours till the tournament starts. With the tournament conducted two days a week, you can expect plenty of action.

Hyper 500 tournaments

If high-rollers are your thing in rummy, then this is the tournament that you shouldn’t miss. Hyper 500 is hosted every Friday, and Sunday at 8 PM. Hyper500 guarantees a prize pool of Rs. 32400. To enter the tournament, the player has to pay a buy-in of Rs. 500. Hyper 500 tourney will be a delight for players who are looking for affordable buy-in. The INR 50 buy-in allows players at all levels to come and take a shot at the mammoth prize pool on offer. No more do you need to shell out big money to grab a prize pool.

Deccan Rummy has produced many champions through their flagship events in the past, and these two tournaments are impressive additions to the list. These events are guaranteed to witness massive participation from rummy pros, casual gamers, rookies, and even new ones. With the ROI proving to be hugely beneficial, anyone who should have anything about the game should step in as the chances of a win are very high.

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