A tutorial for newbies about Deccan Rummy platform

The rummy card games have always been very popular in India for ages. Since the advent of it’s digital version, its popularity has reached stratospheric heights. Playing the game online makes it much more thrilling and competitive, and also allows you a chance to win real cash. There are many number of sites that allow you to play rummy online. Deccan Rummy is one such site that is preferred by a lot of Indian gamers. It is because our platform offers you a seamless gaming experience, exciting promotions and perks, and thrills that no other app or site does.

Deccan Rummy is here to enhance the quality of gaming experience and fill your lives with fun and thrill. That said, for a newbie, playing in any online rummy site can be overwhelming. They need some time to get used to adapt to the platform and get used to the game mechanics. This tutorial will help you to understand the menu and features available at Deccan Rummy. Understanding this will enable you to play the game more convincingly.

 Tutorial on Deccan Rummy Platform

Once you sign up with website and login, the platform carries a number of options.


Game Lobby is the gaming interface which contains various games and tournaments for the players to play. It also carries all the information about players’ account.


The game lobby holds entire games and tournaments. The objective in a rummy game is to meld the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences.

Games are classified into three tabs

  1. Cash
  2. Tourney
  3. Practice

Cash – Games where you have to enter a buy-in to join the rummy tables. We have 2-player and 6-player tables available.

Tourney – Tournament where you have to compete with multiple players for a prize pool.

Practice – Games that can be played for free.

Cash Games

Players can enjoy three rummy variants – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy

  1. Players can click on Cash tab under which they can find these three variants
  2. Here the players can find a wide range of buy-in options under each variant
  3. For example, if a player wants to play a points rummy game, he can join the table by clicking on Join at the right end of the table and confirm the amount you wish to bring to the table and click on Join table. The player must ensure he/she has loaded sufficient cash in their accounts.
  4. Players can take a seat in the table by clicking on sit here.
  5. A toss happens with random distribution of cards, players with highest card starts the game
  6. Each players gets 45 seconds to make their moves. Player can select a card by clicking on the card or dragging and dropping it in the open deck.
  7. Players after completing the objective will have to click on finish and arrange their cards in a proper manner and click on declare to finish the game

Note: All rummy variants follow the same gameplay. It differs only with the number of deals and points calculation.


The tournaments are classified into different categories

  1. Freeroll – Players do not have to pay any entry fee in order to join the tournament.
  2. Cash – Players have to pay a buy-in to join the tournament.
  3. Special  – Special Tournaments conducted during festivals and other special occasions.


Practice games are free games that players can play in order to gain insights about the rummy strategies. Our software has practice games under all rummy variants.

My Account 

Players can get into their account details by clicking on My Account Tab in the lobby. Clicking on My Account will give them the following options from where they can view their account details.

  1. Account Overview

Players can find their Total Account balance, Available bonus, Bonus acquired (Cash bonus and Instant Deposit Bonus) Loyalty Points, Practice chips pending, and their deposit limits.

  1. Add Cash

This is an option for the players to add cash. Players can add cash to their account through multiple payment methods.

  1. Withdraw Cash

Players can withdraw cash from their account. They can also find the history of withdrawals here.

  1. Profile

Under Profile details, they can find Personal details and Banking details.

Players can enter their Pan no, Bank A/C no, IFSC, and ID proof which will be verified for KYC.

After the KYC verifications, Players will have to contact the support team for any modifications. of their banking details. Players cannot edit their name after KYC verifications. For mobile number change, players will have to contact the support team.

  1. View Transactions

Players can view all kinds of transactions made (Deposits, Withdrawals, Bonus Credit, Winnings, Losings). The data would be available for the last 4 months.

  1. Preferences

Players can opt to receive promotional mails, newsletters and SMS.

  1. Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are awarded based on player’s cash gaming activity. Here, the players can find the number of loyalty points that he’s earned and redeemed. At a time, a player can redeem 1000 loyalty points.

  1. Bonus Points

Bonus Points are a type of bonus awarded to players for deposits. Players will get to know what type of bonus they receive in our bonus offers announced in our promotions page.

It has 3 tabs – Earned, Redeemable, and Redeemed

Earned – It indicates the total number of bonus points available

Redeemable – Points that are available for redemption. Points move from Earned to Redeemed based on player’s cash game activity

Redeemed – It indicates the number of points redeemed by the user.

Hope, this tutorial would help you get familiar with Deccan Rummy platform.