Special Rummy Tournament – 1 Lakh Ganesh Chaturthi Tournament

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is the celebration of birthday of Lord Vinayaka. This festival is widely celebrated all over India with much fervor and dedication. This year it has fallen on on 22nd of this month. Lord Ganesha is believed to the remover of obstacles and worshiping him on this auspicious occasion is believed to bring upon peace, good health, and prosperity. States like Maharashtra are known for grand scale Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. It is a custom to worship Ganesha before commencing any work or venture as it is supposed to bring good luck.

And as you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home with much joy, we at Deccan Rummy have initiated a special tournament just for you. Its just not modaks and sweets during this chaturthi, time for some engrossing rummy action as well.


Special Rummy Tournament – Ganesh Chaturthi Tournament

Gear up for Ganesh Chaturthi Special Tournament from 20 Aug to 22 Aug and fight for a prizepool of Rs. 1 Lakh. Scheduled to be held in 3 levels, the tournament promises plenty of action and thrill. You can find the tournament details below:

Tourney NameDateTourney TimeReg TimeBuyinSeatsPrize pool
Ganesh Chaturthi Special SatellitesAug 209 PM3:00 PMRs 50402₹ 20000 + (46 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
Ganesh Chaturthi Special QualifierAug 219 PM3:00 PMRs 150299₹30000 + (100 Free Tickets to Finale)
Ganesh Chaturthi Special FinaleAug 229 PM3:00 PMRs 200200 ₹ 50000


Just like all our tournaments, multiple cash bonus prizes are up for grabs. The tournament is open for all players. You can participate in the tournament from the comfort of your homes in your PC, laptop or any internet equipped smartphones through rummy mobile app. You don’t have bring in big to win big at Deccan Rummy. Participate in the satellites for a small amount and make sure you collect the free tickets to move to the next level.

So all you rummy enthusiasts, sharpen your rummy skills and gear up for a big pay day in your most favorite rummy website in India In the event, you are reading this and not have registered in your platform, this is the best occasion to begin. Popular to the belief that any work or venture started during this auspicious occasion becomes successful, ensure you begin your rummy journey with a bang!
Deccan Rummy hopes this Ganesh Chaturthi brings you joy, good health, and prosperity. See you at our tables in the tournament. Have an awesome time in our tables, folks!

Arpit06 ships Grand Dussehra freeroll

Yesterday was an action-packed day at Deccan Rummy as Grand Dussehra tournament took place. The tournament is a part of our Dussehra Celebrations. It’s been a custom to play rummy during Dussehra and other major Indian festivals as it’s been considered to bring good fortune.

Deccan Rummy never misses an opportunity to enthrall our players with special freeroll tournaments. Dussehra was no exception. Matching the vibrancy and verve of Dussehra, the tournament came as a fitting addition to this joyous festival. To ensure everyone has a fair crack at the prize pool, the tournament was open free to all the users.

The tournament saw participation from all players across India and all walks of life.

As the registration was free, players came in droves from all quarters to participate. After all, who would want to let go of such an opportunity to win big cash prizes at no investment?

The action was intense right from the word go. As it was a freeroll, the tables were filled with a weird mix of veterans, novices, and casual gamers. Usually, freerolls see heavy participation from casual gamers as they see it as an opportunity to win quick cash. The contest began with a strong field of close to 2700 rummy players.


Arpit06 – the winner

After several minutes of intense battles, Arpit06 championed the event taking down his opponents comfortably. It was certainly not an easy day for Arpit06, as such freeroll tournaments are extremely competitive.

Arpit06 has been a consistent performer with some notable cashouts on our site. To perform at this level, one requires incredible amounts of passion and skill. Arpit06 Gupta tactically maneuvered through this massive field of players, which included several former champions and veterans of Deccan Rummy.

Congrats to Arpit06 for his stellar achievement in shipping this prestigious tournament. It’s a record that he can be proud of throughout his rummy career.

Peterraj and Manoj071025407 put on a splendid performance falling short of Arpit by a few moves. They eventually had to settle for the second and third positions, respectively. Congrats to both for their spirited performance. Their days of winning a special rummy tournament are not far off!

Several other players won cash bonus prizes for their efforts. We are overwhelmed by the response to the tournament. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who made it to the tournament. As it stands, Grand Dussehra Freeroll finds itself added to the enviable list of the most successful tournaments hosted by us.

Want to win big like Arpit06 but don’t have an account as yet? Sign-up HERE and begin your online rummy journey with an Rs. 5000 welcome bonus!

Play Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge & Win from 1 Lakh!

Deccan Rummy has become a leading online gaming platform for Indian gamers in India. We have always provided our users with tournaments with a hefty prize pool and various promotional offers. With providing solid offers and good customer service being the top business priority, Deccan Rummy has been the leading choice for gamers to satiate their quest for online rummy.

