DrazkubuDraz ships Ramzan Special Tournament

The much anticipated Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament went underway yesterday at DeccanRummy. The event saw a digital footfall of more than 1300 players. Right from the day, we announced the tournament, the expectation was running high. To ensure all players get a chance at the prize pool, the entry was open free to all players and the prize pool was raised to Rs. 50000. To ensure it reaches the entire rummy community in India, we ran several social media campaigns so that no aspiring player misses this golden opportunity. After all, what else could be more enticing to a rummy player than a special rummy tournament with a phenomenal prize pool?

The reason why the freeroll tournament sees more participation than any other format because it acts as a useful tool in bridging the gap between pros and novices. Also, it also busts the myth that you need to shell out more in order to win big

Every pro in rummy became one after trying their hand in our freeroll tournaments. Winning a Special Rummy Tournaments are considered as a monstrous feat among rummy audiences as the competition is extreme. Last night’s Ramzan Special rummy Tournament was no different. With players across India at all skill levels joining in, the action was pulsating. Never for a fleeting moment, there was boredom. The action-packed tournament saw many past tournament winners, newbies, and well-known rummy experts pitching in to try their hand.

DrazKubuDraz  – the winner of Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament

In the end, it was “DrazKubuDraz” who prevailed outplaying his opponents that includes many veterans and pros. It was a spectacular effort from DrazKubuDraz to rise up to the occasion and deploy his skills effectively to win this coveted trophy. It was not an easy win for Drazkubudraz as he had to face tough competition on the final table that had some past winners. Outplaying a strong field of more than 1000 players is no ordinary task, we at Deccan Rummy would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Drazkubudraz for this monumental effort. By winning this Ramzan Special Tournament, he not only grabbed riches but also a place in the history books of Deccan Rummy. The success of Drazkubudraz indicates that patience and perseverance would take you far, no matter what level you are in.

Rummy Tournament

Congrats to puga93 and malarvannan601 for securing the second and third spot respectively. It must be disheartening to get so close yet stay so far. But a win for these two players is just around the corner as nobody wins it in the first time.

Hard luck to other players who tried valiantly but couldn’t make the cut this time around. Keep digging in as there are plenty of other offers and tournaments that we have hosted for this world cup.

Known to be the industry leaders in innovation, we have always delivered when it comes to fulfilling the players’ expectation. The success of Ramzan Tournament should indicate how serious we are about our offers for our customers. With the world cup fever around, we have raised the heat with our twin world cup offers – Howzat and World Cup Leaderboard contest. Show your mettle in our tables and walk away with top honors!

Make your Ugadi celebrations grand with Ugadi Spl Tournament

Ugadi, also known as Telugu New Year is a Hindu festival that is extremely popular in South India especially in AP, Telangana, and Karnataka. Ugadi is celebrated a day after the first new moon on the spring equinox.

The word Ugadi has its roots in two words – Yug and Aadi, the former meaning era and latter meaning a new beginning. Thus, the Ugadi marks a new beginning, a new arrival of an era. The festival is celebrated in high spirits. Celebrations include decorating the home with mango leaves hanging in front of the doorways, special prayers are conducted at Temples and homes. People wear new clothes and prepare a complete lunch menu replete with mouth-watery dishes. The highlight of which is Ugadi Pachdi – a hodgepodge of Mango, Neem, jaggery, Tamarind, chilly that represents the different flavors of life such as happiness, sorrow, anger, despair, and hope.

Since Ugadi marks bidding farewell to the past and welcoming the future with a hope it will be promising, symbolically a lot of things happen around Ugadi. People who could afford would paint their houses, throw out worn out household items and replace them with new ones. What is unique about this festival is the hope it enshrines on the minds of people driving them to pursue innovative things.

Ugadi SPecial Tournament

Ugadi Special Tournament

As the day stands for complete fun and fervor, we at Deccan Rummy want to add some extra spice to your Ugadi Kichdi in the form of Ugadi Special Tournament. The total prize pool of this tournament is Rs. 50,000 GTD. How good is that? This goes to show how customer satisfaction remains as the primary focus for Deccan Rummy.The tournament will be conducted on Apr 6 at 8 PM.

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