Five interesting things to do during this lockdown

The novel coronavirus continues to wreck havoc across the world forcing the countries to go into a lock-down mode. Several countries are cordoning off the infected areas as no-go zones and have strongly advised their citizens to follow Social distancing measures.

Theaters, Malls, schools, and parks have been shut down. Transport has been radically reduced. And citizens have suddenly found themselves prohibited to go to work as a result of it and have been given work-from-home options.

People have suddenly found themselves stranded at their homes with lots of time in their hands at these times of home isolation. One of the nastiest aspect of this pandemic, is that it affects your socializing. So, there’s an increased stress apart from being confined to one place already. However, it’s all done for the sake of breaking the pandemic chain as it’s proving to be deadly. As responsible citizens of this country, we must abide by the rules imposed for our own good and show solidarity to the people in charge by following the rules.

Isolating ourselves over a period of time can have serious implications on our physical and mental health. The days are especially going to be longer. To help you get over the blues, here are a few things that you can follow.

1. Exercise

While gyms and parks are closed, it’s no excuse for skipping our daily workouts. Working out everyday stimulates blood flow, releases endorphins, a feel good hormone and helps us remain brisk throughout the day. Indulge in minimal exercises like aerobics, stretching, Yoga, and meditation from your homes which will help prevent sluggishness.

2. Eat Healthy

If you are someone who has the habit of eating out continuously, this is the best opportunity to change the habit and get healthy as you have lots of free time in your hands. Prepare your own food without the garnishes that come along with external food. Eat immunity-boosting food items like fruits, vegetables, and nuts to reduce your chances of contracting devices. Avoid grazing on junk food as you run the risk of catching some extra unwanted calories.

3. Learn a new craft

In the busy schedule that you are running throughout the year, you hardly get time to pursue any new crafts outside of your comfort zones. Now is the time for you. With almost everything available on internet, now is the time for you learn a new craft or two. It could be pottery, jewel making or paper crafting or basically anything. You’re not going to get a better time than this to learn a new trade. Whatever it is ensure you follow the safety protocols like social distancing advised. Even learning a new language is not a bad option. There are tons of mobile apps which will help you with it.

4. Play Online Games

In this time of Quarantine and isolation, it is important to keep up our social interactions. As going out is not an option, socializing online will drive away your blues. Playing online games can be a great socializing option. Online games offer a platform for you to meet up, socialize and enjoy quality time. Games like Indian Rummy Online, Online Poker can come in handy during these times to beat the boredom as they offer a quality entertainment but also win some real cash prizes.

5. Read a book

While binge watching a series or watching a selection of movies might sound like an fanciful idea, it will render you tired. As you focus on your monitors or TVs, your eyeballs are going to hurt and you might end up tired and insomniacal. With nowhere to go, being inside your home is a must. Why not invest this time in a productive activity like reading? Reading a book is a gratifying experience which movies or shows can’t provide. Perhaps, this time could inculcate a reading habit in you if you don’t have it already. Reading platforms like Kindle have thousands of books across several genres, you can give it a try. By the time you finish a book, even a long day otherwise might appear too short for you.

That’s it. Try to follow the activities mentioned here, hopefully you will make use of this isolated time more productively than you imagined. As always, Stay safe, follow all the necessary steps mentioned by the government and hopefully we will get through this soon.

Importance of Speed and Time in a Rummy Game!

Occasion, events and get-together get even special and better by playing Rummy. The card game is interesting and exciting every second. Online Rummy is now a great platform to play and earn real cash. Card games like Rummy keep players engaged and energetic. The highs and lows of the game turn players more matured and clarity in the game. People are guaranteed unlimited fun in Online Rummy.


Speed and Timing are two crucial factors that decide the winner in the game. Here’s how these two factors turn so much primary for a successful rummy player.

Analyzing the Rummy Hand:

A rummy player must first click on the sort button and then analyze the cards received initially. Use the Joker cards to form the impure sequences in your hand at the very beginning of the game. This move can reduce time consumption in the later part of the game.  Make sure to avoid making pure sequence using joker cards because this can reduce your chance to complete another sequence.

Discard the Unwanted Cards:

A smart rummy player must be clever enough to discard the unwanted cards. This quality can imbibe by playing a lot of games. You must have a sheer knowledge on how to play rummy. Prefer to discard face cards such as King, Queen, Jack, and Ace as they carry a wholesome 10 points. One unmatched card could turn your declaration invalid. Therefore there must be cautious discards.

Do not miss-out turns:

The gaming system is designed the way that when a player loses 3 consecutive turns in a game, then they will be terminated from the game. So make sure not to move away from the gaming screen. Quick reactions from you can surprise your opponents and also can create a better impression about you in them. Taking too much time can make it look like you do not have an interest in the game.

Pick your cards carefully:

A player must be cautious about the cards you pick in every turn. These pickings are sort of crucial because these cards can build sequences or sets in your rummy hand. Remember Your opponents watch every card you pick in the game.

Grouping Cards:

As mentioned earlier, use the sort option given in the gaming screen to get a better view of the cards. This helps you to move forward in the very easily. Arranging cards according to certain patterns minimizes the chances of confusion when you start making sequences. This skill is one of the most important characters you find in a pro player.


The last stage of the game is so much important that in this step you can either win the game or even lose the game in this step. You have to first check on all the requirements for a perfect declaration. A primary sequence followed by another sequence along with any other sequence or set. You can declare with just 2 sequences in hand.  A valid declaration can win you the game whereas an error can lose you 80 points.

