Which Superhero you resemble the most?

The first person most of us get inspired in life is the superhero character we see on screen. Our childhood was so special when we related ourselves to be a superhero. We also would have tried out some of their mannerisms. The kids born in the late end of the 20th century were more exposed and were crazy about cartoon characters. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and many more names come to our mind when we read the word “superhero”. We never bother to question if the existence superheroes are real given the barrage of exposure of these characters from all corners.

The 21st century witnessed a lot of advancement not just in technologies but also in superheroes. New names, new heroes, new power, along with these there is a new set of Audience added to the existing crowd. There are superhero movies done in Hollywood and released globally and have shattered box office records worldwide.

In India too, superheroes are popular. We have had our own set of superheroes with various legends and myths associated with it. Just like the superheroes which had a good connection with the Indian audience and enjoys massive popularity, Indian rummy is a game which enjoys massive popularity among Indian gamers. These days a lot of new online rummy sites are coming up to cater to the huge demands of the Indian gamers. In this article, let’s compare the gameplay of rummy players with the virtues of superhero characters.

Superhero and Rummy gamers

1. Ironman- The Mastermind

Introduced by Marvel comics, this character is built by Tony Stark. Designed by one of the finest engineering minds in world business, the technology, and weapons carried by Ironman made him one of the best superpowers on Earth. He possesses a high level of confidence, destructive weapons, and an intelligent engineering mind. Iron man is a self-made person. Just like Ironman, some pro players do not want to have a break in their winning moment in the play. They express a great attitude in their gameplay. They are the ones who end up winning more tournaments and contests.

2. Captain America- The Leader

Captain America has a long history starting from the 20th century. He is a brave patriotic army soldier. He possesses high strength and shares centered attention along with Ironman. Captain America is a so calm and proceeds every step in his mission with so much concentration. Some experienced players in rummy play just the same way as captain. They retain a cool head in spite of the tough challenges in front of him and find a way to excel even in the grimiest of the circumstances.

3. Hulk- Destructive smasher

Hulk is one of the noted characters among superheroes with his huge strong green look. He is the aggressive kind in the avengers’ group. He shows superhuman physical ability when he is heated up. Turning him angry will result in smashing his enemies. The scene would be like a sudden storm turning a city upside down. There are some players like hulk who turn out hard in certain situations. It would be nice to have a player like that to compete with but it would turn negative when they express their anger in the chatbox. Such players lack the emotional control in a rummy table and throw things away in a jitter.

4. Spiderman- New Bud player

Spiderman, a boy next door, despite many sequels released the fans still carry the same fresh excitement in them. A spider bite that turns a boy superhero, yeah a boy turns superhero. The character doesn’t carry any kind of legacy in presence but is loved for his quirks. In Avengers, Spiderman is shown as he is morally supported by Tony Stark (Iron Man). To be more specific he is mentored by Ironman. He is young, energetic, and an ever exciting superhero. There are some players in rummy just like Spiderman who are newcomers and need mentoring from well-experienced players. They are talented but need to know how to react in the situation and the game they are put in.

5. Black widow- The Darkhorse

The character of Black Widow is designed as one of the best spies in the world. She involved in a lot of secret missions. It was very tough to point her spy. She was so cautious and at the same time simple to make sure no one doubts her. In online rummy, we have players like this who turn out to be surprise elements. There wouldn’t be any traces of their appearance or game behavior but in the end, they would win the game easily. They have a lot of rummy tricks up in their sleeves and would use them appropriately when the situation demands.

Maybe after reading this article, analyze yourselves and find out what kind of a rummy superhero you are. Be an online rummy superhero!!!