Five inspirational movies for Sportspersons

The purpose behind any piece of art is not only to excite and entertain but also to draw inspiration. When executed with perfection, even movies can offer a lot of inspiration in our personal lives.

This holds true for card gamers who constantly need inspiration to go forward in their gaming career. They are constantly presented with scenarios where the odds are stacked against them. At times, a losing streak in card games can be really grating and may even force people to banish card games altogether.

During such times where you feel like you’re struck in a rut, movies can come to your aid and allow you to draw inspiration. If you immerse yourself into some of the formidable characters mentioned here, you may well imbibe some of their creativity. If inspiration seem to elude you, trap it with these movies and recharge yourself with positive vibes.


Movies every sportsperson must watch

1. Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption is probably the greatest movie in the last millennium. The story documents the fall and redemption of Andy Dufresne and also highlights the importance of hope.

The film illustrates the need to have short term and long term goals. It also teaches us patience is the most vital of all virtues. Do watch this engrossing tale of hope, faith and bonding. It’s a movie which will always feature in lists of “All Time Inspirational Movies”

2. Rocky

Few sports movies are as engrossing as Rocky. Having said that the movie not just deals with boxing (sport), but also teaches the value of handwork and principles. They way Rocky struggles everyday to make ends meet, his broken relationships and how he doesn’t allow these factors to come in the way of meeting his objective. This movie charges us up and makes us ready to take on the world. Watch this truly amazing movie which documents the transformation of a man from the state of a ”nobody” to a certain ”somebody”. Beautifully directed, the movie leaves us thinking, if we have it in us, we are going to make it somehow.

3. Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful is a beautiful blend of hope and positivity. Despite being stuck in a concentration camp, the father makes his son believe that the whole thing is a game. The positive spirit that the father display, trying to make life beautiful for his little boy reinstates the belief to stay positive even during adverse times. It is truly a masterpiece!

4. Whiplash

This story is about an ambitious drummer and his horrible teacher who makes his life hell. They grow to hate each other ferociously, yet both of them need the other. What results is victory for both. You will have to find out how. The movie documents the passion of the drummer in achieving his dream no matter how hard life kicks him below the belt. The film illustrates nothing’s going to come to you in a golden flash of luck, you have to work hard and train for it.

5. Pursuit of Happyness

This is one of those movies which pulls our heartstrings. Pursuit of Happyness is based on the life of Chris Gardner, who overcomes poverty and homelessness to become a successful entrepreneur. The movie documents the struggles the father had to encounter along with his son.

Though it’s a tearjerker, the movie reaffirms the belief in hope and how we can comeback even after we hit the rock bottom through perseverance.

These are some of the wonderful movies we would recommend our rummy players to watch. These five fantastic movies are sure to inspire us, motivate us, and stick with us for a long time. As card games are demanding in several aspects, these movies would certainly help us in the long run. We are sure our users might know a few more inspirational movies that they can recommend to their fellow users. You can always leave it in our comments section. Keep Watching! Keep Playing!