Online Rummy is a skill game, therefore you need accurate mental skills to win the game. Playing the game on a frequent can improve your speed and timing in the game. Your moves will turn perfect and you can dominate every game you play.

Play Rummy Online – 5 ways to improve your mental strength

5 ways to improve mental strengthIndulging in any activity over a long period of time drains us out at some point of time. Be it work, game, or exercise, we do get burned out over a course of time. There’s this psychological block that sets in and prevents us from enjoying our activity. Not surprisingly, even online gamers face this block. It even happens to the best of the lot. However, it’s not something that’s hard to overcome. Although playing rummy online is rewarding, it requires strong emotional control. This article discusses in length about the mental strength it requires to be successful in the game.

Ways to improve your mental strength

1. Patience

This is one of the important qualities that the player must possess as it has the ability to make or break a players’ career. Patience is not just limited to waiting for the right card in a game. It goes a long way from waiting to select the best table to selecting the best tournament that suits your gaming style. Rummy rules though simple in nature takes time to master. For that, players should exercise enormous amounts of patience.

2. Self Analysis

Rummy is a game where wins and losses are common. Most players do not realize this and continue to chase the losses even they are on a losing streak. It just increases the stress and frustration. Therefore, it is advised to take a break when you are on a losing streak. Sit back and relax during those instances and avoid thinking about the game. Some break from the game does unimaginable good to your gaming career.

3. Learn from Pros

Constant learning is essential in rummy. When you sit in a table, there is no guarantee on who’s at the other end. Only when you play the game, you would get to know what level the player is in.  If it’s a novice, use the occasion to try out different strategies, if it’s a pro, learn as much from him as possible.

4. Control your emotions

In the game of poker, there’s a term that is frequently used called Poker face. It means an impassive expression that hides the person’s true feelings. The best players are often in good control of their emotions. Poor emotional control leads to poor decision-making. Anger, desperation, revenge, and despondency will take over and completely blind your logical skills thereby giving room for poor moves.

What works in poker should work in rummy as well. Stay undeterred by losses in your rummy journey and do not let emotions dictate you at any point in time. If you find the emotions are too hard to control and overwhelming, take a break from the game.

5. Self-confidence

If you want to increase your mental toughness, it is important that you have good self-confidence. A self-confident player has a strong belief that he can overcome any obstacles in his way.

As you can see being mentally strong is a strong process as it requires quite a bit of mental training and effort from your end. Once you learn how to crack it, you have nothing that can stop you.

Skill-based games dominate the Indian gaming scene

Among all the Industries in India, Online gaming industry has been registering an enviable growth rate. The sheer number of online gaming companies that have popped up in the recent past indicates the popularity of online gaming enjoys among the Indian public. The increased adoption of smartphones and reduced data prices have contributed their fair share to the rising popularity of online games. People have turned their attention from arcade and action games to skill-based games and fantasy sports.

skill based games

As India is a country that does not sufficiently have land-based casinos to support its massive population, online casinos have come as a blessing in disguise. Avid gamers who were deprived of the fun of land-based casinos will now be able to enjoy online casino games any time.

Lots of internationally renowned casinos and poker sites have started their operations here. The rules of India are really ambiguous with the term skill having different interpretations in different states. Skill-based card games like Poker, Online rummy are accepted in most of the states barring states like Telangana, Odisha, and Assam, which prohibit games. Because of the rule, most poker and online rummy sites do not offer their services to players residing there.

The opportunity to cash out big at minimal risk is probably the main reason for the immense popularity of online card games.

The popularity of skill-based games

Indians have a reputation for being penny-pinching when it comes to investing in kinds of stuff like games. The advent of online card games like rummy, poker changed the landscape of the Indian gaming scene completely. Though the games can be downloaded for free under free to play (FTP) model, there is an option of in-app purchase which helps the players to make purchases inside the app. A lot of card gamers start off playing free card games and move on to games involving cash.


One of the main reasons for the online gaming segment to create huge inroads into the Indian industry is the proliferation of smartphones. The current number of Smartphone users is estimated at 543 million and the numbers are all set to hit staggering amounts in the forthcoming years as more and more smartphone makers have arrived in the Indian market. Players can now get on-the-go experience.

Whether it’s a movie or a quick card game like rummy, users primarily use their mobile devices to play the game. The increased smartphone usage means that users primarily seek entertainment in their hand-held devices. Users need to rely on consoles, TVs for entertainment; a single mobile app can fulfill all their entertainment requirements. Online rummy and poker gaming companies successfully harnessed this demand and have come up by coming up with mobile apps for gaming.

Number of gamers

Mobile gaming certainly plays a big role in the smartphone usage of the common man. An average gamer spends 4-5 hours a week playing their favorite game. On the other hand, an avid gamer is more likely to spend close 15 hours a week in their favorite game. From 2016-18, the number of game downloads from PlayStore and AppStore have doubled. Contrary to the popular perception that online gaming is a man’s’ territory, lots of females are jumping into the online gaming bandwagon.


Given the Indians penchant for skill-based games and the rate at which they are joining the platform, online card games like 13 Card Indian Rummy and Poker are set to grow by 50% to 100%. According to a report by KPMG and Google, the online rummy industry’s revenue is set to touch $1 Billion overtaking some of the well-known industries. The options available to the users these days are basically endless. The industry will continue to become a bulwark giving stiff competition to other industries.