Four Activities to keep the fun floating during Summer!

It’s not the usual summer in India. We are fighting the Covid 19-second wave all the way from home. It’s been really tough for everyone. With the lockdown imposed in the major parts of the country, people are finding it hard to spend their entire day in their home. Planning for trips, summer classes, family get together were are routine when things were normal, whereas now people are looking out for strong options that could be a pleasing act to do. Here we present you the top activities an individual can do during the summer lockdown.


Even though the OTT culture was prevalent before lockdown, the platform has now become a huge one. The popularity and the participants of the platform have tremendously increased. There have been many new movies releasing directly on the OTT platform, making it an even better experience for the users. Not just the new ones, but there many old ones that you would have missed out. Indians are slowly getting adapted to the new habit of watching series. People have started to love watching series, and there are many big names from the industry coming up to feature in such series. Get ready with your favorite snacks to enjoy the moment.

Video call meet-ups

It is a long break since we met our gang of friends, relatives and other loved ones. The option of video hangout makes it very helpful for us. We have to thank technology for the growth. Viewing your loved ones will give both your people and yourselves a sign of relief about being safe. Platforms such as Google meet, zoom have got unbelievable traffic during the lockdown. Not just for business people but also for people from different aspects of life.

Learn new

People are able to still use the time-wise as they are given an option to learn a lot of new things. With the internet bringing in a lot of facilities, life during lockdown has been quite better for everyone. One big advantage is the huge learning resources available on the internet. People are open to learning about different things just from their home. Be it any technical knowledge about computers or any good recipe – you can get anything and everything. Online courses are available for various concepts making learning interesting and wise.

Online gaming

Gaming has involved a lot in the last few decades. It has turned to be culture, an emotion globally. Gaming is indeed a bigger community. During the lockdown, people have expressed their love for online games, especially card games like Online Rummy, online poker. There are many online rummy sites in India hosting rummy games 24*7 in the form of cash games, tournaments, and leaderboards. All one has to do to enjoy the game is to install the mobile rummy app and learn about the basics of the game, including rummy rules and strategies.

Start enjoying your summer and also stay safe to ensure you and your family is safe from the covid 19 virus.

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