The status of Online gaming In 2025

The popularity of Online gaming is increasing by a great number every day. The earth is witnessing a huge rise in the online gaming community. Online gaming turned its tag from a leisure activity to a great option as a profession. Earning has been one big advantage of playing online games in recent time. The future has a lot more for gamers.

Real cash games

With a lot of money getting involved in the industry, the Online gaming industry is now one of the biggest industry to generate such a huge turnover. Moreover, this revenue is one big factor to represent the industry’s success, failure, growth, decline- everything.

It is a fact that there are many gamers who love playing real cash games. There are several stats in the internet, proving that real money gaming is a great boom in the online gaming industry. It is very true, especially in India.

The annual online gaming industry turnover is increasing year by year because of real cash games like online rummy. It is almost 30-35%. The revenue is expected to be Rs 2000 crores in 2025, but if the games grow at this rate, then the number can change into Rs 7000 crores. It sounds big; the reason behind this is India’s fast-growing smartphone culture. High-speed Internet at a pocket rate price is a combined reason for the growth. The technology has enhanced the gaming industry’s growth. The number of monthly active players is regularly increasing in India. Currently, there are 25 million monthly active players.

Rummy is a very special game in India. This attachment with the game is a factor making more players get into the platform. The game is not new to someone in India. The game is definitely a part of celebrations in Indian functions. Online rummy is a great platform for Indians to showcase their rummy skills.

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