Four ways Technology is advancing online casino gaming

Online gaming is not a mere past-time anymore. It has become a sensation and one of the most thriving business sectors. Gone are the days where the players play the game merely as a hobby, these days it’s turning out to be a profession given its ability to be a money-spinner. A lot of players are taking up to online gaming as a profession and are earning riches from it. One of the biggest advantages the players have is that they have access to a wide specter of games. From action, adventure to strategy to online casinos, there’s a wide range of games that the players can enjoy. Especially the online casino industry enjoys massive popularity among players of all ages


The online casino industry is continually changing with the introduction of new technologies regularly. With the influx of technological advancements, the industry has been growing at a healthy rate. With the help of technological advancements, players get instant access, improved gaming experience, enriched gaming controls and better quality overall.

The other biggest advantage players have is that they can access the choicest of games from the comfort of their homes. With the help of technology, the games are getting better with each passing day. This post talks about some of the major changes that we foresee!

1. VR Gaming – Technology

Nowadays many online game makers are experimenting on VR Technology to give the users realistic gaming experience. With the help of VR technology, players without being present physically will get the gaming experience by entering into a simulated environment which brings the real-world setting. The rapid growth of the internet and the broad availability of mobile devices have made online casino games much more accessible

For example, in a casino that hosts card games like Classic rummy, poker, and various other slot games, a lot of features are replicated to give the users immersive gaming experience. From table dealers to game participants to the surroundings, everything has an avatar that operates based on the online commands. All that you require would be a VR headset which is available at a modest price these days.

2. 3D Slots

In the past, casino games were limited to poker, 13 card rummy, blackjack, and traditional slot games. Though Poker and rummy are still able to stay relevant, slot games have gone out of favor with the audience. The arrival of 3D slots with immersive storylines has rekindled the players’ interest in the same. 3D slot games with a strong storyline backed by a solid 3D graphics generall find more flavor with the audience.

3. Live Table games

This is a growing trend among casinos. Brick and mortar casinos are seeing fewer footfalls these days. To reverse their fortunes, these casinos have turned out to a novel way of attracting audiences. With Cameras and microphones surrounding the betting tables, users can connect from their homes using their computers. This way, players get a realistic gaming experience as if they are physically present in the casino itself.

4. Mobile Apps

These days, smartphones have taken over the market in a big way. From e-shopping to ticket booking to gaming to newsfeeds, smartphones offer a one-stop solution to all your requirements. Gone are the days where you need a laptop or a desktop in order to access online casino games. Sensing the wide prevalence of smartphones, most card game companies have developed mobile apps for customers to access their products. Whenever you hit Playstore or AppStore, it’s not unusual to notice Rummy Mobile apps or poker mobile apps. Gamemakers who do not do so risk being left out.

With technology rapidly progressing, the gaming industry is all set to grow even further.

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