Gear up for big winnings with Monsoon Powerfest Satellites

The Monsoon season is here! After a sweltering summer that drained us completely, the monsoon comes as a respite. To make it sweeter, we are tuning it up with an exciting tournament at your favourite Deccan Rummy platform during this season. It’s here to make your monsoon cooler and your bankroll thicker.

The hangover from the Grand Rummy Powerplay has hardly settled, leaving in its wake a craving for more rummy tourneys, Deccan Rummy has just made this monsoon season merrier with the announcement of their latest edition of the Monsoon Powerfest Series.

Aptly named the Monsoon Powerfest, the tourney will just provide the right dose of adrenaline rush. It’s time to amp up your game and get ready to make your bankroll thicker by competing and winning your share from the colossal prize pool of Rs. 2 Lakhs. With multiple winning opportunities, MPS is the coolest rummy series of the season and a perfect opportunity for those who are looking for big winnings.

Monsoon Powerfest Series Schedule

Tourney NameDateRegn timeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
MPS Satellite 1July 5  @ 9 PMJuly 5  @ 3 PM₹50299₹15000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPS Satellite 2July 6 @ 9 PMJuly 6  @ 3 PM₹50299₹15000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPS Satellite 3July 7 @ 9 PMJuly 7  @ 3 PM₹50299₹15000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
MPS Qualifier 1July 8 @ 9 PMJuly 8  @ 3 PM₹100 or Free ticket299₹27500 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)
MPS Qualifier 2July 9@ 9 PMJuly 9  @ 3 PM₹100 or Free Ticket299₹27500 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
MPS FinaleJuly 10 @ 9 PMJuly 10  @ 3 PM₹200 or Free Ticket401₹1 Lakh


To give everyone a chance to win a share, this tourney is conducted in a multi-level format. This means the tourney will be conducted at multiple levels with exciting giveaways for every level. Those wanting to participate can either progress organically by playing satellites, qualifiers during the aforementioned timeline or with buy-in for these respective levels. That’s awesome, Isn’t it?

So, there is a lot to look forward to! Don’t miss capturing the exciting rummy action. Refresh your rummy skills, Come, join the coolest tourney of the season and have a chance to win mega cash prizes. Wish you all good luck for the upcoming tournament.

Holi Special

Save your dates for Holi Splash Special tourney worth 2 Lakhs

The Holi Special season is upon us. Also known as the festival of colours, Holi is one of the most revered festivals celebrated in India with lots of zest & passion. The legend behind this festival is the triumph of good over evil dating back to the times of Narasimha Avtar. Holi also marks the beginning of harvest season in several parts of India.

The festival is celebrated for two days in different parts of India incorporating the local cultural elements. One of the common ways of celebrating this festival is the splashing of colours. People celebrate Holi by splashing water and smearing each other with vibrant colours. The whole atmosphere is filled with energy & enthusiasm like never before. As always, 13 card rummy is an integral part of Holi. The day is incomplete without enjoying rummy games with your close ones.

Deccan Rummy is celebrating Holi by adding more colours to your Holi party with our Holi Special Tournament from Mar 14-18. To the delight of grinders, this tourney is going to be conducted in a multi-level format, which means winning opportunities in every stage along with a chance to progress.

While the festival of Holi brings in joy and fervour, our Holi Special tourney gives you a delightful opportunity to grab super awesome prizes!

Holi Special Tournament Structure

Make a Splash on this colourful day and win your share from the generous prize pool of ₹2 Lakhs!

Tourney NameDate & TimeRegn timeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
Holi Special SatellitesMar (14-16) @ 9 PMMar (14-16) @ 3 PMRs. 50402₹20k + 25 Free tickets to Qualifiers (each day)
Holi Special QualifiersMar 17 @ 9 PMMar 17 @ 3 PMFree ticket or Rs. 100402₹40k + 50 Free tickets to Finale
Holi Special FinaleMar 18 @ 9 PMMar 18 @ 3 PMFree ticket or Rs. 250402₹100000

We wish every one of you and your family a very happy Holi.  Let this Holi bring you immense joy & big fortunes!

Republic Day

Strike Rich in our Republic Day Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy has always been a fan favourite in the country because of our high-value guarantees and offers! Many events at Deccan Rummy have earned a special place in the hearts of our players because of the wins or for their deep run in the tournament. It’s New Year 2022! New Year signifies new beginnings, new hopes, new goals, and most importantly BIG WINNINGS! The month of January is special with lots of festivals and special occasions like Sankranti and Republic Day.

