Chinese Apps Banned in India – Alternate to these apps

India has banned nearly 59 Chinese mobile apps citing them as an emergency threat to our country’s sovereignty and national security. It included popular apps such as TikTok, ShareChat, Cam Scanner, and UC Browser. These mobile apps command hundreds of millions of users all over India. The escalating border tension between the two countries has been cited as the reason behind the mass banning of these apps.

“There has been a strong chorus in the public space to take strict action against apps that harm India’s sovereignty as well as the privacy of our citizens,” according to a government press release.
Several apps have been removed from the Playstore and AppStore and a few remaining are expected to be removed as well.

The call to ban Chinese apps have been vocal among the Indian populace for a long time. At a time when the focus is on Make in India, it’s a huge opportunity for the homegrown apps to fill in the void.

If you were using popular Chinese apps till now and are now looking for alternative apps for these, it’s perhaps time to look at the homegrown apps. We have alternatives for most of the popular Chinese apps for a while. Perhaps the ban gives us a platform to get accustomed to homegrown apps and encourage the booming app development sector.

Chinese Apps and their replacements

1. TikTok

With more than 200 million registered users, India was the largest overseas market for TikTok.

a. Mitron

If you’re looking for a viable alternative for Indian app, you have Mitron, a homegrown app similar to TikTok, launched just a couple of months back. Within just two months from the launch, the app saw more than 1.2 crore downloads in India. Mitron is currently available for free on Google Play store.

b. Chingari

Chingari is yet another alternative for TikTok available for free in PlayStore. This app allows the users to shoot and share videos. Additionally, you can also play some online games with this app. Chingari is available in English and regional languages.

2. ShareIt and Xender

ShareIt and Xender are two popular file-sharing app used to transfer files offline by android users. Here are a few alternative apps with similar set of functionality.

a. Files by Google
Files by Google is a offline file sharing app. This app allows you to manage and browse your files and clear your caches from your smartphones.

b. Shareall
ShareAll allows you to share files using WiFi instead of Bluetooth. Additionally, you can also password protect to your files, be it photo, videos or any files. Only Android users have an option now

3. Online Games

Clash of Kings and Mobile Legends are the two popular online games which are in the ban list. Both the games have been downloaded by millions of Indian gamers. However, it’s now time to turn to local gaming options. Indian gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds. If you are into strategy games, you can probably turn to online rummy, ludo king, and poker online. These games are as engaging as the former and in fact they are more rewarding, which means players have wonderful opportunity to win big money. Certified Rummy apps like Deccan Rummy Mobile app have all the security measures to provide you with a safe gaming experience. Download Rummy app for Android and iOS and play now to win huge rewards.


The ban on Chinese Apps have opened the doors for many Indian players. It can be considered as a clear clarion call for the Indian app developers to create similar robust platforms. It’s high time we do our bit by supporting our homegrown apps.