Things to do before playing rummy at Deccan Rummy

For anyone to earn real cash at the rummy tables, one has to follow certain criteria in setting up the gaming profile. There are several purposes in verifying the gaming profile and in followings the protocols. Few of them are easy redeem requests and regular rummy promotion updates. Details can be very helpful in maintaining the gaming records of the individual, and in case of any query in the future, the process becomes very easy.

Some of the information that every player must submit with Deccan Rummy are as follows,

  1. Personal details 
  2. Verify mobile number 
  3. KYC verification 

Personal Details 

1. Head to the Deccan rummy site

2. Enter details such as username, password, email Id. You may be referred by someone else; in that case, enter the referral username. 

Verify mobile number 

  1. Enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP sent to the number.

KYC verification 

Deccan Rummy makes sure to take the necessary security steps to ensure things are safe. When there is an involvement of real cash, there needs an extra code of safety. In order to be on the safest side, every player on the site has to make sure that their KYC request is verified. As there are certain restrictions in the country, the player’s entry into the cash related processes will be allowed only based on the KYC report. 

How to upload KYC documents? 

  1. Go to My Account – Profile – Banking details 
  2. On clicking on the edit button, you will see a form to be filled. There will be several details regarding the bank account. 
  3. Upload documents like PAN, address proof, and other Id proofs that are required 
  4. Click Update
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