Things to do & Places to visit in Phuket

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We know Phuket is mainly known for its voraciously beautiful beaches and its raucous nightlife scene. There is another face of this wonderful town that needs to be explored apart from the beach places. In this article, we shall discuss the other aspects of Phuket that need to be explored

Tiger Kingdom

The Tiger Kingdom is a relatively new addition to the tourist attractions in the town. If you want to get up close with the big cat then this must be your choice. Tourists will have the privilege to play with the kitty cats. As the big cats love to be stroked and petted, you will have an amazing time here. Snap the beautiful moments here with your camera – you will relish them for life.

Big Buddha of Phuket


The Big Buddha of Phuket is one of the most iconic and revered landmarks in the town. The 45m tall Big Buddha sits on the highest peak of the Nakkerd Hills in Ao Chalong. The whole project relies on public funding and donation. Visitors swarm this place in huge numbers as there are road signs pointing the way to it right across the whole island.

Hat Mai Khao

Hat Mai Khao is a beach on the northwestern coast of Phuket. Mai Khao is one of the few beaches in Phuket that continues to nesting turtles. The sand in Mai Khao is the coarsest in Phuket and it appears underdeveloped when compared to other hotspot destinations in Phuket. However, if you are someone who enjoys being in solitude this place should be on your itinerary.

Hat Nai Han Beach

Nai Harn is a beautiful & secluded beach in the south of Phuket.  It is calm and more laid back than other tourist spots in Phuket but has a fair share of food, hotels, and shops you need for a great time. Swimming is not recommended during the monsoon season i.e from May-Oct. This beach is less crowded and makes it perfect for people who prefer privacy.

Hat Kamala

Hat Kamala is a serene, picturesque beach located in the North of Patong. This beach is considered ideal for swimming snorkeling and sunbathing. If you’re the one who’s seeking adventure in your Phuket trip, this should be your ideal destination. The north end of the beach has a coral reef that invites undersea adventures while you can wade through other sections of the beach.

Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town is a historical section of Phuket that is a must-see on the itinerary of all the tourists. The town is famous for its vintage architecture, shops, museums, restaurants, and hotels. Visitors interested in History & Archeology can enjoy the illusion of being transported back to over a century ago. Old Phuket town is primarily comprised of five roads namely Phang NGA Road, Thalang Road, Thalang Road, Krabi Road & Anong road.

Bangla Road

 Like owls, Bangla road awakens when the sun sets. If you’re a party animal, then this place should be on the top of your list. This is the place to relax and freak out as almost all of the bars are outdoors or open-fronted with music from each one blending into a weird but delightful mix. The sex industry is big here. Some like it while others loathe it, whether you like it or hate it is still on tourists’ diary as one of the must-see tourist destinations in Phuket Island.

Spa in Phuket

Most of the spa junkies find Phuket to be extremely fascinating. There is a wide range of spas available that allow you to get scrubbed and soaked from head to toe. With the renowned Thai hospitability and a mind-soothing ambiance, you will feel like you’ve just visited an alternate universe once you’re done with your spa session. It is important for tourists who visit Phuket not to miss the Spa sessions.

 These are by no means is a comprehensive list of tourist attractions in Phuket but visitors who are on a short trip can try to make it across most of the places. If you’re someone who loves a weird mishmash of calm, serene place and raucous, brash places, then these are the places to look forward in Phuket.


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