Our vision is to provide a seamless gaming platform for the Indian gamers and till date, we are focused on doing the same. Owing to the exceptional gaming experience it provides, Deccan Rummy has gained a reputation as one of the leading digital gaming platforms in the country.

Hosting a library of freeroll and cash rummy tournaments, our platform attracts rummy players across all walks of life. Along with the regular tournaments, our special tournament is catching the eyeballs of many rummy players. Regulars, newbies and recreational gamers try out our special rummy tournaments thereby making the tournaments extremely competitive. Our special tournaments are conducted on all major festivals encompassing several faiths.
This month it’s time for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesh Chaturthi

This spectacular festival of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha, popularly worshiped for his ability to bring good fortune and remove all kinds of obstacles. On this auspicious day, Lord Ganesha is venerated by conducting poojas, singing bhajans and through processions. The celebration varies across the geographic location with some parts of India celebrating the festival for 10 days with the festivities concluding with the immersion of statues in the sea. Local communities compete with one another in displaying the most impressive Ganesh Statue. On this day, the places are typically crowded and the atmosphere is boisterous with songs blaring out of the loudspeakers.


Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge

Looking for an exciting Ganesh Chaturthi offer? The most favored festive special rummy tournament is back this September at Deccan Rummy. Gear up for Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge rummy tournament from Sept 2 – 7 at Deccan Rummy. Coming with a glorious prize pool of Rs. 1 lakh, the tournament is open for all and promises to be a rewarding experience for those who participate. The participants will get a chance to win free tickets for these tournaments. The Chaturthi qualifiers will run from Sept 2-6 every day at 9 PM. It comes with a prize pool of Rs. 10000 (daily) and also 100 players will receive free tickets to the grand finale which is the Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge (GCC) on Sept 7 at 9 PM. GCC comes with a prize pool of Rs. 50000.

Don’t want to take the long route to the final? No problem! You can even play the Ganesh Chaturthi Challenge (GCC), with a direct buy-in of Rs. 100. Whichever be the way you want to take, do take note that this is an exciting offer that you don’t want to give a miss. A win on this auspicious day is considered as a sign of good fortune coming your way! Do add more reasons to celebrate on this auspicious week of Vinakaya Chaturthi by going for a big win in this tournament.

DrazkubuDraz ships Ramzan Special Tournament

The much anticipated Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament went underway yesterday at DeccanRummy. The event saw a digital footfall of more than 1300 players. Right from the day, we announced the tournament, the expectation was running high. To ensure all players get a chance at the prize pool, the entry was open free to all players and the prize pool was raised to Rs. 50000. To ensure it reaches the entire rummy community in India, we ran several social media campaigns so that no aspiring player misses this golden opportunity. After all, what else could be more enticing to a rummy player than a special rummy tournament with a phenomenal prize pool?

The reason why the freeroll tournament sees more participation than any other format because it acts as a useful tool in bridging the gap between pros and novices. Also, it also busts the myth that you need to shell out more in order to win big

Every pro in rummy became one after trying their hand in our freeroll tournaments. Winning a Special Rummy Tournaments are considered as a monstrous feat among rummy audiences as the competition is extreme. Last night’s Ramzan Special rummy Tournament was no different. With players across India at all skill levels joining in, the action was pulsating. Never for a fleeting moment, there was boredom. The action-packed tournament saw many past tournament winners, newbies, and well-known rummy experts pitching in to try their hand.

DrazKubuDraz  – the winner of Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament

In the end, it was “DrazKubuDraz” who prevailed outplaying his opponents that includes many veterans and pros. It was a spectacular effort from DrazKubuDraz to rise up to the occasion and deploy his skills effectively to win this coveted trophy. It was not an easy win for Drazkubudraz as he had to face tough competition on the final table that had some past winners. Outplaying a strong field of more than 1000 players is no ordinary task, we at Deccan Rummy would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Drazkubudraz for this monumental effort. By winning this Ramzan Special Tournament, he not only grabbed riches but also a place in the history books of Deccan Rummy. The success of Drazkubudraz indicates that patience and perseverance would take you far, no matter what level you are in.

Rummy Tournament

Congrats to puga93 and malarvannan601 for securing the second and third spot respectively. It must be disheartening to get so close yet stay so far. But a win for these two players is just around the corner as nobody wins it in the first time.

Hard luck to other players who tried valiantly but couldn’t make the cut this time around. Keep digging in as there are plenty of other offers and tournaments that we have hosted for this world cup.

Known to be the industry leaders in innovation, we have always delivered when it comes to fulfilling the players’ expectation. The success of Ramzan Tournament should indicate how serious we are about our offers for our customers. With the world cup fever around, we have raised the heat with our twin world cup offers – Howzat and World Cup Leaderboard contest. Show your mettle in our tables and walk away with top honors!