10 Parallels between Rummy & Real life situations

Rummy is a game filled with excitements, joy, exudes splendor and grace in ample doses. As to playing rummy online, mastering the skill is half the battle won. Once you’re confident about your rummy strategy, then the next step is to identify the best rummy site suited to you and go on making a kill in it. Isn’t life almost the same? It takes a while for us to figure out our strengths and weakness and from then on our journey starts. On the same track, we are trying to draw parallels between real life situations and rummy game online. See it yourself to know more:

Rummy & Real Life

1. In Rummy, the way cards are dealt is random so there is not much option to change. Similarly, in real life, you are thrown into several situations that you’ve got to handle braving your gut.

2. Most times whenever you Play Indian Rummy online, you may make decisions based on your understanding or interpretation of the situation. Similarly, in real life situation, we do brainstorm a lot, before arriving at a decision.

3. You cannot control your opponents’ moves and expect him to throw cards to your liking. Similarly, in real life, you can’t expect the situation to be ideal to your liking and rely on people for aid all the time.

4. Following your instinct doesn’t qualify as your skill while playing rummy. Similarly, decisions taken on a haste that are taken on impulse have serious repercussions in real life.

5. Luck may someday be on your side when you find everything from start to finish going your way while playing rummy. Similarly, there are some occasions in like where the day is like every touch of yours will turn to gold. Cause it’s your lucky day.

6. As said already, 13 card classic Rummy is a skill game; there are some days where you know you have given your best but the outcomes are not up to your satisfaction. Haven’t we all felt distraught when our best efforts don’t yield the expected result? Life is always not fair. Be content and give your best even if the day appears not yours.

7. There’s a saying “Learn from your mistakes” Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in most cases, be it rummy or in real life.

8. It’s important to know when to quit in both these cases.

9. Chasing losses are meaningless in both the situations. Really no point in brimming with hostility about the things that are beyond your plane of capability.

10. Be it Rummy or real life, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters eventually is your effort. No amount of money or rewards comes close to it.

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