With the start of the new year, Deccan Rummy is getting geared up to begin this year on a bang. We are here to bump up the rewards through a special tournament.

Republic Day

The Republic Day celebration is a special one for every India. It’s the day that makes every citizen of this great country feel proud. The day is a commemoration of the process of establishment of the Indian Constitution. On this special day, the Republic Day Parade by the three armed forces is the main attraction of the day. President hosts the flag and presents awards for brave citizens such as Paramvir Chakra, Vir Chakra, and Children’s Bravery Award.  On this special day, when the entire nation is going to celebrate the patriotic occasion, you can celebrate this day in a different way. As the tricolour flag unfurls, break free from your negative thoughts and give your full focus in the rummy card game.

Special Tournament – Republic Day

In what can be considered as the first biggest promotion of the year, Deccan Rummy is coming up with a Special Rummy tournament for this Republic Day. This Republic Day, feel patriotic from within and don the thinking hat to crack the rummy card game. Be a part of our Republic Day Special Tourney from Jan 22-26.

Offering 2 Lakhs Prizepool, the Republic Day Special tourney comes as a progressive knockout tourney with Satellites, Qualifiers, and Finale. This tournament is the perfect opportunity for grinders at every level to win some amazing prize amounts. You can either progress to the finale by earning free tickets through satellites and qualifiers with a buy-in of just Rs. 50 or with a buy-in of Rs. 250.

Progressing through a well-structured tournament is a dream for any rummy player. It gives you plenty of options to manoeuvre your way to the top systematically. The complete schedule and other details of this Special tournament are given below:

Tourney Details


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
Republic Day Satellites 1Jan 22 @ 9 PMJan 22 @ 3 PM₹5040220K + 25 free tickets to RD Qualifiers
Republic Day Satellites 2Jan 23 @ 9 PMJan 23 @ 3 PM₹5040220K + 25 free tickets to RD Qualifiers
Republic Day Satellites 3Jan 24 @ 9 PMJan 24 @ 3 PM₹5040220K + 25 free tickets to RD Qualifiers


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
Republic Day QualifiersJan 25 @ 9 PMJan 25 @ 3 PMFree Ticket or Rs.10040240K + 50 free tickets to RD Finale


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
Republic Day FinaleJan 26 @ 9 PMJan 26 @ 3 PMFree Ticket or Rs. 250402₹100000

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to win BIG, be a part of this BIG VALUE tournament and take home amazing prizes!


Narenthbe ships Republic Day Special Tournament

Last night saw the conclusion of our Republic Day Special Tournament. Hosted from Jan 24-26 in 3 stages, the tournament ran to packed houses. Just like our every special tournament, the republic day tourney action was intense right from the beginning. As always, players from all walks of life and at levels, competed in this special tournament fiercely.

A barrage of experienced and novices fought hard for the mammoth prizepool and in the end it was user “narenthbe” who ouplayed every other player to win this massive tournament.

Special Rummy Tournament

Narenthbe – Winner of Republic Day Special Tournament

A special tournament win is always special as it enhances your reputation as a rummy pro apart from padding your bankroll with the prize amount. Congratulations to Naren for outlasting a star-studded line up of expert Indian rummy players that had the likes of users demon and agapimou; who secured second and third place respectively. It’s a win to remember for Naren and with his staggering form, he will be a force to reckon with in the upcoming tournaments. It takes a lot of grit, patience, and determination to win a tournament like this, not to forget top-class rummy skills as well.

Congratulations to user Demon and Agapimou for fighting valiantly till the last moment. They may have lost it this time, but their moment of glory is not far away. Deccan Rummy would like to thank each and every player who participated and made this event a massive success.

Stay Tuned For more Special Tournaments and Offers

As we said earlier, this is just the beginning. The year is loaded with an amazing line-up of tournaments and awesome bonus offers. So many exciting new tourneys and contests are in the pipeline. If you are new to this game, you can start off with our daily Freeroll tourneys. It is a beginner’s best friend as it helps you improve your skill, at the same time, giving you an opportunity to win loads of cash. Look forward to seeing you with the next promotion very soon.