The Pros and Cons of being a professional rummy player

The thought of turning into a pro should have occurred in you many times when you play rummy online. In fact, a lot of players are turning to rummy these days as a professional career option. Most rummy online sites existing today are developed by former players who are well known in the Indian rummy circuit.

Most of us fall in love with rummy because it looks challenging, cool, and a potential revenue earning option. If it’s not the jaw-dropping money that’s available for the taking, it’s the prospect of putting yourself into continuous challenging scenarios that helps you emerge as the best in the table.

Going professional is not an easy decision to make. You need to ask yourself a few questions and check if you could make ends meet with this decision of yours as it’s a life-changing decision. Many rummy and poker experts spend a fair bit of time (we are talking years) turning their game into a profession. It’s mandatory to know the ins and outs of the game completely before taking that crucial decision. Here are a few pros and cons of going pro.

Rummy pro


1. Following your dream career

Not many get the opportunity to live their dreams. They settle for some other thing and often yearn for that day where they could follow the dream. For professional rummy players, it’s a dream come true. They are able to follow their passion and in the process make some mint too.

2. Freedom

Everyone likes the idea of working at our own hours. Not many have that luxury as they have to subject themselves to the schedule of their employers. If you go pro, you are your own boss and can be flexible with your schedules. Working at your own hours is something that excites many people. No boss, no alarms, no 9-6 schedules.

3. Earning Opportunity

Money at the end of the day is indispensable part of our lives. Fortunately or unfortunately, money is the element which determines our status in the society unless we choose to live the life of ascetic. By going pro in rummy, which happens to be your passion as well, you are doing a job you like and getting paid too.

4. Fame

Let’s face it, if you are employed in a company, you are best known within the company circle. There are very little chances that you are known outside your company ecosystem, whereas your success in a sport like rummy will get you fame, adoration and money too. Becoming an icon in any sport is a great feeling!


1. Handling losses

It’s important that you realize that you cannot win every single game that you play in rummy. You must be prepared for a dry spell then and there.

2. Long Hours

While it’s true that you can work flexibly when you choose playing rummy as a career option. However, you must prepare yourself for some long gaming sessions where you cannot afford to relax unlike a regular job. At times, you cannot prevent fatigue setting in.

3. Uncertainty

You can be certain about your skills and strategy, but you cannot be certain about the outcome in the game. Not every time the tide would swing your way. Though you may see yourself ahead of other players in terms of skills, you cannot be certain of a win.

4. Weekend fun

If you want to go pro, you must prepare to let go of your weekend fun. Weekends are the time where hi-roll tourneys are scheduled in most classic rummy sites. If you miss them, you are going to lose a significant chunk of your monthly income.

Whether you chose to go pro or play casually, the unbridled fun of rummy will charm you eternally. However, it is essential to know the ins and outs of any activity before taking a crucial decision concerned to it.

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